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  • MEN.com Models Read Bitchy Tweets

    "I don't need to talk, I am beautiful." Dato, you melt me.

    This just-for-fun video uploaded by MEN.com to YouTube yesterday is a gem. I often get really turned on when I hear a guy talk. You rarely hear a proper version of that in porn films with all the "aaaah, yeaaah", so it's kinda nice. The guys, Colby Keller, Paddy O'Brian, Tom Faulk, Jimmy Fanz, Gabriel Clark, and Dirk Caber, read out loud Tweets that are less than complimentary and give their reaction.

  • "More Dick! More Dick!"

    "More Dick! More Dick!"

    I guess Donny Forza from Dallas Reeves has gone back to school, he's making an appearance this week on Fraternity X. Forza and a couple of buddies are banging this drunk guy's ass. And a couple of these guys, including Forza, has pretty nice cocks.

    I love how Fraternity X goes the full distance to make us believe this is a real frat house. If you look closely in some of the pictures, you can see a guy passed out on the sofa. In fact the drunk bottom in this scene is getting fucked and sucking dick at one end of the couch while the passed-out guy is lying on the other.

    And this bottom keeps hollering for more cock. As soon as one guy takes a break, the bottom starts yelling, "More dick! More Dick" And in a frat house you can always be guaranteed to find two things: more beer and more dick.

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  • Cute Twink In Debt Gets Fucked For Cash

    Cute Twink In Debt Gets Fucked For Cash

    The Debt Dandy visits young guys in Prague who are having money issues and, depending on how much they owe, and how good-looking they are, he will offer them cash in return for some rather unorthodox repayment options - yes, he gets them to suck him off; he gets them to bend over while he fucks their tight little butt holes; and depending on how much money they need, they sometimes get to do other depraved things too.

    In this week's episode a really cute young twink opens the door with a rather surprised look on his face - he wasn't expecting a camera to be filming everything! The Debit Dandy cameraman was shown in, and the place was an absolute mess - dirty, smelling of stale cigarettes, stuff everywhere - he almost felt like leaving. But he's a horny guy, and the twink was so cute and innocent looking, he decided to see how much money he needed to get out of his financial woes. They summed up his debts and wow - this guy owed heaps! Naturally this is good news for the Debt Dandy, as he can now get this little hottie to do even more naughty stuff for him! It wasn't long before the kid agreed to show off his cock; then he stripped naked and got down on his knees and rimmed the cameraman's hole, licked his balls and sucked his fat uncut cock; apparently his tongue was amazingly soft and he had great technique - in fact, he sucked almost perfectly, not bad for a straight lad! Soon tho, our cameraman wanted his dick in this cute twink's arse - so he got him on his back, legs tucked up tight against his chest, arsehole gaping open, ready for a bareback penis invasion! The look on the kid's face while being banged is almost priceless (you can watch the video to see what his price really was!) and it all finished with a nice cum facial!

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  • Adam El Shawar Gets Off With A Fleshlight

    Adam El Shawar Gets Off With A Fleshlight

    Adam El Shawar is a straight soccer player from Melbourne, Australia. He's 24 years old, a bit of an exhibitionist and loves to get naked in public, and earlier this year did an outdoor nude photo shoot with Bentley Race. He proved to be a very popular model with the site's fans and so Ben invited him back recently to do a new shoot - and this time it's going to be a little bit naughtier!

    Since it's the middle of winter down here in Australia, this new shoot needed to be an indoor one, but Ben had an idea - one which Adam was most eager to try out! Ben armed Adam with a laptop (with some straight porn playing on it), some lube and a fleshlight (something that Adam has never tried before) and grabbed his camera and photographed what happened as Adam played with the sex toy. Adam stripped out of his trackie dacks and singlet and grabbed hold of his fat uncut cock and stroked it hard. Then he got the fleshlight and plunged his cock right into it, as if it were the real thing! He fucked that mouth in a variety of positions all over the room and I guarantee you will get off watching this hot, masculine man as he gets off using his new toy!

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  • On the Road to Marrakesh

    On the Road to Marrakesh

    A fellow blogger buddy just told me this morning that he had booked a trip to Morocco for early September. Then I opened my assignment queue and discovered that I'm blogging about a French and Moroccan guy hooking up on Alpha Males. Weird. It's not like gay porn is overflowing with Arab men, let alone Moroccans.

    And if Anzar is what's a good example of what's waiting for my buddy in Marrakesh, then I'm jealous. Anzar is slender and very hairy (even his butt is furry) and he heads out on the Paris streets to see if he can find a French lad to play with. It's not long before Anzar and Brice Farmer eye each other, then they're heading back to Brice's place for a sizzling fuck.

