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Coco Dorm focuses on black hunks, thugs and amateurs from 19 years old to somewhere in their thirties, as well as some Latinos. Some of the guys are slender, some are average, and some are quite well-built, ranging from athletic and ripped to muscle hunks, and there are a good number of really big ebony cocks; Rock Rockafellaz (one of the dudes) sports 10 1/2 inches and Alonzoe Avery is packing 10 inches of dark meat. You can expect a mix of gang types, slender to average guys and some who have a collegiate look, as well as a few of what I might call "rough twinks". Many of the guys have a typical bad boy look, so expect a lot of dreads, baseball caps, tattoos, low-hanging pants and gold necklaces.

The action includes guys jerking off or sucking and fucking in duos and threesomes, so there's plenty of hardcore gay sex. You'll find guys sixy-nining, eating ass and getting boned in a wide variety of positions. For those who love watching black guys get rimmed, this is the place - in many of the hardcore videos, the bottoms put their asses up in the air and the tops bury their faces between those round cheeks. The solos often start off with stripping while photos are taken, and in the newer videos there's a soundtrack from the beginning of these videos till the performer shoots his load. After the guys cum, the newer vids include an interview.

Coco Dorm currently offers videos in several sections - there are 543 videos in the Dorm Videos section, 39 in the Live Cam Archive, 168 in Streams X and 3102 in Streams Old. Let's start with the Dorm Videos, which aren't recorded cam shows but are regular porn vids. More than half these videos are offered in 3 sizes of MP4, the largest sized at 1280X720 and the smaller sizes good for mobiles. These newer videos are good amateur quality, and are also available to stream. The oldest vids are available in either one or two WMV sizes with the largest playing at either 320x240 or 480x360 at amateur to fairly good amateur quality.

The videos in the other sections are recorded live shows, and there are years of them. Most stream at 640x480, although some of the oldest ones were probably upsized from 320x240 so don't look too good at their larger size. Many are also offered for download at between 320x240 and 640x480. Quality for the various recorded cam shows ranges, many of the older shown at amateur quality and some of the newer at fairly good amateur quality. In most cases the recorded live shows don't go full screen too well.

Each of the Dorm Videos comes with a set of pics. Some are sets of digital stills, others of screencaps, and both are pretty good quality. and different age pics come in different sizes, most digital stills shown at 498x750 and the largest screencaps being sized at 700x394. Each pic set can be enjoyed as a hands-free slideshow or downloaded in a zip file.

There are some more content sections, as well. There is a section called Wannabees, which shows guys who want to live in the dorm for a while. There are model blogs, where some of the guys wrote about themselves; although this section no longer updates, it makes interesting reading. There's also the Support blog in the blogs, which IS still periodically updating. Next are the "confessions", which are videos of the models talking about what they do, their sexual preferences and fantasies. Some of them pull out their cocks during the videos.

Then there's some free stuff that is also available to non-members. There's a good-sized collection of black-themed stories, and some simple online games. What I also found in the free section is the updates calendar, which showed that the site is currently still adding a new video each week, although not always on the same day of the week. These updates are all in the Dorm Videos section, and that segues us to the issues.

The Dorm Videos section is the only section of the site still updating because it appears that there have been no live shows for an indeterminate amount of time, and you can't have recorded live shows if no one is live. The Live Cams section says it's offline for an upgrade, and the most recent updated recorded live show was added on 2013-12-06. There are also only 2 guys listed as current Dorm Dudes, while there used to be 5 to 7 guys living in the house at any one time. Will there be future live shows? We're not sure, but we'll check back regularly to see if there's any news.

There's also a pre-checked offer on the sign-up page that will sign you up for an additional site membership if you leave it checked; it's easy enough to uncheck if you wish. And the lack of update dates in the member area can lead to confusion to whether the site updates or not; it does, and you can find the dates on the tour.

Coco Dorm offers hot black hunks, thugs and amateurs and Latinos, both in their twenties and thirties, often with big cocks. Members get access to 3852 videos, 543 of which are professionally shot porn videos in a mix of hardcore and solo action; the rest are recorded live shows. The live cams weren't online when we visited, and haven't been for while, but a new episode with pics and downloadable video is added weekly, and then there are over 3000 recorded live shows. While I hope the site get the live shows back online soon, the Dorm Videos, archived live shows and extras make Coco Dorm a site that's definitely worth a look for those who love big black cocks.

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