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Lads Feet is one of those "don't judge a book by its cover" sites. The garish header with its bevelled and embossed text logo is right out of 1999. But it would be a mistake to bypass the site because you'd miss out on a huge library of foot fetish content, and some of the most unique I've seen. I was quite impressed with this site, so let's head inside for a closer look.

Chris a 32-year-old British guy with a huge foot fetish, and he appears in over 370 of the site's videos playing with a variety of guys. Chris is stocky with size 11 feet, and he looks younger than his age - I would have pegged him for his mid-twenties. Lads Feet is his labor of love where he fully explores his kinky fetish. Most of the guys on the site are British, but there are other Europeans here as well, and they range from 18 to around 25 years old. There are a variety of body types from slim to gym fit and from athletic to nicely muscled. The guys here are amateurs and most are fairly cute.

There's plenty of regular foot worship like massage or guys sucking toes and licking soles, but there's so much more, too. And it's not all about bare feet either; there are plenty of scenes with socked feet, sneakers or boots. You can watch guys working out in their bare feet or getting their feet washed. And there's rough stuff, too, like trampling, stomping and toe crushing. I also learned a new word here: bastinado means foot whipping, and there's quite a bit of it with guys using straps, riding crops and wooden sticks to beat a guy's bare feet. I also didn't know that there are guys into licking muddy feet but there are, and they're on full display doing it.

There are half a dozen videos with fucking and a handful with guys jacking their cocks while playing with feet, but the lion's share of the videos have no full nudity or hardcore sex. In one scene Chris sneaks into the bedroom where a guy is sleeping; he sniffs his socks and shoes, then he licks the sleeping guy's feet - he even fucks them with his cock. I watched another video where Chris had a guy step in a cake and then licked his feet clean. Another guy jumped Chris and restrained him to the bed, then roped his bare feet in the air and whipped them hard with a variety of straps and tools.

The very best thing about Lads Feet is the variety of action. The latest video is the cake eating one; next a slim guy tramples Chris who lies on the sofa, a blond guy wallops a guy's bare feet with a belt, the fourth video gets Chris' bare feet rubbed in his face, then a couple of guys do some boxing training without shoes. In the next movie two guys tickle another roped to a wooden cross, Chris licks a footballers muddy feet, and in the eighth video Chris worships a sexy pair of bare feet with his hands and mouth. So as you can see, there's a lot of exciting action here that thoroughly explores foot fetish.

There are 783 videos at Lad's Feet and the oldest are offered in MP4 and WMV formats, both at sized 768x576. The newest videos are offered in one size of WMV at 1920x1080 and two sizes of MP4 at 960x540 and 1920x1080; sometimes there's a third size of MP4 that plays at the same largest dimensions but at lower quality. You can also watch also the videos on the site, and these MP4s stream at 702x396. There are a few videos that play at different sizes, but not many. The videos are good amateur productions with decent lighting and sound.

There are also 679 picture galleries, some with around 100 to 200 screencaps per set and others with good amateur quality digital stills. The pics display at 1280x960, and you can view them in galleries or use the slideshow feature. You can save the pictures individually, but there's no downloadable zips. The site also includes access to a bonus site called Male Star Feet which is a collection of short clips the site owner has grabbed from mainstream television shows and movies.

The site updates pretty consistently on Fridays with at least one video, and sometimes two. There have been blips where videos are added a day or two late, but Lads Feet fairly consistently gives members 4 and 6 videos a month and they add around the same number of galleries.

There wasn't really anything I didn't like about Lads Feet. If I wanted to quibble, I could say that it could use a sprucing up in the design department. But the site works, it's easy to navigate and the content is primo foot fetish stuff, so who cares if the design is a little dated? Some of the older videos could be better quality, but it's still quite watchable.

Lads Feet has been around for 12 years and the site owner, Chris, just can't get enough of bare feet. So many sites are slapped together with videos featuring the same thing over and over, but Chris takes great care to show us everything that turns him on about foot play - he really is a kinky fucker. With almost 800 downloadable videos on hand, foot fetishists should be impressed with the variety of action - I sure was, and I've reviewed a number of foot sites. With weekly updates and the huge library of videos, I can't imagine fans finding Lads Feet anything except exciting.

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