• Leading the Blind

    That late fall a new regular passenger showed up on the bus. Looks wise he was a total looker. 5'9" or so, solid toned body, beautiful ass, oh and had a white cane to guide him around. Yeah, he was blind. Still, unless he had some sixth sense, I could watch him to my heart's content, and not fear getting caught.

  • Leading the Blind part 2

    I woke up to nature calling. I felt the warm breath of someone on my neck. Disoriented, it took me a moment or two to place where I was.

  • Life's Expectations - Chapter 27 - For Your Entertainment

    This chapter stuff will happen that will effect long term. Like you'll know exactly what happened to Gage and his ear. Finally I'll even be able to get into the theater part of the story! I loves me some theater!

  • Maybe even you

    The wind blew the rain in gusts so that it was coming at me sideways, striking me face on, Most unusual for L.A. It was cold. Biting. And hard driven. There were no hustlers for sale on the meat rack tonight.

  • More Than I Could Handle

    About the third night I woke in horror to find Kyle practically on top of me, his arms and legs wrapped around me. And his big, meaty cock pressed hotly against the back of my thigh.

  • My Brother's Keeper--Part I

    The love story of a grieving widower and his keeper--a man that would change his life forever.

  • My Brother's Keeper--Part III

    The conclusion to Kyle's day dream in the shower.

  • My Brother's Keeper--The Epilogue

    Kyle and Alex's journey continues...

  • My Brother's Keeper-Part II

    Kyle continues reliving a life-changing night with Alex.

  • My Story of becoming a cock slut

    This is the true story of my first time and how it led to becoming a cock craving slut

  • My Story of becoming a cock slut Part 2

    This is the continuation of becoming a cock slut

  • My Story of becoming a cock slut Part 3

    My third installment of how I became a cock craving slut

  • My Story of becoming a cock slut Part 4

    This is the fourth part of my series

  • My Story of becoming a cock slut Part 5

    The fifth part and most current in my story of becoming a cock whore

  • Narration of turning a straight man gay

    A first-person narrative of giving a straight guy his first gay blow job

  • Pastor Jeremy

    A quick fantasy, inspired by my life.

  • Second chances

    Pierce had his regrets like any of us, but it was that one terrible mistake that still haunted him.

  • Southern Boys' Mickey and Hank Accept Billie's Sex Proposal (PT2)

    When Mickey's older brother caught Mickey and cousin Hank fucking in the barn, here in part 2 they accept Billie's demands to avoid being outed to their parents. What would they have to do for Billie?

  • Southern Farm Boy Cousins' Caught Having Sex

    First cousins' Mickey and Hank were virgins when they experienced their first gay sex on the farm of Mickey's parents. They let their curiosity about gay sex take charge one Saturday afternoon while playing in the barn's hayloft. Things turned ugly when Mickey's brother caught them having hot sex.

  • Starting Out

    My first real experience.

  • Telephone Sex

    The Ad in the Advocate read: "Free = Dirty Sex Talk = (760) 555 4629, no calls after eleven p.m."

  • The Candidate

    He stood back against the wall, away from the crowd of well- wishers and back-slappers, the wealthy of the community who could affod the high price of admission. 'Yes,' he thought to himself, 'Todd Jenkins was a tough opponent, that's for sure,' and then the juices began to flow in his loins, 'But I'd sure like to tangle legs with him,' and he chuckled at the impossibility of it.

  • The King and I

    He was what every gay guy dreamed about: smart, athletic, handsome, funny and had an ass that wouldn't quit. There was but one flaw...the ring that he wore on his left hand...or so I thought.

  • The marriage

    There is a right time for every ting; even guilt

  • The other side of the tracks.

    The tracks divided the town but there were those who wanted to cross the divide.