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21 Apr 2024 Score 65 / 100 Mobile friendly

  • Videos 4 stars
  • Pictures 4 stars
  • Unique 4 stars
  • Size 2 stars
Review score 65
  • 2 stars Cost
  • 3 stars Updates
  • 4 stars Usability
  • 3 stars Claims

This new sites explores the free-use fantasy where partners can have sex anywhere and anytime. No matter what they're doing whether its cooking, cleaning, watching TV, or gaming, these studs fuck their way through it. 14 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and a new video is added monthly. Some bonus content and more available with a network upgrade.

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Video info

Videos offered for download and streaming

14 exclusive, good quality videos in MP4 format. Downloads available in 4 sizes from 360x640 up to 4K at 3840x2160. Streaming, mobile compatible videos also available.

Picture info

14 picture sets. Pics are good quality digital stills sized at 1620x1080. Zip files available, no slideshows. Pics can be saved individually. 10 pictures per set.

Bonus content

2 bonus series with a total of 53 videos. Paid upgrade or year membership gives access to network with over 2,500 videos.

Site issues

Pre-selected offer in dropdown menu on top of billing page. You'll land on a full-page ad when logging in.

Membership Cost

There are pre-checked options on signup page. If left checked, you will automatically be subscribed to another site.

  • Monthly: $34.95 (recurring every 30 days)
  • Quarterly: $49.95 (recurring every 90 days)
  • Half Yearly: $99.95 (recurring every 180 days)
  • Yearly $349 (recurring every 365 days)


Freeuse Twink Review

Freeuse Twink is a new gay porn site from the Say Uncle network, the producers of such sites as Missionary Boys and Family Dick. Free-use fantasies involve partners who agree to have sex with each other whenever and wherever the other wants. In these videos, roommates fuck while cooking dinner, two daddies fuck their male housekeeper while he cleans up the kitchen, and three workout buddies fuck in the gym while talking about their workout routines. It's a bit bizarre, but I think you're going to like this new site, so let's get logged in and see what’s going on.

The guys here are all performers we've seen in other Say Uncle productions. Boyishly cute and hung Dakota Lovell has filmed over 200 videos here. There are other cute twinks like Zayne Bright, Carter DelRey, Shae Reynolds, Rob Quin, and newcomers like Danny Shine, Skylar Finchh, and Oliver Carter. Muscle dad Jax Thirio is here and so is daddy bear Rick Kelson. Sexpot Rob Quinn, hung Amone Bane and big-dicked Jonah Wheeler are also players here, as is silver daddy Lance Charger and hairy bearded hottie Jake Nicola. So there's a nice mix of men, some smooth, others hairy, some slim with athletic builds or others more muscled. 

The action is based on the free-use fantasy, so gamers fuck while they play their video games, guys fuck while cooking, friends suck dick while watching television, and so on. The odd thing about these sessions is the guys never break out of character with "oh yeah suck my dick" or "you’re making my hole feel good". There's no sex talk at all. While two brothers study at the kitchen table, they take turns sucking their stepdad's cock all the while talking about their courses or the test they're preparing to take. While one sucks dick, the other goes back to note taking, then returns to his stepfather's hard cock for another round of sucking.

"The Secret Ingredient" features Jonah Wheeler, Dakota Lovell, and Amone Bane, three foodie friends who like preparing food together while they have sex. After talking about what recipe they're going to make with the latest crop of eggplants and squash, Dakota starts washing the vegetables at the kitchen sink while Jonah squats and sucks Amone's giant dick. Dakota bends over the counter and Amone slides his dick inside his ass while they all continue talking about dinner. Jonah pushes his cock into Amone, and now there's a train fuck happening over the kitchen counter while Dakota continues chopping vegetables.

In another scene called "No Place Like Home", two students are hanging out watching television when one's stepfather joins them. While the man channel surfs looking for a good show, his stepson kneels and sucks his cock. Eventually the friend joins in and together they fuck the stepson. Two hunky daddies are having a relaxed afternoon while their houseboy tidies up. The men have an arrangement that they can fuck the housekeeper whenever they want. "The New Coworker" sees Jack Hunter becoming oriented at his new office job, and Keith Foxxx is showing him the ropes. While Jack bends over his desk checking out his laptop, Keith pulls down his pants and rims his ass; all the while Jack is asking questions about logins and the email program. The boss (Rick Kelson) arrives to welcome Jack to the company and tells him everything he needs to know while fucking his ass.

