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Corbin Fisher launched in January 2004 with their wholesome and good-looking college-aged guys, and they've been going ever since. Over the years, the site has become known for being the cream of the crop in jock porn. We just reviewed the site last summer, but they recently went through another redesign, so it's time to check inside and see what's happening.

Corbin Fisher guys used to fit neatly into the category of all-American jocks – college-aged guys with athletic and muscular bodies – and they still do, but the site does from time to time bring in a guy who is a little more twinkish - that is, boyishly cute and sporting slender bodies rather than muscled physiques. Looking at the latest releases, the bulk of the guys have athletic, well-defined bodies, and there are a few who are quite muscular. Most are Caucasian, a mixture of blonds and brunettes and the odd redhead. There is the odd man of color, but these are very few and far between; the last one was added seven months ago, and he did a solo and two action scenes, and there have been a couple of guys since who might be mixed race.

Corbin Fisher tends to prefer smooth guys with shaved faces, but you'll find some furry guys, some with face scruff and even the odd full beard. A good number of the guys are sporting a tattoo or two, but you won't find many heavily inked guys. Most of the guys film more than once and some have filmed several dozen sessions and have legions of fans.

Let's talk about the join options. Corbin Fisher films guys in solo and hardcore guy-on-guy sessions, but they also feature many of the guys in straight duos or bisexual threeways, usually male/male/female. The straight and bi scenes used to be listed under Amateur College Sex, where the solos and guy-on-guy sex were under Amateur College Men. They seem to have done away with the Amateur College Sex moniker, however; now when joining, the default option gives you access to both the guy-on-guy and co-ed sections (solos, too), but while it offers a low-cost trial month, it recurs at $9 more than the guys-only option. Below all of the default pricing, you'll see a link that says "Want CF or only Guys?" and clicking this will show you the cheaper monthly option that doesn't include the straight sex.

I'm reviewing the site using one of those co-ed memberships, so the member area has a Guys and Co-ed option on the navbar. I don't know what you'll see in the Guys-only option, but while I'm assuming Co-ed will not appear on the navbar, but it may be there with an option to upgrade your membership.

So let's talk about the Guys section - or Corbin Fisher proper. Out of the latest 30 releases, there have been two solo scenes and 28 hardcore sex videos, two threeways and the rest duos. Typically two new guys join the site every month and are introduced in a jack-off video; afterwards, any appearances will be in sex scenes. But not every guy who jerks off on Corbin Fisher ends up doing a guy-on-guy sex scenes; some do a co-ed scene while some just never return.

Corbin Fisher only started filming bareback sex in 2011, so before that you'll find the guys using rubbers. And the guys are filmed both indoors and outdoors (the Corbin Fisher compound has a beautiful pool, garden and waterfall) where the guys swap blowjobs, kiss, rim, fuck and blow their wads on each other. Sometimes the guys will play with dildos and sex toys, but mostly it's cocks and asses. Threeways aren't common, but they do happen from time to time.

Corbin Fisher has 3,117 videos – 2,255 solos or guy-on-guy sex and 862 co-ed scenes – and they're available to download and stream. The newer videos are available to download in three sizes of MP4 that play at 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 960x540. The older videos (2013 and before) are offered in one size at 640x480 even though there are two download choices. Also sometimes the recycled scenes, depending on when they were filmed, will only have the one size option to download. You can also stream the videos, the newer ones sized at 1448x816 at good quality, faring quite well at full screen while the older videos play in smaller sizes and the very oldest will have a noticeable quality drop when fully enlarged.

Most episodes have galleries of digital and screencaps, and you can view these in galleries with slideshows available; you can save pictures individually, or you can download each gallery in a zip file. The sizes are all over the map; the newest pictures are 1920x1080 for the screen captures and 1050x700 for the digital stills, while the very oldest screencaps are 450x299 and digital stills are 500x500. I did find some episodes had screencaps in the digital stills section as well as some other anomalies, so you'll have to be forgiving here.

If you have opted for the co-ed membership, or purchased it by mistake, then you can add another 862 movies to your viewing list. The thing that I find odd about this section is that the girls are no longer previewed or mentioned in any way. You'll only see them once you start playing the movie. While these sessions are a mix of guy-girl duos or guy-guy-girl threeways, there are definitely more duos.

There is another option on the member area navbar, and that's Corbin Fisher Select. These are 30 extra scenes not included with your membership that are collections from on-location shoots in San Diego, Lake Tahoe, Tampa and another series called "Dean's List Challenge". It used to include shoots from Prague, Scandinavia and Australia, but these have been removed and are only available to buy as DVDs. The Select scenes can be purchased individually for $7.95 each. And I'm afraid I have no idea on sizes. Ten of these updates are free as they include photos only.

Each of the episode pages include a description on the performers and the sex, and the solos give you more background on the model - how he came to Corbin Fisher and whether he's gay, straight or bi. You'll find a streaming player, download links, and both screencaps and digital stills galleries if the scene has both. And at the very bottom of the page, you'll find some more scenes (but not necessarily all) featuring the same guys.

There are two last sections I want to talk about. The first is called Roster, and it features all of the guys who appear on the site. Clicking any picture will take you to the guy's profile page with his stats, a bio, and links to all of his appearances on the site. "Most popular" is the default sort option, but you can re-sort the performers by date or alphabetically. The second section is Roku, and this will help you get set up to watch Corbin Fisher on your Roku. There are also several menu items at the bottom of the site that take you to the various stores on the site where you can buy pictures, DVDs, books and calendars.

Now let's talk about issues. First, the site adds an update two to three times each week, but to make things a little more complicated, not all of them are new productions. Of the 30 most recent updates, only about two thirds are actually new; about a third of the updates are older scenes that are re-dated so they appear to be new productions. Still, that means you get one to two new updates per week.the links to their Terms and Conditions and FAQ pages did not work, so I couldn't check for any anomalies like bandwidth limits, but the site didn't have them when we looked at the site last year.

The join page defaults to the co-ed plus guys membership option, which - as mentioned previously - costs only $15 for the initial month but recurs at more than the guys-only option. If you aren't interested in the straight sex and bisexual threeways, and are planning to let your membership run for more than a month, you could save yourself some bucks by clicking "Want CF or only Guys?" underneath the join options. It's too bad this option isn't the default with the co-ed section offered as the upgrade. On the other hand, if you're planning on joining for one month only, the $15 membership that gives access to all the content could be a best bet.

With over 2,200 videos in their guys-only section, Corbin Fisher gives you lots to enjoy and their guys are mostly athletic to muscular jocks who are second to none. The newest videos keep getting bigger and better as technology improves; the newer productions are available in full HD. Combine this with two or three video updates a week and you can't go wrong, even though some of those scenes are recycled from years gone by. Corbin Fisher continues to be one of the best gay porn sites out there where you'll find some of the hottest jocks and studs going.

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