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TGirls Dominated is the BDSM arm of The TGirl Pass Network of ten amateur tranny sites. The models here are amateur guys and girls, but the stars of the site are crossdressers and transvestites. Most appear to be in their twenties through late thirties, the kind of guys you'd find at a swingers' party or at an amateur crossdressing party in the suburbs; white males, ordinary, fit and decent looking - have-a-go horny guys who get off dressing as women plus some women who help them get off by dominating them. Many of the guys are pretty convincing as girls (others are not so successful) and they sport hot cocks, tight nuts and some willing asses all dressed up with somewhere to go.

But this isn't just a bunch of kinky guys getting together to talk about BDSM, no. These are trannies submitting to women who get off on dominating crossdressing guys, transvestites and boys playing at being girls. Having said that, the action is not too heavy; we've not looking at a Kink exclusive here or a pro studio set-up; it's all amateur. The action covers girls with strap-ons giving it anally to guys in women's clothes; there are some pure domination scenes, tranny dominating tranny or woman dominating tranny. There are some experiments with fisting and caging of the tgirls, there are threesomes and anal, plenty of fetish lingerie is worn, scenarios are played out; foot fetish comes into it and there is at least one cock insertion.

TGirls Dominated offers 37 videos which are exclusive to the site/network. Both downloadable and streaming movies are offered in MP4 and WMV formats, the downloads sized at 1280x720 for the newer ones and 640x480 for the older, plus each is available as a smaller MP4 for mobiles. The recent streaming versions are sized at 980x550, although older movies are smaller in size. The quality of the videos isn't bad; it's not wonderful, either, but it is acceptable. The videos appear to be filmed on decent equipment by amateur filmmakers and the overall quality and production standards is what I call 'enthusiastic amateur'.

These movies run for various lengths of time each, with some at a few minutes and others at over 20. They are shown with update dates as well as small write-ups or descriptions, some of which also count as adverts for other sites where the models may appear. Some of the content here dates from 2008, other pieces had been loaded a few weeks before my visit, and the latest update was added just a couple days ago. The is no specific update schedule and 37 videos over seven or eight years is not exactly regular or frequent.

The videos come with links to their photos, and these galleries are also listed in their own area. There were 37 picture sets with between 20 and 160 images each - numbers vary widely. They are shown in decent sized thumbnails that enlarge to 786x1024 for the more recent ones or 675x570 for the older ones, and the quality is good amateur quality that is sharp and clear enough. There are slideshows to use plus zip file downloads for the full sets, or if you prefer you can save individual pics. It looks like photo sets are uploaded either at the same time as their video or a week after.

TGirls Dominated is part of a CD/TV network giving you access to nine additional tranny sites. You will find group parties and orgies with loads of amateur guys in women's clothing, guys into pantyhose, a site that's all about trannies giving head, posing in sexy lingerie, some more hardcore, group scenes and more. You are also able to make comments on the content and though that's not the same as having a forum or some kind of community facility, you can make your thoughts heard.

Now let's talk about issues. As mentioned, updates are infrequent and irregular. If you look back through recent months you can find one or two updates per month, but updates must have been on hold at some time for the site to have loaded only 37 movies over eight years. Either that or the content gets rotated and re-posted with new dates from time to time - there's no way to be sure. There's no model info or profiles, and the movies often start straight in with the action, so there are no interviews or background. And as already mentioned, the older videos are smaller and a little lower in quality than the newer vids.

TGirls Dominated is another genuine amateur site from the same network that brings us Club Crossdresser and Leggy TGirls - in fact, the sites sometimes share models. This site features enthusiastic crossdressing amateurs who like to push their boundaries, hence the caging and fisting of trannies, the strap-on humiliation, the strap-on sucking, the three-ways and the mild BDSM. The 37 videos offer a mix of home video party shoots and some more serious photography, and the vids can be downloaded, streamed and viewed on most mobiles. The nice bonus sites help make up the value and the whole thing stays on the tranny theme. TGirls Dominated is not the be-all and end-all of tranny fetish sites, but it's a good amateur stab at one.

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