• My Dark Angel Chapter 4

    James wakes up with Louis and discovers that he is not completely human, but belongs to the same paranormal world that Louis exists in. He is another supernatural.

  • My Dark Angel Chapter 5

    James and Louis have the problem of having to survive a day at school whilst trying to keep their hands of each other. And James finds someone else like him.

  • My Dark Angel Chapter 6

    James gets injured after his fight, But the evening continues with James and Louis preparing for their night out to Norfolk.

  • My Dark Angel Chapter 7

    James and Louis are confronted by Iōannēs, Is his interest in James innocent or something more?

  • Naughty Angel

    This was posted under Anonymous for some reason. It's my story, I made it. It's a revision of an earlier work, posted under the name Damion.

  • Naughty Angel

    It's a rewrite of Devil's Angel by Damion (me like 3 years ago).

  • Never Forget - 1

    I keep having this dream over and over like he's trying to save me from something but all I do is kill him and then I wake up.

  • Pain of Darkness - 2

    I saved him why did I do that? I've watched so many people die why was it so hard to let him die?

  • Pain of Darkness - 3

    I finally got home and all I could think about was him his face his lips his smile his voice he was all I thought about I wanted him more than I wanted air he was intoxicating he left me at my door I kissed him he left me breathless...

  • Pain of Darkness - 4

    So we got to school on time he kissed me and we headed to our different classes...

  • Pain of Darkness-1

    It was late didn't think class would've ran so late and he isn't here to pick me up yet Dad's never late and he isn't answering his phone I'd have to call mom "hey mom dad isn't here yet what's going on?"

  • Pains of Darkness-5

    Ven I have been watching him sleep he's been having bad dreams and he doesn't think i know he wakes up turns and kisses me every morning but his kisses have changed he has change and i want my love and heart back.

  • Pains of Darkness-6

    El He was looking at me during our last class he was looking at me with lust in his eyes he was loving every facial feature from a distance...

  • Pains of Darkness-7

    Hey sorry for the wait work and all that stuff had no time hope u all like it.

  • Red

    'Red like roses fill my dreams and bring me to the place you rest, white is cold and always jearning but in by I wrote your test, let the beasts sense from shadows, yellow will define gold'

  • Teeth

    After the events of Encounter: Nothing after the accident had ever been the same. Jamie Grey's life was about to end. His human one anyway.

  • The Call of Darkness: Chapter 7

    The next few days passed in a whirl of blissful happiness. See how quickly I turned into one of the people we all hate?

  • The Call of Darkness: Chapter 8

    Hey, guys! My old account cannot be accessed, so I had to make a new one. Now you guys will have to switch between my two accounts if you want to read my stories. I know it's been a while, but I'm back now. Enjoy!

  • The Calling

    Set at the end of the 19th Century this tale follows two young men Edmund Sylmans and Ahmed Taruk in their quest for love and the freedom to express it openly to the world. Not an easy thing to do when they live in Cairo, Egypt. Edmund is the spoilt son of the British Ambassador to Egypt and resents being dragged away from his Bohemian life in England and university. Used to getting everything he wants one way or other he hatches a plan to live a life of freedom with the man he loves, Ahmed, the son of the family chauffeur. Despite being young Ahmed is worldly wise and seizes the chance offered to him with open arms. Their adventure begins when they set out to explore Tripolitania's historic sites and cities in the company of eight other men. However in a hostile environment danger is never far away. Make a wrong decision and the consequences could be fatal. With the arrival of Lail Shebah life takes an unexpected turn for them and nothing will ever be the same again.

  • The Dead Leatherman

    It had been three years since the accident and Donnell Wyatt couldn't stand it from the day it happened. He felt guilty and blamed himself for Benny's accident. His brothers Jack and John tried to get him help that he desperately needed, but Don refused.

  • The Horny Dead!

    A short story that let me express my creative "juices".

  • The Lycan Chapter 1

    A world of shape shifters of all kinds are what makes this world. This is one book of a series I'm writing. It is independant but also intertwined with The Druid, Lucif, Midnight's Rainbow, and The Nephillim. I hope that you enjoy and I hope to hear from you soon!

  • The Lycan Chapter 2

    Taylor and Jason meet up with some very unsavory characters in a long forgotten town. They wanted a little something to eat, but get more than they expected.

  • The Man as Beast

    Two squires explore the depths of their hatred.

  • The Mark Of The Beast - Chapter 1 (Down Deep South)

    Ben and Mark discover more than they were looking for down in South America.