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Straight Guys for Gay Eyes is a site that brings us the real deal - straight guys doing what they love the most. Instead of another gay-for-pay site, this is the place we can watch guys as they fuck their girlfriends, but the focus is not on the girls, it's on the guys. The camera focuses on the guys as their muscles work, their bodies drip sweat and they shoot loads of cum. The girls actually seem to stay mostly dressed here so the attention is naturally drawn on naked straight guys in action. There's also a few M/M/F (that's male/male/female) bisexual shoots.

As mentioned, the focus here is definitely on the guys, and with bodies like some of them have, one can only appreciate it. I can best express it by describing what I saw in one of muscle God Zeb Atlas' videos. He is fucking his girl and we almost can't see her at all - what we see are his muscular buttocks, back and thighs as he thrusts hard again and again, his body pumping hard. It's an incredible shot and it isn't over in a flash. There are lots of regular hunky straight guys plus some gay porn stars like Girth Brooks, Johnny Torque, Rafael Escobar and Arpad Miklos, who obviously aren't as gay as I had thought. You'll also find some solo shoots, but most of the action here is hardcore.

Straight Guys for Gay Eyes offers 439 videos, but the site no longer updates - luckily there's enough here to keep members busy. Now let's talk videos. The newer downloadable vids are shown at 960x540, and are offered in good amateur quality WMV full scenes and QuickTime clips. The older vids are still pretty good quality, downloadable at 640x480 at fairly good quality. And for those looking for streaming, there are Flash full scenes, as well. All the videos are DRM-free, play smoothly and have good sound.

Each episode also comes with a description of the action and a set of pics. In most sets, the pics are good amateur digital stills sized at 640x960, although a few of the oldest photo sets offer screencaps of average quality for screencaps. There's a message under each gallery to let members know that sometimes the photos were not taken during the video shoot, so may not contain the exactly same poses and action, and also that the cumshots are taken from the videos. Each gallery can be downloaded in a zip file or you can save individual pics if you prefer.

This site does have a few issues. As mentioned, the site doesn't add new content, and there's a note on the join page that says the site is not updated regularly. The link to the home page leads to the tour, not a big deal, but a little surprising. Next, you can only browse 1 page at a time through the video listings, which means 44 clicks to get through all the pages. Usually. That leads me to the weirdest thing about this site. When I changed sorting the videos from oldest to newest, then back to newest to oldest, I'd get different amounts of video pages - sometimes 44 pages (and I checked - all the pages had videos) and sometimes I'd get 33 pages.

If you're looking for REAL straight guys in action, Straight Guys for Gay Eyes is definitely worth checking out. The guys are horny and delicious, and for once there is no question about whether the men are really straight since they are fucking women. The camera work definitely captures those muscular bodies and hard cocks, which is what we're really here to see. Add to that 439 downloadable DRM-free videos and what you have is a really hot site almost sure to make you reach for a towel. Straight Guys for Gay Eyes delivers horny straight men (including some porn stars) in action, and even though there are no more updates, I really enjoy watching the videos.

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