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Pride Studios is a well-established gay porn network that offers access to seven sites. Extra Big Dicks opened in 2005 and now has 549 videos. It was originally a jack-off site with very well-hung guys - lots of Cubans and straight guys - stroking their big meat. Most of the early guys were unknowns and amateurs, but I did see Damien Crosse and Antonio Biaggi in the first videos these porn stars filmed back in 2006. Today, Extra Big Dicks is a full-on sex site with bottoms servicing huge cocks with their mouths and butts. And the site is still updating once a week and uses a mix of porn stars and newcomers.

Men Over 30 has a similar history: it opened in 2005 as a jack-off site, and today is a full-on sex site with 580 videos focusing on men in their 30s and 40s, but there isn't really a particular type of guy here. The site used to film in Florida, so there were lots of Latin men but there were plenty of white guys, too, all with slender to well-built bodies. You'll find both hairy and smooth men, amateurs and porn regulars. Today, Men Over 30 films almost exclusively with established performers who tend to be masculine, often hairy, tattooed or sporting facial hair.

Dylan Lucas features beach hunks sucking and fucking in some outdoor but mostly indoor scenes. As with most of the other sites in this network, Dylan Lucas films a lot of porn regulars. They're 20-something jocks and athletic guys, some quite muscular and others well defined and ripped. There's a good mix of solo jack-off videos and hardcore sex scenes. The site has 97 videos, which they started filming in 2012, and after a break in updates, has been adding new content twice a month.

High Performance Men is very similar to Men Over 30 with their crew of men in their prime, but it's a newer and smaller site with 101 videos. The men are masculine, often hairy with nicely muscled bodies, but the sex tends to be a little harder with adult stars and porn regulars who suck and fuck in gym locker rooms, warehouses and play rooms and in a fair number of bedroom and living room settings. I especially like the men at HPM - they're a healthy dose of testosterone. Unfortunately updates for this site have ceased, but the content is still hot and worth watching.

The site that started it all is Circle Jerk Boys, which began as a jack-off site in 2003 with a mix of athletic and regular guys. Circle Jerk Boys was always a bit of an oddball because it never featured many circle jerks; in fact, a lot of the early jack-off videos featured only one guy. They did, however, provide a good number of duo masturbation scenes. Over time, however, the site meandered away from its original theme and started offering mostly hardcore action. This site stopped updating, but has 541 exclusive videos for members to enjoy.

The newest site is Cock Virgins, and it featuring porn performers in first-time gay sex fantasies with lots of locker room and college dorm sex. Most of guys are in their twenties and sport slender to athletic bodies. Watch as the guys get caught sneaking a peek in the locker room or shower, there are dick-size contests, a football player bends over so he doesn't get cut from the team, and dorm mates catch each other jacking off. This site offers 55 videos, but has stopped updating.

The last site in the Pride Studios network is Boyz Party. It's a twink site that started way back in 2001 and features 623 videos. This site offers guys from 18 to 24 years of age in some solo scenes, but most of the action is horny guys sucking and fucking just about anywhere they can from bedrooms to garages and poolside to kitchens. While the action here is hot, the site hasn't updated in some time.

Pride Studios itself has a handful of videos, bringing the network total to 2,549, and the site adds three updates each week - one from Extra Big Dicks and one from Men Over 30 plus there are two more updates each month from Dylan Lucas, and it appears that Pride Studios itself will be adding two videos per month. The other sites no longer update, but they do bring a lot more content to the party.

It's difficult to summarize that many videos spanning 15 years of production, so let's address the newest releases first. They're offered in seven speeds of downloadable MP4 ranging from small 316x178 and 480x270 (good for mobiles) to two HD versions sized at 1280x720, and a full HD version at 1920x1080. These newer productions are generally crisp and clear with good sound and you can keep these downloads since there's no DRM There are streaming versions, too, that play at 1170x650 at seven speeds. The highest quality looks good, however the lowest quality is pretty poor. The full HD very good quality. So in full-screen mode you'll experience varying degrees of quality depending on the version you selected.

So that's the newer videos, which are the best-case scenario. The further back in the video inventory you go, the more things change. The very oldest videos are only available in four sizes of downloadable MP4 from 320x240 to 720x540, and on the streaming side of things, the player is too big and stretches the vids so the oldest don't look too good. And the very oldest videos from 2001 to 2005 aren't the best, I found the image quality fuzzy - video sure has come a long way in 15 years.

Pride Studios also offers 3,665 picture sets. Like the videos, there's a lot of variation with the photos, and each set offers either digital stills or screencaps. You can download a zip file or view them online in thumbnail galleries and there's also a hands-free slideshow. The pictures range from 600x800 to 1280x1920 and quality ranges from average to very good.

The Pride Studios homepage features the content as it's added to the site, so you'll find the latest updates as well as the newest men, as well as drop-down menus so you can browse the content from each individual site. All of the performer names are linked so that you can find all of their videos. And while the keywords aren't linked, there is a free-form search that works pretty well. Lots of videos have member comments, and you can join in by rating the videos or leaving your own comments.

There are some caveats where Pride Studios is concerned. The preliminary join form captures your email address and adds you to a list whether you complete the join or not, but you can opt out of this when the first email arrives. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that signs you up for another site if you don't deselect it. And if you sign up for a trial membership, you can't download any videos, only stream them. The member area claims there are 4,405 videos, but I counted several times and there are 2,549, which is still lots. And last, if you're on the billing page and hit your browser's back button, you can expect to get a pop-up; luckily it's easy to close.

Pride Studios offers a nice variety of performers ranging from twinks to men over 40, and you'll find porn stars, hunks and jocks, as well as horny amateurs sucking, fucking and jerking off. The network offers 2,549 videos to download, stream or watch on most mobiles, and there are three updates added each week as two of the sites - Men Over 30 and Extra Big Dicks - update weekly, and two more update every other week, so you'll have plenty of new stuff to enjoy. And even if you discount the oldest videos, which aren't as good quality, there's still way more porn here than you could possibly enjoy in a month.

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