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RU Twinks features 18- to 24-year-old twinks and jocks from Russia, as well as some slightly older guys. The performers are mostly amateurs and a few porn regulars, and you can expect slender to athletic bodies; some guys are really cute, others have guy-next-door or average looks. For the most part they're the mix of guys you would see on the streets in any major city in Russia or elsewhere, which means not all the guys are cute or boyish. Damien, a recently added model, has a full beard, mustache and a hairy chest, and Tarzan, one of the models from around 2001, is a muscle hunk with a manly demeanor. While most of the guys are smooth (we are talking about a twink site, after all), there are some with hairy legs and treasure trails that lead straight to their uncut cocks, and I found a few with lightly hairy chests as well. While some have tattoos, more are not inked.

The action here is mostly solos where you'll see the guys playing with their foreskin, rubbing out a creamy load or turning themselves on with anal toys. A number of more recent sessions include helping hand videos, and you can expect some assplay and plenty of handjobs in these vids. You'll also find some foot fetish action and nude weight lifting, and these videos end with each guy shooting hot cum. And while more of the videos are solos, there are still hardcore duos and threesomes, and many of them contain bondage, too. The guys are quiet and even shy sometimes, but they do seem to enjoy stripping naked on camera, jerking off or sucking dick, and fucking ass.

There are 824 DRM-free videos inside the RU Twinks member area, 109 more than there were just over two years ago, and on average, the site adds four new videos and four pic sets every month. The videos are all offered in F4V format; the newest are sized at 1280x720 at good amateur quality, and these enlarge to full screen pretty well. The rest of the vids are sized at 720x576, at average to good amateur quality, although they don't fare as well at full screen. Sound is less important with this site since the models are quiet and only some of the guys speak English - not surprisingly, most of them speak Russian. The streaming videos are available in the same format, but at least in my browser they play at full screen; this isn't great for the older videos, but I shrunk my browser window a bit and they looked much better.

RU Twinks now offers 1,120 photo sets, up from 1,023. The size of the photos vary, most between around 600x800 and 800x1200, although most I found at the larger size had to be downloaded via the zip file or the download link to see at its full size. While some of the older pictures are a bit dark, the newer sets have good amateur quality pictures with lots of detailed close-ups. You can either browse through the photos by hand or sit back and start the hands-free slideshow.

Only the four latest sets are dated, and as on our last visit it appears that they add a new set every day, however there have been 97 sets added in a little over two years, which adds up to just under one new pic update per week. The reason for the daily update dates is that each gallery contains several pages that the site calls albums, and only one of the pages is added at a time, so it takes days to complete each gallery. That means the newest photo sets cannot be downloaded in a zip file until all the pages are added.

There are two types of membership for RU Twinks plus a trial, and all memberships (even the trials) give you access to a site called Pirrer House where you can watch guys who live in a house together through different cameras 24/7. That site also offers scheduled live shows, although private sessions cost by the minute. The basic RU Twinks membership gives members access to RU Twinks, Twink Mix and the live house. Premium memberships cost more, although not much more, and give full access to Twink Mix and Russian Guys Feet, where you will find more videos and photo sets of Russian twink boys, plus the live house and monthly credits to spend at this company's pay-per-view site, East Videos.

Now let's talk about some issues. The site has a daily download limit of 10 gig per day, which could limit you to around 10 or 11 of the newer videos per day, although streaming is unlimited. Trial members get limited access; they can stream the videos but not download them. Although video updates are added about once a week, sometimes an update will be late or early - two recent updates were 13 days apart, while two others are only three days apart. Members must pay $7 more for the premium membership if they want access to all the bonuses. Navigation is clunky, and there's no model profiles or info, nor are there scene or picture set descriptions.

As mentioned, each video comes in only one size and format. That means if you have an older phone, you may not be able to play the newer videos, and it would be better if the streaming vids played at their original size or a bit bigger rather than at full screen.

Something frustrating regards the standard membership. The tour makes promises that only apply to the premium membership options, and when you first log into the memberd area you land on a page that's virtually all listings for the live house. You'd think you're logged into that site rather than RU Twinks. The same is true on part of the tour and even on the right sides and bottom of all the member area pages. And even with the premium membership, the only way to go one-on-one with one of the live guys is to spend money; the credits they give you only last a few minutes.

RU Twinks is a hot site if you love Russian twinks, amateurs and jocks with slender to athletic bodies and hard, uncut cocks. The site now offers 824 videos that can be downloaded, streamed and watched on newer mobiles plus 1,120 picture sets, and no matter what kind of membership you have, you'll have access to at least some bonuses. The site usually adds one video per week, although some updates are early or late. At RU Twinks you can expect plenty of Russian hotties playing with their foreskin dicks, round asses and hairy balls, getting some assistance from a helping hand or sometimes doing some hardcore sucking and fucking. I like the guys and the action RU Twinks has to offer, and I suspect so will most guys into Euro - and especially Russian - twinks and jocks.

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