• An Unexpected Surprise (Part 3)

    Will Jason survive?

  • An Unexpected Surprise (Part 5)

    Will Dustin and Jason have sex?

  • An unexspected suprise!

    It was the night before our big game. The whole team was maxed out on stress...

  • Andys Initiation 1

    He let his hand linger a while on Andy's lower back but Andy didn't seem to notice. He also didn't notice that Pete's left hand was behind his back the whole time they had been talking. If he had noticed, he would've seen both his boxers and his sweaty briefs balled up in Pete's fist.

  • Andys Initiation 2

    He never felt anything like that before. No one had ever touched his tits before, and there was a tongue in his ear that was driving him wild! He tried to turn his head, but Jim held it firmly in place as he flicked his tongue in and out of Andy's ear.

  • Andys Initiation 3

    He was positioned on his hands and knees as the guys continued to feel up his hot body. Andre lowered his khakis and black silk boxers in one swift motion. He took Andy's chin in his hands. The teen's eyes were glazed as he looked up at his childhood hero.

  • Anthony And I Chaper 4: The Morning After

    When I woke up I looked over Anthony was awake and he was staring into my eyes, he brushed his hand offer my cheek and smiled showing his perfect white teeth.

  • Anthony And I Chapter 1: The first time

    Anthony is a popular High school Jock that falls for Nate who is younger and has always had a thing for Anthony, both of these guys are in the closet about being gay but may be out soon.

  • Anthony And I Chapter 2: The Second Encounter

    I woke up early Monday morning to get ready for school I checked my phone as I always did when I woke up there were 5 text, 7 missed calls, and 2 voicemails all from Anthony I read them to myself:

  • Anthony And I Chapter 3: Losing The Big V

    The rest of the week at school I didn't see Anthony all that much except for at practice on Friday which I wasn't paying attention to I was just watching him. After practice we went into the locker room and he came up behind me and said.

  • Anthony And I Chapter 5: Being in love with Anthony

    It was getting dark when I heard a car pull up in the driveway. I looked out the window it was Anthony, he opened the front door and came up the stairs

  • Anthony And I Chapter 6: The Meeting

    The alarm woke us up the next morning it read 6:00 a.m. it was Monday which meant school.

  • Anthony And I Chapter 8: The Anniversary

    The next morning I met up with one of my best friends Eric.

  • Anthony And I Chapter: Adam

    Chapter seven is kind of short and does not contain sex, its been a while since ive posted a chapter but hope you enjoy!

  • Anything but normal Pt.2

    Normal is rarely used in this world...

  • Anything but normal Pt.3

    Don't you just HATE gym?

  • Around the World

    Skipper teased me about going "Around the World" with him, but one day we sailed away!

  • Assistant Coach and the Quarterback

    The new assistant coach was a walking dream, but I was just a quarterback, man for some reason I would get aroused and turned on every time he was near me, I really wanted to get to know him, and that progressed to wanted to really get to know him, if you get my drift.

  • Austin

    Two hunky hairy and muscular men discover each other in their 30's after not seeing each other since high school.

  • Author Seduces Hot Soccer Player During Book Tour of Colleges

    During a book signing tour of colleges, award-winning author Jonathan (Jon) meets Curtis, a hot soccer player, leading to steamy sex.

  • Awakened By An Object Massaging My Ass

    During a week's tour by our college baseball, soccer and tennis teams, we discovered on the third night an error in the room reservations. The baseball assistant coach (Scott) and the team's catcher (Mark) wound up forced to share a bed. During the night, the coach woke at feeling a cock rubbing against his ass.

  • Awakened By Object Massaging My Ass PT 2

    Following the night of Scott being fucked by Mark's giant boner on the sport' teams' tour, the team return to campus. A few days later, Mark and Scott hook up for a wild and erotic sex marathon.

  • Awakened By Object Massaging My Ass PT 3

    Mark, the baseball's team catcher, in part 3 turns his giant body and aggressive boner toward other guys for a session of wild sex.

  • Bachelor Party Favor

    Gil Walker lives and works in Las Vegas doing construction and has been given the opportunity to make a lot of money on the side.

  • Baseball bathhouse

    Nick is a baseball star who has to keep his need for man sex a secret, and discovers a lot of fun in the bathhouse.