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Bad Boy Bondage focuses on slender 18- to 25-year-olds in bondage as well as some hardcore gay sex with heaps of kinky action. Most would consider the performers to be twinks with their smooth, lean bodies, but these aren't the sweet, innocent-faced lads you'll find on regular twink sites. The dominant tops are a bit tougher looking, but the submissive bottoms are no angels, either. We reviewed the site when it first opened back in 2015, and there have been a few changes along with loads of updates, so let's see what's been happening.

Most of the guys are unknowns or just trying to get started in the adult industry. Ranging in their early to mid-twenties, they are largely smooth and sport slim to athletic bodies. I did see the odd furry patch on a chest here or there, but none of the guys are very hairy, and most are clean shaven except for a couple with a bit of face scruff. A few are wearing tattoos, but I only saw one who I'd say is heavily inked. Most of the guys are white, but a couple are black or Latino.

You'll find good rope bondage here, but also subs are restrained with leather straps and wrist or ankle straps. Then their masters start doling out the punishment ranging from beatings to dripping hot wax all over their bodies. One sub is encouraged to jack off while being flogged; two subs suck each other's dicks until they're caught and punished; another has electro stimulation attached to his tender cock and balls. And there's plenty of butt hole action with a variety of toys from dildos and electrified butt plugs. Other equipment includes clips and clamps, a St. Andrew's cross, and various instruments to dole out corporal punishment like straps, floggers, whips, riding crops, and paddles. There's some verbal abuse and instruction from the masters, but I also watched plenty of scenes that were pretty quiet except for the groans, grunts, and yelps.

Bad Boy Bondage offers 172 video updates in MP4 format, each update a part of a full scene - more about this later. When we reviewed the site back in February 2015 there were four sizes offered, the largest being a full HD at 1920x1080 and including smaller sizes good for mobiles. The videos now are only offered in two sizes at 1280x720 and 720x480 and the very oldest videos are offered in two sizes at 360x340 and 720x480. These downloadable videos range from fair to good amateur quality with the newest being the best. For those who prefer to watch rather than download, there's a streaming version of each video, the newest episodes available in two sizes at 1000x564 and 720x406 and the older in smaller sizes the aren't as crisp as the newer releases.

Each update comes with a set of pics. These are pretty good quality screencaps; the HD episodes offer pics that are sized at between 960x540 and 1920x1080, however the newest scenes have pics at 1280x720, and the non-HD vids have pics displaying at 720x480. You can right-click and save the pictures individually or the site now features downloadable zip files so you can grab the whole set. There are no slideshows available, but you easily can navigate from picture to picture with forward and back controls.

Bad Boy Bondage members get access to some bonuses as well. There are 20 gay feeds in a variety of niches from twinks to fetish including an Asian tickling site and several bareback sex feeds. Some of these are feed versions of popular sites like Falcon and Jake Cruise. While none of the bonuses are a match in niche to this site, they still do add a good amount of extra porn for those wanting more.

My main complaint has to do with updates. Each full video is broken into anywhere from three to nine clips, and each clip is released as one of the two weekly updates, so it can take many weeks for the full session to roll out. But the site releases several series concurrently, so it can take many months before a series is available completely in the members area. There are 33 series in the members area and many of these are complete, so you could watch these while you're waiting for the other ongoing series to wrap up. This is happening a lot quicker now thanks to twice-weekly updates. But who wants to be left hanging unless we're swinging from the dungeon rafters?

As an example, "Please Don't Hurt Me" had its first clip added in December 2017 and now, six months later, the seventh part has been released and it may still have another couple clips to go. So after six months, members are still waiting for all the clips to be available from that one session, and that's pretty typical.

I have one more complaint. The site doesn't offer us much information about the performers, which is always a bummer because I like browsing through profile pages.

Bad Boy Bondage delivers a mix of bondage and punishment along with cock-stroking, blowjobs, dildo play and some fucking, too. The guys are slender and twinkish, and it's obvious the submissives are no strangers to BDSM, while the dominants know their way around ropes, gags, and more BDSM toys. The site offers 172 updates from 33 sessions, and each update is a clip from of one of these sessions; the vids are available in MP4 format, and there are mobile and streaming versions available. The doms are experienced and the bottoms are submissive. I enjoyed the variety of dungeon action at Bad Boy Bondage along with the cock stroking, sucking, and ass play.

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