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Daddy's Bondage Boys brings us bondage scene play where guys are tied up with rope and used by their doms. The action takes place in a fully-equipment playroom with lots of toys and instruments as well as slings, fucking benches and a variety of tables and racks. There's also a St. Andrew's cross and a web of chain. The site opened in late fall of 2016 and we're heading inside to take a look.

So far there are five guys inside the site. Daddy's Bondage Boys opened with a series called "Start Talking" featuring Vin, a beefy, hairy daddy who is interrogating a couple of young, 20-something lads, one black and the other white. The boys, who are slim and smooth, seem to have stolen some stuff and it's Vin's job to find out where they've stored the contraband. As the boys quickly discover, Vin is willing to go to some extreme measures to get the information he wants. His favorite instruments of persuasion are a flogger, a wooden paddle and a leather strap.

But Vin's got a few other choice toys in his well-equipped dungeon including large dildos (some of them are gigantic), tit clamps, ball weights, electric cock rings and butt plugs, candles - you name it. He even makes the two guys fuck each other while he watches. Does he get what he wants? Not yet. He's still whacking a defiant boy's ass with a wooden paddle when the last update leaves off. And last, I heard the lad said "fuck you," so I think they'll go a few more rounds.

"Breaking and Entering" features police officer Matt Stevens having a shower after a long day on the job; he doesn't know that Draven Torres has broken into his apartment. As Stevens towels himself off, Torres jumps him from behind and the two roll around on the bed. "This could play out in one of two ways" pops a subtitle on the movie. "Assailant Overpowers Cop or Cop Overpowers Assailant." The next four scenes show things from Torres perspective as he ties up the muscled cop and has his fun. He uses electro stimulation on him and there's a delicious CBT session before Torres fucks Stevens with a long billy club, and finally with his cock.

The remaining six updates (each update is a clip from the full scene) show Stevens as the aggressor as he clips clothespins to Draven's body and balls, uses electricity on Torres, and even shoves an electrified sex toy up his ass to get it ready for his cock. The cop face-fucks a bound Torres, and then finally drills his ass. And by the way, this series isn't produced by Daddy's Bondage Boys - it's on loan from another site.

There are 22 updates on Daddy's Bondage Boys, but there are only two full scenes, each split into 11 parts. Each clip runs between 10 and 12 minutes (a couple are only eight or nine minutes) and the clips are released as separate updates once a week. The downloads are in MP4 format, and they come in three different sizes: 720x480, 1280x720 and 1920x1080, the smallest good for most mobiles. They're good quality productions with clear sound so we can hear the guys barking out orders or yelling in pain. You can also stream the videos on the site and they come in three different speeds, but they all play at 940x530. Also, there's a full-screen mode, and while the higher bitrates fare best, the lowest speed still isn't bad.

Each episode comes with a gallery of 15 to 20 good quality screencaps that display at 1920x1080. You can view them one at a time in the thumbnail galleries, but there's no hands-free slideshow. You can save the pictures individually or download each set as zip file.

Your membership gives you access to a theater of over 3,000 videos provided by a selection of third-party producers like High Octane, Falcon, Cocksure Men, Ricky Raunch and Dirty Dawg Productions, to name a few, and there is one from Fetish Force, which offers more fetish sex and BDSM. These plugins are updated regularly so you'll get a few new scenes to watch every week.

Was there anything I didn't like? Daddy's Bondage Boys usually updates once a week on Sunday, but sometimes an update shows up a few days late, and at least one week was skipped entirely. At the moment there are only two sessions, and each has gone on for 11 parts now, so if you don't like the men, you'll wait a long time for a new series. Each episode is around 10 minutes, so it's a great way for the producer to keep costs down, but it's not so great for the members. Also, each of the two scenes alternates, taking even longer for the entire story to roll out. And to make matters worse, instead of including two bonus sites to pad out the content, Daddy's Bondage Boys makes you buy a more expensive multi-site membership. It includes two other sites, one of which is also a bondage site, the other is a regular suck and fuck site with guys in their twenties. Finally, you'll want to watch the pre-checked offer on the billing page.

Daddy's Bondage Boys gets a mixed review from me. On the one hand, I enjoyed the scenes. One featured daddy-boy action and the other gave us two porn hunks working each other over with all sorts of real bondage, dungeon toys and punishment. But on the other hand, each of these two full scenes is split into 11 updates and released one at a time. There are 3,000 bonus videos to keep you entertained, but I'm not sure it's enough to keep a recurring membership to get through the two sessions. Although now would be a good time to join because you'll get two complete scenes and you can download all 11 segments of each.

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