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I am sure you have heard of the name Kristen Bjorn before. He's a very well-known gay porn director who started his career as a performer for Falcon Studios, and he has been producing his own gay porn movies for more than two decades. Kristen has created a very recognizable style, too. He releases DVDs under his own name, as well as under the brand name Sarava Productions, which is actually Kristen's production company. The Sarava Productions membership site is actually a huge library of everything that has been released under these two brands during the past 20 years.

Kristen travels the world in his search for the hottest and hunkiest guys. He has lived in the UK, US, South America and Australia and currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. Therefore you will find a lot of hot Spanish and Italian hunks in his more recent films. The models in his movies are beautiful and well-built muscle hunks and masculine studs, mainly from Europe and South America. The guys are handsome, most with rock hard abs, delicious asses and many of them have big, uncut cocks. There is a good mix of amateurs and porn stars. The majority of the guys are in their twenties and thirties, with some being more mature.

The action at here is all hardcore; you won't find any solos. Kristen Bjorn is famous for his group sex scenes, and there are plenty of threesomes, foursomes and moresomes, but you will also find lots of duos. The movies include all the action you could possibly wish for: kissing, rimming, double penetration, daisy chain fucking, facials, cum-eating, lots of deep-throating and some very intense ass drilling. It is hard not to like what Sarava Productions has to offer.

There are 393 videos inside the members area, some of which are called exclusive premiers, which means that these are unrel for a certain amount of time. The videos are full scenes which have been taken from DVDs. The scenes are not dated, but the coming attractions are, and it appears the site usually adds an update every 2 weeks.

The videos are streaming MP4s, the newer videos sized at 1000x580, some of the older videos at a smaller size of 760x580; you can enlarge the vids to full screen, although you can expect a loss of quality from older ones. The quality of the newer videos is good to very good, although the oldest videos are clearly of lesser quality, which is not really surprising since those videos were shot on film and transferred to digital. The scenes are available to stream and not offered for download to your own computer.

There are small sets of photos for 47 of the DVDs. Each set contains between 6 and 40 pictures. You can view them as a gallery, but there is no hands-free slideshow available. If you wish, you can download the photos from one scene altogether in a zip file. Both the quality and the size of the pictures varies per set. Most of the photos are available in a size between 510x720 and 640x950. Same as with the videos, photos that are older are a little less sharp and bright - but that makes sense since some were shot on film originally, and the quality is still okay.

Sarava Productions doesn't come with any members-only extras. There are a couple of links in the top navigation bar that lead to other things, like a webcam site and a tube site with preview videos, but I admit that I did like the blog even if it is basically previews of the videos. Still, there was more info about the performers and the videos.

I ran into a few issues with this site. First, the tour claims there are "over 617" scenes, but there are 393. Next is the fact that the scenes are not dated, which kind of hides how regularly the site adds new content; there had been an average of just over 1 new scene per month although they recently have been updating every 14 days. Also, there is a daily limit for data transfer. You are allowed a maximum transfer of 5 gigabytes per 24-hour period, which is a whole lot unless you plan to spend all day watching porn videos.

Sarava Productions delivers 393 streaming scenes from DVDs produced by Kirsten Bjorn and his production company, Sarava Productions. The site adds a new video every 2 weeks, and you can see the dates of the to-be-added videos, although updates are not dated. The men on this site are absolutely gorgeous, with bodies ranging from ripped to muscular bodies and there are plenty of big, uncut cocks. Except for a few of the oldest scenes, the action here is man-on-man, and there are plenty of group and orgy scenes. Sarava Productions is a real treat for hardcore porn fans and Euro muscle hunk lovers who prefer to stream their videos.

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