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Broke Straight Boys is a gay-for-pay porn site with a split personality. The premise is that college-aged straight guys (and a few with bi tendencies) in their twenties (plus some older) switch teams for an afternoon of carnal romping or in solo shoots to pay their bills. The guys here run the gamut from boy next door to "bad boy" to bistro waiter, and you'll find both scruffy and well-groomed guys, as well as some with tattoos and a few with interesting piercings. Body types range from slender twinks to middle-weight wrestlers with lots of average guys and athletic jocks. Cock sizes vary and some are nice and big. And while the guys in the older content look distinctly amateur and sometimes a little rough around the edges, the performers in the newer episodes have a more polished look to them.

In the older videos, many guys do appear to be both straight and inexperienced, and they are sometimes in need of convincing (in the form of a handful of cash or fast talking) to push their limits. These are intimate videos where the director does his best to convince the guys to push their sexual limits for cash - or returning guys who decided this is a great way to make some extra money. The older episodes sometimes try to trick the straight guys, telling them they'll get paid $100 to jerk off on camera and often convincing them for another $100 to let another guy suck their dicks and so on. The camera work and lighting were sometimes a little rough, a little less than studio pro work, but the action is hot, and many of the supposed first-timers do appear to be the real deal.

The newer scenes are quite a contrast to the older. Many of the guys could pass for models or porn stars, and they look less like amateurs. They're still mostly from 18 to their early twenties ranging from slim to athletic, some with tattoos or facial hair, but they don't have that amateur look. There are still some first-timers, but a lot of the guys in the newer episodes appear in six or more scenes - some quite a few more - and may be found on other sites as well. The photography and lighting is more professional, and there's no director offering guys cash; in most of the new scenes, the two guys sit on a bed together, chat for a few minutes and then get down to business, sucking, fucking, and shooting their loads. And they certainly don't seem to need any convincing as they suck dick like pros.

There are few reluctant first timers in the new videos, and there are a few newbies doing solos. And sometimes a guy will ask another one "So, how do you feel about sucking dick?" or something like that, but otherwise there's no indication in most of the newer videos that the guys are supposed to be straight guys going gay for pay. In fact, most can't wait to get to it. Still, I like the sex and feeling of camaraderie between the guys, as well as the more professional production values, but there's no denying that there's a huge different between the older vids and the newer. The older ones seem to stick to the site theme better, and they have - for lack of a better word - charm.

As of this writing there are 1,551 episodes inside Broke Straight Boys including solos, twosomes, a number of threesomes and a few foursomes and fivesomes. The site is still adding three updates each week - usually on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The newer videos are presented in three sizes of MP4s, the largest 1280x720 at good amateur quality, the smallest sized good for older for mobiles. The oldest videos are available in WMV and MP4 at 480x368 plus a smaller version for mobiles (although the larger version will work fine on most phones). The oldest vids are average quality for the most part. All the videos are available to stream, although I wouldn't recommend enlarging the older ones as they don't fare too well.

Each Broke Straight Boys video comes with a set of pics. The newer are sized at 600x900 at good amateur quality or better, the older pics at either 900x1200 at fairly good amateur quality or 640x480 at so-so quality, and these last are probably screencaps. While there are no slideshows, picture sets can be downloaded as zip files or you can easily save just the photos you want.

Bonus material includes 242 behind-the-scenes and interview videos including candid looks at the models and staff in public locations, i.e. pride festivals, beaches and other gay events. Members also get access to a network of four bonus sites including two exclusive sites featuring straight guys (these don't update), and there's also one site with college guys getting physicals and having sex with the doctors or nurses (this one does update). There's also an amateur site. And the last of the bonus sites features horny guys stroking their cocks, and another (HS Boys) is a portal offering 50+ bonus feeds. There are also a couple forums

Now let's talk about issues. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second recurring site membership when you join this site. Next, full members are limited to 15 downloads per day, not an unreasonable limit but definitely not unlimited. The tour claims that the site updates "4+ Updates Per Week" but in reality updates are added three times per week plus an occasional behind-the-scenes video, and the tour claims the videos are available in full HD, but none are - the newest are available in a smaller HD size, and the oldest videos aren't offered in HD at all. Last, be aware that the "Links" section is all ads and the BSB Live link leads to a third party site and require payment for action or full nudity.

Broke Straight Boys is a gay-for-pay site featuring guys (some straight and some not-so-straight) willing to perform with other men (and solo) in exchange for needed cash. There's a wide variety of models who never fail to give it the old college try in 1,551 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles. I'm happy to report that the site is still adding three full updates every week and offers a plethora of extras for those who want more. What I liked most about Broke Straight Boys are the amateur (and sometimes scruffy) straight guys (and some not-so-straight guys) going all the way for cash, the over 1,500 videos, and I love those frequent updates.

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