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The guys on Bad Boys Bootcamp are in their twenties, and they're a mix of what I consider rough or trailer-trash twinks, athletic guys and some jocks. Their bodies are slender and often ripped with good muscle definition, but they're not overly built. There are quite a few cute and good-looking guys with smooth bodies and faces, as well as a few more masculine types. Some of them sport tattoos.

Most of the action is hardcore suck and fuck, but there are also a few solo masturbation scenes. While the name Bad Boys Bootcamp conjures up images of nasty military guys, this isn't a military site. There are a couple of older scenes with guys being forced to do calisthenics à la bootcamp, but that's about it. Many of the scenes are filmed outdoors with the guys getting off together in the open air. Most of the others are indoor bedroom shoots, but I did see one shower sex scene, too. There's the odd scene with rough sex or some light bondage, but nothing over the top, just typical bad-boy play.

There are 201 videos inside Bad Boys Bootcamp, so it's grown quite a bit since we first reviewed the site back in 2015 when there were only 38 videos. Something about the videos before we get into specifics: most videos are a parts of a larger series; for instance, one series is broken into eight parts and each was added as a separate update, but another series only has a couple of parts. It's difficult to say if there are any single videos released in their entirety because of the way the site is organized, but more about that later.

The 201 updates are available for download in MP4 format. The newer releases come in two sizes of 720x480 and 1280x720 and the older vids play at 360x240 (mobiles) and 720x480 (standard). The quality ranges from below average to fairly good amateur, but this takes a bit of explanation. Some of the newest scenes are good quality, but other releases are below average with lots of fuzziness and interlacing. There are scan lines wherever there's movement, i.e. a head bobbing up and down on a dick or a cock sliding in and out of a guy's butt. So the difference in quality is a result of the various source material and its age. And by the way, the smaller versions would play fine of your mobile devices. Streaming videos are also available, playing at 844x564 or 940x640, the oldest ones play at 844x564. The quality is fuzzy on the smaller sized new releases and the oldest scenes, but the newer, larger sizes aren't bad.

After a bit of digging and talking to a representative for the site, I can confirm that the site still uses DVD content, but they've introduced some digital footage. Approximately 25-30% of the movies are old DVD content, 50-60% is HD DV cassette from about two years ago, and the remainder is digital footage, and as you'll see a little later, this explains the variation in quality.

Each video also comes with two picture sets. One preview set of four to six pics, and there's also a premium set of 12 to 20 pics. I'm not sure what the difference is because newer releases feature screencaps in both sections and they're average to good quality. The older scenes used to offer digital stills in the preview sets and screencaps in the premium set, and I'm guessing they were called premium because there was more of them. The pics are displayed in thumbnail galleries with no slideshow feature, but there are forward and back controls to ease navigation. There is now a downloadable zip file available so you can view the pictures offline, but you can also save the pictures individually if you prefer.

Bad Boys Bootcamp members get access to 20 gay feeds that are found in the XXX THEATER section. These are feed versions of popular sites including Falcon, Bang Bang Boys, Jake Cruise, Fratmen, Rear Stable and Fetish Force, to name just a few; each feed offers 20 videos, and a handful of these feeds offer the same kind of guys as appear in the main site.

Let's talk about updates. When we last reviewed the site back in 2015, there were no release dates on videos, so there was no way of knowing how often the site was adding content. However scenes are now dated on the main videos page, but they're still not dated on each episode's page. They seem to be adding a new video every 10 days or so, but sometimes it's nine or 12 days. The site averages two to three videos per month. By the way, the titles in the Series section are arranged alphabetically and not by release date.

The biggest issue on this site is the quality of the content. Some scenes are good quality, but others are pretty poor, and I probably wouldn't waste my time watching them. And each month you'll generally get one of each in the update schedule. The other downside here is that each update is only a part of series or a DVD. "All The Exercise" debuted on July 6, 2018, and another part was added every other week with the sixth episode hitting the site on October 10; each of these updates is self contained but comes from the same DVD. Another series called "Let Me Take Care of That" features Brock and Jakob in four clips of continuous action that debuted on May 29 and finished on July 30 – two months is a long time to wait for the conclusion of a movie.

Finally, as I already mentioned, if you're hoping for military-style bootcamp, there's not really any of that here. Some of the early scenes offer cute guys in mainly outdoor sex videos with some bootcamp-style calisthenics, but that's about as much bootcamp as you can expect.

Bad Boys Bootcamp gets a very mixed review from me. The site is averaging two to three updates per month, which may be a full scene from a DVD or a part scene of a continuous series. And the video quality is mixed; some videos look pretty good while others are below average with a lack of sharpness and other issues. The site has added 163 videos since we reviewed it over three years ago, so that's good. But with only half of the videos being what I would deem as watchable, you probably won't stick around here for very long. Still, if you like slender and smooth guys in a variety of sexual situations, you might be happy with what this site has to offer. Finally, I'd like to suggest that you look at Bound Muscle Jocks because when joining that site you have the option to get a multi-site membership that also includes Bad Boys Bootcamp, as well as another bondage site.

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