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EuTwinks has been around for a while, and the tour shows off a variety of guys, mostly twinks, from smooth boys-next-door to rougher guys with a few tattoos; you'll also find some jocks, a skinhead, hunks, and regular guys. In the members area, there's less focus on twinks. While I definitely found some cuties with boyish looks and slim, hairless bodies, I also saw a number of performers who definitely aren't twinks - some were hairy, others over 30 years old, at least a couple were balding, and I found a couple daddies who were surely over 40), and many had average to muscular physiques. Some of the guys might be in the twink age range but just aren't very boyish.

Many of the older episodes feature European guys with uncut cocks - there are lots of Brits, some Russian guys, and I found an Italian guy as well as some videos where the performers have some kind of accents - I'm guessing some part of middle or eastern Europe. A couple of Latin guys could easily have been South American rather than European, however at least a couple are listed as being Brazilian, and there were a number of older videos where the guys didn't speak at all and the descriptions didn't mention where they were from. Some of the newer videos are U.S. productions starring American performers including black thugs in one episode, and there are Asian and French guys, as well as a couple scenes featuring men from Montreal.

As the guys of EuTwinks are a mixed bunch, the site also offers variety when it comes to the action; you'll find many types of action rather than focusing a particular theme or type of sex. There's plenty of horny duos sucking cock and fucking, including some barebacking, cock riding and flip-flop fucking - there are some threesomes and group sex, and several groups take place in a hot tub. I found a gloryhole scene, some ass eating and a couple happy endings with facial cumshots. The solos include posing, sex toys, and jerk-off sessions where the guys may show off their asses before stroking their meat for the camera.

EuTwinks offers 109 videos that appear to be from somewhat older DVDs or licensed content from a variety of directors, which means you can expect a variety of quality levels, production values and feel to the action. The videos are offered in MP4 format, sized at either 640x480, 720x480 or 853x480, each with one smaller sized video available; both the larger and smaller vids should play on most mobiles. Each vid can also be streamed at two quality levels. Visually the quality varies here, probably by age and source; some vids were pretty good amateur quality, others were average or what I'd consider low-average quality. Most of the videos aren't large enough to look sharp and clear at full screen, but some fared better than others.

Many of the videos come with picture sets - 87 of them, to be exact. These are average quality screencaps, most sized at 640x480 or 720x480. Since the pics are taken from the videos rather than being shot with digital cameras, the action mirrors the videos exactly, so these are a good way to preview the vids. Each pic set can be browsed as a gallery or downloaded in a zip file, and while there are no slideshows, you can navigate easily from pic to pic.

Members get access to 61 bonus sites plus several themed collections of bonus videos adding up to 7,639 total videos adding over 7,500 to your membership. The network has added 13 updates in the last week, many of which are full scenes but a couple are two-minute shorts from one of the sites. You'll find sites here that feature twinks (cute boyish actual twinks) and amateurs, many from the UK. A number of the sites focus on Latin guys, amateurs, big dicks, and there are Asian sites, bareback sites, and a twink vampire site. While some of the sites have the same type of somewhat older standard def videos, others feature good quality HD content.

So let's talk about issues. First of all, this site no longer updates. Next, while you will find some European twinks here, many of the performers aren't twinks by any stretch of the imagination, and many aren't European either. Luckily there are tons of UK guys in several of the bonus sites. Trial members are limited to the 12 "best" network videos, and I'm not sure what would make them the best or whether they're typical of what this site has to offer. There's a large ad on the top of every page, and another at the bottom. Last, the tour claims "Hundreds of Hot EuTwinks Submit Their Personal Videos Each Week," but the content isn't user-submitted and the site doesn't update at all. The rest of the claims regard the network; there's really no descriptive text that tells you anything about the site itself.

EuTwinks isn't so much a twink site as a sort of general porn site, although some of the content does feature smooth, sexy Euro twinks, mostly British guys with uncut cocks. But there are plenty of performers who aren't twinks, from average guys and hunks to daddies as well. The action is a nice mix of hardcore duos and threesomes as well as solo jerk off sessions. The site offers 109 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, and while it doesn't update, there are 61 bonus sites in a wide variety of niches including British twinks. While EuTwinks itself isn't really a twink lover's paradise, the best thing about the site is the access it gives full members to a network of over 7,000 videos and tons of updates.

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