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Bareback Me Daddy seen some changes since we reviewed it back in September 2015. It was a brand new site back then but it's grown and there have been some improvements in the member area. The site is a part of the CJXXX Network, which means members get some nice bonuses, too, so let's get inside and see what's new.

Bareback Me Daddy launched with a mix of European and American productions, which were quite different from each other, and a few months ago they started adding South American productions, too, so let's talk about each of them. The American productions do a great job of pairing up horny lads in their early twenties with rugged, older men, and these scenes are true to the daddy-boy niche. And the South American productions are also more in keeping with the niche with real daddies who are mostly 15 years or more older than their lads.

For the European productions, you'll recognize many of the guys here as they're well-established performers like Tim Law, Will Sims, Ariel Varga, Oscar Hart, Yuri Adamov, and Leo Ocean. Expect lots of slim and smooth guys in their early twenties packing uncut dicks. Most of the "daddies" in these scenes don't look much older than the guys they're fucking; I certainly wouldn't call them daddies.

There are no solos here, and most of the action is in duos, although lately there have been a number of threeways - four out of the last 20 releases. Most of the scenes have fairly uncomplicated set-ups like a Latin lad arrives home from school to find his handsome daddy in the kitchen and a shoulder rub leads to a blowjob then the schoolboy gets fucked over the counter. Another has two South American daddies hopping on the bed and patting the mattress for a younger guy to come lie between them and things heat up pretty quickly.

The American releases are pretty simple, too, like the one featuring a guy calling up a daddy he's played with before to request another session. The European releases are sometimes a little more involved like the one featuring Father Victor who is lean and smooth, perhaps in his late twenties with a huge dick. Dark-haired schoolboy Oscar Hart arrives in the headmaster's office to be disciplined. Father Victor orders Hart to pull down his pants and bend over the whipping post beside the priest's desk. When Father Victor grabs a belt Oscar begs "Please don't spank me. You can bareback me, daddy, but please don't spank me!" Father Victor gives in without so much as one whack. Damn! Oscar drops to his knees and sucks the priest's huge cock appreciatively, then he bends over the desk and gets his hole stuffed.

Military themes are popular in the early scenes, too. A cadet reports to the general's office for some infraction; both are in uniform and the general is bald with a bit of face scruff but barely looks thirty. He orders the soldier to bend over the spanking post, but this general doesn't wimp out, so the cadet gets a severe strapping. Then he services the general's cock and bends over the desk for a good fucking. By the way, there's not always corporal punishment or even the threat of it; an American daddy fucks a guy he hired to do some yard work and another returns a forgotten book bag to his son's friend and gets seduced by the lad.

Bareback Me Daddy has grown since we reviewed it back in September 2015. It was a brand new site back then with only 10 videos, but they've grown to 56 scenes. The downloads are offered in DRM-free MP4 format, and most come in two sizes - a larger one at 1920x1080 and a smaller one at 640x360. Some older scenes don't have the large size but offer one slightly taller than the smaller size. These are filmed exclusively for the site and they're mostly good amateur quality. You can also stream the videos at 712x488 to 806x434 and they play well in full-screen mode with little quality loss. The smaller videos are mobile compatible so they should play on most devices. You can download or stream as much you want, there are no limits.

Each video's page has a brief description along with some recommended scenes that are similar in theme. The site has a free-form search box, but these searches will bring you results for the entire network and not just just this site.

Since our last review, the site has added picture galleries and these feature fairly good quality screencaps. Most display at 1920x1080, but a few come in at 640x480 at lesser quality. There's no slideshow feature, but you can save the pictures individually or download a zip file to view the whole set offline.

Your membership gives you access to 31 bonus sites in the CJXXX Network, and many of these are updating. Most feature American twinks and guys in their twenties, Asian guys, Latinos, and straight guys, all in both masturbation and hardcore sex, much of it bareback. There's also another daddy-boy sex site in the network and a couple sites featuring older men. As well, there are 62 third-party video feeds included and a theater with more than 1,000 videos, so you've got lots more action to enjoy.

Bareback Me Daddy has grown, but they haven't always added a new video every week; in fact, on average they've added 2.4 videos per month. They had some issues with some producers not providing scenes that were in the daddy-boy niche. And while the new South American productions seem mostly to solve this issue, there are still gaps - recently there was a two-week space between updates, then for several weeks before that there's an update every week, but there's a skipped update before that. You get the idea.

The site has taken care of most of our past concerns. They've added a home button to the members area, full dates show for the updates, and there's now a dropdown menu to help you get to the 31 other bonus sites. The tour used to have network promises that made the site seem bigger and better than it was, but those have also been removed. However, there is one thing to mention - pricing. A one-time membership for 30 days will cost you $20 more than the recurring monthly option, but both contain the same content, so you can save some bucks on the recurring membership and cancel it whenever you want.

The site has no model pages or profiles, so you can't get to know more about them. There are also no tags or categories, which would have been handy if you wanted to find only uncut cocks or blonds and only for this site. You'll also find several rows of thumbs of hot guys on the bottom of some pages; these look like content but are actually an ad for a live cam site. By the way, those European and South American productions don't have English subtitles, but it's generally not hard to follow along.

One last thing worth mentioning has to do with the pictures. You can save the full sized pics, but there are a couple complications. You have to right-click a thumb and select "Save link as." Once the pic is saved to your computer, it will be called "phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg" - you must add ".jpg" to the end of the pic name in order to be able to view it. Also, if you want to save more than one pic, you'll have to rename every one; otherwise, since all the pics have the same name when you save them.

Bareback Me Daddy features a nice variety of guys and has improved in the daddy-boy aspect of the scenes, and I'm happy to report that some of the issues we ran into in the past have been sorted out. There are now 56 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, and the site tries to update weekly, but sometimes skips an update or so; the last two months have seen three releases each. Still, there's lots of bonus content and 31 other network sites, so you won't be stranded with nothing to watch. The strength here is still the CJXXX Network with its thousands of videos and lots of weekly updates.

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