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Jason Sparks travels the country in what he calls "The Bareback Roadtrip" looking for fresh porn talent, and this model search truly is nationwide with recent stops in Detroit, Austin, Knoxville, Little Rock, Dallas, Denver, and Orlando. Naturally most of the action is filmed in hotel rooms and the videos appear on his site called Jason Sparks Live. It's been more than a year since our last review and the site has undergone a redesign, so there's some new stuff to talk about.

What I always liked about Jason Sparks Live is that we're treated to lots of fresh faces and amateurs. And these are mostly guys in their twenties with slender to athletic or gym-fit bodies. There are some guys at either ends of the slender and muscular scale, but most are in shape with some definition. The guys are a mix of hairy or smooth and some sport facial hair or tattoos, or both. And I found most of the guys were pretty cute or good-looking and lots of them could go on to have porn careers if they wanted them.

Not all the guys are amateurs, though. Recently I've seen Brogan Reed, Jack Hunter, Ian Levine, Mason Lear, JJ Knight, even real-life porn couple Joey D and Johnny V. And a few of the very best new discoveries often stay with the tour and travel to a few other cities, so you'll get to see them more than once.

Jason Sparks opens each session with a brief getting-to-know-you section where he introduces the guys and talks to them. Then after a couple of minutes the guys get into exploring and enjoying each other. Expect lots of kissing, sucking, rimming, and, of course, bareback fucking. Bottoms cum while getting fucked, tops douse their balls and holes with jizz, and sometimes a top can't stop himself and cums inside his buddy's ass.

Jason Sparks Live offers 227 videos. There are 10 solos and 20 threeways; all the rest of the videos are duos with lots of sucking and bareback fucking. The videos are downloadable in MP4 format and play at 1280x720 -- even the oldest videos have been re-encoded at this larger size. Newer videos are good amateur quality, sharp and clear, although the older vids lack the same sharpness as they've been enlarged. You can also stream the videos on the site; they play at 640x360 and there are three speeds offered; each improves the picture quality while the size remains the same. And if you want to, you can to watch them at full-screen mode, and the newer videos fare pretty well. Members also get access to the mobile version of the site or they can just watch the videos in the regular site.

Every episode I checked had a set of pictures. These are digital stills or good quality screencaps that display at between 598x800 and 960x1280 depending on the age of the video. You can save the pictures individually or download each set in a zip file, although there is no hands-free slideshow.

Let's talk about extras. There's a separate gallery section called On Tour that has behind-the-scenes pictures of many of the guys. Members also get access to a collection of videos from third-party feeds that offer 2,738 videos. You find all kinds of guys and action from twinks to daddies and solo masturbation to dirty fetish sex.

I do have a few complaints. The site used to have 347 videos but reduced the number of videos to 227, and the site hasn't increased in size since our last review at the end of 2016. I'm told the reduction was the result of moving older, lower quality videos off this site and onto Club Jason Sparks, which is one of the bonuses. Apparently these were solo recorded cam shows that weren't great quality and a few condom videos. "We left the best things on Jason Sparks Live," says a company representative. And speaking of cam shows, the site no longer offers live shows, which begs the question what's Live at Jason Sparks?

Since the site hasn't grown since our last visit, it makes you wonder why it's showing current update dates. At a guess, it appears the site could be recycling updates, which means removing updates and adding them again with current dates. Another common issue is that there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, so be sure and read it before you join; if you're not interested, it's easy to untick.

Members used to get access to three more bonus sites, but now you have to pay extra to include access to them. You can either buy a membership option for Jason Sparks Live à la carte or there's a more expensive option that includes the three bonus sites. And frankly, in my opinion, the offering in these three bonus sites doesn't warrant another $20. One of the bonus sites, Raw Fuck Boys, is hot and new, but only has a dozen videos. Also, there's no link in the Jason Sparks Live members area that gets you into the bonus sites, you have visit them separately and log in. There is also a third-party live chat section where you can talk with the guys, but if you want nudity or action, you must pay per minute.

Jason Sparks Live's Bareback Roadtrip lets members watch amateur guys meeting and fucking for the first time. Many of the guys are fulfilling a fantasy of wanting to fuck on camera, there are some porn hopefuls who follow the tour for a bit while they get their careers started, and finally there are some are porn regulars are called in to help with the auditions. There are no longer any live shows, and the site's inventory has been reduced so it only includes the best quality videos - the rest have been moved to another site. There are still 227 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, but they're probably recycling updates - good news is that there are over 2,000 bonus videos from a variety of feeds in the XXX Cinema section. Jason Sparks Live still delivers hot action and is especially appealing if you enjoy watching first-timers and fresh faces.

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