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Lads Feet has been producing male foot fetish content since 2006, and they're still rolling out new scenes. The producer and site owner is a guy named Chris. He's a British bloke whose profile says that he's 34 years old, although he started filming in his early twenties, and has appeared in many of the scenes throughout the years. Lads Feet is a labor of love where Chris fully explores his kinky fetish. I've seen him licking the bottoms of sneakers, sucking on toes and slathering his tongue across bare soles, giving foot jobs, and beating a guy's feet with a cane or strap, just to name some of the stuff waiting for you here. It's been three years since our last review, so we've got a lot of catching up to do.

Most of the guys on the site are British and range from 18 to around 25 years old. There are a variety of body types from slim to gym-fit and from athletic to nicely muscled. Some of the performers are a little more on the jock or twink side of things, and overall there's a good mix. The guys here have been mostly amateurs, and many are fairly cute. Chris started filming some of his videos using Eastern European guys, mostly Czech and well-known performers, guys like Martin Hovor, Alessandro Katz, and Corey Law as well as porn regulars including Darius Ferdynand, Desmond Cooper, Dominik Black, and Kieron Knight.

Like I said, Chris loves exploring his foot fetish, so there's a lot going on here. There's plenty of action like foot massage and foot worship with guys sucking toes and licking soles. And it's not all about bare feet, either; there are plenty of scenes with guys sniffing socked feet or licking sneakers or boots. You can watch the performers working out in their bare feet or getting their feet washed. And there's rough stuff, too, like trampling, stomping, and toe crushing. If you're into bastinado, there's a quite a lot of it here, and if you're unfamiliar with bastinado or falaka, allow me: it literally means foot whipping, and guys can have the soles of their feet hit with straps, riding crops, and wooden sticks or canes. I also didn't know that there are guys who love licking muddy or cake-covered feet, but indeed it's a thing and they're on full display here.

There are footjobs with guys getting their dicks pleasured by another dude's feet. It'd take me a while to describe everything here, so let me just run through a list; there's ass kicking, foot washing, foot torture, pedicures, pissing, sock gagging, sneaker sniffing, guys jerking off with a dude worshiping their feet, other guys get their asses rimmed with their bare feet in the air, and there are a handful of scenes with sucking and/or fucking. There's every kind of sock and shoe imaginable. Be sure to check out the Categories page, as it offers over 60 categories to find more of the kind of foot action that turns you on. It's important to note that the guys don't always appear naked, although some do, but many of the guys are wearing underwear or street clothes or athletic gear.

The newest video features a clothed guy lying on the floor; a barefoot guy walks on him. In another scene, two guys give each other footjobs while the next sees Chris lying on the floor with one guy's bare feet on his face while another lad's feet are working Chris' cock. Still another scene has a guy jacking off on his buddy's bare feet, and Chris worships and tickles a clothed lad's bare feet while they lounge on the couch. Most of the action is guy-on-guy, but sometimes two guys get their feet worshiped together, and other times two guys are trampling a third - I even saw some guys licking their own toes in solos.

There are 789 videos at Lads Feet, and this is where things get a bit confusing. This is only six more videos than were here over three years ago, yet the site is updating with fresh content. (It does recycle scenes, too, but more about that in a minute.) So what's going on? I'm not exactly sure, however Chris has opened two other sizes (Ticklish Lads and Bondage Boys Club), and some of the Lads Feet videos are featured there, so it seems these scenes were moved out of this site and into the others.

The newest video updates are available for download in MP4 format in four sizes at 1920x1080, 1280x720, 848x480 and 424x240, the smaller sizes are good for mobiles, and they're a mix of full scenes and parts from longer sessions. The latest 12 updates contain four full scenes and eight parts of two- or three-part longer videos. The oldest videos are offered in MP4 and WMV formats, both at sized 640x480. You can also stream the videos on the site in MP4 format in a player sized at 854x640 or 1140x640 depending on the age of the scene. There are a few videos that play at different sizes, but not many. The videos are good amateur productions with decent lighting and sound.

There are also 828 picture galleries, some with as few as 16 pics while others have well over 300 images. These are a mix of digital stills at 1333x2000 and screencaps displaying in various sizes. You can view them in galleries one at a time or use the slideshow feature to sit back and watch them roll by. You can also save the pictures individually or download a zip file.

Now let's talk about issues. Unfortunately, the site does a number of weird things with the video updates. For instance, the oldest 19 videos are all short preview clips (under a minute), and throughout the rest of the video inventory these type of short previews pop up from time to time. They're often released on the same day as the full video, so I'm not sure what the point of including them is. Lads Feet also regularly releases old scenes as new updates, and these are called "FREE" videos, for example, "Brothers Barefoot Beating FREE Video" or "Reebok Classic Worship FREE Video." There's also a section called FREE that includes all of these older scenes in one place, but they're duplicates of what appears in the Videos section.

The site says that they add three updates every week, but I'm not seeing that with current updates. They seemed to have been adding two videos a week into late 2017, but since then they've been adding at least one video on Fridays, and sometimes two, but some of these are those second FREE re-releases. Members do get access to a bonus site called Male Star Feet, which is a collection of short clips and pics the site owner has grabbed from mainstream television shows and movies. It'd be nice if the link were featured more prominently, but it's buried at the bottom of page of banners under the Links section.

I've already covered most of the problems I found with Lads Feet, but let's go over them again quickly. The site is disorganized with older scenes being re-released and included as new scenes and these appear as duplicates in another section. Many of the videos are parts of longer sessions and these are released as individual updates. And sometimes a short preview clip also appears in the video section as a bonus release along side it's full scene. Finally, three years ago, the site had almost the same number of videos it does now and it seems that a number of the Lads Feet videos were removed from the inventory to create two other membership sites.

It's worth mentioning again that there is a multi-site join option that will give you access to Lads Feet, Ticklish Lads, and Bondage Boys Club and it's only $8 more than joining Lads Feet alone. It will give you access to a lot more video including some harder BDSM scenes and tickling sessions and both focus on male feet and it's well worth considering.

Lads Feet has been around for 12 years and the site owner, Chris, just can't get enough of bare feet. So many sites are slapped together with videos featuring the same thing over and over, but Chris takes great care to show us everything that turns him on about foot play – he really is a kinky fucker – and features everything from foot worship to torture and everything in between like licking cake off a lad's feet. With over 800 downloadable video updates, foot fetishists should be impressed with the variety of action - I sure was, and I've reviewed many foot sites. There are odd things happening with duplicate and short releases, but with weekly updates and the huge library of videos, I still recommend the site and can't imagine fans finding Lads Feet anything except exciting.

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