• Handsome Muscle Stud Nick Harper

    Handsome Muscle Stud Nick Harper

    Nick Harper works out at the gym almost every day and he's got the body to prove it. Beautiful carved pecs, lean waist and ripped abs, tight legs and a sexy butt. This handsome stud just filmed his first jack-off video for Gay Hoopla. He followed it up quickly with his first fuck session too. Nick says that he's only kissed a guy, but nothing else. Well, not anymore. Nick has just sucked his first dick, gotten head from a guy, and fucked a dude's ass. Really hard and deep, by the way. And his bottom loves his huge cock.

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  • Hung Twinks Flip Fucking in "Bareback Rub"

    Hung Twinks Flip Fucking in "Bareback Rub"

    Alan Davis is a fresh-faced twink who just arrived in Pornland and he's playing opposite Grayson Lange in Bareback Rub. And since both boys are pretty well hung and take turns fucking each other, the best way to tell them apart is that Grayson has the 3:16 tattoo on his chest. Watching Grayson choke down Alan's big dick is a huge turn-on. but their passionate fucking knocked me over. Wow! These two are on fire.

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  • Interview with Angel Lopez

    Interview with Angel Lopez

    GayDemon interviews Staxus exclusive model, Angel Lopez to find out about his career in porn and a bit about his background.

    Thanks for doing an interview for GayDemon. So they call you “Angel the Tongue.”

    You are welcome. My pleasure! Yes, hehe they do, but I don’t know why …

    How did you get started in porn and what made you decide to become a porn star with Staxus?

    I always wanted to work in the porn Industry. I love sex and everything about porn. Also all those hot boys that you can see at Staxus so … it was my dream!

    What was your first scene and who was it with? Tell us a bit about how it was for you.

    My First scene was with a hot Czech model. I don’t remember his name to be honest. But was a great experience! I feel very nice working with the Staxus team. They make you feel very comfortable and safe. I loved every second of that first scene.

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  • Brogan Reed Busts Aaron Daniels Porn Cherry

    Brogan Reed Busts Aaron Daniels Porn Cherry

    Aaron Daniels is brand new to Pornland and he hails from Virginia Beach. Jason Sparks Live and Brogan Reed caught up with him in Norfolk so he could make his first video. "Been really working out lately and trying to get my body nice," Aaron says, "guess it's time to show it off." 

    He likes guys with a good physique and a nice face and says, "A good personality behind it really puts the bow on the package." Then Aaron and Brogan get down to some horny necking before swapping blowjobs and Brogan fucks the young buck's ass. And boy, does Aaron feel it.

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  • Too Much?

    Too Much?

    Santi Vidal might be a little too much for many of you guys. This 42-year-old daddy wears a big, bushy beard; his back, arms, and chest are covered in tattoos; he doesn't trim his pubes at all and he's sporting a Prince Albert. He's right up my alley in so many ways except one -- he's a bottom. What am I going to do with a bottom? Oh well, I guess we could get together and knit. But Dalton Hawg has no problem topping this daddy and gives him a thorough fucking with his thick cock. 

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  • Ricky Verez Takes Jack Andy's 9-Inch Cock

    Ricky Verez Takes Jack Andy's 9-Inch Cock

    Raw DILFS is proving to be one sensational series -- I'm thoroughly enjoying it. First, Hans Berlin returns to Lucas Entertainment for his bareback debut, then Sergeant Miles literally spanks Diego Gaston in a horny kitchen fuck, and now, Ricky Verez rides Jack Andy's nine-inch cock. In the final minute of the video, Jack Andy drills Ricky's ass until he explodes all over himself.

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  • "Work For It, Boy"

    "Work For It, Boy"

    Archer and Troy are lovers and Archer wanted to watch his boy servicing his dick in a porn video. Talk about having your own personal spank bank. Troy says he wants to suck his lover's cock, so Archer whips it out and Troy starts gulping. "Work for it, boy," Archer pants. This ginger cub is a superb cocksucker and Archer is hung, which makes watching Troy servicing his boyfriend all the hotter. And wait until you see Archer stick his hard-on into his boy's ass. 

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  • Flashback: Cock Is Always in Fashion

    Flashback: Cock Is Always in Fashion

    Hairstyles change (unless you're a monk) and clothing styles change (unless you're a monk) but cock is always in fashion (especially if you're a monk).

    I totally follow lots of monks on Instagram so I ought to know.

    The person I need to pay tribute to here is the focused cocksucker who is not allowing himself to be distracted by the magnificent hairdo of the suckee. The wavy, semi-feathered seductiveness. The guy's muscular, lean body don't hurt either.

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  • Spanish & Pakistani Amateurs Play Together

    Spanish & Pakistani Amateurs Play Together

    Spanish guy Juan is wearing the baseball cap and likes having his big cock sucked. Pakistani guy Tomas is glad to help out and easily gulps Juan's dick. But Juan likes giving head too. The guys jerk off side by side and Tomas cums watching Juan stroking. Juan wants to fuck something, but both of these guys are tops, so he grabs a Fleshjack. Tomas watches Juan pump his hard-on and finally drop his load on the floor.

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  • Trent King Makes Chris Harder His Leather Bitch

    Trent King Makes Chris Harder His Leather Bitch

    Trent King's leather jockstrap can barely contain his humongous cock. Chris Harder is eager to bust that thing out. Chris kneels and gulps Trent's monster -- it's impressive to watch and made me a little jealous -- then Trent turns him around, greases Harder's hole with his tongue, and slides in.

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