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Thug Boy has been around for quite a while bringing us amateur black and Latin guys and thugs in solo and hardcore guy-on-guy sex. The performers are twenty-something black guys, as well as some Latinos. Some of them are slender, some are ripped and more well defined, and there are some muscle studs as well. A number of the guys start off wearing hoodies, baggy jeans or shorts, loose-fitting t-shirts, do rags, ball caps and bandanas, and some are rough thugs, while others are more like surly twinks or bad boys, and some are more amateur than tough. Most of the guys wear short hair, but a few have corn rows or dreads, and you'll find a lot of tattoos and can expect plenty of big dicks. The guys are amateurs for the most part, but you'll also find many of them appearing multiple times on Thug Boy, as well as on other sites run by the same company.

The action gets started in a variety of ways. Sometimes the guys hook up on the street and head back to somewhere private to get off together. But there's also a recurring theme of guys doing it in the classroom or a school or gym locker room. I liked the street hook-ups the best, but the detention room banging took me back to my own days in school and wished I had thought of bending over a desk. When Thug Boy first started out most of the action was solo jerk offs with maybe one in ten scenes involving duo action. Many of the newer scenes are duos or threeways with very few solos except for the 12 most recent updates, of which 11 are solos. I didn't see any bareback sex, but I also didn't watch all of the videos, so I can't say they're 100% condom. Most of the sex is black on black or Latino, but there's the odd black-on-white scene, too.

Thug Boy offers 532 exclusive videos in the members area. The latest videos are offered in MP4 format at 1280x720 plus a couple smaller sizes for mobiles at good amateur quality, but the site's oldest videos come in WMV and QuickTime formats at 330x248 at amateur quality or better. Newest episodes can be streamed at between 480x270 and 714x438, depending on the age of the video, and the smaller downloads should play on most mobiles; older episodes stream at smaller sizes and some aren't available to stream at all.

There are 562 picture sets, most of which accompany videos but some of the oldest are standalone updates. The newer pics are either good amateur quality digital stills sized at 700x1050 or pretty good screencaps sized at 700x394. The older picture sets offer up digital stills sized at 500x665 at fairly good amateur quality. You can enjoy the picture sets as hands-free slideshows, download them in zip files or save individual pictures, if you prefer.

Thug Boy has a few extras: a collection of gay sex stories, desktop calendar wallpaper which are kept current plus a video chat area where you can talk to other members. The site also has various icons assigned to each guy, things like top 10, big dick, shorty, fine azz, pretty boy, versatile, or top only. And clicking those icons will give you other guys on the site with those features.

Updates here are something of a puzzle. For a while, the site was mixing new updates with older videos that were re-dated to appear to be fresh updates. Then in October of 2015 they started adding a fresh video weekly, which was great news. But now - it's December 22, 2015 - it's been 12 days since the last update, and the join page says the site updates bi-weekly.

There are a few issues worth mentioning. First off, there's a pre-checked offer for a second site membership on the billing page, but it's easy enough to untick. I noticed when checking the join page that Thug Boy has a holiday special, but I also notice that it's actually $5 more than the old price. Some of the oldest listings in the videos section contains listings that don't actually have videos. I wish the streaming videos were bigger, and that the older videos were bigger and that mobile versions were available. By the way, the link to HOME in the members area will take you back to the tour.

I like Thug Boy, and I found most of the guys were hot with a variety of looks from smooth and slender to muscled and hard. Skin tones ranged from light caramels to dark cocoa and everything in between, and as I said earlier, some of the guys are a little more thug-like than others. The scenes themselves offer good variety from street pick-ups to locker room suck and fuck sessions or guys kicking back at home and taking care of each others (or their own) dicks. The 532 videos are well produced and fast to load, and the newer HD videos are good quality as well as being downloadable and DRM-free. While I wish the updates would stick to a schedule and hope they keep adding fresh content, Thug Boy delivers hot black guys and even hotter sex, and the price is reasonable, too.

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