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Super Twinks is the network for three Russian twink and jock member sites - RU Twinks, Twink Mix and Russian Guys Feet. Also included are their live cam house, Pirrer House, and a video site. The guys in all the sites are mostly from 18 to their mid-twenties, most are smooth and lots are cute, and if you love foreskin, you'll be happy with all the uncut cocks here. Some of the performers are athletic and ripped, many are classic slender twinks, and lots have boy-next-door looks. I wouldn't be surprised to discover there are college guys here along with plenty of amateurs and some guys who are trying to break into porn. There are guys with tattoos but many others who aren't inked, and many guys have trimmed or natural pubes.

When it comes to action, each site has some differences. RU Twinks is the largest and has a lot of solos, but recently there's a lot more helping-hand videos that feature handjobs and assplay. There are some hardcore duos and threesomes with plenty of sucking and fucking, as well. Twink Mix also has a lot of solos but also a good amount of hardcore that includes kissing, blowjobs, and anal, and there's a good amount of barebacking and outdoor action. There's some crossover in types of action between the two sites and each has some kink. And then there's Russian Guys Feet, which offers solo foot play as well as foot torture and tickling sessions.

The Super Twinks member sites offer 1,401 exclusive videos, most of which are downloadable. The downloadable videos are mostly offered in F4V format, many newer ones at 1280x720 at good amateur quality, the older at 720x576 at average quality or better; a few of the very oldest may be sized at 388x288 in downloadable Flash format. When it comes to streaming, all 1,401 videos are displayed at full screen, which lowers the quality some as the original videos are smaller, so expect low-amateur to amateur quality. The streaming vids are offered in a Flash player, and not all browsers support Flash any longer, but you can still download most of the videos.

All the downloadable F4Vs are mobile compatible, although neither the Flash downloads nor the streaming videos would play on my Android phone or iPad as neither support Flash. There are also 4,576 streaming videos inside Pirrer House. These are recorded live shows, and seem to be offered in streaming Flash only. The oldest require payment to watch them, and some of those oldest vids also have no sound.

Super Twinks offers 2,476 galleries, several hundred more than there were almost 20 months ago. RU Twinks offers the most picture sets, offering 1,183 of them; there are 517 pic sets at Twink Mix and 319 at Russian Guys Feet. The pics are sized at 400x600 or 800x600, depending on orientation, and the newer pics are good quality while the older pics are good amateur quality. There are downloadable zip files, slideshows and you can save individual photos. In most of the sites, each update is only one page from what is usually a multi-page gallery, so it can take a few weeks for each full set to be completed.

Last, there are 457 galleries inside Pirrer House, but these aren't pic sets as each gallery has mixed pics of various guys doing various things, dressed or naked. The newer pictures are sized at 800x450, and most of these are good quality. The older photos are sized at around 512x800 or 600x800 at decent quality. The galleries in Pierrer House offer no slideshows or zip files, although the pictures can be individually downloaded.

Now let's talk about issues. The trial membership gives a download limit of 800Mb, and considering that one of the videos I downloaded was over 900Mb, the trial will be of limited use. Even full members are limited to 10Gb of downloads per 24 hours. East Videos gives the same access a non-paying member gets - you can browse the site, and the network gives you 30 credits per month to spend there, about four to five videos. Ditto with the live house; the Super Twinks tour says "Take your favorite model into private chat," and while that's true, it's not included with your membership; you must pay for this out of your pocket after you burn through the monthly 120 credits.

The video section of Russian Guys Feet no longer updates, although the picture section does. The videos inside Russian Guys Feet and Pirrer House are not offered for download, and I wasn't thrilled with their full-page streaming, which lowered the quality of the videos. I shrunk my browser down to around 1280x720 and the streaming videos looked much better.

Something that annoyed me is that there's no central member area for this network - each site is linked to separately, and they don't even link to the member areas - you have to log into each site separately. When you log into each site, you'll arrive on a page that is almost entirely dedicated to sending you to the live cam and streaming video site; you must click "ENTER" or "ENTER for Pix and Videos" to get to the content, and even then the navigation in the sites is clunky and packed with links to send you to the live cam house. Btw, the Forum link in the menu also leads to the live house.

Gallery navigation is clunky on most of the sites, too; when you click to a picture set, you are taken to a page that lists each page of a gallery as an album, and none of the thumbs on this page are clickable. You must go to one of the "albums" to get to the clickable thumbs, although the links to the zip files are on the first page. The single exceptiom to this is Pirrer House.

Super Twinks offers Russion twinks, jocks and amateurs in 1,401 studio videos and 4,000+ recorded live shows and five monthly updates; there are 2,476 picture sets and you can watch live guys in their voyeur house, as well. Most of the videos are downloadable, most of those are mobile compatible, and some of the performers are really sexy. Despite some issues, there's a lot of hot Russian guys with uncut cocks jerking off, getting handjobs, sucking and fucking, as well as foot play and more kink.

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