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Introduction to ticklishlads.com

Czech and other European twinks and jocks are restrained and tickled with fingers, brushes, and even some motorized tools. A mix of clothed and naked guys laugh and scream while their feet and armpits are tickled by one or two guys. 541 video updates to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, and an update is added weekly.

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Since Last Review

  • Site added 52 video updates in 26 months
  • Picture sets are no longer added
  • Network pass increased $2; rebills down $5

TicklishLads Topics

Video info

Videos offered for download and streaming

593 exclusive video updates. Newer downloads are MP4s in 4 sizes up to 1920x1080 at good amateur quality, some newer episodes have a 4K version. Older vids are average quality MP4 at 640x480 and 768x576 and WMV at 720x528. Streaming, mobile compatible MP4s available.

Picture info

122 picture sets. Pics are good amateur or better quality digital stills sized from 1424x2136 (older) to 1824x2736 (newer). Slideshows and zip files available. Pictures can be saved individually. 50+ pics per set.

Bonus content

More expensive multi-site membership gives access to 3 more bondage and foot sites from the same studio.

Site issues

Some updates are the larger sizes of videos that are already on the site. Site may be removing some videos.

Membership cost of Ticklish Lads

  • Monthly: $24.95 (recurring at $19.95 every 30 days)
  • Network access: $40.00 (30 days, recurring at $20.00)

Ticklish Lads Review

For the past 13 years, Ticklish Lads has been entertaining members with a variety of body, armpit, and foot tickling sessions. Czech and other European guys in their twenties are usually restrained in a variety of ways, then they laugh, struggle, and sometimes scream while the tickler plays with them. It's been a little over two years since our last review, so let's get logged in and see how the tickling is going.

The site films in Prague, so you'll find mostly Czech guys or occasionally other Europeans. The guys on Ticklish Lads are mostly in their twenties, a mix of slim twinks and athletic jocks, but some are a little more muscled. I didn't see any hairy guys, so expect smooth bodies and clean-shaven faces. Most of the performers are single-name, first-time amateurs, but many of them return repeatedly; one has filmed over 80 videos both as tickler and tickled. There are some known performers like Micky Rush, Alessandro Katz, Ariel Black, Tim Law, and Ryan Cage. Others, like Ollie Barn, are here, too, but he performs under the name Petr Cobalt (it’s common for Czech guys to use different names on different sites). 

Most of the guys are restrained for their tickling sessions, but I did see some without bondage. Here's the line-up for the newest 16 scenes: one features a guy restrained to a wooden cross, two have guys in slings with their feet shackled to the chains, three guys are retrained on gym equipment, four are shackled to beds, and six have the guys' feet restrained in wooden stocks. The tickler uses his fingers, tooth brushes (electric or not), hair brushes, or a drill-like device with various titillating attachments to drive the tickled guys crazy. The action is usually one-on-one, but sometimes there are two ticklers. I also saw a couple of scenes where one tickler was tormenting three or four guys at the same time.

The lads appear both clothed and naked, and the tickling involves feet, and often their whole bodies gets some attention. One naked guy gets his cock, taint, and nipples worked over with an electric toothbrush while an electric drill with fun attachments tickles his feet. There's a type of video called Cinema where a restrained guy not only gets tickled, but watches his tickler torment his bare feet on a large television mounted on the wall. These are particularly fun for us as we get multiple views, and it's fun watching a guy wiggle his toes.

There are 593 videos at Ticklish Lads. These are sometimes full scenes, but some longer sessions have been split into multiple updates. The latest 16 updates feature one full scene and 14 parts of longer scenes. The newer videos are available to download in four sizes in MP4 format at 1920x1080, 1280x720, 848x480, and 424x240, and the quality is good amateur. Some of the newest scenes are available in a 4K version, but not all are: of the latest 16 releases, only five have a 4K version. The largest medium-aged vids from 2018 and earlier have interlacing issues, but the other sizes look fine, and new releases don't have this issue. Older videos are only available in three options: two MP4s at 640x480 and 768x576 and a WMV at 720x528, and the WMVs are much better quality than the MP4s.

You can stream the videos in a player that shows the videos quite large if your monitor is big enough, as it automatically resizes them to fit smaller screens. They come in four speeds with each improving the quality level, and when available the 4K version can be streamed, as well. Some of the older videos have interlacing issues when I streamed those largest size on my desktop, but the scanlines didn't show on my mobiles. The oldest videos play smaller in two speeds at average quality.

There are also 122 picture sets, which is only six more sets than were here just over two years ago and they added the last one in August 2022. The photos are good amateur to good quality digital stills that show off the action quite well. The picture viewer doesn't have forward and back controls, but there is a hands-free slideshow so you can sit back and view the pics while your hands do other things. There are 50+ pics in each set, and many sets have over 100 pics. The pictures can be saved individually or if you'd like, you can download entire sets in zip files.

Each video's page includes a description with a good tagging system so you can find similar scenes. Also, models appearing in the episode have some of their other scenes listed further down on the page. Their names are linked to their profile page where you'll see all of their appearances. You'll want to use the Category option on the navbar which lists 78 different types of guys, clothing and gear, types of bondage, tickling, and other action – it's a great way to find more of what really turns you on.

TicklishLads adds a new update weekly on Saturdays or sometimes update on Fridays, but overall updating is pretty consistent. It’s been 26 months since our last review, which works out to 104 weeks, but there have only been 52 updates, so about half as many as expected. I looked for holes in the update schedule and couldn’t find any. However, this site owner does run three sites, including an archive site, so he may have moved some videos to those other sites. One last thing worth mentioning is that some updates are larger versions of videos already on the site.

You can join TicklishLads as a standalone site, but there's a more expensive multi-site pass that gives three additional sites, but subsequent rebills are half the price. Bondage Boys Club has a selection of tickling and foot torture with guys getting their feet beaten or dripped with hot wax, Lads Feet features foot action from worship, bathing, trampling, and there's even some bastinado (foot whipping). And LadsFeet.Fans is the newest site, launched in December 2021, with around 386 video updates featuring a mix of classic vids and guys filming their bare feet as they walk in public or do manual labor shoeless or in sandals. Finally, some of the guys have profiles, but many don't.

Ticklish Lads explores the tickling fetish quite well. There's variety when it comes to how the guys are restrained and tickled and what implements are used. These European guys are generally cute with smooth slim to athletic bodies a mix of amateurs and known performers. There are 593 exclusive video updates to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, and a new update (either a full scene or part of a scene) is added every week. While there are some minor issues, Ticklish Lads has plenty to keep you turned on and entertained and mostly gets a thumbs-up from me.

Things we disliked

  • Site has fewer videos than it should
  • Some vids broken into multiple updates
  • Medium-aged, large vids are interlaced
  • Not all model pages have stats
  • Mobile versions require some fussing
  • Picture galleries no longer added

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