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Hunk Exclusives is a part of the Gay Hub network that offers 66 other sites featuring a variety of guys and action. It boasts "thousands of gay porn movies" and "more added every day," and a lot of the guys on the tour look pretty sexy. It's been almost three years since our last review, so let's head inside and see what's been happening.

Most of the guys offered inside Hunk Exclusives aren't actually hunks. To get a clear definition, I looked at a couple of dictionaries which define a hunk as a sexually attractive man who is usually well built, so think about Hollywood actors like Liam Hemsworth, Daniel Craig, Ryan Gosling, and Channing Tatum. Most of the guys at Hunk Exclusives are Latinos in their twenties ranging from slim to athletic with a few sporting more beefy or muscular bodies. But I wouldn't call many of them hunks, although there are a few. And that's not to say these guys aren't attractive because many are. I did see a few guys in their thirties and I recognized a few Europeans in the mix too. If you like uncut dick, there's quite a lot of it here.

Of the 54 videos at Hunk Exclusives, 13 are solo jack-off sessions, the rest feature guys sucking and fucking in duos and threeways in a mix of bareback and condom action. You can expect both indoor and outdoor sex. There are your standard bed and couch sessions, but there were a few locker room scenes and one doctor-patient scene and another featuring a couple of military studs.

Hunk Exclusives itself has 54 videos offered, which is 22 more than it did when we last reviewed it nearly three years ago. The site isn't adding content very often - they added five videos in all of 2015. The videos are added in two sizes in downloadable MP4 format. One size is called High, and those videos are sized at 640x480; the other, Medium, offers vids sized at 480x360. Both sizes are good for most mobiles, and quality varies from average to fairly good amateur. You can also stream the videos in two speeds, but both play at 640x478. There's a full-screen option with varying results depending on the age and quality of the production.

Almost all videos come with sets of pictures that can be viewed in galleries; there are 44 galleries total. Most pics are screencaps ranging from 640x360 to 720x480 in size and pretty good quality; a few of the scenes come with digital stills displaying at 667x1000 and a few scenes had no pics at all. You can save the pictures individually or download them in zip files, but there's no hands-free slideshows.

Full members get access to lots of extras here. As I mentioned at the top, Hunk Exclusives is a part of the Gay Hub network, which offers 66 other sites and 7,593 videos. The sites include a variety of guys including twinks, black studs, British guys, Asians, and Latinos, as well as emos, jocks, athletic guys, and a fairly good selection of actual hunks. And you'll find everything from jack-off sessions to hardcore group action with both condom sex and raw fucking. Many of these network sites are in the same boat with little to no updating, but there have been 23 videos added so far to the network in February 2016 (an average of one update per day), and we still have another week until the end of the month.

I'm confused about the site's title. Aside from there being few hunks at Hunks Exclusives, I'm not sure what "exclusives" means here, because most of the videos appear to be DVD scenes, and slightly older DVD scenes, at that. Nothing is jumping out as exclusive to this site, or even the entire network, as I have seen some of these videos elsewhere.

There are category searches that are quite helpful in finding more similar content, but the free-form search field is only useful if your search word is included in a scene's description or title.

Does the site have other issues? There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for another site if you leave it checked, and trial members only get access to the 12 "best" scenes in the network, although I'm not sure what "best" means. The tour has claims like "thousands of gay porn movies" and "daily updates," but these refer to the network and not Hunk Exclusives - this site itself only added five movies in 2015, although the network does indeed add new videos every week. There's also quite a bit of advertising in the network and some of it is designed to look like content, but once you get the lay of the land, it's not hard to avoid.

Hunk Exclusives delivers horny Latin guys in both hardcore and solo action, but the site itself doesn't update every often (five times in 2015), lacks many real hunks and the content isn't exclusive. There are 54 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobiles, but the real draw here is access to the Gay Hub network with its over 7,500 videos and it's frequent updates. And the network is really where you'll find the hunks, but there are lots of average guys, twinks, jocks, hairy men, and athletic dudes, too. Hunk Exclusives is more of a doorway into the network than a standalone site, but don't worry as you'll find so much inside the network to enjoy.

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