• Lucas Kazan Introduces New Teen Model and Fan Contest

    Lucas Kazan Introduces New Teen Model and Fan Contest

    Lucas Kazan has two new things to crow about. First, there's the latest teenage model to work for the studio. Andrea (above) is an uncut 18-year-old who "epitomizes the splendor of youth," according to director Ettore Tosi. He shot the all-Sicilian athlete, who can do a somersault and "keep it hard for hours." Ah, youth!

    The award-winning company is also launching a new Assistant for a Day contest, which gives new site members the chance to win a visit to a gay porn set in Sicily. Join Ettore and porn stars Leo Domenico, Logan Moore and Raul Korso as they film an upcoming release. Two lucky winners will be flown to Italy and work with the cast and crew for two days.

    Director Lucas Kazan tells GayDemon exclusively that he got the idea for the contest while watching renowned TV quack Dr. Oz. "His show picks an assistant of the day among its live audience," Luca says. "Fans often e-mail us about a chance to visit the set, which remains closed to visitors for obvious reasons. So I thought, What about picking a couple of production assistants amongst our subscribers and rewarding them with a trip to Sicily? We'll see how things go. If the idea resonates with our audience, we're likely to make this an ongoing opportunity, whenever we film on location."

    Sounds like a great chance for a couple of crazed gay porn fans to get up close and personal. For full details, click here. And for more information on Andrea, visit Lucas Kazan.

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  • Aiden Miller Fucks His First Guy

    Aiden Miller Fucks His First Guy

    Aiden Miller was introduced to us a week or so ago over at Gay Hoopla. He's a well-hung straight guy with a great personality and is the first Gay Hoopla model to ever turn up to do a solo jerk off shoot and end up fucking another guy - all on the same weekend! Until now tho, we didn't know who it was that he fucked - but now we do - it was the sexy, charming and handsome blue-eyed hottie Jason Keys!

    After Aiden had finished his jack off scene, the word around the studio spread rapidly - Dmitry Dickov had competition. Aiden has a monster dick and when Jason heard the news he was quick to react. He introduced himself to Aiden, and after some playful banter and verbal bull-shitting, soon had Aiden convinced that he was the guy to "help" break him into the industry. Jason followed up by leaning in for a kiss, which Aiden was NOT expecting, but seemed to enjoy nevertheless. After a bit of fooling around, the guys were soon naked and slurping down on each other's hard cocks. Then Jason suggested Aiden might like to try sticking his monster into his "man-gina" and, even tho Jason had never had a dick that big inside his tiny hole, he knew he wanted it, even if it meant walking home bow-legged, and as Aiden was very enthusiastic about the idea, the guys were soon fucking like rabbits!

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  • Dylan Rosser Model, Agra, Photographed in London

    Dylan Rosser Model, Agra, Photographed in London

    Dylan Rosser's homoerotic photography has appeared before on GayDemon, but it's been a while since we took a look at one of his stunning male models, so here's Agra.

    Agra was photographed in London. To see more of him including full frontal nudes, head over to The Male Form.

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  • I Wish We Had More Porn Moments Like This

    I Wish We Had More Porn Moments Like This

    Maskurbate's men usually wear eye masks while they're jacking off or getting blown, but producer Pascal has been filming the odd unmasked scene. Manuel Deboxer doesn't wear a mask, he's the usually one taking care of some muscle hunk's cock. When this Maskurbate scene opens, Manuel and Ben Rose are sitting on the bed and Ben's wearing a leather eye masks. "Ben, we know who you are," Pascal laughs. "Take the mask off."

    I really enjoyed this scene. I like both slender guys and muscle men. I'm a bear myself, but I always seem to pair up with slim guys, proving the old adage about opposites attract. I love inked men, so either way Ben Rose is right up my alley. And of course who could refuse a romp with Deboxeur? He's handsome, well built, furry, and has a thick, uncut cock. He's also a big turn-on for me.