Freeuse Twink offers 14 exclusive videos in MP4 format, and the site updates once a month. Downloads are available in four sizes; I like the download pop-up that details the four options as Quickest to Download (640x360), In the Middle (1280x1080), Good Quality (1920x1080), and The Best We Can Offer (4K at 3840x2160). Say Uncle started producing scenes for this site in early 2022, but only filmed two scenes that year. They started filming again in earnest in August 2023 and since they're pretty new, the quality is good. The videos stream in an adaptive player in five sizes including two extra small ones and three of the sizes above, however, the 4K version is not available to stream. The player has selections allowing you to move ahead or back 10 seconds at a time, and there's a full-screen option where the highest quality versions looks best. Finally, the site and videos are mobile compatible.

Each episode has a gallery of pictures, but they are hidden inside the hamburger menu (three dotes) you'll find under the yellow Watch button. When you click that, you'll get the scene description as well as a link to the gallery. The gallery thumbs are tiny, too small to see much detail, but clicking them gets you around 10 good quality digital stills sized at 1620x1080. You can use the forward and back controls to move through the gallery, but there's no slideshow feature. There are Zoom In / Out controls that don't enlarge the pics, but help you zero in on cock-in-hole action, for example. There are around 10 pictures per gallery and you can save them one at a time. In the top right corner of the enlarged viewer, there’s a link to download the whole set in a zip file. 

When you join FreeuseTwink you also get two bonus series. Say Uncle Labs offers 52 movies that explore new ideas or themes like two game show contestants having sex during the show, or an interviewer fucks his potential boss on the floor of his office to show he will always go the extra mile. There are other themes like first-time anal, muscle worship, robot sex, or sex with grandpa-aged men, among others. Say Uncle Extras includes a Cocky Boy full-length movie.

When you log into Freeuse Twink, you'll land on the Say Uncle homepage that displays 58 additional bonus series that require a network membership. You can watch any of the video trailers, but full scenes require the network upgrade. From the tour you can purchase the Say Uncle membership, but they only offer the yearly option at $349. If you purchase a FreeuseTwink membership and wait until you're inside the members area, you can upgrade to a monthly Say Uncle option, and that'll be a little easier on the wallet. There are 61 series in total at Say Uncle, and they add a new scene every day, occasionally two. The tour says there are over 2,500 scenes in the network. 

There are a few issues to address. There's a pre-selected offer in a dropdown menu on the billing page, but if you’re not interested, click on "Special offer" and change it to "No thanks". Logging in takes you through a full-page ad, but it's easy enough to continue to the members area. The network homepage only shows you the latest 40 releases from all the series and there's no way to see the entire inventory. However, going into each Series will show you all of its videos. I wish the gallery thumbnails were bigger; they are literally the size of a postage stamp. Finally, at $34.95, Freeuse Twink is on the expensive side considering it only has 14 videos and minimal extras.

The network has been redesigned, which made one big improvement - the reduction of upsells and ads. Gone is the row of thumbnail banners every sixth row of videos, and that's much appreciated. There are still third-party offers throughout the members area and Say Uncle itself requires an upgrade if you didn't already opt for it, but the advertising is much less in your face.

Freeuse Twink has a bit of a bizarre theme with guys sucking and fucking while cooking dinner, watching television, or working out. I have to admit it's fun watching the guys to see if they break character and actually moan or roll their eyes. I didn't catch any. The performers are pretty good, too, I can't say that I could talk about eggplant Parmesan while getting fucked. There are 14 exclusive, good quality videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and while the site updates just once a month, there are 53 bonus videos, but the rest of this network requires an upgrade or the network year membership to enjoy the content. However, with 58 other series and over 2,500 videos and daily updates, Say Uncle is worth checking out.

Things we disliked

  • Site is small and needs time to grow
  • Site only updates once a month
  • Episode description & pics are hidden
  • Membership is pricy for what you get

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