• Andrew Christian's Blow Boys Are Pornstars

    To be an Andrew Christian Blow Boy you have to be a popular, stunning, sexy, pornstar. Only the finest will do to rock this new range of AC undies. Gay porn's Jimmy Fanz, Sean Zevran, Ryan Rose, Eric East, Jacob Ford, Peter Le and Landon Conrad introduce the new range in this new promo video. The boys dance erotically in the club - damn they look good!

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  • Ray Nicks Knows How to Work a Cock

    Ray Nicks Knows How to Work a Cock

    Why would Titan Men make us wait ten months for another look at handsome Ray Nicks? Back in January they featured the sexy bearded hunk getting his ass fucked by Shay Michaels in "Worked Over," and now finally he's back in Titan's new DVD "Day Into Night."

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  • Mr. Moustache


    Apple's big PR push on its iPad Air 2 left and Retina iMac left out the most important news of all: you can watch naked, hard guys with moustaches fuck, suck and jack all on your extremely high-res screens. And with the ultraportable iPad 2 Air (now even lighter than before), you can sit on the toilet and watch naked guys with moustaches do their naked moustache things. Apple really missed the boat on that one, plus the whole thing where the speakers to the iPad are on the bottom, not stereo at all. What's the deal with that? Hey Silicon Vally, need to hear moustached men fuck and moan in stereo.

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  • Rogan Richards Is Back on Top

    Rogan Richards Is Back on Top

    If you were around last week no doubt you saw Rogan Richards' big debut as a bottom over at Titan Men. And this week he's back and giving Abraham Al Malek a signature Rogan rough fuck in Raging Stallion's "The Tourist." (If you missed my post "Did I Need to See Rogan Richards Bottoming?" you can see previews there.)

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  • Dick: The Documentary

    Dick: The Documentary

    We've written about dick before. Hell, it's really all we ever write about. But we're referring to the recent documentary about penis and how to fix erectile dysfunction. Well, believe it or not, there's another! Director Brian Fender is now weighing in with a new movie titled Dick: The Documentary. In it, men from the ages of 21 to 80 talk about their cock and what it means to them, both physically and emotionally.

    In an interview with The Huffington Post, Fender says, "The truth is: most people love dick. Most men love their own, most women love them, and gay men are obsessed with them. That's why I wanted to confront the audience with all of these penises in an innocuous setting." We're big dick fans (and fans of big dicks!) for sure. Too bad Fender didn't find us on Craigslist, which is where he placed an ad in 2008. The filmmaker then interviewed 63 subjects, who ranged from monks to ex-marines to transsexuals. These guys stripped down and openly discussed their prized package in Fender's dining room while he filmed. The men covered a range of peen-related subjects, including their first orgasm, jerking off, cut versus uncut and, of course, size. (It matters!) The result is a revealing exploration of dicks and the men who, in most cases, love them.

    Dick: The Documentary played at the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, among others, and is now streaming online as an Internet Premier Presentation. For more information and to watch a trailer, click here.

  • Brandon Fucks Vadim's Tight Hole

    Brandon Fucks Vadim's Tight Hole

    As Joe Spunk suggested a few weeks ago, Vadim Black's arse is so damned cute, he'll probably never get to top again - all the guys at Broke Straight Boys want to get their dicks in between those muscular round cheeks and fuck his tight little hole - which is exactly what Brandon Beal does today - lucky guy!

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  • The Hazards of Fucking on Hay Bales

    The Hazards of Fucking on Hay Bales

    Cowboys and farm hands are sexy fodder for our cock-addled brains, like Derek Atlas fucking Ricky Decker in Hot House's "Saddle Up," but there's a reason that we don't see more farm action in gay porn: Hay is razor sharp and it's attracted to sweat, and even with a blanket between your ass and the hay bale, a lot of that prickly stuff is still going to find it's way in your ass crack, on your junk, in your hair, inside your socks and shoes, and all over your back.

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  • Tim, Diego, Wagner and Flex Behind The Scenes

    Tim, Diego, Wagner and Flex Behind The Scenes

    Tim Kruger made a promise there'd be more following filming of the Diego, Wagner and Flex threesome at the start of October. The boys chill out in the jacuzzi after the shoot and, of course, Tim kicks back with a rock hard cock and things kick off again.

    Kruger's boyfriend Grobes films the action with a tiny pocket camera. He didn't expect much quality, but when things heat up you just have to use whatever you can to capture the action. Turns out the tiny cam records crystal clear HD video so this orgy is now a bonus update on Tim Tales.

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  • Athletic Cheerleader Clay Gets His Rocks Off

    Athletic Cheerleader Clay Gets His Rocks Off

    Clay is a good-looking young guy, fit, athletic, defined - really quite the gymnast - and he's doing his first nude photo shoot and jack off video this week for Sean Cody.

    When we first meet Clay, he's outside in a park on a nice sunny day and we find out that he played football at High School for a while, then he tried out for the Cheer Leading team. His gymnastic talents quickly got him a place on the team and he's been on it for the past five years. Then he gave the camera a demonstration and showed off some back-flips and cart-wheels on the grass - he's one very fit and very flexible young man! As the interview continued, he relaxed a bit and told the cameraman that he was gay, and that he even took another guy as his date to his Senior Prom! Good one, Clay!

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  • Totally Naked Male Celebs for Really Real Sorta

    naked male celebrity fakes

    Wow, it was really hard to get all these male celebs in the same jpg together. A lot of complex scheduling, not to mention meeting all their diva-like demands. Specifically:

    • Jon Hamm demanded Pantene Pro-V Conditioner for his chest hair and that his white jock perfectly match his white socks. No off white for Mr. Hamm!
    • Zachary Quinto demanded a toilet to puke in. Anything for that lean and logical figure.
    • Chris Hemsworth demanded to be brutally spanked. It's his thing.
    • Chris Pine demanded we watch a marathon of motorcycle cop show CHiPS. His father played Sergeant Getraer. What a weird request and what a formulaic show. It's no King Lear.
    • Darren Criss demanded we make sure he has a career after Glee. We couldn't guarantee that but he stuck a toy up his butt anyhow. It's a living.
    • Joe Manganiello demanded tanning salon coupons and near constant head. Plus Peanut M&Ms. What a freak! Why not Charleston Chews, Joe? Why not Charleston Chews!?
    • John Stamos demanded the adoration of millions of 47 year old women. And he got it.
    • Ryan Reynolds demanded to be the director of Fleshjack: The Motion Picture. It will be an edgy romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock as Pam, a lowly CEO, Ryan Reynolds as Fleshjack, a man with silicone hands, and Al Pacino as Al Pacino. Plus a special guest appearance by Shelley Long as Fleshjack's mom. You actually get to see her give birth to Fleshjack.

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