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Hot Cast is one of the theaters belonging to Studio Presse, a French gay porn network of 25 different sites. Most of the other theaters have a single theme like hairy men, Arab men, Latinos, or BDSM and fetish sex, but Hot Cast brings together a number of different themes into one area. And Hot Cast features original content filmed by this French label as well content from licensed DVDs. It's been about three years since our last review, so it's time to head back for another look.

There are a wide variety of performers here. You'll find twinks, British chavs and scallies, as well as jocks, athletes and sporty types, muscle hunks, hairy men, daddies and muscle bears; there are white, black, Latin, and Arab men. Also a lot of the performers are European men, so you'll find not only the same types just mentioned but also skinheads and other fetish pigs. And since many of the guys are European, there's lot of uncut cocks here.

Hot Cast is a French production company, but its videos only make up a small portion of what's on offer here. In total there are films from 30 different studios, most of them European including Bel Ami, AYOR Studios, Gay French Kiss, Lucas Kazan, Cadinot, Eurocreme, Dreamboy, Euro Boy, and Staxus. And there are also American producers like Cocky Boys in the mix.

As with the variety of guys, there's different kinds of sex on the site. Think of Hot Cast as if you've walked into a brick and mortar porn DVD store with all kinds of DVDs on the racks. Some feature outdoor sex, others have guys fucking at home, at the office, in sex clubs; some are getting off in toilets or dirty basements, others in warehouses or derelict buildings. There are some solo jack-off videos; most of the action is in duos and threeways, but there are plenty of small group scenes too. The guys suck cock, eat ass, kiss and fondle, and get fucked by cocks or dildos. On top of all the hardcore sex, there's a fair bit of fetish play, too, like spanking, bondage, rough sex, and guys serving their masters or captors.

There are 1,859 videos on Hot Cast, although only 53 of the videos are actually produced by this studio. You can watch all of the videos as streaming MP4s. The newest vids play at 1024x578 and come with three speeds; the very oldest video come in one speed at 720x578. But with such a large number of videos, you can expect other sizes, as well. And because the videos come from a wide variety of studios (30 of them) you can expect all kinds of quality from average to good. There are no picture galleries here, but each episode has four to six medium-sized thumbs; they can't be enlarged, but they do preview the guys and the action.

There are two ways to enjoy the site. First, you can buy packages of tickets and then redeem them two to four at a time to watch a movie. Some of the videos, but not all, can be downloaded for six to eight tickets each, and these play at around 960x540 in MP4 format. As you buy more tickets, the price per ticket goes down. Your other option is to buy a monthly membership that will give you unlimited viewing on all 25 network theaters, and while the monthly price is expensive, it lets you watch thousands of videos plus updates. While it doesn't allow you to download any videos, it gives you the opportunity to see if there are any you'd like to download before buying a package of credits.

As I mentioned earlier, Hot Cast belongs to the Studio Presse network, and whether you buy a streaming membership or tickets, you can use them on the entire system of 25 theaters, not just Hot Cast. The videos aren't dated, so I have no idea how often the site itself updates, but the site has added 720 in just under three years, an average of 20 new videos per month, and the network adds new videos every month, usually every week.

The videos are in a variety of languages, but only some of the non-English vids have subtitles. The only other quibbles I have are with the site's claim of access to 12,000 videos with 120 monthly updates. These numbers refer to the entire network and not just to Hot Cast. And the video count is exaggerated as videos that appear in several different theaters may be counted multiple times. Still, the site itself and the network have a lot of content.

Hot Cast features videos produced by Studio Presse along with some DVD content, so it gives you a good mix of men, primarily European, and all kinds of sex. I really liked the variety here, although some niches are unrepresented, so you'll have to browse through the tour to see if they feature the kinds of men you like. Also I thought there was a good variety of sexual activities as well as scenarios. And there's a lot to see here - members get access to over 1,800 Hot Cast as as well as the run of the entire network.

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