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Raw Fuck Boys is a brand new bareback site that opened in early October, 2016, so it's a small site, but it has a penchant for bearded guys and kissing, not to mention big cocks sliding into raw holes. They do some things a little differently and it's hot. The guys on the tour are pretty hot, too, so I'm excited about this one. Why not join me while I check out the site.

Raw Fuck Boys features one-named guys and almost all of them sport facial hair, either thick five o'clock shadows or neatly trimmed beards. That's a nice surprise since the word "boys" had me thinking twinks, but this is far from the case. The guys all appear to be in their mid twenties, cute or good looking with slender to athletic bodies. Many are smooth, but I saw some furry chests, too, and lots of the guys are wearing tattoos. I didn't recognize most of the performers as regular players in Pornland, although I did see Owen Powers and Brogan Reed in a couple of the scenes, so they're not all unknowns.

The action is filmed in bedrooms where the guys are usually already completely naked, but I saw a couple in their underwear and another pair in leather harnesses. There's lot of sucking and fucking, of course, but a couple of things stand out. First, every scene I watched, and I checked out six scenes, opens with the guys making out, and they continue kissing for the first couple of minutes. Second, the tops cum inside their bottoms. There's no doubt they're getting close with all of the panting and deep frenzied pumping, then they announce their impending orgasm and let it blow inside. It's a bit odd for a porn video where we've come to expect a visible money shot, but I actually liked this a lot - it made the sex seem natural and less like a performance. It looked more like the kind of sex most of us are probably having: I don't know about you, but I can count the number of tops who pull out and cum on my nuts or belly, most prefer blowing inside my ass.

But don't worry, there are plenty of scenes where the bottom unloads his nuts while getting fucked. And even though the top blows internally, there are moments when he pulls out just a bit to let some of his jizz slide down his dick or the bottom pushes cum out of his gaping hole and the top fucks it back inside. Truthfully, I found this hotter than seeing the typical hole-dousing we're used to getting in porn. Who knew that not seeing cum could be so titillating.

There are 11 exclusive videos at Raw Fuck Boys, and a new scene is added every Friday. The vids come in MP4 format at one downloadable size, but it's big and plays at 1280x720, which will also play on tablets and most new cell phones. The vids are good amateur quality with good sound. You can stream the videos, too, in three speeds that play at 970x520 with a full-screen option providing good results. You can also play the videos on the summary page, but they come in at 438x244, which is good enough to preview, but you'll want to click that "View More" button to watch them in the bigger size.

Each episode has a gallery of pictures. These are good quality screencaps displaying at 1280x720. You can download entire sets in zip files or save the pics individually, but there's no hands-free slideshow. Around 25 pics per set.

There's a bonus section called XXX Cinema and it's packed with 2,700 videos from third-party feeds like High Octane, Falcon TV, Dirty Dawg Productions, Bare, CyberBears, SexGaymes, Rear Stable, On the Hunt, Cocksure Men, Laughing Asians, and more, and these update regularly.

Are there any drawbacks? There are six join options, and these are a mix of single-site options for Raw Fuck Boys only and multi-site options including access to Dirty Boy Society and Jason Sparks Live, both offering bareback fucking. The multi-site price points are a little higher but they're clearly marked. If you're not interested, simply select one of the Raw Fuck Boys options, and by the way, there's a 50% off opening special on the monthly membership.

Raw Fuck Boys surprised me with something different and very hot. I was expecting to see the same old fuck and blow videos, but I was pleasantly titillated with all the bearded boys kissing in the opening sequences, and the rest of these sessions were pretty passionate. And likewise, I loved the internal cumshots, which made the sex look and feel so much hotter and natural. Nicely done, guys! The site is small, with 11 exclusive videos, but it's just opened and will grow quickly with those weekly updates. The videos are downloadable, can be streamed, and the site worked great on my phone and tablet. And for a few bucks more, you could sign up for one of their multi-site access options and take in three sites.

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