• Porn Is Where You Find It: Spandex Perverts

    Spandex: is there nothing it can't do? One of it's super powers is to trigger erection among its admirers. Let's see if those powers work on you.

    First up is a very simple closeup 360 degree view of Spandex-clad legs, ass and bulge. The bulge looks a bit stuffed with something that's not a dick (or is that the underside of a cock head at around 37 to 40 seconds in?), but still this is a win. It's such a win, that I am not bothered by the horrible Muzak and the camera being vertical. It successfully recreates where I'd be if this guy was right in front of me. Eye-level to his crotch and ass while going up and down on my up and down stick.

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  • Gay Hoopla: Redhead Jock Mitchell Wright

    Gay Hoopla: Redhead Jock Mitchell Wright

    Gorgeous redhead Mitchell Wright becomes Gay Hoopla's latest jock. Hard-bodied ginger guys really rock the porn world, but Mitchell Wright brings a fresh-faced, smooth jock thing that we haven't seen in a while with ginger pornstars. Naturally, he's well endowed and his cock has left us salivating here at GayDemon. Enjoy the shots but definitely head on over to Gay Hoopla to watch his video.

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  • What's a Thief Doing with a Knapsack Full of Dildos?

    What's a Thief Doing with a Knapsack Full of Dildos?

    It used to be that fisting and huge dildo scenes came at the end of a porn star's career -- when a performer started taking giant things up his butt, retirement was just around the corner. But Brian Bonds established himself as an extreme ass pig long before Falcon Studio Group finally around to signing him to an exclusive contract. And in their new release called "Guard Patrol," Raging Stallion gets Mitch Vaughn to show us just how much Bonds can take up his ass.

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  • Quick Look

    James Castle and Raul Korso

    Ryan Hardy casting

    Chris Harder and Connor Maguire

    CMNM intern Lucas

    Raul Korso is seen this week on Lucas Kazan filming with Leo Domenico, but also in this incrdibly hot and passionate bareback fuck with James Castle for Kristen Bjorn. Ryan Hardy meanwhile is casting on the Dirty Tony couch and blowing his load over his lean body.

    Connor Maguire fucks the wild and sexy Chris Harder for Cocky Boys. What a great bottom! Elsewhere, CMNM exposes another cute guy as intern Lucas gets stripped, sucked and penetrated by two perverted men.

  • Connor Maguire: "I Am the Law."

    Connor Maguire: "I Am the Law."

    Officer Abel Archer is doing his rounds in the police station's lock-up when he comes across a fellow cop having some bum fun with one of the inmates. Office Maguire has this blond skank pushed against the fence and he's drilling his ass. Archer intervenes and the inmate makes his getaway. Archer pushes Maguire against the wall and attempts to cuff this dirty cop. "It's disgusting, it's wrong, and you're breaking the law," Archer says. Ah, it's the old good-cop-bad-cop routine. But this is Bound Gods and good never triumphs over bad, or not for long anyway.

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  • Sweet & Raw: Stunning Boys Bareback Flip-Fuck

    Sweet & Raw: Stunning Boys Bareback Flip-Fuck

    This week there's a beautiful dark haired twink, Shane Hirch with his boyfriend, the incredibly cute and blond Sven Laarson on Sweet and Raw. The boys are dressed in some sweet fancy dress costumes. Perhaps they've been doing Christmas panto?

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  • Interview: Hunter Harm

    Hunter Harm for Bait Buddies

    Ok, let's just get it out there first. Are you straight, bi or gay? If you're gay, I'll let you fuck me right now. If you're bi or gay, I'll still let you fuck me right now!

    I first identified as a straight male when I went to college, having girlfriends and sleeping with women, let's be real a dick was meant for a vagina. Then when I was 22 years of age I had my first sexual experience with a man thinking I was going home with his roommate who was a girl. I realized when he was on top of me that I was attracted to males and the raw hard connection I got when feeling strong hands pull my shirt off and grab my jaw and back and pull me in close. However, through the past years I have found I think I am more attracted to personalities than I am just directly for one sex or the other.

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  • Staxus 50% off Winter Sale

    Staxus 50% off sale

    Get instant access to Staxus for 50% off before this offer ends! Your membership gives access to 1500+ videos, more than 350 models, on your mobile, tablet or computer, and with daily updates all from just $9.95 per month. Don't miss out on this special price and claim this offer below.

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  • Kayden Gray: "I've Never Done This Before."

    Kayden Gray: "I've Never Done This Before."

    I had to wash my sneakers last week. I had gotten lazy and in the habit of slipping them onto my bare feet to do my morning coffee run. Mistake. Bare feet make your sneakers stink. Now, some foot pigs might find the smell enticing, but I can't imagine snorting on my stinky sneakers and getting a hard-on. But I do love men's feet, in fact, all the other bloggers here seem to shun them, so I guess I'm GayDemon's unofficial foot guy.

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  • exclusive

    Behind The Scenes: Bareback Auditions 2

    Behind The Scenes: Bareback Auditions 2

    Lucas Entertainment invites GayDemon behind the scenes with Rocco Steele and Dolf Dietrich and hang out as they make Bareback Auditions 2, which is released on the site on February 23rd. We're sworn to secrecy and can't show you the upcoming action, but we can show you some fooling around and the bare chested studs about to get down!

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