• "I Definitely Like Eating Cum."

    "I Definitely Like Eating Cum."

    Texas boy Kaden Dean debuted on Guys in Sweatpants back in July and got his ass fucked by Clark Parker. But he's versatile and wanted a chance to top a guy on video too. He told Austin Wilde that a guy like Logan Cross was exactly his type. It turned out that Logan was in town while Dean was in town. During the pre-sex talk Austin asks what his favorite activity is and Dean says, "I definitely like eating cum." Kaden fucks a load out of Logan, and true to his word, he licks the bottom's belly clean before cumming all over his sweet face.

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  • "Oh Yeah, Right There."

    "Oh Yeah, Right There."

    Brantley, like most of the guys who jack their dicks on Spunkworthy, eventually comes around to the idea of getting his dick sucked by a guy. He sits on the couch and Jason kneels and unbuckles Brantley's belt and unbuttons his jeans. Brantley is already tenting hard in his underwear. Jason mouths his dick through the fabric and Brantley moans.

    When Jason slides his lips over Brantley's cock, the lad grabs Jason's head in both hands and bites his lip. He can't believe how good this guy's mouth feels on his bone. "Oh yeah, right there," he pants as Jason goes deep. The best part of this blowjob is watching Brantley struggle between being so incredibly turned on but then realizing that he's getting turned on by a guy sucking his dick. Sexy.

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  • Is This Why Airbnb Is So Popular?

    Is This Why Airbnb Is So Popular?

    Lovers Dakota Young and Connor Halstead are on a weekend getaway and they've rented an Airbnb in Mark Long's house. Early the next morning, Dakota slips out of bed and sneaks to Mark's bedroom. The stud is asleep on his back with a raging hard-on, so Young slides into the bed and helps himself to a mouthful. 

    Mark gently wakes and asks, "Where's your boyfriend?" Dakota says that he's still sleeping. Long closes his eyes and enjoys Young bobbing on his giant cock. Minutes later, Connor is standing in the doorway with a smirk. "Look who's awake," Mark says.

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  • Bound Twinks In The Jungle

    Bound Twinks In The Jungle

    Ryann Ruckers has two twinks tied up in a secluded spot in the jungle. Damien Rage is nearly naked and bound to a bench. Jackson Wolfe is gagged and tied to a tree and helpless to do anything except watch this creep tease and flog his boyfriend. Ryann hooks up electrified tit clamps to Damien's nipples and makes him suck his lover's cock.

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  • Flashback: Couples and Singles

    Flashback: Couples and Singles

    Now maybe the guys pretending to be couples were actually single. And the singles were couples. But what matters is sometimes two bodies intertwined is sometimes the best.

    Any star of stage and screen knows you have to know your angles. So these guys, when in couple action, sure need to know theirs, whether that was in a still, or some sort of live sex show on a stage. Because I wasn't talking about Broadway.

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  • "Triple Treat" With Three Horny Twinks

    "Triple Treat" With Three Horny Twinks

    Grayson Lange, Gabe Isaac and Devin Lewis wake up from a nap and Grayson and Devin start to play with Gabe's huge cock. Look at it, who could resist that? After a full round of slurping, these horny teens try every cock-in-ass configuration -- fuck trains, spit roasting, and double dips. Then things get messy when these three let their jizz fly.

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  • Calvin Banks Fucks Josh Moore

    Calvin Banks Fucks Josh Moore

    Night falls on Camp CockyBoys, but Calvin Banks and Josh Moore having a skinny dip then head for the patio with outdoor fireplace. Josh drops to his knees and gulps Calvin's long dick. Josh sits back in a comfortable chair while Calvin services his cock and hole. There's even some acrobatic kama sutra fucking. 

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  • "Don't Waste The Fucking Beer!"

    "Don't Waste The Fucking Beer!"

    The frat boys are working out, drinking beer, and watching the UFC fight on TV. They've been partying for a while and they're running low on beer. The room becomes enraged when one of the guy's pours some beer into the cage holding their latest cock whore. "Hey! Don't waste the fucking beer!" one of the guys bellows. They haul the naked guy out and throw him over the cage and fuck his ass. Three guys take their turn pumping this bottom full of cum.

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  • "Gaymers" Debuts with Rikk York & Fernando Del Rio

    "Gaymers" Debuts with Rikk York & Fernando Del Rio

    A brand new series called Gaymers is debuting at Raging Stallion and it brings 10 horny and hung gamers who play out their fantasies. In the first episode, Rikk York has just beaten his online gaming opponent, Spencer Whitman, and boyfriend Fernanando Del Rio is a little jealous of the attention this hot gamer is giving his man. York moves in the appease his lover with a passionate make-out session that leads to these two hairy hunks fucking each other on the floor. Is Spencer able to see them? Is he jacking off? Or has he moved on to a game of his own?

    Gaymers also stars Daymin Voss, Eddy Ceetee, Hoytt Walker, Xavier Huxx, Ty Mitchel, Buck Richards, and of course, Rikk York, Fernando Del Rio, and Spencer Whitman. 

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  • Real Brothers Jerk Off Side By Side

    Real Brothers Jerk Off Side By Side

    Michael Stax and Jacob Stax are real brothers, not Pornland step-brothers like we're so used to seeing these days, but the real deal. The Stax brothers are twins and they're 26 years old. They're not identical, but their thick meaty cocks nearly are. The guys aren't shy and say that they've had threeways in the past. A scene like this doesn't come along very often. We'll have to wait and see if they do a threeway for Active Duty.

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