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  • The Cable Guy's Dick Is Huge

    The Cable Guy's Dick Is Huge

    Markie More calls the technician to come and fix his reception problem. All he wants to do is sit back and jerk off to his Porncast subscription but he can't get a decent signal. Lucas Knight promptly turns up and gets to work. He notices the guy on the porn is the same guy fixing the cable connection. Embarrassed Lucas is reassured by Markie there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Markie slams Lucas against the window seat and starts sucking Lucas' giant cock. Markie flips Lucas over and puts his legs over his muscular shoulders and pounds away on the cable guy's stunning ass. Watch the action at Next Door World!

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  • Dirk Caber Fucks Colton Grey at Icon Male

    Dirk Caber Fucks Colton Grey at Icon Male

    Colton Grey is called into the room of his stepfather Dirk Caber, to talk about something that happened last week. Colton was suspended from school for fooling around with a boy in the bathroom. Dirk says he will keep it a secret from his mother if he does something in return on Icon Male. He reaches to play with Colton's tie and says he looks cute in school uniform. Dirk slowly strips Colton and says "come to daddy"! His stepson exposes his rock-hard erection. Dirk rims his stepson, savouring the taste of the young man's hole. Colton bends over and step-daddy Dirk gives him a good fucking!

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  • Ass of Steel: Brandon Moore & Rikk York

    Ass of Steel: Brandon Moore & Rikk York

    Lying in the sling, Brandon Moore is begging for some ass servicing at Club Inferno Dungeon. Sexy dark-skinned Rikk York is well up for the task. He slaps on some fisting gloves and puts a ball-gag in Brandon's mouth and gets straight into stretching that greedy hole with a massive, wide toy. The lube glistens and Brendan's hole is slick and wet. Brandon is ready to take Rikk's fist. He sloshes some more lube onto his gloved hand and starts working it inside. Brandon wants to take as much of that arm as he can. Rikk pulls his hand out showing Brandon's amazing rosebud. An amazing fisting bottom!

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  • spotlight

    Ariel Glutton's Double Penetration Debut

    Ariel Glutton's Double Penetration Debut

    When Ariel Glutton got his "Never Back Down" tattoo, I wonder if he realized that he'd be backing onto dick in porn videos. (Why does a Czech guy get an English tattoo anyway?) And when he picked Glutton as his porn name, I wonder if he knew he'd be sitting on two dicks at the same time. Probably not. This 21-year-old, blond sexpot is making his debut in a double penetration scene at Staxus (this is really his second video). And one of his scene partners, Zoltan Goran, is making his first appearance in Staxus porn. The third guy is one of my personal faves, Carl Ross, he's so fucking adorably cute.

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  • Austin Keyes & Bray Love in 'On The Lookout 3'

    Austin Keyes & Bray Love in 'On The Lookout 3'

    When Austin Keyes notices Bray Love hanging out outside his building he gets ideas at Naked Sword in "On The Lookout" episode 3. He gives Bray a nod from the window and that's all he needs to get him up into his flat. He sucks his giant cock and licks on those baseball sized bollocks. They're so into each other they don't even close the blinds, so the neighbours are treated to a hot cock sucking and ass fucking session. Bray proves he's a true pig when rolls Austin's big load around in his mouth.

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  • Hung Uncut Alex Silvers & Jason Domino

    Hung Uncut Alex Silvers & Jason Domino

    Alex Silvers is up against newcomer Jason Domino in this week's latest UK Naked Men scene. Both boys are hung like a horse and uncut. Skinhead Jason is ripped, and he's got a thing for Alex's feet as he's got the cute twink up on the kitchen worktop. He rims him, licks and sucks his toes and fucks his ass. Then they flip and Jason takes Alex's big twink dick up his ass and shows that he's the bigger power bottom of the scene. A dirty fuck full of surprises at UK Naked Men!

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  • Top 10 Celebs Nude with Food or Drinks

    Top 10 Celebs Nude with Food

    This week's playlist from Mr Man is a comical top 10 celebs nude with food. See who looks hot with it all hanging out, or covered with squirty cream! Who is the hottest? Who is the funniest? Who is just a mess? Alan Rickman? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to view the full playlist at Mr Man!

    All celebrities naked with food or drink!

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  • Weekly Price Check: French Twinks

    French Twinks

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  • Eli Hunter Gets a "Deep Seeding"

    Eli Hunter Gets a "Deep Seeding"

    Do you like a guy holding your hair while you chow down on his cock? I'm not fond of it. When it comes to giving head, I really know what I'm doing -- I've been doing it for more than three decades -- I don't need any help. I guess it's a good thing I'm bald, although that usually means that the hairy pullers just reach for my ears, which is even more irritating. Although this cocksucker from Sketchy Sex's Deep Seeding doesn't seem to mind a little manhandling while he's sucking. But he's only one of the bottoms servicing the latest crew of gang bangers here.

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