• Brother's Oath

    Brother's Oath

    Elder Garrett (Britain Westbury) and Brother Cahoun (Dante Colle) are sharing a room on their mission and Garrett confesses that he's read Cahoun's diary. He was especially disturbed by the part detailing how Brother Strang (Max Ferro) pushed him down on the floor and forcibly fucked him. Garrett says they have to approach the leader about his aggressive behaviour. But Brother Strang turns the two missionaries on each other and gets them to fuck while he watches.

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  • Blowjobs & Sneakers

    Blowjobs & Sneakers

    Blond guy Soren says that he's had no experience with guys, but he's been curious. And he's not casual about it either. His agent suggested Soren buy a couple of dildos and practice. And he did. He even brought one to his first solo session at Chaos Men.

    Site producer Byran Ockert eased Soren into his first hardcore scene, pairing him up with Jerome for some mutual cock sucking. The guys start off stroking side by side on the couch. "You want some help with that?" Jerome asks. Soren gives his dick a flick and pants, "Yeah." Fans of guys in sneakers will love this video, Jerome and Soren leave them on for the entire session.

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  • Flashback: What's Under the Underwear?

    Flashback: What's Under the Underwear?

    Banana hammocks go way back. Cleopatra required her suitors wear them. Though they were made from actual bananas at the time. Nowadays there are so many modern choices for junk huggers.

    But I still dig the basic elements of the penis equation. Fabric plus bulge equals happiness. Some things never change.

    Also, exposed underwear and/or penis hanging out of underwear remains a great asset in a job interview. Though it generally only works if the hiring manager is an unrepentant, unethical pervert.

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  • Blond 18-Year-Old Birthday Boy

    Blond 18-Year-Old Birthday Boy

    This poor lad threw himself a sweet 18 birthday party and had a great time, but he woke up the next morning to discover someone had stolen all of his cash. He had gotten 25,000 crowns from his grandmother to buy a car and he's supposed to pick it up today. What's he going to do? He's going to get on his knees and suck the Debt Dandy's dick and earn enough money to pay for his car.

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  • "Who Wants to Cum Dump a Load?"

    "Who Wants to Cum Dump a Load?"

    It's the start of the weekend and Michael Roman is horny. He texts a few buddies to see who wants to come over and fill his ass with cock and cum. Hans Berlin was quickest to hit the reply button and deposit his load in the hunk's ass. Then Trey Turner popped by and he doesn't mind sloppy seconds and he fucks Roman's ass hard and gives him another load of jizz. But Roman's not done yet. While jerking off Teddy Bryce texts and wants to come over.

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  • Blowjob Fun on the Massage Table

    Blowjob Fun on the Massage Table

    I love watching other guys sucking dick, so this new oral-only scene from Guybone is right up my alley. Zeus Harden gives Dakota a massage to get this video rolling. Incidentally, Harden hasn't filmed with Guybone for over six months, he was away getting circumcised and healing from it. Yikes! But his new dick looks pretty good. The guys have some blowjob fun swapping back and forth in this extra long video.

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  • Blond Heart Throb Fucks The Couch

    Blond Heart Throb Fucks The Couch

    Kyle Holmes is a handsome blond guy. He's 22 years old, stands six feet, and weighs a solid 200 pounds. He works out four days a week for two hours per session. And he's got a gorgeous body to show for that hard work. He's also got a birth mark on his cock that looks like God dropped bleach on his dick. Kyle likes it and says it makes his dick look unique. Indeed.

    After posing and stroking his dick hard, Kyle kneels in front of the sofa and slides his long dick between two cushions and fucks the crevice until he's ready to nut.

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  • 8TeenBoy - David Rhodes

    8TeenBoy - David Rhodes

    Some boys have cocks, others have schlongs. David Rhodes is the latter. Look how it bends and sits on the chair. Impressive. Max Carter introduces us to this Rhode Island lad and newcomer to Pornland. Max even gives David a few strokes to get his dick hard. "Fuck, it's huge," he pants. Then the twink takes over and milks his monster until it unleashes a considerable pool of jizz all over his abs.

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  • Public Exposure: Mature Muscle

    So there's this guy on YouTube who has a few halfhearted videos and an ebook. He can't much compete with the whole Abs After 40 thing, and who could because if you don't have abs when you turn 40 your torso can't hold you up and you keep toppling over into a big vat of pancake batter.

    But this guy, who goes by the powerful YouTube handle "Richard," blows them all away. With his ass. With this extremely perverted close-up view of him working out his ass in public in a gym. 

    Now there's nothing wrong with him doing that. But just imagine people seeing the cameraperson holding the camera between Richard's legs from behind. Hey Richard, I'm available for that job anytime!

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  • Chucho Martin's Battle With a Foot-Long

    Chucho Martin's Battle With a Foot-Long

    Spanish newcomer Chucho Martin debuted on Tim Tales a few weeks back and got fucked by site owner Tim Kruger. He's back wanting more. And more he gets. Kruger lined up Eduardo Picasso who has the biggest cock ever featured on the site -- 12 inches. Where does a bottom go from here? I don't know, but this is certainly one cock Chucho will never forget.

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