• "Can You Fire It Up For Me?"

    "Can You Fire It Up For Me?"

    Flex is working on his motor bike in the garage when executive Axel Brooks comes in, he's smartly dressed in his brown suit. "That's really cool," Brooks says. "Can you fire it up for me?" Flex does, then he lets Brooks sit on the bike. A look, a smile, a raised eyebrow, and Flex peels off his shirt. This is Men at Play and Axel didn't come into this garage to ride motorcycles. Well, maybe he did at first, but once he catches a look at Flex's ass, he's got a different kind of riding on his mind.

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  • Zach Fucks Max, Then They Flip and He Bottoms For The First Time

    Zach Fucks Max, Then They Flip and He Bottoms For The First Time

    It's always been a sexual fantasy of mine to be in a gym shower and some hot straight spectacularly gorgeous hunk joins me - he asks me to soap his back - naturally I oblige. He turns around and is sporting a major boner and things just get hotter and hornier from there! Well, it seems someone over at Gay Hoopla have had the same fantasy, as this is the premise for their recent update starring Max Summerfield and Zach Douglas - and I can tell you, it's a raunchy one too - totally got me hooked, right from the get-go!

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  • Noisy Top and Greedy Bottom

    Noisy Top and Greedy Bottom

    If you follow me, you know that I'm not a huge fan of noisy bottoms. I don't mind a guy enjoying a good dicking, and there's certainly a time to yell your head off -- is that Rocco Steele stuffing my hole? -- but I don't enjoy guys who are making a lot of noise just for the sake of it, you know, to put on a show. In Club Inferno's "Greedy Hole" Alessandro Del Toro hollers his head off, but the funny thing is that he's the top.

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Living Porn

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Living Porn

    These guys are porn from head to toe. A good opening line would be "You look like porn, but I bet you knew that already." Or maybe "I wanna suck your cock for hours. And then do your laundry." Guys loooove getting their laundry sucked.

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    Mr. Man: Top 10 Celebrity Nudes of 2014

    Josh Hartnett

    # 10 Josh Hartnett in Penny Dreadful (2014)

    In his return to television, Josh proved he's still got it by showing off his ripe rump in the third episode of the season! As Josh gets frisky with Billie Piper, you'll be feeling equally frisky when you get a glimpse of his juicy glutes! Forget Penny Dreadful... this show is Plenty Skinful!

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  • Nicolae Gets Naked and Jerks Off

    Nicolae Gets Naked and Jerks Off

    The newest model over at The Casting Room is a hot young hunk named Nicolae. He's a fit, sporty type; works construction outdoors, so he's nicely tanned; and loves to wrestle, so he's well-defined and nicely muscled too. He's a self-confessed sex-addict, and would love to make a career in porn, so has come to audition here in the hope of getting into the industry.

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  • Leo Domenico Schools Raul Korso in New Scene for Lucas Kazan

    Leo Domenico Schools Raul Korso in New Scene for Lucas Kazan

    It's always nice to hear from studio head Lucas Kazan. Especially when he has a new scene to promote. The latest is titled "The English Tutor," and stars hunky Leo Domenico as a teacher who offers language lessons to tattooed stud Raul Korso before fucking him. Directed by Ettore Tosi, the scene was shot on location in Sicily last summer. Kazan shared some behind-the-scenes info about the shoot exclusively with GayDemon, including that Domenico's luggage got lost when he changed planes in Rome and wasn't returned for three days. So poor Leo was without his clothes, but good thing he looks great naked! Luca also told us that beefy co-stars Leo (who lives in Madrid) and Raul (from Italy) got into some spirited debates at dinner about their home countries. Too bad Ettore didn't film those.

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  • Straight Worker Gets A Blowjob

    Straight Worker Gets A Blowjob

    He wants to remain anonymous. That's okay, we're happy for you to hide your eyes, the rest of you is incredible. This straight worker has a lovely chest; his pecs are nicely toned and his cock is even more tasty looking. The Straight Boyz cocksucker gives this hot stud a great blowjob.

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    10 Horny Men Dump their Wads in "Boner"

    10 Horny Men Dump their Wads in "Boner"

    If you're a reality TV junkie you might be interested to know that Big Brother 15's David Girton is jacking his dick in the newest Treasure Island Media DVD called "Boner." I'm not into long-haired, blond surfer types and I think reality TV is one of the signs of the end times -- or at least the end of television worth watching -- so I'm much more interested in the nine other men beating off of the DVD, especially Rocco Steele working his 10x7 monster cock.

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  • Let's Do It - Right Here - Right Now

    Let's Do It - Right Here - Right Now

    Theo Ford is at his local gym when he notices he's somehow pocketed his boyfriend's mobile phone instead of his own. Naturally curiosity gets the better of him, and he decides to find out what the boyfriend has been up to, but quickly regrets his actions when he finds out that he's being unfaithful. Luckily Men.com muscle hunk Jessy Ares was nearby and, having caught the gist of the problem by some well-timed eaves-dropping, moves in and expresses his sympathies to the hot young hunk and suggests he might like to get some revenge, "Let's Do It - Right Here - Right Now"!

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