    If you've read very many of my posts, you'll know I'm a big fan of men's feet. And there's a fucking sequence here that had me busting to blow my nut. Ben is lying back on the bed and Manuel is holding Ben's feet with his fingers entwined in Ben's toes and he's pumping ass. I loved this. Touching a man's feet gives you a deeper connection that you don't get otherwise. Well, provided the man has feet nice enough to touch -- Ben does. That one moment gave me something to think about all day. I wish we had more of these tender moments in gay porn.

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  • Killian James Makes Gay Porn Debut for Randy Blue

    Killian James Makes Gay Porn Debut for Randy Blue

    Patrons of NYC escorts know him, but now the world is ready for the award-winning ass of Killian James. Yes, the winner of this year's Hookie Award for Best Bottom is finally making his hard-core debut for Randy Blue. Killian did a solo last month (well, it was him and his dildo), but now gay porn fans can enjoy him and that perfect butt in his first full-fledged sex scene. The surprise here, if there is one, is that James actually flip-flops in this sexy outing with fellow youngun' Justin Owen.

    There's a fun retro feel to the scene (does that explain the oversize teddy bear!? Just asking!) as the set looks like a 1970s dorm room, complete with tacky metallic wallpaper and trashy artwork. Schoolboy Justin is studying when Killian distracts him by showing off his smooth buff body. Of course this leads to mutual sucking and fucking, plus big loads and even snowballing (another nice treat) from each twink. Killian shows lots of potential in his premier duo, and it was definitely worth the wait to see one of Manhattan's top rentboys in action. For more information, visit Randy Blue.

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  • Gorgeous Twink Gets His Virgin Arse Popped

    Gorgeous Twink Gets His Virgin Arse Popped

    The Czech Hunter cameraman has the gift of the gab, plus plenty of cash, and he was able to get this gorgeous young twink to not only suck him off, but he also agreed to allow his virgin arsehole to be popped - bareback!

    It was a dreary wet day in Prague and our cameraman was out and about as usual looking for young guys to fuck, but the streets were empty, and he was about to give up when he came across a little pub with a few tables and umbrellas on the sidewalk. Under one of these was this gorgeous young man, sitting alone, drinking a beer, and happy to chat on cam! The cameraman desperately wanted this guy, and was willing to offer almost any amount of cash just to get the chance to pop his virgin hole! In the end he was only able to get the young guy to agree to jerk him off, but that was enough to start with, so they went to a nearby toilet for some privacy. Once he had the cameraman's big uncut cock in his hand, and another huge wad of cash on offer, the young guy was easily talked into doing more than a quick jerk off. He stripped naked, sucked our cameraman's cock for a bit, then bent over, allowed his virgin hole to be inspected and fingered, and then the moment our cameraman was so eager for finally happened - he got to fuck that tight virgin hole with his big fat hard cock! The kid seemed to like it too, but soon the whole horny experience got our cameraman ready to shoot his load, so he pulled out and squirted his warm sticky cum all over the lad's handsome face!

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  • Max Carver Shows His Ass On 'The Leftovers'

    Max Carver Shows His Ass On 'The Leftovers'

    HBO's The Leftovers delivered a treat to us in the form of Teen Wolf star Max Carver show his bare buttocks. What a cute ass he has too!

    Max has nothing to be shy about, although he certainly looked a bit embarrassed in the show. Now, actually finding a sexy butt like that whilst strolling through the woods would be a real treat.

    Max Carver

    Story via Attitude Magazine.

  • Jessy Ares Returns to Porn with his Lover Ricky Ares

    Jessy Ares Returns to Porn with his Lover Ricky Ares

    It's getting hard to take porn stars seriously when they announce their retirement and comeback all within the same year. Jessy Ares is the latest in a long long of performers jumping on and off the porn see saw. But it's difficult to fault Ares because he did meet and fall in love with Ricky Ares, a dark-haired and sexy brute. But after filming a scene for Cazzo Club together, Jessy popped the question, and then announced back in October that he was done with porn.

