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CD Blow has nothing to do with blowing the dust off your Dusty Springfield album; it's all to do with cross-dressing guys, trannies, tgirls, and kinky fun, with blowjobs as the main thrust. The models you find here are amateur British guys who get off on dressing up in sexy women's outfits and giving head. There may be the occasional shemale appearing in the site or network, too, Mainly, though, you find middle-aged men or guys in their thirties who have a big thing for dressing as the French maid and serving other trannies or straight guys who don't dress up but who get off on being blown by men in drag. You get the impression that these guys live in neat, suburban houses and every Saturday they open their door to their mates who dress, chill together, and then get down to some serious cock sucking.

Actually, there's a little bit of BDSM involved here from time to time, too, and plenty of costume play, bright wigs, outrageous frocks, and fantasies. Two trannies dress as schoolgirls to make out, a guy in a pink maid's outfit is there to server her mistress-master, two trannies service one large black cock together in an interracial threesome, one dresses as a vamp to take a group of guys at once. The content is varied but kept on theme by the crossdressers, who are usually the subs in the scene. Bottom line: Guys dressed in various sexy female outfits suck cock until the cumshots.

There were 28 videos inside CD Blow when I visited recently, and the bad news is that's the same number of videos reported in another review written in 2013, so it looks like this site is not updating. Not only that - the site does give update dates, and some videos were apparently added fairly recently; perhaps the content is is being recycled, although that's not something this company usually does.

Movies are DRM-free and are offered as both streams and downloads, and the specs for both are the same. Both WMVs and MP4s are sized at either 1280x720 for the newer videos or 720x576 for the older videos, and there are smaller MP4s for mobiles, as well. Quality is amateur or a little better for the newer videos, while the older are amateur, some a little on the lower side of amateur quality. Movies run for various lengths of time, the shortest was at two minutes, the longest was over two hours, but the average time would be between five and 15 minutes.

CD Blow also offers 34 galleries (ten more than in 2013; in recent months there's been a new gallery added once per month). The galleries depict some of the video action but also contain posed shoots and other action scenes. Images are sized from 680x907 for the older to around 682x1024 for the newer; I'd call them a decent amateur quality with home video cameras, and there are shadows caused by the camera flashes at times. There are easy navigation tools, slideshows and zip file downloads to take. Sets have between 40 and 150 or so images each, again the numbers vary wildly.

CD Blow is one of the sites in the Tgirl Pass network, so when you sign up here you get access to nine bonus sites, and the good news is that they are all crossdresser or tranny themed. Titles such as Club Cross Dresser, Tgirls Dominated and Cross Dress Virgins bear that out, and you can expect to find hardcore exclusives with many more amateur trannies, guys wearing women's clothes, a little BDSM, and some hot guys getting off wearing women's panties. You will need your username and password to enter each site one at a time. It's also worth noting that your site comes with a link to the mobile versions, so the whole thing is portable. Members can also rate content, add content they liked to favorites and leave comments.

The main issue with this site, for me, was the confusion over the updates. I get the impression that the site doesn't add new content but simply changes dates for what's already there; I base that on the site offering the same number of videos two years ago as it has now yet showing recent update dates, though there are ten more galleries. The tour shows you what you will get, and it's not exactly mutton dressed as lamb, but beware that the "latest updates" shown there may not be that recent. But you do also have access to the network for the updates from the other sites. The quality is amateur so not always good at full screen. There is little information about the models and scene descriptions are minimal.

Something else I noticed is that some of the picture sets are watermarked with the names of other sites from the same company. These sites aren't included in the network, so there's no doubling up on the pic sets, but it does mean that at least some of the content here can be seen elsewhere.

CD Blow offers fans of crossdressing and cock-sucking action that's right up their alley. The content here at CD Blow is amateur; amateur-made as well as amateur in standard. The site offers 28 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobiles as well as 34 galleries of hot amateur CD pictures. The quality of the older videos is getting on a bit now; they're definitely not up to today's standards , but there's a certain je ne sais quoi about them. That is all about the enthusiasm of the crossdressers and friends appearing in the videos. I still come back to the dubious update dates, and yes, the videos are a bit rough around the edges and quality is mid-range at best, but the enthusiasm and sexiness of the CD Blow models definitely comes through.

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