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Bel Ami Online is one of the landmark producers of high-quality gay porn specializing in twinks and jocks from Central Europe. The website began in 1998 and has evolved quite a bit over the years. The site has an eye-catching tour offering hot scene and model previews and the promise of a huge amount of material, and unlike some sites, this one delivers on every promise. Bel Ami's high production standards result in some stunning content. Over time, the scenes have become much more explicit and now feature great close-ups of the penetration, breeding and cream pies, as a few years ago they started filming bareback sex, which they call condom free.

The core of the site has always been its collection of truly gorgeous Slovak, Hungarian, and Czech models from 18 to 25 years of age. Many could rightly be called sex gods and could easily break into mainstream modeling. The European focus means lots of uncut cocks, some of which are huge: Trevor Yates and Joel Birkin both have dicks that should have their own zip codes. More recently, performers from other countries, including the US, have been added. All are generally smooth, slim to well built but not over muscled, and tattoos are a rarity and some models have trimmed pubic hair. The Models pages feature 278 guys, but the list is not complete; Bel Ami must offer over a thousand models.

Many new scenes premiere here before being released on DVD, and these scenes are among the most expensive gay porn produced, often filmed in exotic locations with the most beautiful models anywhere. The site concentrates on newer material; scenes over five years old are rare as there is a constant churn of scenes. Scenes added in 2013 have been removed already, but there's always plenty of new content being added, and despite removing the older scenes, the site has actually grown by 266 videos in the last nine months.

Bel Ami currently offers 2,615 videos: 1,500 hardcore videos, 880 solos, and 235 backstage vids. The site usually adds something new every day - a video, a picture set, or a featured model - so there's always something new for members. Although the updates, like most things on the site, are undated, the date of the first comment for each is a good guide as to when it was released.

The Bel Ami Online videos are mostly exclusive and DRM-free. The newest scenes are offered in MP4 format and sized at 1440x816 plus two smaller sizes, the older sized at 960x540 at good quality. The newish WMVs are sized at 960x540, also at good quality, and the oldest WMVs are sized at 800x600, but the newest vids aren't offered in WMV. The very oldest on the site, listed as "Original Programming" are sized smaller, and instead of MP4s, they're offered with small M4Vs and QuickTime videos at 320x240 for mobiles. All videos are also available to stream, the newer sized at 960x540 and the oldest at 720x540. Most of the videos are downloadable full scenes with good sound and professional lighting, and they play smoothly and enlarge well.

The site also offers 812 exclusive pic sets, and these are divided into five categories: Pin-Ups, Couples, Action Pictures, Art Collections, and Photo Flashbacks. These digital stills are beautifully posed and lit, and they show off the models to absolute perfection. There are also over 2,200 sets of screencaps found not only on video pages, but also on the model pages. All sets can be downloaded in zip files (where you'll find the higher resolution versions) and individual images can be right-click and saved.

Something that really stands out about Bel Ami is the site's engagement with its members. Updates and models can be rated and comments left about new material; there are many comments on all video and gallery pages. The forum - listed as Discussion on the right side of the menu - is fairly active, and Bel Ami staff, including supremo George Duroy, contribute and take notice of what's said. Some members on the forum have made friends there, and there's a lot of talk about the site's models and content.

The MOVIES section is actually sample videos, not full scenes or clips; there are 272 Bel Ami DVDs listed, each with a two- to three-minute trailer. While not technically content, there's over ten hours of video previews to watch.

The site's organization and removal of videos are worth talking about. It can be hard to find what you're looking for; a search function would be handy so if you're looking only for redheads or outdoor scenes, you wouldn't have to browse through over 2,600 scenes to find them. Good news is that the model names are clickable if you want to find more from one of the guys starring in a video. One thing that frustrated me a bit is that whenever I hit my back button, I found myself back on the tour; if you want to avoid this, be sure to click buttons and page numbers instead of hitting back.

There are a few things you may want to know about. First, if you join via the PayPal link, there are also credit card join options there, but whether you decide to join Bel Ami's other site or not, you'll find a pre-checked offer for for it on the billing page. That's easy to untick if you don't want access. But be aware that there's a link to Freshmen on the Bel Ami members home page, but you won't get access unless you join the second site. If you do decide to join it, you'll get a discount by joining via Bel Ami. There's a pre-checked Bel Ami Chat offer on the join page, but be aware that signing up for that will also mean you receive emails from them pretty frequently. And last, any users who are found to be doing "excessive downloads" will have their account suspended. I haven't heard any complaints about this, so my guess is that normal members won't reach that "excessive" downloads limit easily.

Bel Ami Online leads the way in premier high quality gay porn with a great looking site and some of the hottest jocks and twinks anywhere. So many guys, most with uncut cocks as well as frequent updates, so much sex, over 2,600 downloadable videos, all DRM-free so you can keep the vids you save forever. And there's plenty of member interaction due to the forum and many comments on the videos. The backstage videos let us see the guys throwing snowballs and messing around on the set, hanging out in photo shoots, not to mention the interviews. Bel Ami is one of our favorite sites due to their gorgeous college-aged, European boys in some of the best hardcore and solo action ever filmed. While nothing in life is perfect, Bel Ami Online comes close.

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