• A Kick To The Heart - Chapter 4

    The next morning, while I was making my way to school, I thought about how I was going to look at Angelo from now on...

  • A Kick To The Heart - Chapter 5

    Wow, two girlfriends... I thought to myself while walking on my way home. The wind blew through my hair, as if to remind it that fall is on its way...

  • A Kick To The Heart - Chapter 6

    'How about this one?', I said spinning twice in the pirate costume. 'Sure if you want to win lame costume of the year.', my neighbor Kim said chuckling. I only speak to Kim when I have to, and in this case, I HAD TO...

  • A Kick To The Heart - Chapter 7

    It was early monday morning, 2 days passed since the party. As always I made my way to school, I looked at my watch, wow!

  • A Kick To The Heart - Chapter 8

    I sat in my bed, remembering the things that happened earlier on today. Angelo referring to me as his 'best bud'...

  • A Kick To The Heart - Chapter 9

    'Don't eat so much', Randy told me. 'What the hell... why? I don't think I'll get fat with one burger Randy.' He laughed...

  • A Locker Room Meeting

    A man enjoying voyeurism in a locker room meets the hairy hunk of his dreams.

  • A Much Needed Weekend

    After a long week of work I am stressed out and looking forward to my weekend. My boss has been such an asshole this week, bugging me about reports needing to be turned in on time.

  • A Proposition Chapter 3

    A note from me, and back to the story!

  • A Roman Adventure

    Roman (from the "In Love With a Celebrity" series) recounts his first gay experience which made him the proud gay man he is today.

  • A turn of events.

    Tracey is a young 16 year old. At his age, he's experiencing confusion. And even more so when he's confronted by strange feelings that wont go away. He tries to bury them deep inside but they just show even more. What will happen next?

  • Aaron my New Roommate

    Aaron, my new roommate, was a real jock, but very introverted and shy, I was gonna bring him out of it or else, and that brought on unexpected pleasures, Oh yea!

  • After A Long Hot Day At Work

    I was rewarded with a drop of salty pre cum that was accompanied with a little moan. I sucked and licked my sweaty lollipop toying it in my mouth teasing drop after drop of sticky sweetness out of it. Sufficiently lubed with spit and cum I now used my hand to start jacking off this massive Shlong. Using my hand and mouth I knew that I would soon get my tasty treat.

  • After the Fight

    An assistant boxing trainer finds himself alone with his best fighter.

  • After the Water Polo Training

    What happens after the water polo training with a group of cheeky, horny boys and an unsuspected victim.

  • Airport Security

    This is the corrected version of a previously submitted story. My tenses were off and some of the language didn't work and apologize for submitting the prior version too hastily. I think I also turned up the heat somewhat and gave it a more visual fun ending! Thanks for all of your support as always guys!

  • Airport Security

    Our guy gets the business trying to catch his flight!

  • All In The Family, Part One: The Big Game

    The set-up worked out great for these two sex starved guys, Greg and Dre - a perfect match.

  • An encounter with Coach Taylor

    After a tough workout, I have an encounter with my hunk coach...

  • An Unexpected Surprise (Part 2)

    Will Dustin and Jason still be friends?

  • An Unexpected Surprise (Part 3)

    Ever since the accident, Dustin just can't seem to forgive himself.

  • An Unexpected Surprise (Part 3)

    Will Jason survive?

  • An Unexpected Surprise (Part 5)

    Will Dustin and Jason have sex?

  • An unexspected suprise!

    It was the night before our big game. The whole team was maxed out on stress...

  • Andys Initiation 1

    He let his hand linger a while on Andy's lower back but Andy didn't seem to notice. He also didn't notice that Pete's left hand was behind his back the whole time they had been talking. If he had noticed, he would've seen both his boxers and his sweaty briefs balled up in Pete's fist.

  • Andys Initiation 2

    He never felt anything like that before. No one had ever touched his tits before, and there was a tongue in his ear that was driving him wild! He tried to turn his head, but Jim held it firmly in place as he flicked his tongue in and out of Andy's ear.

  • Andys Initiation 3

    He was positioned on his hands and knees as the guys continued to feel up his hot body. Andre lowered his khakis and black silk boxers in one swift motion. He took Andy's chin in his hands. The teen's eyes were glazed as he looked up at his childhood hero.

  • Anthony And I Chaper 4: The Morning After

    When I woke up I looked over Anthony was awake and he was staring into my eyes, he brushed his hand offer my cheek and smiled showing his perfect white teeth.

  • Anthony And I Chapter 1: The first time

    Anthony is a popular High school Jock that falls for Nate who is younger and has always had a thing for Anthony, both of these guys are in the closet about being gay but may be out soon.

  • Anthony And I Chapter 2: The Second Encounter

    I woke up early Monday morning to get ready for school I checked my phone as I always did when I woke up there were 5 text, 7 missed calls, and 2 voicemails all from Anthony I read them to myself: