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Ticklish Lads started filming in 2011, and for the past seven years they've been providing members with a variety of body, armpit, and foot tickling, The performers are twenty-something British and Czech lads who are often restrained in a variety of ways and then tickled while they laugh, struggle, and sometimes scream. We haven't reviewed this site before, and it's a part of a three-site network, so we have a lot to talk about.

The guys on Ticklish Lads are mostly in their twenties, and they have variety of physiques although most are slim or sporting athletic bodies; occasionally a guy is a little more muscular. I didn't see any hairy guys, so expect smooth bodies and clean-shaven faces. Most of the performers use a single name and haven't done a lot of filming; some are amateurs who haven't done any. However there are some known performers on the site, I saw guys including Micky Rush, Alessandro Katz, Ariel Black, Tim Law, and Ryan Cage, among others.

All of the guys in the latest 12 scenes were restrained for their tickling session, but I did see others scenes without bondage. A couple of guys have their hands and feet roped to a bed, another is in a special chair fitted with a wooden stockade for his feet; sometimes a guy is hogtied with leather restraints on his hands and feet, and sometimes a lad's hands are roped above his head. With the guy secured the tickling begins. The tickler uses his fingers, tooth brushes (electric or not), hair brushes, or a drill-like device with various titillating attachments to drive the guys crazy. The action is usually one-on-one, but sometimes there are two ticklers. I also saw a couple of scenes where one tickler was tormenting three or four guys at the same time.

There are 40 scenes where the guys are tickled naked; the remaining videos (the bulk of them) see the guys getting tickled in their clothes, shorts, or underwear. One guy wore track pants and a t-shirt and was duct taped to a table while the tickler tormented his bare feet, another guy in shorts had his hands tied above his head so the tickler had easy access to his armpits, and a rather fit lad wearing Andrew Christian underwear had his hands and feet tied to a bed for his session.

There are 370 videos in the Ticklish Lads members area. These are mostly full scenes, but there are some longer sessions that have been split into two parts, each part released as a separate update. Of the latest 12 videos, nine are full scenes and the remaining three are parts of longer scenes, so that gives you an idea. The newer videos are available to download in four sizes in MP4 format: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 848x480 and 424x240. The quality of the three smaller sizes is good amateur, but the largest size has jaggies (or interlacing, as it's technically called), around the edges of a guy's body. I found the 1280x720 version looked good, and I suggest you download this one and forego the largest version. Older videos are only available in three sizes: two MP4s at 640x480 and 768x576 and a WMV at 720x528, and I found the WMVs to be much better quality than the MP4s.

If you prefer, you can stream the videos. The newer ones play at 1140x640 at four different quality levels, and again, the highest one has those interlacing issues, so I'd select the 1280x720 version. The oldest videos are available in two sizes 1140x640, which was decent quality, and 640x640, which was only average and appeared out of proportion. You can watch the videos on most newer mobile devices, but it's worth mentioning that on my Android the video didn't resize to fit my phone's screen precisely at landscape orientation, so since I'd have to scroll up and down to see the whole video, I simply watched it in portrait orientation, which meant a smaller video size.

There are some weird things happening with some of the updates. One video named "Matt M Tied To The Stairs Being Tickled By Chris HD" was released on the site in 2011 in two sizes, one at 1140x640 and another at 640x640, but this latter one appears stretched. Then, six years later in 2017, the video is released again with the title "Matt M Tickled Tied To The Staircase Xtra 1080P Cam 1" and then again three months later as "Matt M Tickled Tied To The Staircase Xtra 1080P Cam 2." These newer versions appear to be the same session but shot with different cameras. There are 47 of these Cam 1 and Cam 2 videos, so that leaves us with 370 original videos as opposed to the 416 scenes listed in the Videos section.

To confuse matters a bit more, every once in a while the site releases a 30-second preview of an upcoming scene, and these are included as updates in the roster of full videos. I don't know exactly how many of these there are; I counted three of them across 168 videos, so it doesn't appear to be extensive.

There are only 84 galleries, so not every video has a picture set. The photos are digital stills that show off the action quite well. You can view the pictures in thumbnail galleries, and there's a hands-free slideshow so you can sit back and let your hands do other things. There 50+ good quality stills in each set, and many sets have over 100 pics. The pics can be saved individually or if you'd like you can download zip files offering all the pics from a set.

There are some other features I want to mention. Each video's episode page also includes other videos the scene's participants have filmed, so it's easy to find more of the guys you like. At the very bottom of the page there are other scenes listed that feature the same kind of content, but since the whole site is about tickling I'm not sure how useful this is. Each episode also has a description with the names of the models and the date it appeared on the site. The model names are clickable so you find all of their scenes. I found the detailed tagging system to be the most helpful in giving you more scenes with certain elements like blindfolds, ball gag, bondage, hairbrush, tickling body/armpits, or tickling/feet, or tickling/naked. And one final thing: there's a Custom Videos section where you can submit your own idea for a scene that they will film and send to you, and you can even appear in the scene yourself; they'll send you a quote for the cost once they have all the details.

Ticklish Lads updates with a new video every Saturday and seems to be consistent. You'll notice when joining that there is a higher priced multi-site option that lets you join not only Ticklish Lads but also Bondage Boys Club and Lads Feet. Bondage Boys Club has a good selection of not only tickling but foot torture so you can watch guys getting their feet beaten and dripped on with hot wax. And Lads Feet features a variety of foot action from worship and bathing to trampling, and there's even some bastinado (foot whipping).

No site is perfect, and there a few issues here. I've already covered the video duplication issue and quality problems with interlacing on the largest videos, and those are the major downfalls. But even with duplicate scenes you're still getting 370 videos, which is quite a lot for you to enjoy. Also, as I mentioned, the very oldest MP4s aren't great quality but the WMVs are good.

Ticklish Lads is a good site that explores the tickling fetish quite well. There's plenty of variety with how the guys are restrained, how they are tickled and what implements are used. These European guys are generally cute with smooth, slim bodies and they're a mix of amateurs and known performers. There are 370 exclusive videos in the member area to download, stream and watch on your mobile, and a new one is added every week, so this site has a lot to keep you turned on and entertained. While there are a couple of issues, Ticklish Lads mostly gets a thumbs-up from me.

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