• Ass Paid in Full (Dope Boy Magic - Erotica Collection)

    Anthony "Ant" Little's world came crashing down when his boy DeQuan betrayed him and then did something unspeakable. No strangers to the streets, this entry in the Trap House Chronicles sets the stage for the one time brothers in the game to clash and hold their crew hostage to their savagery. Secrets, desires, lust, love and unadulterated hustling all collide in the world of these dope dealers as they struggle against the forces that would end it all. Dope Boy Magic is an erotic collection of stories peeking into the lives of dope dealers DeQuan "Duke" Blocker and Anthony "Ant" Little and the myriad of cats in they deal with. This 25,000 word (70 pages) collection of gay erotic short stories contains very graphic adult situations. Graphic sex is the primary focus of each story. Anything resembling a plot or character depth is simply incidental to the sex. Reader discretion is advised.

  • Ass Pounder

    As I entered the bathroom a black man was walking out. He was built like a Mack truck and smiled at me. I smiled back and darted to the urinal.

  • Baggy Shorts

    He got a beefy hand in there as well and was stroking our cocks together - mine long and slender and his a regular super-sized sausage - while his thick lips went to worrying my nipples. I arched my torso back and gazed around the room, watching others in various forms of fuck, knowing that soon, very soon, that sausage of his was going to fully possess me.

  • Bed Breaker

    Without saying a word he climbed on top of me and lubed his dick. He put his cock against my ass and tried to put it in.

  • BF Arranges an Orgy

    In a weird argument, my bf at the time invited two other guys over and after he passed out, they fucked me in the basement and garden.

  • Billy Payne

    Billy Payne, the all star scholar/athlete comes back into my life and conquers me with his powerful, insatiable stamina.

  • Black Arse Being Fucked


  • Black Blowjob

    This story is for all my fans who wanted a hot black guy action.

  • Black Daddy Domination

    He learns a HARD lesson.

  • Black Dominance

    Derrick a tall, black neighbor of mine came over one evening, after much pleading on my part. He is an intimidating figure, trim but very muscular which helps him in his job as a prison guard.

  • Black Faucet

    This is a hot story. It involves consentual sex between adult men.

  • Black Hotel Employee

    I have never told you about Daniel. There is a reason for that. Daniel is a sweet little twenty year old who I have been sucking for a couple of years. I met him through a friend. Daniel had gotten into some serious trouble with the law at the age of eighteen. He is on probation. Daniel and I hit it off well. He's a very handsome, naive young man who likes to act older and more worldly than he is.

  • Black Lover

    Once he has his cock in my mouth he fucks my face. He holds me gently by the back of my head, on my neck, and pushes his cock slowly, slowly, deep into my throat.

  • Black Man's Pussy Boy

    I don't know how long I stood staring at his body and his crotch, but it seemed that all of a sudden he was beside me, closing the bedroom door. As I heard the door click shut, I looked up at his face in surprise.

  • Black men's pusy

    A white college boy discovers how attractive he is to black men and enjoys their favors .

  • Black River dick

    When a couple goes on a trip to Jamaica, they bring their friends back a special gift. Here's a hint, the gift is human, and it had a big cock.

  • Black road romp

    His cock was half hard and was growing. It must have been at least 12 inches long and uncut. He saw me looking at his monster black cock and grabbed my hand and put it on his cock.

  • Black Trucker

    Read the story!

  • Body Heat

    Hot tale of a lovely interaccial couple on a winter trip.

  • Bronx Bash

    It bothered me that Jerry had no emotion for me at all. At least I was horny for him, and infatuated enough to run down to the Bronx and whore for him.

  • Bruce's cocksucker

    I guess reading the m4m ads opened up my mind and I started thinking that I'd like to experience sucking a guy's cock.

  • Calling All Cars

    How I found love in a buddy booth.

  • Cameron's New Neighbor

    Cameron moves into his new apartment and gets a visit he won't forget!

  • Car Trouble

    A man gets more than his car fixed from a hot black stud.

  • Car Trouble Part 2

    Mike and Marcus's relationship heats up

  • Caribbean Stud

    As the plane touched down, my thoughts were to make this trip the catalyst to strip David from my life, relax, and get on with things. After claiming my baggage, I got a cab to the secluded resort.

  • Chocolate Lust

    I had just turned nineteen and started to attend Howard University in Washington, DC. It had only been in fall of the previous year that I realized that I was gay.

  • Circumstances

    Story with a twist

  • Cocoa's Lust

    Then, he held me away from him, gazing into my eyes. As I felt those Jade-green eyes sweep longingly down my body, I quivered in his grasp. His eyes locked on to the degree and returned to my eyes.

  • Confessions of a John

    Dontae finds a new client at the park who wants to experience his hot cocoa.