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Bound Muscle Jocks just launched this week. It features content produced by Steel Mill Media that includes a variety of kink, leather and chains, aggressive dominants and helpless submissives. If you're a fan of bondage, BDSM and corporal punishment, you'll want to take a look at this one, so let's get inside the dungeon and see what nastiness is going on.

The original performers on the site are muscled men with well-built physiques, and there are quite a few bodybuilders. These men tend to be in their prime, ranging anywhere from their late twenties to early forties, and they're a mix of amateurs and porn stars. You'll find Sean Duran, Drake Jaden, Dirk Caber, and Matt Stevens as well as performers who have left the business like Chad Brock, Colin Steele, Draven Torres, Jessie Balboa, Ricky Sinz, and Tyler Saint. More recently the site seems to be moving away from mature muscle men, though, as the ten latest scenes feature younger slimmer guys in their twenties, with slender or athletic bodies, and while some are a little more muscled than others, most of them are on the lean side and not what I'd call jocks.  

With a site called Bound Muscle Jocks you'd expect to see bondage, and you definitely will. And the creative ways used to restrain and confine the subs is most exciting. You can expect to see rope bondage, guys bound with duct tape and bungee cords, various leather and metal restraints and chains - there's even suspension bondage and slaves confined in cages. The men are beaten with all manner of equipment like paddles, riding crops, belts and straps, floggers and whips, and hands and fists. There's electro stimulation, water boarding, cock and ball torture, hot wax, intimidation, and humiliation.

The sessions are quite creative, too, and often go beyond one guy tying another up in a dungeon. "Bullwhipped" is one of my faves and features a cowboy (Tyler Saint) whose pick-up truck breaks down. He's approached by a shadowy figure, and before he knows it, Tyler is tied to the front of his truck and stripped naked. The stranded man is blindfolded, his cock and balls are bound with rope, a cattle prod is used on him, and he's doused with motor oil. When the stranger has had his fun, he leaves Tyler naked and tied to his pick-up. The series goes on for seven parts and brings in Tyler's cowboy buddy (Nick Moretti), who has had his own experience with the perverted stranger. I won't go into more detail because I don't want to spoil the twisted ending.

Bound Muscle Jocks offers 305 video updates. Each of these is a clip from one of 46 full scenes that they call series, each broken into from a couple to 11 parts. The videos are offered in MP4 format, the newest at good quality and sized at 720x480 and 1280x720, although until recently the videos were available in four sizes from 360x240 to 1920x1080. The oldest episodes also come in two sizes and play at 352x240 and 720x480 at decent quality. The smaller vids are mobile compatible. If you prefer, you can stream the videos in your choice of two sizes that vary depending on the age of the scene.

Not every scene has pictures, but the ones that do have two galleries. There's a gallery of free G-rated preview images that can be seen on the tour, and there's also the full gallery of images for members. These are all screencaps and display at 1280x720, but the older ones are a little smaller at 720x480. They're good quality for screencaps, but again, the newer ones are better. Each gallery has between 10 to 50 images and you can save them individually or download the entire set in a zip file. If you're viewing the pictures on the site there's no hands-free slideshows, but there are forward and back controls to ease navigation.

Members also get access to 20 video feeds that each feature 20 videos, and these are updated on a regular basis. One of the feeds called "Fetish Force" features more kinky content, but that's as close to the bondage / BDSM theme of the site. But the rest of the feeds have a good variety of guys including Asian guys, jocks, hairy men, bears, daddies, and muscle hunks.

Bound Muscle Jocks features content produced by Steel Mill Media that has appeared, and still does, on another site simply called Bound Muscle. So why have two sites? I'm not sure, but there are reasons to join this newer site. It appears that Bound Muscle Jocks is updating with new content while Bound Muscle isn't, and the new site can give you access to some other sites if you don't mind paying a little more.

A bit more about the videos, and this is actually my major objection with the site. Each scene is only one part of a longer session that runs anywhere from one to 11 updates. Those with only one or two updates have just started on the site, while the others are complete series. And while the site updates twice a week, each update brings you only one part of a full scene, and there are seven running concurrently at the moment, so it'll be a while before each series wraps up. I'd much rather have a full scene added every week - even every other week, as this would in reality bring us more content and we wouldn't have to wait weeks for each scene to conclude. But there are 39 complete series on the site for you to enjoy while these newer ones continue to roll out.

Are there any other drawbacks? Be aware that there are two kinds of memberships: the Bound Muscle Jocks memberships are found in the lower row of options on the join page, while the top row features a multi-site pass that includes three other sites (two of them with bondage themes), and these cost more than the single site memberships. Also once you get to the billing page, you'll want to pay attention to the pre-checked offer that will sign you up for another membership if you leave it checked. I also found that I was logged out if I wasn't inactive for a few minutes. The tour videos autoplay with sound, so you might want to turn your speakers down. Finally, there are broken images in the models section; I've reported it to the site, so I'm sure they'll fix it soon.

Bound Muscle Jocks is a BDSM site featuring a mix of mature men and muscle hunks with many well-known porn performers. The producer of this content seems to be hitting a reset though with the latest ten scenes features slimmer guys in their twenties, some with athletic or well-defined bodies. The site has a collection of 46 series (which is what they call a full scene) with 305 episodes, and they release a new scene twice a week, although these are only part of several continuing series. If you like bondage, BDSM, and rough sex, this site is worth checking out, especially for some of the creative story lines and scenarios like "Bullwhipped."

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