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Gay Violations promises videos of guys being violated, pranked and sharked in public, insane home videos, and daily updates. It sounds like a lot of fun and we've never reviewed this site before, so we're checking it out today.

The videos on Gay Violations fall into a few different genres: guys caught on film giving blowjobs in cars, parks and back alleys; unsuspecting guys in parking lots, car washes, and parks getting sharked (sharking is approaching a guy from behind and pulling down his pants); guys throwing cum-filled condoms at people, and there are a few other types of scenarios like the odd one with guys fucking in public places.

Now, let's be clear: these videos aren't really amateur stuff. You will actually see guys getting sharked or sucked off in public, so if that's what you're looking for, you'll like the content here. But be aware that a production team has filmed porn performers doing the scenes. How do I know for sure these aren't genuine amateur videos? Each scene lists a named performer and that just doesn't happen with real amateur vids; each video is offered in the same videos formats and dimensions; and the picture and production quality just too good for amateur home video.

So is Gay Violations a rip off? Well, not really. If you're just looking for amateur footage as promised on the tour, you'll probably be disappointed. But Gay Violations offers you bonus access to seven other gay porn sites in the same network: Bath House Bait (sex in bath houses), Office Cock, Boys Destroyed and Damn That's Big (guys getting fucked with huge black and white cocks), Massage Bait (guys getting massages, blowjobs, and more from their masseurs), Out Him (supposed straight guys exposed in gay videos), and Gay Creeps (guys perving on their straight room mates). So there's quite a bit to enjoy here, and many of these scenes fall into the reality genre.

There are 162 videos on Gay Violations and they're offered for download in three formats: WMV (1250x702), MP4 (950x534) and MPEG (1248x800). The videos are pretty clear and play well with good sound. You can also watch the videos as streaming MP4s at 950x537. Most of the videos are 30 seconds to under three minutes, which makes sense when you see them. There are pictures galleries, but in spite of the site giving you an option for screen grabs or high-quality digital stills, the pictures on Gay Violations are all screen captures, although high-quality still pictures are available for some of the bonus content sites.

In the bonus section you'll find a bunch of videos from the seven bonus sites. Clicking "view all scenes" gets you 761 videos, although the network claims there are 4,761 scenes, but that's not accurate. Some of the bonus sites are still updating, others aren't. The videos are offered in the same download and streaming options and these are full-length videos running 20 to 40 minutes each. And the network member area called Gay Room makes it easy for you to jump from site to site without having to log in again. They also have category and performer navigation so you can fine tune your searches and get the action you really enjoy.

Aside from the fact that the vids here aren't actually amateur, and that the site doesn't update, there are a few other issues to talk about. First, there are two pre-checked offers on the join page; if you leave these unchecked, you'll be signing up for two other sites and you'll be rebilled. If you don't want them, simply deselected them and you'll be fine. Next, trial members get limited access to the site and network's content, and recurring trial members are charged $15 more per month than a regular monthly membership.

There are a lot of ads for other sites in the members area. On the top navigation bar of the member area you'll find Gay Room, Man Royale, and Gay Castings. Gay Room gets you to all the bonus content included with your membership, but the other two options link to other sites in the network that require you purchase another membership. There are also other things on the navigation bars like live cams, gay dating, and special deals, and all of these will require you spend more money.

Gay Violation gets a mixed review. The site does deliver public pranks, sharking and blowjob videos, and the 162 videos are downloadable and DRM-free. In other ways, though, the site fails. The site doesn't update; in fact, their last scene was uploaded in January 2012, and although the tour promises daily network updates, the bonus sites are adding about 8 videos a month. There are currently 761 videos to watch through the entire network. While you're not exactly getting oodles of amateur video that they promised, Gay Violations isn't leaving you high and dry, either.

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