• Baseball Vs. Football - Stowaways! Pt 2 of 3

    The sexy baseball jock Carl takes Jack on an unexpected adventure... and a new friendship boils in the steam of an old locomotion ride through the deep, forested canyons of Goldrun.

  • Baseballing

    The ups and downs of a team roster relationship.

  • Basket Ball Shorts

    After skool I went home and put on my tighest basket ball shorts I could I put them on because I noticed he would run to the bath room every time I put them on I walked to his house I rang the door bell.

  • Basketball Jock and Prof, Part 2

    While I told the story Mike started to rub his abs, scratching his stomach and pushing down the waistband of his basketball shorts.

  • Basketball Joneses

    A neighborhood basketball player gets gangbang by a group of local thugs.

  • Beach Volleyball Champions

    Holt and I had been "Beach Volleyball Players" for several years and best buddies, but our relationship was getting ready to change into something more that volleyball.

  • Begging For Daddy Part 6

    Son and dad enter in a fun relationship taking the bonds of family to a whole new level.

  • Benji Gets Blackmailed

    He was the star basketball player in a sports-crazed small town and was like a god to the townsfolk. The girls and women swooned over him and the guys idolized him. He was good looking, too, and knew it. He had exotic, almost Latino features. Dark, almost black, hair, and brown smoldering eyes that seemed to beckon women to him.

  • Big Bro, Little Bro Part 3

    Trevor finally becomes a real good little bro.

  • Bill and Frank Go Camping Again

    Celebrating the third anniversary of their becoming a couple Frank and Bill return to the lake where they became lovers. They have a surprise for Ranger Dave!

  • Birthday Surprise

    Mike's dad gives him a little something extra for his birthday.

  • Black Adonis

    He just had a skimpy towel wrapped round his waist and it was made to look smaller by his massive, muscular body. He looked like he could have been a professional bodybuilder. His torso was a perfect mass of muscles and his legs were like two tree trunks.

  • Body Builder's Mishap

    Buddies take advantage of a bodybuilder's accident.

  • Body Snatcher

    Who is abducting young men from body-building events and why aren't they talking when they return home?

  • Bored at Josh's - Part 1

    My friend and I get horny.

  • Bored at Josh's 2

    Our time at Josh's gets even crazier.

  • Bought

    After joining a local gay nudist group, I was encouraged to perform with the top man of the group.

  • Boy By The Sea

    I was awakened just before dawn to the sound of sea gulls. A bit early in the morning for the gulls, I thought; I shouldn't have left my balcony door opened...

  • Boyfriend Part 10

    Dylan has a boxing match, but the real match begins once he comes home to Matt.

  • Boyfriend part 2

    Dylan carried me into my bedroom where he slowly stripped me down while leaving me small kisses...

  • Boys Academy: Hot Rugby Players' Bjorn and Derek Part 2

    For the next three months, the two 18-yesr-old hot roommates Swedish Bjorn and American Derek became close friends and fuck buddies at the boys academy. Then a special wild encounter took place when they came into contact with a professional rugby player from England. The sex was steamy hot.

  • Breaking Jake Part 7

    Things heat up in Stu's apartment leaving a confused, yet turned on Jake.

  • Brock and I part 2

    I didn't say this the first time, but yes, this story is based on real events, and my partner is really Brock and I love him. Please enjoy the story.

  • Broken Armor Ch.24 Lies & Secrets

    "Connor, who's your friend?" The bald headed man asked. I could see he had a tribal tattoo on his face, like the one the man who'd chased me down the hill had. "Hey, you're the guy who broke into my house and chased me off! Who're you?!" I asked taken aback that the tattooed man was standing right in front of me. "The name's Zane BellĂȘ. You're the kid that ran out of the house, eh?" he asked, raising an eyebrow curiously. ...

  • Brotherly Love Part 2

    Adam has even more fun when he goes to the gym, since discovering his love of man sex.

  • Brothers Home Alone - Part 1

    Two brothers, home for winter break, are bored!

  • Brothers Home Alone - Part 2 - The Next Morning

    Brothers Kevin and John wake up to a new day!

  • Brothers Home Alone - Part 3 - That Afternoon

    After the delivery man leaves......

  • Brothers Home Alone - Part 4 - Pizza with pepperoni

    Our hot saga continues with a new surprise!

  • Brothers Home Alone - Part 5 - The Party!

    To the readers, I followed your suggestion. Hope you like!