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I guess we could call Coco Dorm the Big Brother of black and Latino gay porn. This site follows horny dark-skinned dorm dudes who live together in one house. There are cameras all over the house, so you can watch the guys as they are doing their things and, more importantly, watch them having sex. Currently, there are seven sexy ebony and Latin guys living inside the house, and from time to time guys leave the house and new guys take their places. There are eight webcams, of which five are placed in their bedrooms, two are recording what's going on in the computer room and there is one shower cam. There are two more cameras – one that records the live shows and one that follows the guys when they are on the road.

The action from inside the house, as well as in the regular videos, includes guys jerking off, guys sucking and fucking in duos and threesomes. While the dorm house is the main focus here, Coco Dorm offers a lot more than just live webcams; there are videos, photos, live shows, a huge archive of past live shows and action that has been recorded by the cams inside the house and much more. The performers at Coco Dorm are hot and fit guys in their twenties and thirties, with slim or athletic bodies, and often with big dicks. Many of the guys have a typical bad boy look, so expect a lot of dreads, baseball caps, tattoos, low-hanging pants and gold necklaces.

Coco Dorm offers a lot of content. There are over 3900 videos total, and they're divided them into three different categories. First there are 449 regular videos, the newer of which are available in several options. You can watch them online in two MP4 sizes with the largest playing at 854x480. You can also choose to download the videos in these two sizes as well as in HD quality at a size of 1280x720. The oldest vids are available in either one or two WMV sizes with the largest playing at either 320x240 or 480x360. Scenes are not dated, so it's hard to tell when and how often Coco Dorm updates. Judging by the number of videos since our last update, I'm guessing it updates weekly.

The videos in Live Cam Archive and Streams are dated, and new vids are added in the Live Cam Archive every 1 to 7 days, with at least 4 videos added per update. The regular videos are not dated, so it's hard to tell when and how often Coco Dorm updates, judging by the number of videos in their archive, I bet this site updates at least once a week.

The regular videos each come with a matching photo set. There are 449 sets containing 80 to 100 photos on average. Some are sets of digital stills, some of vidcaps, and both are pretty good quality. and different age pics come in different sizes, most digital stills shown at 498x750 and the largest screencaps being 700x394. On the image pages, you will find some more information about the models and the scenes, too.

Both the live cams and the archived live shows play at 320x240 at average amateur quality. You can enlarge the videos, but they will lose some sharpness. Live cam sessions cannot be downloaded to your computer, so it's a good thing that they're offered archived.

And there are 2897 streams, which are action videos recorded by webcams inside the house. You can either play them right inside your browser, through an external media player or you can download them in WMV format. These vids play at 320x240, too, and again the quality is average amateur.

Coco Dorm offers more than webcams, videos and pictures. In fact, this site offers so many different things, that you might feel a bit lost or overwhelmed at first. There is a section called Wannabees, which shows guys who want to live in the dorm for a while. Members can vote and decide who will be the next guy to enter the house.

There are model blogs, where some of the guys write about themselves and keep you posted about what is going on in their lives. There are confessions, which are videos of the models talking about what they do, their sexual preferences and fantasies. Some of them pull out their cocks during the videos. There's also a member forum, where you can talk about the guys and the action, ask for support or just talk about random stuff.

Then there is a bunch of free stuff that is also available to non-members, such as simple online games, desktop wallpapers, a live schedule, an event calendar, a way to send gifts to your favorite performers, links to a DVD shop and a nice selection of sex stories.

There are some issues with Coco Dorm. First, there's a pop-up when leaving the join page. Also since the videos are not dated, it makes it hard to give you accurate details about their updates. Some of the oldest downloadable videos are missing.

Coco Dorm offers hot, fit black guys and Latinos in their twenties and thirties, often with big cocks. You can enjoy the performers through live cams, archived cam shows and streams, plus the good quality downloadable videos and matching photo sets. Membership gives you access to over 3800 videos, 448 photo galleries and a lot of extras. The bottom line - if you're into black and Latin thugs and amateurs live on cam and in videos, Coco Dorm is definitely worth checking out.

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