• Vacation Sex

    Vacation Sex

    Furball Jimmy Fanz has always been a fan favourite over at MEN.com and he's had two videos released on the site this week. His latest video called "Wet" finds Fanz and his scene boyfriend Troy Tyler having some fun on the beach and playing in the ocean before heading inside for some more fun in the shower.

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  • Jeremy Walker Is Back for "Naughty" Sequel

    Jeremy Walker Is Back for "Naughty" Sequel

    We made a fuss about the return of Zack Randall for the first installment of Naughty Pines. Now, Falcon Studios has another comeback up its sleeve for the second part of its fall blockbuster from director Tony Dimarco. In the sequel, which is set at a private men's retreat in Northern California where hung hunks get busy in the great outdoors, porn superstar Jeremy Walker is fucking for the cameras for the first time in three years. Walker, who made a name for himself starting in 2008 with online work for Randy Blue, has two scenes in the movie. The first finds the beefy bodybuilder getting sucked off in the woods by exclusive Brian Bonds; in the other, he's topping exclusive Chris Bines on a rock (both pictured after the jump). Together the pair of scenes make for a most welcome return. Both parts of Naughty Pines are out now. For more information, visit Falcon Studios.

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  • New Feature: Guy Watching

    New Feature: Guy Watching

    Arrest these guys for public hunkiness. That's a felony. Plus a few misdemeanor counts of being a sex bomb, with full intent to sex. Cruising is an art form. And it requires eye contact, maybe an opening line, or highly adept nonverbal communication (such as pointing at his crotch, then bending over and pointing at your asshole). But guy watching? It's low pressure, easy and fun. And if you're so inclined, it can turn into cruising.

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  • Amazing Bareback Double Penetration

    Amazing Bareback Double Penetration

    You just have to hand it to Lucas Entertainment - these guys know how to please! This scene is absolutely amazing - hot - bareback - raunchy - romantic - sexy - all rolled into one, one butthole that is! Cause Josh Milk gets to take both Michael Lucas's AND Alejandro Alvarez's cocks - both at the same time - and bareback too!

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  • Top on Bottom, Bottom on Top

    Top on Bottom, Bottom on Top

    If a top lies back and lets the bottom do all the work, is he still a top? Does a top just have to show up with his hard-on and that's it? In all fairness, this Corbin Fisher video is called "Quinn Rides James," and it's also James' first hardcore scene. I don't know whether James has fucked guys before, but he seems pretty comfortable kissing and sucking them.

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  • Casting Couch: Michael Stabler Joins Dirty Tony

    Casting Couch: Michael Stabler Joins Dirty Tony

    He's a typical Southern Californian beach boy; bleached hair, little goatee, slight tan. The sexually inquisitive Michael Stabler is the latest on Dirty Tony's casting couch and he's getting his cock measured. Anything to get to touch!

    Michael tells Dirty Tony that a massage by 3-4 girls would be his idea of a good time, but he's happy to take most offers, which figures as he's currently on the couch getting groped.

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  • Masked Straight Hunk Strips and Cums

    Masked Straight Hunk Strips and Cums

    Its moving day for the Maskurbate offices, and three well-muscled friends came round to give Pascal a hand moving some of the larger pieces of furniture. They also brought another guy with them - his name was Campo and he was a friendly and super-hot straight guy who Pascal had never met before, but he instantly knew he just had to film him, no matter what - and believe me, you're just gonna love him!

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  • Cum and Get It

    Cum and Get It

    We've been writing about cum for ages, including things like the face of cum and even funky spunk. But now, the UK's FS Magazine is tackling the sticky subject with a new article by writer Liam Murphy. The health and lifestyle magazine from the Gay Men's Health Charity, which has previously explored the hot-button topics of anal sex and gay bathhouses, asks in the latest issue, "Do you spurn the sperm or have a soft spot for semen?"

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  • If You Go Down to the Woods Today ...

    If You Go Down to the Woods Today ...

    Boy scout Jack Radley sneaks down to the creek for an early morning bath. He's caught up playing with his soapy cock and didn't see the troop leader meandering through the woods. Zeb Atlas hides between a tree and pulls on his cock while watching the naked scout. In MEN.com "Scouts," Zeb is the leader of this 4-man scout troop and they're off in the Georgia woods for some camping, and as it turns out, fucking.

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  • 18 Year Old Elders and Mormon Angel Threeway

    18 Year Old Elders and Mormon Angel Threeway

    Elder Berry and Elder Stewart at Mormon Boyz are happy to take orders when Angel tells the pair of enthusiastic cocksuckers to rewind a bit and make out. Angel wants to see more passion, so the elders kiss and stroke each other's dicks.

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