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All kinds of things come to mind when you think of TVs behaving badly (interference, the remote not working), but these TVs Behaving Badly are all amateur British transvestites and crossdressers who like that little bit more hardcore in their fun. The performers here are average guys made into Miss Not-So-Average when they put on their finest lingerie and pose for the cameras. Everything looks very amateur here, though in a good way, as the TVs and CDs get together with their friends to shoot some hardcore porn. There are chubby straight men involved, some bears and some women, too. The trannies are a nice mix of decent looking and long-legged, feminine but with more than a hint of masculine about them at times, and very enthusiastic.

The action often starts right in with no "by your leave." You'll open a scene and find a middle-aged bear going down on a tgirl's dick or two trannies together in a hump session, still half-dressed in their sex wear. You may come across a hot tgirl dressed to kill getting a tit-wank from an amateur MILF, so there is some tgirl-on-girl action involved, too. Most of the time, though, you are looking at amateur TVs and CDs dressed to relax and have fun, and doing just that with other amateurs who are mainly British by the sound of it. You get the impression that the tgirls have gotten together for a night in and someone has let the cameras roll, with a nice homemade feel to it but with a decent quality look.

There are 26 videos at TVs Behaving Badly, and there is no definite schedule when it comes to updates; there had been six videos added and 19 galleries in the past 12 months. Movies can be downloaded or streamed in MP4 and WMV formats at 640x480 or 1080x720 plus at least one smaller size for mobile; the vids can be streamed at the same sizes with full screen available. The quality is okay; it's not top studio produced hardcore, but it's decent amateur stuff shot with reasonable equipment and a lot of enthusiasm. These videos are a few steps up from "home cam to share on tube sites" style and quality, but some are not HD, so don't expect miracles when you enlarge them. Movies run for various lengths of time, from a few minutes to over 20, the sound is natural, the lighting is sufficient, and the presentation is fine.

In the TVs Behaving Badly pictures area you will find 42 image sets with between 30 and 150 pics each. Some of these correspond with a video while others are standalone photo sets. There are plenty of posed shots with the tgirls showing off and showing all, and there are action shots, too. Images are a decent amateur quality and look fine at 1017x896. Slideshows and zip file downloads are both available and so are simple through-navigation buttons for easy online browsing.

The movies and pics here are exclusive to The TGirl Pass network and possibly the site as well. There are 10 sites in the network, and as a member of TVs Behaving Badly you get access to all of them. They are all transvestite or cross dresser themed, with tgirls squirting, giving head, and being dominated; there are also group scenes and parties at Crossdress Parties, newbies to the scene at Crossdress Virgins and more horny TVs at Tranzmania, among the sites you will be able to get into. You will need your log in details to access each site, so keep them handy.

If we're talking about issues, there are a few worth mentioning, but you have to remember this is not a site run by a huge studio. The updates are clearly not happening according to any stated schedule and it would be good to see more videos added through the year - six video updates just isn't enough. There is no information about the performers, no profiles or interviews. There's no model index, either. Some older videos have a missing download size.

Many of the claims on the tour are about the network, not the site, and even then some claims are exaggerated. Although the network has ten sites, there may not be "Tens of thousands of pictures" or "Hundreds of movies," and you won't find daily updates nor did I see any "user-submitted material or personal profiles," there was no community feel to the site at all.

TVs Behaving Badly gives us something of a hardcore edge with naughty trannies playing hard with their straight guys and some older women, as well as with each other. The site offers 26 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, and there are 42 picture sets, as well; updates are happening slowly and randomly, but the site is still updating. Then there are the nine bonus sites from The Tgirl Pass Network included with your membership. They offer variety while staying within the crossdressing and tgirl niche, and when you add the bonus sites' content to TVs Behaving Badly, you have a nice TV/CD package and a pretty good value.

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