• "Camp CockyBoys" with Sean Ford & Colby Keller

    "Camp CockyBoys" with Sean Ford & Colby Keller

    In celebration of their tenth anniversary, CockyBoys launches a new series called Camp CockyBoys. The first episode features Sean Ford stumbling across Colby Keller napping on a bed in the woods. Sean approaches quietly and nuzzles Colby's hairy torso and rubs his hand over the bearded man's bulging crotch. Colby wakes and pulls the lad onto him and they make out.

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  • Did This Bottom Bitten Off More Than He Can Chew?

    Did This Bottom Bitten Off More Than He Can Chew?

    There's nothing like the lure of a big cock and Ray Diesel has a niner. But it proves just a little too big for Tyler Phoenix. The bearded bottom tries sucking it but he can't manage more than some just-the-tip action, then Ray puts him on all fours and tries squeezing his monster inside. Tyler's pucker is just too tight and several times the red-faced bottom has to stop Ray. Finally this hung top sits back and lets Tyler sit on his dick and take it at his own pace. That's the sweet spot and in no time at all this bottom is bouncing with gusto.

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  • Czech Hunter Goes Mall Creeping

    Czech Hunter Goes Mall Creeping

    Jakub and Andrej are classmates and they ran into Czech Hunter at the mall. He offered them a lift in exchange for an interview. Jakub agreed to talk privately with CH about more delicate subjects, but Andrej wasn't interested, so they parked an Andrej headed off with his 500 crowns. Kuba and CH headed into the woods where Jakub not only sat on CH's cock, but deposited a big load of cum on the man's belly.

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  • The Lawyer & The Skater

    The Lawyer & The Skater

    Milan Sharpe picks up skater Mark Fontana and they head back to the lawyer's condo. Milan can't believe his luck when this cute lad practically deep throats his huge cock. I don't know where Mark put it all. Equally impressive is watching this skater bouncing his tiny ass on Milan's monster. Hard and balls deep. Mark fucks Milan too, but when the lawyer gets close, Mark offers his face and gets it doused with jizz. Fan-tas-tique!

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  • Hustler Breeding

    Hustler Breeding

    It's another edition of Hooker Cam and another hustler taking Clay's dick up his tight little ass. In case you've missed them, here's the rundown. Clay likes to film his sessions with the hustlers that he beds, except they don't know they're being filmed. Clay loves shoving his face in this boy's tight ass, then Patrick blows Clay and they do some 69 sucking. Patrick rides the man's cock to open up his hole, then Clay pounds the hell out of him.

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  • Apollo Delion Is A Big Cummer

    Apollo Delion Is A Big Cummer

    Construction worker Apollo Delion is a shameless show off and thought it'd be fun to make a jack-off video. He's got a slim and smooth body and gets his cock rock hard in just a few moments. And look at him cum! His cock drops thick pearls of jizz across his smooth belly. 

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  • Guys in Jeans Making Out

    Guys in Jeans Making Out

    Discovering that a straight guy isn't completely straight is exciting. Making out with him and peeling off his jeans is even hotter. Finding a big cock under those jeans ... even better. Tyler is breaking in Aiden and showing him how much fun some guy-on-guy action can be. Tyler worships Aiden's cock with his mouth and gets it excited and looking for a warm hole.

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  • Spotlight

    Demon Deals - Cocky Boys SUMMER SALE 50% Off

    Demon Deals - Cocky Boys SUMMER SALE 50% Off

    Cocky Boys has extended their incredible summer deal offering you 50% off any membership. You'll get access to over 880 exclusive videos featuring the hottest men in the business -- Calvin Banks, Sean Ford, Topher DiMaggio, Ricky Roman, and heaps more.

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  • Handsome & Hung - Filip Onalek

    Handsome & Hung - Filip Onalek

    It's guys like Filip Onalek who really make me appreciate my job. I mean who wouldn't want to get paid to look at sexy guys all day long? But it's not all day-long erections over here, there are a lot of duds and tired faces in Pornland. But when a good-looking, Czech lad like Filip pops up on my screen, it reminds me why I love doing this. Look at his ripped body. I love his bushy pubes. Not to mention his gorgeous plump lips, and of course, he's swinging a heavy-hanging piece of meat. I can't wait to see his Cherry Busting scene.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Deep Cut Tank Tops

    Kink Spotlight: Deep Cut Tank Tops

    I've been too distracted by the potential awfulness of men who wear deep cut tank tops to really focus on the benefits. My experience is limited to jerks at the gym. Profoundly jerky jerks. Or probably they are if I talked to them.

    But I am certain there are non-horrible people who wear these. And the main thing that's not horrible about them is their calm, focused intent to display pecs and nips and a sneak peak of abs. All of this in a casual way, like accidentally leaving one's fly unzipped. Except on purpose.

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