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Gay Violations offers videos of guys being violated or pranked and sharked in public. The videos fall into a few different genres - guys caught on film giving blowjobs in cars, parks and back alleys; unsuspecting guys in parking lots, car washes, and parks getting sharked (sharking is approaching a guy from behind and pulling down his pants); guys throwing cum-filled condoms at people, and there are a few other types of scenarios like the odd one with guys fucking in public places. One video has a couple guys out for a run when one catches up to the other and pulls down his pants and undies to reveal his bare ass as he runs.

At least some of these videos aren't really amateur stuff. You will actually see guys getting pantsed or sucked off in public, so if that's what you're looking for, you'll like the content here. But be aware that a production team has filmed at least some - probably all - of the vids. How do I know for sure these aren't all genuine amateur videos? For starters, many of the guys are porn stars or regular performers including Parker London, Adam Russo, Dylan Hauser, Jake Steel, Leo Forte and Clay Towers, most appearing in more than one video each. There are some one-name guys who may be real amateurs, but chances are they were also shot by the studio because most of the sets come with digital stills, not just screencaps.

Gay Violations offers members 127 videos in either WMV or MPG format, some videos in both. The downloadable videos are sized at either 1264x704 or 720x416, even though some claim to be larger. Quality is average to good amateur, sound is good considering that many of these videos are shot outdoors in public places. Most of the videos can also be streamed, although not a few of the oldest, and I was unable to download a couple of the oldest, as well. Some of the newer downloads are listed as MP4s but are actually MPGs, which means they won't play on most mobiles.

Most of the videos come with two sets of pictures; a set of digital stills and a set of screencaps. The digital stills are decent to good amateur quality, sizes varying from 1440x810 to 3000x2250, and in most cases the older sets had the larger pics. The digital stills are available in zip files. The screencaps are sized at 1280x720 or 1250x702 at below average to pretty good amateur quality. They, too, can be individually downloaded but are not offered in zip files. There are no slideshows offered.

The best thing about Gay Violations is that full members get access to the entire GayRoom network of 13 sites, which means you get access to 12 bonus sites with over 1,100 bonus videos. Once a week the network adds a new video, but not all the bonus sites update. These sites are all shot by the same studio and themed in niches like big cocks, massages with happy endings, shower and bath house sex and more.

Now let's talk about issues. First and foremost is that the site doesn't update, and there are actually 35 less videos than there were when the site first stopped updating in January of 2012. A few - not a lot - of the oldest videos either don't stream or don't offer a downloadable version - there was one I was unable to download or stream - and the downloadable videos offered at 1080p (which is 1920x1080) are actually sized smaller at 1264x704. The newer videos that are listed as MP4s are actually MPGs, disappointing if you wanted to watch them on your phone, Apple computer or tablet.

There are some other downsides. There's a pre-checked offer on the right side of the billing page, and it's easy to miss if you don't look for it. Trial members get limited access, but the site terms don't specify what those limitations are. Trial memberships also recur at $10 more than the regular monthly membership does. There's a pop-over on the lower right corner of the tour, but it's easy to close. And there are some tour claims that aren't met - the join page offers "The Highest Quality Adult Videos" and "New Videos Added 2-3x Week", but take these claims with a shaker of salt, because while the videos aren't bad, I've seen both bigger and better quality, and the site doesn't update at all while the network updates have slowed to one per week.

And then there are the ads. There are ads above the player, thumbs on the page bottoms, and these could easily be mistaken for content. Also the category link leads to the network home page, but there's no category list there. There's a model index but the model pages don't include any profiles or info about the guys. Oh, there's no descriptions of the videos, and while some are 10 minutes or longer, some are under three minutes, some as short as 14 seconds.

Gay Violations gets a mixed review from me. On the one hand, they deliver the kind of action the tour shows - guys getting pranked, sharked, public or semi-public sex and more. There are a surprising number of porn stars considering the site's theme, and you'll find blowjobs in parking lots and sex in stairways. There are 127 videos, most available to both download and stream. On the other hand, the site stopped updating years ago, and there are no mobile compatible videos. Still, full members get access to a good-sized gay porn network of sites shot by the same studio with plenty of hunky men and an update every week. So there's quite a bit to enjoy here after you've finished watching all the Gay Violations videos.

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