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Naked Sword has been around since 1997 and offers thousands of DVD scenes from big name gay porn studios like Bel Ami, Falcon, Raging Stallion and Treasure Island, but you'll also find lesser-known studios like Wrestle Hard and Street Trade or even movies from porn sites like Gay Hoopla and Corbin Fisher. All total, Naked Sword offers videos from 120 different studios (that's 24 more than our last review two years ago), but more importantly, they have apparently more than doubled the number of DVDs from 1500 to what they say is 3900 with a whopping 17,343 scenes to watch. There have been some significant changes in the past couple of years, so let's get started.

Naked Sword offers pretty much every type of guy you could imagine. You'll find all the standards including amateurs, Asians, black guys, bears, daddies, college-aged guys and jocks, Latinos and twinks. But since their content comes from 120 different studios, you'll find all sorts of guys and men with myriad endowment from small to super sized, cut or uncut.

Likewise, if you can dream it you'll probably find it here - everything from guys jacking off to multi-man gangbangs, from vanilla sex to kinky play with whips and chains. Some guys just want to suck dick, others like getting fucked the old fashioned way or with dildos in all shapes and sizes. The guys fuck with condoms or bareback and you'll find a nice selection of fetish sex and extreme ass play. And you can watch men fucking at home, in hotels, in bars and sex clubs, in dirty dungeons and playrooms, outdoors - again, pretty much whatever you fancy.

There are Studio and Category sections on the navigation bar that help you find the content you want. Also, you'll find the Most Watched and Just Added sections helpful. And something I rather liked was the Stars section that not only lists all the men who have appeared in Naked Sword Original releases, but it gives you the playlists of a handful of performers like Adam Ramzi, Duncan Black, JD Phoenix, Bray Love, Chris Harder and Trenton Ducati; also director mr. Pam and a couple of bloggers have listed some of their faves. Tucked away in the top right corner of the site is My Naked Sword, where you manage your membership, check your viewing history and bookmark your favorite movies.

Naked Sword has been overhauling their whole system and continues to modernize their video offering. They are still working on converting the last few Flash videos to MP4, they have also dumped Silverlight, which was a Microsoft streaming plugin, and they no longer offer videos in WMV or Real formats.

On each scene's page, the videos stream in a player at 960x548. The scenes auto play at the optimal speed, but there are four or more speeds and you can select whichever you prefer; the video quality improves the higher you go. At the bottom of these pages you'll find other videos from the same studio, as well as recommendations of similar movies. There is a full-screen mode, and it's worth noting that picture quality depends on the original video source; sometimes the enlarged versions are okay, sometimes they're fuzzy. Regardless, I was quite happy watching videos in their regular player. Naked Sword is now optimized for smart phones and other mobile devices, as well.

I'm not sure exactly how many DVD titles Naked Sword offers because their navigation system makes it hard to get a total, but Naked Sword says they have 3900 DVDs with 17,343 scenes, and that does seem to be about right from the counting I was able to do. So you're looking at a huge inventory, and the site says that they add eight new scenes daily. And to keep track of those new releases, check the Just Added sections where they list the latest 200 DVD titles or individual scenes. You can click into each title for details like casting list, director, and description, along with a small selection of screencaps that display in a slider, and you can watch the whole movie or an individual scene, depending which section you're in.

Naked Sword also produces their own line of movies, and I'm a fan. These are directed by mr. Pam and star porn performers like Adam Ramzi, Boomer Banks, Cam Christou, Duncan Black, Darius Ferdynand, and new guy Bray Love, to name a few. They have done co-productions with Bel Ami and their latest hit called "Vegas Hustle" was filmed at HustlaBall. You'll also find behind-the-scenes and interview reels, the hit web series Golden Gate, which is quite a few years old now, as well as the Tim and Roma Show.

Naked Sword offers a monthly membership that gives you unlimited streaming. In the past, their membership set-up was rather confusing, so this simplification is among the best news. However, they still have a VOD link on their navbar that leads to an AEBN video-on-demand theater, which not only features much of the same content as you'll find on Naked Sword, but asks you to spend more money.

Naked Sword is one of the biggest gay porn sites out there with a massive collection of DVDs. And with eight new scenes added every single day, you'll never run out of stuff to watch. You're getting about 240 new scenes every month and you just don't get that much "new" gay porn on a traditional membership site - and those updates are added to over 15,000 full scenes from 3900 DVD titles. Finally, I'm still impressed with Naked Sword; they continue to streamline and demystify their system, and they're producing some top-notch content themselves. Naked Sword is better than ever, and it's definitely worth checking out!

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