    I get it, new love is grand. But it also makes you do crazy things like walk away from a successful porn career. Why not just say, "I want to take a break for a few months to get to know my new hubby. And fuck like bunnies." It leaves the door open. But for Jessy Ares the door was always pretty much open. He's a sexy man and a well-established performer -- both top and bottom -- so it was a no brainer that Men at Play would gladly have him back in the studio anytime he wanted to return. And totting his handsome and wannabe-pornstar hunk of a lover along with him ... well, they weren't going to say no to that either.

    Jessy is playing an executive who stopped into Ricky's bar to have a drink. The two men lock eyes and the cruise is on. The bar is empty and Jessy could have pretty much jumped on the bar and shoved his ass in Ricky's ass, but he lures the bartender down the hallway leading to the toilets. And this is where Ricky pushes Jessy against the wall and throws a hard fuck into him. Hmmm ... looks like these two hunks are still on their honeymoon, this is one fantastically energetic and sensual fuck.

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  • It's Finally Here! "The Pack" Black Party Orgy Finale

    It's Finally Here! "The Pack" Black Party Orgy Finale

    We saved the best for last! For those who have been following, The Pack is the latest series from Naked Sword and directrix Mr. Pam. We learned some details of the production last spring in our exclusive interview with newcomer Cam Christou (top photo), who plays the lead. According to Pam, The Pack is "inspired by the models' real lives off camera and the brotherhood they create while traveling around the world together working in the adult industry." A number of scenes from the movie have already been released, including Episode 1: "Derailed" with Leo Forte and Blue Bailey; Episode 2: "Backdoor Fitting" with Boomer Banks and Seven Dixon; and Episode 3: "Lucky Night at the Bloc" with Rafael Alencar and Marcus Isaacs. But what we've been waiting for is finally here: the orgy finale!

    This five-man group scene titled "Rite of Passage" was shot at NYC's infamous Black Party (a first!) last spring. Cam is put to the test as superstar (and superhung!) Banks, Forte, Isaacs and Dixon take turns slamming the tattooed youth and using his filthy mouth for their pleasure. And it's all done live onstage for an appreciative audience of 6,000 horny men. If all that's not enough, a bonus BDSM scene titled "Ritual of Transformation" featuring Banks, Forte, Isaacs, Christou and Dirk Caber is included too. If you've never experienced the Black Party for yourself, The Pack finale is a must-see! For more information, visit Naked Sword.

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  • After Hours Summer School Suck and Fuck

    After Hours Summer School Suck and Fuck

    Coco Dorm hotties, Steffan Dream and Gabriel Grant, are two young Latino guys stuck in a boring After Hours Summer School class together. But tonight their teacher is late, so they decide to take advantage of the situation and get into some hot cock sucking and arse fucking!

    Both lads are gay, well-hung and horny for each other. Steffan is a bottom lad and loves to suck cock, as well as take it up the butt. Gabriel is a top, and loves getting his brown eight inches of cut cock sucked off, but won't say no to a fuck either! So here they are, Steffan on his knees with Gabriel's fat dick in his mouth, sucking and slurping on it like there's no tomorrow! This kid sure loves to suck too, and he can deep-throat with the best of them! But when Gabriel reaches down and shows him a condom, he knows just what's about happen! So he takes control, puts the rubber over the big fat dick in front of him and turns round and offers up his butt. Gabriel lubes up a couple of fingers and sticks them up Steffan's tight little arsehole, getting it nice and slick, all ready for his big dick. Then he inserts it and, WTF, the condom breaks! His cock is just too big for the rubber! But Steffan doesn't care, he desperately wants that big cock, bareback or not, so Gabriel continues to fuck him with his big raw dick! Steffan moans and groans as his butt gets drilled relentlessly, but the guys are mindful that the teacher could turn up at any moment, so all good things must cum to an end, and that's what happened - spurt after spurt, all over Gabriel's chest!

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