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Cocky Boys features hot amateurs, jocks and gay porn stars including familiar faces like Mike Roberts, Phenix Saint, and Damien Crosse, as well as exclusive models including Dillon Rossi and Carter Dane. Some of the guys here are cute and some are drop-dead gorgeous, and there's a few average guys as well. I'd say all or most models are good looking, athletic, and well-built, but not bodybuilders - in a word, jocks - but there are also some slender, ripped guys. Some of the performers that collegiate look while others are on the rough side with lots of tattoos and scruffy facial hair, and ages range from 18 to a few hunks in their late thirties. There are some good-sized cocks here, always a plus.

The site offers hardcore action as well as some solo masturbation sessions. You can expect plenty of rimming as well as guys who love sucking hard dicks and fucking including cock riding, flip flop fucking and guys taking dicks deep in their holes from behind. There's also some threeways, kissing, sometimes a little kink, and there's also an occasional shortish feature film with an actual plot from several web series. I like the feel of the videos - the guys aren't shy in front of the camera, most have great chemistry together, which brings heat to what they're doing, and both production values and camera work are very good.

Cocky Boys now offers 959 videos, although some of these are from other studios rather their own productions. Every video is offered in QuickTime, WMV and MP4 formats, the largest shown at 1280x720 at good quality - and about 190 of the newest vids are also available in full HD at 1920x1080 - plus smaller sizes are available. All videos are DRM-free downloadable full scenes, and there are also good quality streaming versions available in several sizes. For those on mobiles, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices, there are both streaming and downloadable videos for your device.

Each video comes with at least one set of pics. The newer videos each come with a set of good quality digital stills offered at 1066x1600, and these show off the guys, their bodies and cocks and the action very well thanks to creative camera work and good lighting. The pictures can be viewed as thumbnail galleries, enjoyed as hands-free slideshows, downloaded individually, and can also be saved in zip files offering the pics in three different sizes. All the videos also come with a set of fairly good quality screencaps that can be viewed as a slideshow and individual pics are available but they aren't available in zip files.

The member area is streamlined, modern and interactive as well as overall feature-rich. You can leave comments, rate videos, and save the ones you like best to favorites, and each video has a "more like this" list. You can also sort content by most recent, most popular, and alphabetically.

And if you're looking for extras, there's Cocky Boys TV. This includes 35 short vids including behind-the-scenes videos, model interviews and more. These vids are offered in the same sizes and formats as the site's main videos, and - like the main videos - each has a detailed and sexy description as well as clickable model names if you want to see more of each guy. There are also the feed version of 15 sites from the same company. Each one offers 12 videos, although I'm not sure whether or not the feeds update, they do add 180 videos for members to enjoy.

Now let's talk about updates. Cocky Boys usually adds two updates per week, although updates are not always added on the same days of the week. Also once in a while there may be a week with a single update. They also add additional bonus videos, lately once a month, that are actually either behind the scenes vids or videos from other sites but star the same kind of guys and action, or sometimes there may be an update previews one of the site's up and coming series.

There's not much to complain about here. There's a large ad on each page of video listings, right between the first and second halves but it's easy to scroll past it. Some of the links in extras section are ads, not extras. There's a pop-up on the tour, but it's easy to close. Also there are links on the members menu to CockyCams, which is actually a third-party live cam site where there is free chat but members will have to pay for full nudity and private shows. By the way, while we've had a couple complaints in the past of slow download speeds, for this visit and our previous visit download speeds were quite fast, usually over 20 Mbps.

I did want to address one thing. Cocky Boys says they offer unlimited downloads, and for the most part, they do - even for their trial membership. That being said, your account may be suspended if you abuse the system. What does that mean? "Abuse entails attempting to download an unreasonable number, or our entire catalogue of movies, within a short amount of time." 

Cocky Boys has a lot going for it; exclusive content, very hot jocks and porn stars in 959 good quality videos to stream, download or watch on your mobile and a full access trial. Most of the performers have great bodies (many with six-pack abs), some have big, fat cocks, and they're really into the action, most of which includes blowjobs, passionate and sometimes rough fucking, rimjobs, and messy cumshots. There's usually two updates per week, although updates aren't added on the same days of the week. I really like Cocky Boys - the site has a unique personality including a sometimes whimsical sense of humor, the content quality is very good, and most important, the guys are horny and really deliver the heat.

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