    They're passionate and love kissing, then Anzar goes down and swallows Brice's thick banana curve. Brice grabs the Moroccan's head and face fucks him vigorously, then he dives into the stud's furry ass with his tongue. Brice pulls Anzar back on his bone and gives him a ride like he's never had before. But watching them spoon fucking is the best and such a turn-on. Brice holds Anzar's leg and pushes it forward and fills the Arab's hole, all the while these two horny guys can't stop kissing.

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  • James Franco In BDSM Documentary "Kink": Watch Trailer

    James Franco in Kink documentary

    BDSM porn site Kink.com's filmakers take part in a new documentary giving audiences a behind-the-scenes look at the world of fetish and the BDSM empire, presented by James Franco.

    Kink.com is the largest producer of BDSM and fetish content on the internet and encompasses sites such as Bound Gods, Men In Pain, Naked Kombat, and Bound In Public. The purpose of the documentary is to demonstrate that BDSM can be an entirely safe, sane and consensual act, and it sure looks fun!

  • Beefy Hunks Raw Sling Fuck

    Beefy Hunks Raw Sling Fuck

    Brad Kalvo and Shay Michaels are two hairy, beefy and masculine models getting together for a hot raw fuck over at Breed Me Raw.

    The guys meet up and go back to Brad's place where he maintains a fully equipped sex room, complete with all the gear needed to fulfil all his sexual needs. Things start off with the guys getting naked, except for their socks and sneakers, and kissing each other passionately. Cocks are fondled and both are soon rock hard. Shay lays himself down on a bench so that his mouth is the perfect height for Brad to easily feed him his cock and be able to face-fuck him. It is really exciting watching and listening to Shay as he moans and groans while deep throating Brad's cock - he obviously loves every inch, despite the occasional gag, and it's hot to see his copious saliva as it's gushing down Brad's cock and cascading off his balls like a waterfall! Not content just to get a blow job, no matter how good it feels, Brad gets Shay on his back and settled into a sex sling. He now has total control of his lovers butt and arsehole and pushes his cock deep into that warm tight hole - completely raw! Shay can do nothing but lie there, feeling Brad's bush against his nuts as every inch of Brad's cock fills his hole. He lies there moaning and groaning with each thrust of Brad's cock, occasionally stroking his own rock hard boner, until Brad's pumping reaches it's climax and both guys finally get off on the whole experience!

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  • Opposites Not Only Attract, They Can Look Fantastically Hot

    Opposites Not Only Attract, They Can Look Fantastically Hot

    It's not surprising that 22-year-old Troi has only bottomed once in the 14 videos he's shot for Chaos Men. He's got a 9-inch cock with a huge mushroom head -- who doesn't want to see that filling up a guy's ass? Don't worry, this isn't going to be another rant about big-dicked bottoms, I went off on that one last week, so I'm good for a while.

    What I like about the pairing of Troi and Tatum is their difference in size. It's hot watching a smaller, leaner guy dominating a big muscle hunk like Tatum. Well, I say "huge," but it's really an optical illusion: Tatum is only 5'8", but when you pack 180 pounds onto a shorty, it doesn't take long before they start looking impressive. And even though Troi is three inches taller than his scene partner, Tatum outweighs him by 30 pounds. And that's what makes the scene fun.

    Look at Tatum's massive thighs, they're twice as thick as Troi's. Tatum's got a great big ass too and he loves getting it fucked, and has bottomed about 12 times for Chaos Men. Watching slender and smooth Troi crawling on top on beefy and hairy Tatum is a horny sight. Hearing Tatum moaning with nine inches in his hole is all the hotter. And seeing Troi unloading his heavy nuts on Tatum's face ... the best.

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  • Sexy Times Ahead

    naked man trunk

    "Hey, get in my trunk. I'm the guy you said you'd get in the trunk of. Don't chicken out now. Though are chickens really scared? They seem pretty brave to me with all they have to put up with. Anyhow, you can cuddle with my clothes until we arrive at our sexy destination where we will have sex. But first, I need to go on some errands. You stay in the trunk while I go naked grocery shopping. I also need to pick up some sod for my yard, which is why the back seat isn't fully available to you."

    "You are welcome to masturbate while in the trunk. If you need a cum rag, use my pants. Though I have to warn you. They are so cum soaked that when they fully dry, they are likely to crack into shards. Ha ha. I can't take credit for that joke. I think I heard Dane Cook tell it on a comedy special once."

    "By the way, you should hurry up and get in my drunk. I still need to pick up another guy before he thinks I'm a flake. I don't want him getting in the trunk of some other guy. I have a lot of competition lately. It seems every guy is getting in every other guy's trunk. Except for the guys who don't have cars. They just give guys piggyback rides or drag them home in wheelbarrows covered in wool blankets. Isn't gay liberation awesome?!"

    And, scene.