• Reese Fucks David Bareback With His Thick Dick

    Reese Fucks David Bareback With His Thick Dick

    Reese and his fat cock have returned to Straight Fraternity, and today he is joined by a younger straight guy named David. David is just 20 years old and a bit on the wild side, with a fit young body, developed from his years as a wrestler on his high school gym team.

    The guys are asked to strip to their underwear, and David is told that a few of his sexual boundaries are going to be tested, and probably stretched, a bit today. And the first one involves him getting his butt cheeks spanked. He's made to stand up against the wall, then Reese spanks his butt a few times with his hand, then pulls down his undies and hits his butt cheeks a few more times with the wooden paddle, until David's can't stand it anymore, by which time his cheeks have turned a nice shade of red. The whole time David is laughing and seemingly enjoying the experience, tugging at his long fat cock, wondering what's coming next. Well, sucking cock is next on the agenda and David does a great job too! In fact he seems quite comfortable with Reese's cock in his mouth, and despite the occasional bit of gagging and watering eyes, he gets the hang of it quite quickly, and even seems capable of deep-throating it quite a long way. But sucking naturally leads to fucking, and Reese lies down on the couch and David squats over him, sitting his arse down over Reese's groin and rock-hard cock. As Reese's cock enters his hole, David suddenly realizes how fat it really is, and audibly says for all to hear - "It's Thick!" Yep, it sure is! David bounces up and down for a while on Reese's raw cock until Reese decides he wants to take control. He gets David on his back, knees up against his chest, arsehole open and ready for bare-backing. Reese rides the hell out of David, fucking his hole deeply as David moans with the pleasure, and winces with the pain, of his first man-on-man sexual experience. At the end the guys kick back on the couch side-by-side and jack their cocks together. David watches with fascination as Reese shoots a big fountain of cum, but by the time it's David's turn, the poor lad is so worn out from being fucked that he can't make anything come out of his ... perhaps next time?

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  • Hypnotized by this Cock-and-Tongue Game

    Hypnotized by this Cock-and-Tongue Game

    My cock doesn't very often get hard when I'm watching porn for work. I see an awful lot of porn in a day, so it really takes a scorcher to get me chubbing up. Several minutes into watching this new threeway at Lucas Entertainment I started thinking, "Have I put on weight? These shorts are feeling tight." Then I realized I was bone hard.

    Then the argument started. You've got to do something about that. No, you've got to get this post written. In the end, you know the little devil whispering in my ear won. It had been a lot of days since I last jacked off -- I don't remember how many -- so there was a very large pool on my glass-top desk.

    I don't know if Lucas Entertainment is getting better at making bareback porn, or whether they've been picking better guys, or maybe it's a bit of both, but they've been on fire lately. Hands down, Cam Christou's last scene with Brent Alex was one of the hottest things I've ever seen. The close-ups of him teasing Alex's hole got me gushing hard. (You can read my post: I Sure Wish Producers Made More Gay Porn Like This.)

    This threeway was just as exciting. But these three men fit together like a tightly wound rope and each seemed to know exactly what to do at precisely the right moment. I won't drone on with all the details, I'll let you discover them for yourself. But there was one sizzling bit I want to highlight. Cam Christou mounts Nigel Banks, who is lying on his back with his legs around Cam's sides, and BJ Rhubard kneels behind Cam licking his cock while it's slowly sliding in and out of Nigel's hole. Fuck!

    But that wasn't even the hottest bit. Cam pulls out and swirls his cock around Nigel's hole and ass cheek and BJ's tongue chases after it wanting another lick. Cam shoves his dick in BJ's mouth for a couple of pumps, then back to swirling and teasing, then he slides it into Nigel's hole. I don't know how long this cock-and-tongue game went on -- I was mesmerized, or was I hypnotized? -- but I was insanely horny when they were done and that's when the spillage accident happened on my desk. I'm definitely going to be watching this one a couple more times this week.

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  • Porn Is Where You Find It

    It's professional versus amateur in this week's found video roundup. Whether it's the men's underwear section of the J.C. Penney catalog in 1977 or the men's underwear section of YouTube in 2014, porn is where you find it.

    First professional actor and Jennifer Aniston suitor Justin Theroux's bulge makes quite an impression in his show The Leftovers. So much that he was asked to wear two pairs of underwear next time the script called for running. Can gossip rags finally stop telling us to feel sorry for Jennifer Aniston, now? I mean, damn!

    Then Grant's an amateur bodybuilder who loves horrible pop music and posing in his poorly lit bedroom. He also hates shirts and pants which is awesome. In an alternate universe, he'd get some gig in a low budget sword and sandal epic. I'm thinking he could be one of those slaves chained to a giant oar in the bowels of a ship. Or maybe he could be a librarian at an ancient library. They needed muscle back then since books were carved into stone slates.

    He's super endearing in his earnest posing. And not to embarrass him should he spot this embed, but his underwear is super endearing in its earnest bulge. It's important he show his bulge in order to complement his muscle bulges otherwise everything is off balance.

    The overall effect is the bodies are beautiful, clothes or not. Maybe Justin can offer Grant a part? A long, hard, inspiring part.

    I hear guys are fucking in abandoned windmills now. Excellent acting opportunity there. For the guys and the windmill. After all, the windmill has to pretend it's a bedroom. Now that's acting!

