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Bondage Boys Club is a site that's been around since 2010 but we only discovered it recently. It features guys restrained in various ways and subjected to tickling and sometimes to painful foot play sessions involving bastinado (corporal punishment involved with hitting the bare soles of the foot). The site is currently updating twice a week with new videos and it looks pretty exciting with lots of variety, so let's get inside and take a look around.

The guys here are twenty-somethings, a mix of jocks and guys with athletic bodies, as well as a few twinks. The performers seem to be a mix of British and Czech guys, although there may be other Europeans in the mix. Generally speaking, the guys are sporting smooth bodies with athletic physiques, although some are a little more muscled, but others are slimmer and more reminiscent of twinks. There are lots of unknowns or first-timers, but there are a fair number of porn regulars, too. I saw Alessandro Katz, Billy Rubens, Corey Law, Ariel Black, Desmond Cooper, and Kieron Knight.

Guys are restrained in various ways either with they hands and feet tied to a bed with rope, on a St. Andrew's cross, or sometimes a guy's feet are restrained in a wooden stockade or put in restraints and hoisted on a chain. Most of what happens next involves tickling and foot torture. One guy tied to a cross has two guys tickling his body with their fingers and an electric toothbrush, another in a stockade has his feet beaten with a cane (bastinado), and another guy has hot wax dripped all over. And I have to say that these feet are often calloused and dirty, which adds to the nasty excitement, especially when a guy has to lick his dom's feet.

Bondage Boys Club gets creative with the scenarios. Two guys sit on the floor facing each other and their feet are restrained together so they can tickle one another; another scene has three guys lying with their feet tied to a ladder elevated and placed horizontally across the floor and the dom tickles all three of them. I saw some body flogging, some guys get their cocks edged, and I saw some dildo fucking with a drilldo as well as a bit of fisting here and there. I didn't see a lot of dick sucking, but there is some, particularly in the edging scenes. And while most of the focus is on the bondage and foot torture, not every scene features full nudity; sometimes everything happens with the guys wearing shorts or underwear. Finally, not every scene includes a cumshot, but some do.

There are 529 video updates in the Bondage Boys Clubs members area, but only 452 of them are original scenes - more about that later. These 452 video updates are a mix of full scenes and longer sessions that have been broken into two or three parts that are added to the members area as separate update. The videos are available to download in four sizes in MP4 format - 1920x1080, 1280x720, 848x480 and 424x240. The three smaller sizes are good amateur quality, however the largest size has interlacing, or jaggies as we often call it, around the edges of the models bodies. Older videos are available in two sizes of MP4 and one of WMV, which is the best quality video.

You can also stream the videos on the site and these are also available in four speeds but each plays at 1140x640 so that only the picture quality changes. Again, the largest one isn't optimal with its interlacing issues, but the others play fine. The videos are mobile compatible, however, on my Android device they didn't resize to fit my phone's screen which I flipped to landscape orientation, so I had to watch them holding my phone in portrait orientation, which meant they're a bit small.

Bondage Boys Club also offers 78 picture sets. The pics are digital stills that show off the action quite well. You can view the pictures in thumbnail galleries on the site or you download a zip file to view them offline. They're good quality stills and there are 50+ pics per set and many had over 100 pics, although I found them a bit similar in posing and action. You can save pics individually if you prefer and there's a hands-free slideshow feature.

There are a couple of other features I want to mention. At the bottom of each video's episode page you'll find a listing of any other videos that the scene's participants have filmed. Also, at the very bottom is a selection of videos featuring the same kind of action. On the episode page you'll also find a description along with the date it was added; the models appearing in the scene are also listed, and there names are clickable so you find all of their scenes on the site. Finally, there is a good selection of tags that let you find similar guys or action, so things like dirty feet, bastinado, bondage - stocks, wanking, cum, foot torture, and so on.

These days the site updates with a new update on Saturday and Sunday. It has gone through periods over the past eight years where updates weren't consistent, but currently the update schedule looks solid. Sometimes a video is a full scene, but often it's one of a two- or three-part longer session. In the cases of these clips, they often arrive on the site with large gaps between them. For instance, "Extreme Foot Torture" began on April 1, the second part arrived on May 6, and the final episode was added on June 3, so that puts each part a month apart with three months in total for the full scene to roll out completely. But in these cases, the site does roll out multiple sessions simultaneously, and there are some full scenes added, as well. Of the latest 12 episodes, five of them were full scenes, the remaining seven were parts of longer sessions.

Not all of the content is exclusive to Bondage Boys Club. It's a part of a three-site network that includes includes Ticklish Lads and Lads Feet, and you can actually buy a membership to all three sites, which is a good deal at only $10 more than a single-site option. But some of the scenes that appear inside Bondage Boys Club come from Ticklish Lads. In doing a spot check of the latest 12 videos in Bondage Boys Club, half them (every other one) also appear in Ticklish Lads.

And there are some videos from Lad's Feet among the oldest releases on the site, but there may be others throughout, but with 45 pages of videos it's impossible to check every one. Also, the very oldest 18 videos on the site are 30-second previews of these Lads Feet videos, and it appears that the full version are also included. (There are others of these 30-second previews throughout the site, but it's too difficult to count.) Finally, the site does an odd thing where they take an old video and re-encode the footage from two different cameras and release each camera's footage as two separate scenes. Again, it's hard to say how many of these there are  

Are there any other concerns? Nothing major other than things I've already covered: the splitting of longer scenes in multiple parts and released over time; some content appears on another site; and the largest videos have interlacing. Otherwise, I found the site fun and enjoyable with a good variety of action, albeit it mostly foot play and tickling.

Bondage Boys Club has over 450 video updates of twenty-something European guys restrained in a variety of ways for squirming tickling and foot play sessions. Some of the foot play includes torture with bastinado, hot wax, electro stimulation, and other fun ways to bother a guy's feet. The site updates twice a week, currently on weekends, and these are sometimes full scenes but more often parts of longer sessions. The site also has a loyalty discount, so the longer you stay the less you end up paying. Bondage Boys Club mostly gets a thumbs up from me for the bondage, the foot play, and the guys.

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