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UniversBlack is one of 26 sites in a network of theaters run by a French company called Studio Presse, and this one brings us hot and horny black men playing together as well as solos and some interracial action. The network has added several sites since we last reviewed UniversBlack nearly two years ago, and there's been some changes and plenty of growth so it's time to head over for a fresh look.

UniversBlack produces some of its own movies, but the theater also brings together content filmed by EbonyD, Cadinot, JNRC, PitBull, Monster Bang, Flava Men, Next Door Studios and more, so they offer a varied collection. The guys themselves are a mix of fit, athletic and muscular guys in their twenties and thirties, with a few in their forties, and each studio has its own flavor of men. Some of the guys are a little on the thug side with do-rags, ball caps and baggy clothes, while others are more muscular gym hunks, and still others are just regular hot and horny men with slim bodies. There are lots of big dicks and plenty of mouths and asses to take care of them. As well, you'll find amateurs and first-timers side by side in productions featuring well-known performers like Kamrum, Cutler X, Race Cooper, Adam Russo and others.

While there's lots of black-on-black action, interracial sex fans with be happy here. These studs mix it up with white guys and Latinos; sometimes the black guys are doing the fucking and other times they bottom. And if you like gangbangs, there are around 230 group action videos, too. But it's not all hardcore as there are over 150 solo jack-off videos. The action happens just about anywhere you can imagine from cozy bedrooms to warehouses and dirty basements.

There are 1,428 videos inside UniversBlack; 98 of these are produced by the studio itself while the rest comes from the other studios featured here. Not all the videos are available for download, but one that I did purchase was in MP4 format and played at 960x540. Be advised that there may be smaller sizes in the older inventory of movies. Most of the content can only be streamed, and these vids play around 1026x576, the oldest sized smaller than the player at around 720x546. The site has a good streaming system and the videos played smoothly without a lot of buffering, and I easily jumped back and forth in the scenes. Viewing the videos at full screen had varying results - some were okay, but others suffered from some loss of quality; regardless, I was pretty happy using their standard player.

Each video comes with a set of five to six screencap. These are shown on the episode's page at average to good amateur quality depending on the set, and while the thumbs are good sized at 480x360, they do not enlarge. They can, however, be downloaded if you find any you'd like to keep.

UniversBlack isn't just a typical membership site. While you can join for a month and stream everything not only in this site but across the network, you can also pay to stream or to download. You use packages of tickets that cost from $5.00 for 5 tickets to $50.00 for 100 tickets. Newer videos usually cost four tickets to watch for 24 hours, downloads for newer videos cost eight; older videos tend to cost less. Your tickets don't expire, so you can use them as you want, and they're valid on any of the network's 26 sites.

UniversBlack doesn't date its videos, so I can't say how often or exactly when they update. But when we reviewed the site about 20 months ago, there were 1,227 videos and now there are 1,428, so they've added 201 videos; that averages 10 updates per month. All told, the entire network adds over 100 videos a month.

Are there any issues? Since the membership is streaming-only, it'd be nice if all the videos could be downloaded using tickets, but some can only be streamed. The tour's claim of 12,000 network videos can't be verified, as while there are thousands of videos, a single scene can appear in multiple theaters. Still, there's a lot to watch here. And as I mentioned, some of the videos could use work when it comes to quality. One last thing I noticed is that there are the same number of UniversBlack studio videos there were on our last visit, so all the videos added since then were from other studios.

I was pretty happy with UniversBlack. The men are sexy with mostly well-defined, athletic bodies and lots of big cocks, both cut and uncut. Likewise, I found the action offered a good selection between solos, duos, threeways and small groups. UniversBlack itself has 1,428 videos, having added over 200 videos in the past twenty months, and they've added a few new studios to their roster, so that's pretty good growth. If you're looking for plenty of big black cocks plunging into tight holes, UniversBlack is worth checking out.

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