  • Trending: Adam Ramzi Fucks Darius Ferdynand In 'Intensity'

    View full video at Falcon Studios

    Yesterday we saw Adam Ramzi fucking Cam Cristou in Naked Sword's Summer of Fucking part 4. Today we see Adam Ramzi getting intense with one of my all time favourite pornstars, Darius Ferdyndand, because this video is currently trending in the GayDemon gallery!

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  • Tied Up and Deep Dicked

    Tied Up and Deep Dicked

    If Drew Sebastian wanted to tie you up and ram his huge cock in your bum, would you let him? I don't think I would. He's not hot or hung enough. BAZINGA! (Hmmm ... that Sheldonism doesn't work as well in writing ... oh well, I needed a way into this story. And in case you don't know who Sheldon is, check out Big Bang Theory.)

    When bottom Luke Bennet heard that Drew Sebastian is into shibari, an artistic form of rope bondage, he suggested that they try it out for their TIM Fuck scene. And as I watched Luke, standing on his tippy toes, getting his furry butt speared by Drew's huge cock, I wondered about the extra thrill of getting fucked while being tied up. There's no reaching your hand back to slow the top's thrusting, no stopping his deep drilling. When you'rebound and helplessly strung up from the ceiling, you're pretty much at your top's mercy. I imagine that could take a bottom to new heights, unless you yell "pineapples" and end the scene.

    The whole fuck was awesome to watch, but two things stood out for me. First, Bennet is hunched over and tied up with his hands behind his back and Sebastian's huge cock comes into the scene, Bennet opens his mouth and swallows. In that initial moment where Drew's dick is in front of Luke's face, you get a full appreciation for how big it is.

    Second, Drew has been fucking Luke for a while, swinging him back on forth on his meat, and we're nearing the end. Drew's fuck grunting is getting more intense and he's growling like an animal. Bennet squirms on his toes. He's anticipating getting his hole doused, but he won't be able to see it. And he wants to, he so desperately wants to see Drew's big load splashing over his ass. Lucky for Luke he can now watch the video and see how good it looked.

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  • Summer of Fucking Continues Into September

    Summer of Fucking Continues Into September

    The mr. Pam directed gay porn series at Naked Sword, Summer of Fucking, continues with part 4 'Rope Sling Adventure' starring Adam Ramzi and Cam Cristou.

    In a backyard secret garden Cam Cristou bends his body into mesmerising positions to prepare for Adam Ramzi's uncut dick.

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    Next Door Ebony

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  • Dreaming of Brandon

    Dreaming of Brandon

    I don't know what it is about Corbin Fisher's Brandon that has me so enamored. He's not OMG gorgeous or mega hung. It's not any one thing really, sometimes a guy just grabs you.

    So let's start at the top. I love brunettes and Brandon has strong eyebrows. His full lips are deliciously kissable and they curl a bit when he smiles. And he's sporting a mole above his mouth that adds a bit of character, I love that.

    His body is more naturally fit that produced in a gym. And indeed, Brandon is athletic and loves playing football and rugby, he also does track and swims. He's furry and he's going to be a sexy fucker in five years or so when that forest spreads right across his torso.

    Brandon has already done his first jack-off video and he followed up with his fucking-a-chick session, so he's primed and ready for his first guy-on-guy sex scene. And assuming he's into it, and if Corbin Fisher sticks to their regular patterns, that video should be arriving in the next week or so.

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  • Turn Your Head and Ejaculate

    medical exam

    I'm still waiting for a doctor to say that to me. I think the closest I've come is "Turn left to get back to reception." Really is there a fetish for which the fantasy vs. reality ratio is more heavily weighted to fantasy? Yeah, I used the fancy word ratio. Maybe that'll catch the attention of a highly educated smartypants doctor.

    The power of the medical fetish is that the doctor doesn't break the fourth wall. Sexual things maybe kind of happen but are never acknowledged. Sexual responses maybe kind of happen but who can help it? It's not the fault of your penis that getting a digital anal exam makes you spring a boner. Especially if he probes for 17 minutes. You know, just to make sure.

    So much medical fetish porn out there has the performers breaking that wall. A few seconds in (after some halfhearted stethoscoping) the doctor's coat and scrubs and the patient's gown come off. Though as pure fantasy, some of the porn does a good job. You'll need to be judge, jury and masturbator.

    Want a real life experience? You could always look up doctors who've been sued or cited or whatever happens for sexual misconduct. Great idea, right? Or more likely find someone who's really good at acting and has a huge budget so you can build a whole exam room situation. Or get a whole group of guys together for a mass physical. Bonus points if someone gets super embarrassed for real.

    Wanting to seduce someone into trying it out? Well good thing it's a pretty darn flexible fetish, allowing other fetishes to work their way in. CMNM? Check. Feet? Check. Underwear? Check. Milking? Check. Bondage? Check. Checking the prostate? Check, check and check!

    But if you want a real medical professional pervert, go for a dentist. They're all sadists. And they'll give you a toy after. If you ask nicely.

    P.S. The doctor will suck you now.

  • MEN.com's Bennett Anthony Debuts Fucking Johnny Rapid

    MEN.com's Bennett Anthony Debuts Fucking Johnny Rapid

    MEN.com announced last week that gay porn has a new redhead hottie in the form of bearded, tattooed hunk Bennett Anthony. Today, he debuts in his first ever scene fucking Johnny Rapid!

    GayDemon will be interviewing the newest ginger man in smut exclusively at the end of the month. Keep your eyes pealed!

    Here was Anthony's introduction uploaded to YouTube:

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