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Jock Pussy is a fairly new site featuring trans man Luke Ward who bills himself as the "man with a vagina". Luke is a twenty-something guy who transitioned but opted to keep his pussy. He's cute, and he wears a bit of face scruff in his interview video; he often appears with a fuller beard but sometimes appears completely clean shaven, too. He's got a smooth, fit body, although he has a bit of a treasure trail. As I mentioned, Luke does still have his pussy, but his clitoris is enlarged, which often happens with testosterone therapy, so it looks like a small cock. He hails from Kansas and loves playing guitar. Anyway, let's dive in and see what Jock Pussy has to offer.

The guys Luke plays with are a mix of newcomers to porn, and also a couple of familiar faces like Mason Lear and Brogan Reed. Jock Pussy is produced by Jason Sparks, so if you're familiar with his videos, he uses the same types of guys in these scenes with Luke, which means generally fit guys with a mix of smooth and hairy bodies, usually sporting athletic builds and not overly muscular, although there are a couple of beefy men on this site. As well, some of the guys here are a little more twinkish with slender bodies. And a couple of the guys are wearing beards. So you can expect a variety of men.

In his introductory video, Luke answers some questions and it's worth watching as you'll get to know him better. He's not planning on getting a penis, he takes testosterone daily, and prefers topping with his strap-on, which he's named Thunder Stick, but he bottoms more often in his videos, a mix of bareback and condom action, although most of the fucking is raw. Luke only gets fucked vaginally and hasn't bottomed anally yet on camera. Most of the action is in duos, but there is one solo with Luke masturbating, two threeways, and one fourway where Luke sits in a chair masturbating and dildo fucking himself watching three other guys fucking on the bed. Luke performs oral on the guys, and some of them reciprocate. There's kissing, rimming, lots of fucking and the odd bit of cum eating, and Luke fucks one guy with a strap-on.

Jock Pussy is pretty new, offering 14 exclusive videos in MP4 format. The videos are available in one downloadable size, and the newest one plays at 1920x1080 while the rest come in at 1280x720. They're good amateur quality and seem to be filmed mostly in hotel rooms so the lighting is decent. There's lots of cock-in-hole close-ups so you can enjoy seeing a guy's dick fucking Luke's pussy. You can also stream the videos on the site in three different speeds and they play at 636x362. There is a full-screen option - the highest speed fares best here - and all the videos are compatible with mobile devices so you shouldn't have any problems.

Each episode has a picture set. These are screencaps, but there might be some digital stills mixed in, too. Either way they're good quality, and you view them in thumbnail galleries. There's no hands-free slideshow but there are forward and back controls to ease navigation. You can save any of the pictures individually or download entire sets in zip files.

When joining Jock Pussy you have the option of joining this one singly or you can select a five-site package, which costs more but will also give you access to Jason Sparks Live, Club Jason Sparks, Raw Fuck Boys and Dirty Boy Society. If you only join Jock Pussy, the site updates with a new scene every two weeks, but if you go for the combo package, some of the other sides update weekly, so you'll always have something new to watch.

One thing to watch for is the pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for another membership. There aren't really any other problems except that it's small and needs time to grow. One personal quibble is that there's not enough information about Luke Ward himself. There is an About Luke page with a video, but I'd like more profile information with stats and interests. Also I'm sure it must get tiring for Ward to keep answering the same questions around gender and sexuality, but for me, it was a missed opportunity to learn more. While he did address some issues in the video, I felt he could have done much more, but then Jock Pussy is a porn site and not a trans 101 information site. Finally, I found the introductory membership option was pricy considering the size of the site.

Jock Pussy is a good site featuring hot, slender trans man Luke Ward with a variety of guys in a variety of action. If you're into watching FTM men getting it on with other guys, I think you'll like what this site has to offer. The 14 videos are exclusive and can be downloaded, streamed and watched on most mobiles. There were no major stumbling blocks, and the site was easy to navigate and everything was as it should be. You may want to opt for the five-site membership which will give you lots more videos of guys sucking and fucking and most of it bareback. Jock Pussy is off in the right direction and should emerge into a good, solid trans sex site over time.

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