• Euro Boy XXX: Raw Roadtrip

    Euro Boy XXX: Raw Roadtrip

    Scott, Kyle and Jamie take off on their road trip for Euro Boy XXX. In scene one these oversexed lads take dogging to a whole new level, getting up to some nasty raw sex in the car. The guys engage in no holes barred, condom-free fucking with their sleazy, exhibitionist attitude and hard cocks. Slip-sliding action with slicked up arseholes and creamy loads ensues!

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  • Adam Champ & Darius Ferdynand in "The Morning After"

    Adam Champ & Darius Ferdynand in "The Morning After"

    In Men at Play's The Morning After," Adam Champ wakes up with a strange man in his bed. He remembers heading out the night before for a night of drinking, but he hasn't a clue how the sexy blond guy ended up in his bed -- or worse, he doesn't remember what they did. That must have been quite the party. But the weekend is over and Champ has to head to the office, he just wants Darius Ferdynand out of his bed and on his way. After emerging from the shower in his bathrobe, Champ rebuffs Darius' advances for another round. He tells the blond to hop in the shower and be quick about it.

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  • Steve Peyroux Returns With Andrei Karenin

    Steve Peyroux Returns With Andrei Karenin

    Welcoming back Steve Peyroux, who we showed pin-up photos for last week after he announced his return to Bel Ami Online, is a very special job and so Andrei Karenin, a gorgeous Bel Ami brunette, is given that special task. It's been a while since Steve was on the set. Although he's not been filming porn for a while, it's quite obvious that he's not ill-practiced at taking cock - and he bottoms for Andrei perfectly!

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  • spotlight

    Become An Anonymous Pornstar!


    Have you ever wanted to do porn but too concerned about your identity being shown? Well here's an offer not to be missed - real porn fans now have the opportunity to do porn anonymously! Gay Room is giving you the chance to fuck your favourite pornstar on film, keeping your identity secret. The film will be shot in POV with all images of your face completely removed or out of shot. So, if you've got a horny exhibitionist side and would like to fuck a gorgeous pornstar, then this is the job for you!

    Go to Talent Supreme and tell the guys what your fantasy is, why you'd be good as an anonymous pornstar and which stars you want to meet or film with. You will need to submit recent body pictures. After all, this is porn and you're gonna need to have a hot body! Successful applicants won't be paid for this extraordinary privilege, but you will receive a fabulous trip to an American city and some spending cash!

  • Trending Video: Pierre Fitch & Jessy Ares

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    This week's trending video is the gorgeous Pierre Fitch with equally stunning Jessy Ares in their scene at gay porn's biggest site, MEN.com. Pierre Fitch goes to see his neurologist Dr. Jessy Ares in an attempt to rid his mind of his ex-boyfriend. Dr. Jessy performs a physical and gathers some data on his patient, Fitch. Things get heated during the examination and Fitch locks lips with Dr. Jessy, who ends up fucking his ass with his thick, throbbing tool.

  • Bear Films: Adam Hill & Kam Coburn

    Bear Films: Adam Hill & Kam Coburn

    Adam Hill and Kam Coburn are dating and there's such a connection going on between them. Adam is the handsome dark-haired guy and Kam is his ginger bruiser. These two aren't into wham-bam, thank you ma'am kinds of sex - they're much more into taking their time to explore each other's furry, chubby bodies. On this Sunday afternoon at Bear Films they take turns sucking each other before Kam buries his face in Adam's great big ass. Then Kam makes love to his chunky lover, filling him with his cock.

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  • Hugh & Colt Are Jerkoff Buddies

    Hugh & Colt Are Jerkoff Buddies

    Colt turns up at Spunkworthy for his shoot to find Hugh is already there picking up some paperwork. The guys are convinced to get naked next to one another and jerk. They're uncomfortable about the idea, so it takes a while to bring them round to the idea. With a couple of awkward moments where these straight guys don't quite know how to react to one another sitting so close with a hard-on, they finally reach over to stroke each other!

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  • His Son's Best Friend

    His Son's Best Friend

    Adam Russo is a sexy-looking dad, so it's no wonder that sparks flew when he and Colton Grey first laid eyes on each other. In "His Son's Best Friend" at Icon Male, Sam Truitt is playing Russo's son and Colton is a his friend who lost his home and has nowhere to stay, so Colton ends up staying with Adam and Sam. And Colton's presense gets Russo's feelings stirred up. He always thought he was straight, he has never had sex with a guy before, but Colton is changing all of that. Come inside and see what happens.

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  • Ask GayDemon: Curiouser and Curiouser

    Ask GayDemon: Curiouser and Curiouser

    My mom's new boyfriend keeps asking me awkward questions about my sex life. I'm 19 and he's been with her for about two months. Should I freak out?
    -Private Privates

    Yes, totally freak out. Right now! Go ahead. Do it. Make it count. Freak the fuck out.

    Are you done for now? Okay, great! Now here's the deal. Why are you qualifying them as "awkward" questions? Wouldn't any question about your sex life be awkward? I can see questions about your dating life being non-awkward, like if he's just trying to show some interest in your life and trying to prove to your mother that he's not a homophobe. Assuming you're gay that is. Which I guess I can't assume, so I'll ask.

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