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Pirrer House lets members watch, spy on and interact with Russian twinks and jocks living together in a live cam house. The current crop of sexy, college-aged guys are jocks with smooth, nicely muscled chests, six-pack abs, as well as well-built arms, thighs, and everything else. The guys are attractive, friendly and hot, and not surprisingly most of them have uncut cocks. And the site also offers videos of guys who used to live in the house, so you'll find lots of 18- to 25-year-old Eastern Euro guys in recorded live shows.

Beside the daily scheduled live shows, there are also several spycams installed in the house which you can use to see the models in their bedrooms, showering, or doing everyday things, not to mention while they're chatting on their computers. There are two cams in the house gym, so we can watch them sweat during their workouts. In the recorded live shows you can watch the guys jerk off (alone or together), play naked Twister, oil wrestle, and much more. While there isn't much hardcore action, some of the guys suck each other off or play with toys, but there are only a couple recorded shows in which a guy gets fucked. There is some softcore bondage action as well.

Before we have a closer look at what's inside Pirrer House, I should tell you that a basic account gives you limited access. You can watch the spycams, scheduled live shows and newest archived live shows, but in order to view older replays or to have a one-on-one chat with the guys, you need to create a free account. A free account comes with 100 credits which you need to pay for the extra services, such as viewing older replays. It costs 10 credits for shows under an hour and 20 credits for shows over an hour. When you have spent your free credits, you would need to purchase more to watch the recorded live shows.

There are 24 cams inside various rooms inside Pirrer House; most of these are online 24/7, and there are scheduled live shows and chats every day. The cams can be viewed at around 384x256. There were three guys logged in when I visited the site, but only two of them were visible in any of the rooms. When I clicked either of the three model names I was whisked away to a private area where I had to spent more money to see anything interesting, such as a cock.

The live shows are recorded and added to the video archive on the site, and you'll find these under Shows and Chats Replays. At the time of this review, there are 3,415 videos, and the twelve most recent videos are free for members to watch in the first seven days of their publication, but viewing or downloading the remaining replays over a week old will cost you those credits I just talked about.

When you click a video, a pop-up streaming player opens and shows you a preview clip at 674x374, and if you click the Stream Full Version on the preview player it'll open the full-length video at 1176x652. The good news is that these videos are no longer DRM protected, so there shouldn't be any hassles watching them. The quality is average and the picture wasn't as crisp as I like to see, but still large and watchable.

Under Pics by the Boys you'll find 333 photo sets with pictures display at around 533x800. These appear to be a mix of digital stills and screencaps that are supposed to be taken by the guys who live in the Pirrer House. They are a selection of sexual and non-sexual images. For example, there are pictures of a guy getting a hair cut as well as funny selfies like a guy doing a naked handstand. It almost feels like browsing through a Facebook photo album. The pics are average quality or better. There's no hands-free slideshows, so you have to view the pictures one at a time, although there are forward and backwards controls. The pics can be saved individually, although there are no zip files.

Members get access to a forum, though it's not very active. There are model pages, but there is hardly any information about the guys, which is a pity.

Most issues here are related to the restrictions and limitations on members. Despite paying for your membership, you will need to purchase additional credits to make full use of what this site has to offer. A full month recurring memberships includes 100 credits, which is enough for you to download five or 10 replay videos depending on the length of the scene. Once your monthly membership expires, any unused credits are trapped in the system, forcing you to renew for another month.

Anther big problem with Pirrer House is that there's another whole section designed to look like the replays area, but this is actually a come-on to spend more money on another site. Also, power users may get a message that says "If you have been downloading a lot today, you probably exceeded your daily bandwidth usage limit. Come back tomorrow." Since the site has no terms and conditions or FAQ for members or those joining the site, this daily bandwidth limit was news to us. And last, some other live houses give access to their recorded live shows, where here you have to pay extra.

Pirrer House has plenty of spycams, daily live shows, and sexy amateur Russian jocks and twinks. The guys seem to have lots of fun, which makes the live shows and videos fun to watch. These twinks aren't shy and show off their naked bodies, jerk off, play naked games, and even suck each other sometimes. There is a big archive full of recorded shows and chats, but downloading all but the newest live shows requires spending credits. I like the amateur Russian twinks in the live and recorded shows, and while Pirrer House does overly complicate things with conditions and offers limited content with their membership, there's a lot to see here if you're willing to pay extra.

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