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Today we're re-visiting Russian Guys Feet, a site that offers exactly what the title suggests. The performers here are slender twinks and fit jocks from Russia with boy-next-door looks, uncut cocks, and the guys do speak English in many of the videos, but (of course) with a Russian accent. The majority of the performers are twenty-something years old amateurs, and quite a lot of them range from good-looking to very cute. The guys are pretty vocal and seem to have a lot of fun while filming these videos.

As you might expect, the site offers twinks showing off and rubbing their feet; you'll find many videos feature guys being tied up while someone is torturing their feet; there are also some guys whose feet are tickled, massaged and played with, exactly as one might expect from a foot fetish site. There is some masturbation or other forms of cock play, and one video I watched had two mostly-dressed twinks doing a barefoot workout together at the gym. Since the site concentrates heavily on feet, there are some sessions without much nudity but overall there's plenty of dick on display.

Russian Guys Feet offers 49 exclusive videos and 236 photo sets. The videos are available to stream, and while there was no way to tell what format they are, they're probably F4Vs as that's what they were on our last visit. The videos still open in a new window, and they played fine on my desktop computer, although they enlarge to full screen when they start to play which lowers the quality to between low-average and average, depending on the size of your monitor. They looked sharper and clearer when I shrunk my browser a bit. Disappointingly the videos are no longer available to download, and the streaming vids didn't play on my phone.

The 236 picture sets offer mostly good amateur quality digital stills sized at 797x1200, although displayed smaller in your browser. Each gallery contains multiple pages that the site refers to as "albums" and each page is added as a separate update, which means it can take weeks to finish adding all the pages. The zip file for each gallery is not available until all the albums are added. Slideshows are available, and pictures can be individually downloaded.

Now let's talk about updates. The photo section appears to be updating by adding a gallery page a couple times a week, although only the latest three updates are dated, so I can't be sure how regular those updates are. Unfortunately the video section has not added anything new since early March 2017, which is over five months ago, so it's safe to guess that the site has stopped adding new videos.

Russian Guys Feet can be joined individually, you can also spend a little more to get it as a package deal with RU Twinks or you can spend a little more still and join Super Twinks to get access to RU Twinks and Twink Mix. All the sites feature the same kind of guys from the same studio, and whichever membership you chose gives access to Pirrer House, a live cam house with plenty of streaming videos, scheduled chats and house voyeur cams, although live one-on-one and group shows cost per minute. Each membership includes 120 credits per month to use there, but 120 credits goes by very quickly, and they hope you'll want to spend more. The site also says members get access to the streaming videos at East Videos, but I was unable to log in using my credentials.

In addition to the lack of video updates, there are some additional things worth discussing. First, on the join page it lists the trial as giving "800Mb/24h download limit" and this is very misleading as the site doesn't offer downloads. When you log into Russian Guys Feet, you land on a page that is dedicated to sending you to the live house, and the link to the forums isn't available to members who joined this site alone as opposed to the Super Twinks network. You must click the ENTER link to find the Russian Guys Feet content, and even here you'll find many links to the live house and the other site.

Navigation overall is odd and clunky - every video page has text that was meant to be linked but isn't; every single one including "HDV 720p / 1080i" and "Flash Streaming" are listed as Not Available, so why have them there? Since I sometimes like watching videos on my phone, I was disappointed the videos wouldn't play on it. It seemed like the problem had to do with the script that enlarges the videos to full screen. There's no model info or profiles, and I wasn't thrilled that the photo sets are added so that each page is a separate update. By the way, this is the only Super Twinks site that doesn't offer downloads.

Russian Guys Feet focuses on cute 18- to 25-year-old Russian twinks and jocks showing off and playing with their toes and soles or rubbing and massing their feet. There are also foot fetish-themed bondage sessions including foot torture and tickling. There are 49 exclusive streaming videos and there are also 236 pic sets. The content comes through with good foot action, and it seems like the photographer is into male feet. While the picture section still updates, I was disappointed that the video section no longer adds new content. Members get access to a live house (although one-on-one sessions aren't included) and have the option to spend more to get access to a Russian twink network. The guys and the action at Russian Guys Feet definitely deliver male foot play, tickling and torment.

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