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Man Royale doesn't focus on a gay porn niche like twinks, bears, or barebacking, instead, they say they focus on "the hottest guys" in very high quality HD videos. Many of the men here are hunks in their twenties or thirties, but there are also some twinks, jocks, and a few daddies. Expect smooth bodies, with a few hairy guys mixed in, or at least those with hairy pits, as well as a mix of tattooed guys and clean cut. Most of the performers here are white, although I did run across some Latinos as well. The guys range from cute to handsome, a few what I'd consider more average but with nice physiques, and there are a couple rougher looking dudes.

The action here seems to be all duos, with plenty of kissing, sucking, fucking, and nice, messy cumshots that are very well caught. In fact, there are lots of nice juicy closeups and medium shots, showing off the asses - gaping or not, the cocks filling mouths and buttholes, and if you love jizz, I suspect you're going to like the shots of cum covering faces, balls and asses. Production values are good, videography is top notch, and it's obvious the camera man and director know what gay porn fans want to see.

Man Royale offers members 259 exclusive videos, and for the last several months the site has updated between once and three times per month. The videos are DRM-free full scenes, and are offered for download in MPG, WMV and MP4, and can be streamed in MP4 format. Newer MP4s are sized at 1920x1080 plus two smaller sizes while newer WMVs and MPGs are sized at 1280x720 in good or very good quality. Older WMVs and MPGs are sized at 1280x720 and MP4s are 750x420, and are still good quality. Downloadable MP4s are shown at 750x420, streaming at 970x545, and these also look good. The smaller downloadable MP4s should play on most mobiles, although very old phones may not be able to handle the smallest vids.

Each video comes with two sets of pics. First is a set of good quality digital stills. These are sized at 1500x843 or 1500x1000, and they look good. While they are resized to a smaller size to fit your browser, they can be viewed full size or downloaded at full size in zip files. Each video also includes a set of screencaps that are good enough quality most of the time to pass for digital stills, although during fast motion, they can be quite blurry. One thing I did notice about the digital stills sets is that they tend to be repetitious, but it's better to have too many pics than not enough.

Full members of the site get access to 1,211 videos from 12 bonus sites in the GayRoom network. You can expect the same level of quality when it comes to the men, the content and production quality, as well as plenty of hunks, porn stars and more. Including the Man Royale updates the network adds about nine videos each month.

Now let's discuss the issues. Most of these are pretty common on porn sites. There is a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for an additional porn site membership if left ticked. Trial members get limited access to the site's content and features, and recurring trial members will also find themselves paying $10 more per month than regular monthly members pay, so it might be worth getting a month up front rather than a trial if you want to get full access. As mentioned, updates are irregular; sometimes the site adds one video in a month, sometimes two or three. By the way, while the downloads here are super fast, the pages load on the slow side.

Something else worth talking about are ads. Above the streaming video player on each episode is page is a several-part animated banner made to catch the eye in a couple ways. There's a play button on each one, so those new to member sites may click them expecting content. There's also three good-sized thumbs at the bottom of every members area page that are actually ads for other sites.

Last, while not exactly an issue, the model index disappointed me. There's no profiles, many guys don't even have a solo pic, there's no solo galleries or descriptions of the guys. The model index does let you find more content from models you like and lets you browse alphabetically.

Man Royale delivers the quality they offer on the tour, with big, beautiful HD videos, and gay sex that's extremely well-filmed to show off the guys, the action and the cumshots. Since everyone has their own tastes, whether you find the men to be very hot will depend on you, but you'll find some great bodies there, handsome hunks, athletic jocks, slightly mature men, and a few cute twinks, and many of the performers are porn stars. The 259 exclusive videos can be downloaded, streamed and will play on most mobiles, and each comes with two sets of pics, but updates are hit and miss. While the site could use a little more personality, Man Royale's videos, action and their men are everything they claim and more.

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