• Forbidden Love Part 2

    Drake kissed Adam and ran, leaving Adam alone in the dark. Adam: confused and alone; and Drake: Sad and frustrated. Will they meet again? Will they confess there feelings? Or will things between them be awkward? (Sorry if this may seem a little short and uneventful, just trying to get my thoughts together).

  • Forbidden Love Part 3

    Adam grows a bit suspicious over Drake. His cold skin and lips. His pale skin and red eyes. Then there is the blood he discovered on his shirt. Adam has thoughts running through his head. Most telling him to run, but his heart tells him to stay. Drake feels like he should tell Adam. Yet he doesn't know how Adam will take. Drake's mind tells him to be silent and run. But his heart says to tell. Will they do what their mind tells them? Or will they face what lies in wait for them?

  • Forever Young

    Daniel is an Incubus in need, Unskilled, and Unfed how long can he hold out before someone gets hurt again...........

  • Ghost Of Me

    Upon dying, this story tracks the fleeting moments marking a restless soul’s transition into the afterlife, and visit to his teen-crush, who had always been an out-of-reach famous boy, until now.

  • Grand Angel - 1

    He slowly began to reach down, he hadnt had sex in months. He undid his uniforms pants button with one finger. As the gentle woosh of fabric came out he let out a slight moan. Now the zipper, he slowly slid it down pausing at each notch.

  • Grand Angel - 2 - Assult on Silva

    They stopped rolling and were now a good fifty feet from the angel. "Dores...." said Maric leaning in, forgeting his duties and the battle ground around him. "Maric....." Dores said sqeezing him hard.

  • Halloween Filmfest Conversion

    He spent most of his time at the gym, building his body to perfection. He was one ripped dude; hard as steel everywhere. So hard that his veins had nowhere to go other than to pop out on his body and flow across it.

  • Halloween Masquerade: Taken on Halloween

    Erotic Fantasy takes place on Halloween, involving mind control, Demon contact, gay story, anal penetration.

  • Incubus - 1

    A demon of sexual desire finds love among the murder and desires of the Paranormal undergrounds!

  • Incubus - 2

    Continued adventures of Blake the Incubus. Pretty out there with sex, might not be for all people.

  • Incubus Web Cam - Part 1

    Married man is seduced by a male demon that lives off men's cum

  • Incubus Web Cam - Part 2

    Michael is on the hunt to figure out what happened to his husband Brad - will he able to resist getting his cum slurped up by the incubus?

  • Incubus Web Cam - Part 3

    Last installment - Will Michael succeed in finding Brad or give into the sweet pleasures of the incubus and get his cum drained with his soul.

  • Infernal

    Todd's first day of senior year starts out with a bang.

  • Infernal (End of Vol. 1)

    Todd revisits memories, and something terrible happens.

  • Infernal pt. 2

    As Todd finds more out about angels and other supernatural beings, he starts to feel closer to Micah. But Mr. Philpot seems to be getting more and more attractive by the minute.

  • Infernal pt. 3

    Todd wakes up in the hospital and gets familiar with the doctor. But after all the time Todd spent there, he's extremely happy that at least one person stuck around.

  • Infernal pt. 4

    The morning - afternoon after goes great for Todd and Ted, but when Todd's dad is angry, how far will he go to punish Todd?

  • Inner Demons

    Poor Jason, kidnaped by a pair of demonic brothers to be their new toy...


    "You think I give a fuck about hurting you?" He growls. "No, I don't!" To prove himself he suddenly shoves his entire 12 inch, hot rod inside me. "Argh!" I cry out in pain. Leo pulls out and shoves himself all the way back in hard and quick.

  • Inner Demons Part 2

    Jason wakes up after his confrontation with Leo...With Dean at the foot of the bed

  • Jamie Truman

    I sighed as I clicked off the tv now leaving my house in total darkness. It was quiet. It felt like of you exhaled a light breath people would clearly hear you.

  • Lucif Chapter 1

    Lucif, or what many of you have known as Lucifer is the topic of this tale, though depicted in a light you have not yet seen. With heart soul and sadness he trudges the world. This is another of the series I'm working on and I hope you enjoy.

  • Lust of an Incubus 1: Escape From Lilith

    Kevin, a gay, horny demon of lust starts a long journey to satiate his stress.

  • Lust of an Incubus 2: A Spring Knight

    Kevin leaves the cave and soon encounters a demon-slaying knight. What will happen between the two?

  • Lust of an Incubus 3: Midnight Fight

    Kevin and Arthur stumble upon a rumor of a creature wreaking havoc in a forest. The two will confront the monster, but what happens next is the mystery.

  • Mark Of The Beast - New Born

    Transformation - In a flash the beast was pinned to a tree with an arrow in it's head.It was Peter, one of the royal vampire guard.

  • Mark of the Beast Awakening

    I felt the pain and wanted to scream my head off, but I couldn't, I couldn't do anything except burn.

  • Midnight's Rainbow Chapter 1

    Another in the series of stories I'm writing. Vampires and Slegna (No... not angels) enter into the scene in a twist that is not your average tale. I hope you enjoy and that I hear from you soon!

  • Mirage

    They saw what was there, the problem was that nobody else did.