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Review score 72
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Introduction to offers classic foot kink videos, behind-the-scenes and solo sessions of British and European guys doing fun stuff with their bare feet and in sneakers. Enjoy tickling, foot worship, bastinado, stomping, and lots more. 386 streaing foot videos for only $5 a month and site adds lots of updates. Producer is a foot fetishist, and it shows.

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Video info

Videos are streaming with option for pay to download.

386 streaming, mobile compatible videos in MP4 format. Vids sized as large as 780x563 on large screens at average quality; they look better on smaller screens. Downloads require separate purchase.

Picture info

No pictures.

Membership cost of

  • Monthly: $5.00 (recurring every 30 days)
  • Network: $40.00 (recurring at $20 every 30 days) Review is an archive site from the producer who runs Lads Feet as well as two other sites. On this newer site, you’ll find behind-the-scenes videos, archived videos, previews, and exclusive of guys doing fun things with their feet in solo sessions. We haven’t reviewed this site before, so join us as we log in and take our first look.

The guys appearing here are a mixed of British and other Europeans. I recognize many Czech performers, but none of the models has a profile with a bio or stats information, so I can’t tell you much else about them. They range from 18 to their mid-twenties - some might be a bit older. They tend to have slim and smooth bodies, although some have a bit of muscle definition. Most of the guys are listed with single first names, but there are a few known performers like Finn Harper, Corey Law, Ethan Wilder, James Lewis, and Keiron Knight. The site owner, Chris, is 34 years old now, but he has appeared in scenes since he began filming in the early 2000s. He’s smooth and in good shape and loves everything about boys and their feet.

This site is run by a foot fetishist, and he explores his kink fully. You can expect to see lots of tickling with fingers and implements like electric toothbrushes, and most of the guys are bound and restrained for their sessions. Stomping and trampling are a couple of favorites here, so you’ll see one or more guys stomping on a willing victim with their bare or socked feet, but many also wear sneakers. Bastinado, or beating the soles of the feet, is another favorite, and fans will grimace while a guy gets his bare feet beaten by a cane. There’s plenty of foot worship with guys licking, smelling, and kissing bare feet; sometimes one of the boys lies on the floor while another rubs his bare or socked feet all over his face. 

I saw a video with a couple of guys kick boxing and regular boxing in their bare feet. There are solo sessions with guys doing kinky things with their feet like squashing a banana or a cake, another lad in his sneakers stomps a cup of milk, a bunch of bananas, and a burger. Most of the action doesn’t include sex, and only some scenes show the guys fully naked. However, the site owner gets fucked by a dildo machine in one video, and he’s naked and bare footed, getting a footjob by a machine with a foot attachment in another video. For a full range of activities, make sure you check out the Category page with 84 different sections.

When signing up, you can join for only $5.00 a month, and you’ll get access to extended previews, behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive solo videos, and archived videos from Or you can buy a network pass that gives you access not only to, but Ticklish Lads, Bondage Boys Club, and, of course, Lads Feet. The initial month is $40, but recurring months drop to $20, so it’s a great deal.

There are 386 streaming videos in the members area that are available in MP4 format. The video player resizes the videos to fit your device, and they're mobile compatible, however the vids do not fill the maximum size of player when viewed on large monitors - they play at 780x564 within the larger 1112x624 player. The quality of the videos is average, grainy and not at all crisp. Some of the “new” releases on the site carry copyright dates from 2005, so I suspect all of the updates are coming from older scenes since the quality is similar throughout. When I compare these with the newest releases at Lads Feet, I find the Lads Feet vids are good quality and fill the entire player. Downloads aren't included for members; instead you must buy scenes offsite. There are no picture galleries here, either.

The videos are dated, and the site is currently adding multiple videos each month. In February 2024, which is just ending as I’m doing this review, there have been 19 updates across 29 days, they added 19 in January 2024, and added 31 videos in December 2023. But November 2023 had four updates, October had six, and September had 16. It’s important to remember that the video dates are the dates they are added to the members area and not the date they are produced. And while most videos seem to be complete, there is still the odd update that is part of a three- or four-part series.

Are there any drawbacks with LadsFeetFans? As I have already mentioned, the site does not include downloads or picture galleries, and since these are older productions, the quality isn’t the best. However, the site only costs $5 a month on its own, but if you’re really kinky for feet, you’ll want to consider signing up for the network pass giving you all four of this producer’s sites. The videos on LadsFeet itself only go back as far as 2010, so if you want to see anything beyond that, will give you scenes as far back as 2005, maybe earlier.

It’d be good if the updates were more regular - in the past six months they have added anywhere between four to 31 updates a month. I found two videos that were available on both and LadsFeet. One called “Bastinado Training” was on both sites in its entirety and another called “Sockumentary 6" was available on both sites, although the version was half as long. I tried spot-checking others and didn’t find other duplicates, but sorting through the multiple-part videos with different titles didn’t make it easy to discover inconsistencies. Finally, 32 of the videos were just three or four minute trailers of full scenes from LadsFeet, but in all fairness to the producer, the tour does says previews are included. gets a mixed review from me. The site offers nearly 400 streaming foot fetish videos, but while there are plenty of sexy British and European guys, but most are older videos that are no longer available on LadsFeet, so they aren’t the best quality. They’re still enjoyable, but don’t expect sharp, HD videos. The site has been updating heavily over the last three months from 19 to 31 videos a month, but this is recent. That being said, at only $5 a month, there's all sorts of foot play and kink, and this site makes a good extra to a LadsFeet membership or as one of the four sites in the network membership that’s available on the join page.

Things we disliked

  • Downloads not included for members
  • Updates are older and lower quality
  • No model info or profiles
  • No pictures

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