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Arabic and Middle Eastern men in gay porn aren't easy to find, so Gay Arab Club's selection of videos is a good place to satisfy your craving. The site features a healthy collection of both solo and hardcore sex videos with Middle Eastern men playing together and also having sex with Europeans. Gay Arab Club is a part of Studio Presse, which is a network of 27 theaters offering a wide variety of guys and action. We haven't visited this site for nearly two years, so it's time to head back for a fresh look.

The men at Gay Arab Club are mostly Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian and Turkish, and they come in myriad shades of brown with dark hair and eyes, many have light facial hair, and there's a mix of smooth and hairy guys. Their bodies vary from slim to muscular and ages range from their early twenties to somewhere in their thirties. And while Arabic men tend to have cut cocks, a lot of them are playing with European men, so you'll find a fair bit of foreskin on site, too. The early videos on this site, the ones produced by Gay Arab Club itself, feature men wearing fezzes and skull caps as well as white tunics and other traditional clothing. The videos offered by other studios mostly feature men dressed in Western garb. And by the way, there are a couple black studs in interracial sessions, too.

Gay Arab Club includes content from other studios, so you'll find videos from producers like Cadinot, Alexander, Citebeur and JNRC. Many of Studio Presse's production companies are based in France, which has a huge Arabic population, but these other additions don't feature Arab men exclusively; some don't have Middle Eastern men at all. One company called Alexander is based in South American, and they costume Brazilian guys in traditional clothing that looks like it's right out of Arabian Nights. One video features two dark-haired and bearded performers who I know are British, but the site passes one off as a Turk.

Citebeur itself, however, is the main site in the Studio Presse family, and it's a treasure trove of Arabic men. The word Citebeur is made up of two French words: "cite" is synonymous with "hood" or "ghetto", while "beur" is a colloquial term referring to French-born people whose heritage is from North Africa. Practically all of the men in Citebeur's videos are Arabic, so you'll have plenty to see here.

Gay Arab Club has a split personality. First, it's a pay-per-view site where you purchase packages of tickets, then redeem them to watch or download movies. Generally speaking, you're paying two to five tickets to watch each video and up to ten tickets to download. There's also an unlimited streaming membership that might be a better deal if you like watching a lot of porn. And by the way, your membership and tickets can be used on any of the network's 27 sites. I usually recommend people try out the streaming membership first. Even though it'sexpensive, it gives you the opportunity to survey the site and keep track of any movies you'd like to download. Then you can buy the required number of tickets and download the ones you want to keep.

There are 928 videos, which is 246 more than were here nearly two years ago. While 48 of the videos are from Gay Arab Club's studio itself, the bulk of the videos come from the ten other studios. Gay Arab Club's studio no longer films, but the other studios continue to add new content, adding to this theater and the 26 others in the network. Gay Arab Club's own videos are available to stream, offered in MP4 format and sized at 768x576. They're good amateur quality, although they could be sharper, and they there's some quality loss when enlarged to full-screen. Videos from the other production companies come in a variety of sizes, the newest ones at 1024x578. Many of these can be downloaded using purchased tickets, but not all movies are available for download. 

The videos are a mix of hardcore action and solo jack-off sessions. The hardcore scenes features the men sucking and fucking in duos, threeways and small groups. And by the way, you can sort the movies so that you're only seeing actual Gay Arab Club productions or all the Arab themed vids - it's your choice.

Each movie has four to six medium screencaps (sized at 480x360) that can't be enlarged, but they preview the guys and action in each video well. These pics are not available in zip files or as slideshows, but you can download them individually if you wish.

Are there any issues? Well, when you arrive at Gay Arab Club, the tour claims to have 120 updates added each month, but this pertains to the entire network, not this particular site. While we know that Gay Arab Club is updating frequently with Middle Eastern and Arab content from other studios, there are no dates so no way to know exactly when or how often new content is added, but since the site has added 246 videos in 21 months, so it's averaging over two updates per week. While you'll find both Middle Eastern and Arab men, there are also other Europeans and South Americans whose ethnicity is sometimes misrepresented. Also a membership here is pricey, but a better value than buying the videos one at a time.

There's one last thing I wanted to mention. While many - but not all - of the videos can be downloaded using tickets, the actual Gay Arab Club studio videos can only be streamed, and only some of the other vids can be downloaded using tickets.

Gay Arab Club offers 928 Arab-themed videos including 48 from their own studio. You'll have lots of hot Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian and Turkish men to watch. This is a nice collection of horny guys with lots of hardcore suck and fuck and plenty of big-dicked men, and there's a decent tagging system to help you find more of what you want. There are also over 12,000 videos in the network featuring other types of guys and themes. The videos are offered to stream via a monthly membership or you can use the pay-per-view system, and some vids are also available to download if members pay extra. The network's streaming system is good, the ticket system makes it easy to buy only the number of tickets you want that never expire, or you can get the streaming membership and watch as much as you like in all the network sites.

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