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Raw Rods focuses on hot and horny black studs, bruthas, and thugs in dirty bareback action. There's a nice variety of models from slender ebony twinks to more beefy and rough types. Most of the guys are in their early twenties, but you will find some men up to 40, too. Skin tones are mixed as well from dark coffees and chocolates to light caramels and everything in between, and a good number of the performers have nice big cocks. The brothas, as Raw Rods calls them, are mostly good looking and with slender to athletic bodies, and some are on the muscular side. A lot of them have tattoos and a rough look with attitudes to match. Some of the guys are gay, but you will find straight and bisexual performers as well.

Most of the action here are raw duos, but there are a few threesomes as well as seven solos. You can expect big black dicks getting sucked, and there's also lots of rimming - these ebony studs really love eating ass. And there's also plenty of condom-free fucking including some plenty of deep, hard pounding. The content is exclusive, which means that you won't find the scenes on other sites. The models, however, aren't exclusive, so you will probably recognize some of the Raw Rods models from other sites. For example, both Hotrod and Domino Star have worked for other studios.

Raw Rods currently offers 266 episodes, each with pictures and video. The videos are DRM-free and offered in MP4 format. The downloadable versions come in three resolutions: 1280x720, 854x480 and 480x270. You can also stream the videos if you prefer; these play at 986x554 by default but can also be enlarged to full screen with only a small loss of sharpness. Video quality varies, but while some vids are sharper than others, overall I'd say the movies are good amateur quality, and the action is captured very well with lots of different camera angles and close-ups.

Each episode comes with a set of pictures. Some of these pic sets contain digital stills sized at about 700x1050 at good amateur quality, others feature screencaps at 700x394 at pretty decent quality that can actually pass for digital stills. Lighting could sometimes be better, but overall the pics show off the guys and the action well, although the sceencaps can be a little repetitious at times. The pics are offered in galleries, and they can be downloaded as zip files or you can save the pics you like individually. Watermarks are a little on the large side but rarely actually cover anything I wanted to see.

Besides the video and pictures, every episode comes with a juicy scene description and model profiles with some stats like age, relationship status, body measurements, preferences, and cock size. Members also get a desktop calendar each month featuring the Raw Rods models, and these calendars come in a wide variety of sizes that should match any screen from older smart phones to high resolution monitors.

One of the things I really liked about Raw Rods (besides the hot guys and big cocks) is that the folks at the studio tries their best to match all the site elements to the theme of the site and that includes grammar and the use of slang words. On top of the latest episodes it reads "Yo, dis da latest shit right here. Brothas doin it like we do it, nuttin' but RAW dick up in dis joint!" and in the scene descriptions you will notice text like "brothas doing their shit." I found it made the site a lot more fun.

Updates are what concerned me the most. The latest updates are dated on the tour (although not in the members area), and show that the site updates once a week, but the numbers don't add up for me, probably because up until a few months ago the site was recycling some (but not all) of their updates. We've heard from site management, however, and they say they are now producing all-new content, so hopefully the updates will continue to be new productions.

There are a couple more things worth mentioning. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the tour that, if left checked, will sign you up for a recurring membership to a second site when you join this one; it's easy enough to uncheck, though. The current "Winter Sale" price is actually $10 more than the membership price was on our last visit. I'd also like to see dates on the updates in the members area, not just on the tour. Last, while not an issue, be aware that there are commercial links to live cams, pay per view videos, DVDs, and other sites on the navbar.

Raw Rods delivers horny black men including amateurs, hunks, twinks, and thugs in hardcore bareback action. With a good variety of performers in 266 good-sized videos with matching photo sets, there's lots here to get off to. The videos can be downloaded, streamed and the smaller ones will play on most mobiles, and the site adds a new video every Thursday. There aren't a lot of all-black male bareback sites and Raw Rods is one of the best ones out there, with no major issues and plenty of ebony cock. If you're into black thugs with big dicks in condom-free sex, Raw Rods is definitely worth checking out.

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