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Bad Boy Bondage focuses on slender 18 to 25 year olds in bondage, kink and hardcore gay sex. Most people would consider the performers to be twinks with their smooth, lean bodies, but these aren't the sweet, innocent-faced twinks you'll find on some sites. The guys here are a bit tougher, which especially makes sense for the dominant tops, although the submissive bottoms are no angels, either - and these bad boys not only take their punishment like champs, but are also ready to get off when allowed by their tops, a couple of who are black and also "tough" twinks.

You'll find bondage here - good rope bondage as well as some straps and gags - as well as dungeon action including a sub being encouraged to jack off while being flogged, two subs sucking each others' dicks till they're caught and punished, electro stim on tender cock and balls, hot wax, and plenty of anal toys including subs forced to ride big dildos. You'll find clips and clamps, riding crops, a Saint Andrew's cross, but unlike some serious bondage and BDSM sites, there's also guys getting off. What you won't find here is verbal abuse; the sessions I watched are mostly pretty quiet - in fact, I watched an update where no one ever said a word or even groaned as the dom worked over the sub.

Bad Boy Bondage offers 28 video updates, and each one is a clip from any of 8 full scenes. The site adds an update once a week, which means it takes between 3 and 5 weeks to add all parts of a full scene. The videos are offered in MP4 format, most offered in full HD at 1920x1080 plus 2 or 3 smaller sizes including 1 for mobiles. The oldest video, offered in 3 parts, and 1 other are only available in standard definition at 720x480 plus a smaller size for mobiles. The vids are downloadable, from fair to good amateur quality and members can download several videos at the same time. For those who prefer to watch rather than download, there's a streaming version of each video available, as well.

Each video comes with a set of pics. These are pretty good quality screencaps; the HD videos' pics are sized at from 960x540 to 1920x1080, the non-HD vids' pics at 720x480. Although the videos are downloadable, the pics are not offered for download in zip files, and I had to click them on the right side to save them individually. There are also no hands-free slideshows available, although you can navigate from picture to picture.

Bad Boy Bondage members get access to some bonuses as well. There are 16 gay feeds in a variety of niches from twinks to fetish, including an Asian tickling site. Some of the extras are the feed versions of popular sites like Falcon and Jake Cruise. While none of the bonuses are a match in niche to this site, they still do add a good amount of extra porn for those wanting more.

Does this site have issues? My main issues are that each update is only part of a full scene. Not only does that mean you have to wait for weeks for all the parts of a scene to be added, but recently the site has started adding a clip from one video, then the next update is a clip from a different video. That means it will take even longer to add all the clips from a scene. I'd rather pay more and get a full scene added every week - or at least every other week. That would also mean the site would have more honest growth, since on average they're only adding 1 scene per month despite weekly clip updates.

One thing worth mentioning is that the site has removed the dates from the updates. That means we can no longer confirm exactly when or how regularly the site adds new content.

Bad Boy Bondage delivers a mix of bondage and punishment along with cock-stroking, blowjobs, dildo play and a fuck session or two. The guys are slender and twinkish, and it's obvious the submissives are no strangers to BDSM, while the dominants know their way around ropes, gags and more BDSM toys. The site offers 28 updates, each of which is part of a full scene; they're available in MP4 format, and there are mobile and streaming versions available. I'd really like to see more content, as well as longer scene descriptions, interviews with the guys or performer profiles - these would add more personality. Still, the doms are experienced, the bottoms are submissive and the mix of dungeon action and cock stroking and sucking did get my attention.

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