• Does the Size of a Guy's Dick Matter?

    Does the Size of a Guy's Dick Matter?

    Does size matter? For me the answer is: It depends. Yes, it matters to a point. If I'm going to all the trouble of preparing to get fucked, then I want to feel like I did. That's not likely to happen with a 4-inch cock poking around back there -- unless it's 6 or 7 inches around. By the same token, a 10-inch monster cock can be too damned much work. I'm much more flexible orally. And frankly, sometimes a not-so-hung guy is much more exciting to blow than a guy who thinks his huge penis is the axis on which the earth turns. Yawn! If it's so fantastic, then why don't you blow yourself?

    Dean has dropped by Spunkworthy three times to get his dick taken care of, and this week makes number four. This 25-year-old, open-minded straight guy has gotten a handjob in his first video and played with a small dildo in each of his following scenes. When Jason didn't hear back from Dean, he figured the dildo crossed the "open-minded" line. But six months later, this muscled stud is sitting back on Jason's couch and he's saved up a one-week cum load.

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  • Sleaziest Outfit of the Week

    sleazy outfit

    Who knew a jockstrap could double as a back pocket? When you're looking for a place to put your shirt, the obvious strategy is to take your pants off and shove your shirt under the strap part of the jockstrap. It's genius! What's next, hanging your briefcase from your nipple rings?

    I did see a guy at my gym with his phone tucked into his sock. He didn't have any room in his spandex workout shorts. They were full of dick and no underwear. And he had to have his phone with him during his workout in order to take "business" calls related to his body. Just saying.

    If you think Mr. Sleazy here is cold, think again. It's amazing how warm the body gets when it's in motion. Now let's see him wear this to the grocery store. Some drunk guy in Alaska probably already has. Ironically, he was arrested for public indecency by a cop wearing the same outfit, except for a different cap, and a badge hanging from his police-issue nipple ring.

  • Conrad And Evans In Episode 6 Of SYTYCF

    Conrad And Evans In Episode 6 Of SYTYCF

    The latest episode of Season 4 of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck finds the two teams battling it out on the water. The best thing about the canoe relay challenge is seeing Trenton Ducati's bulging muscles as he rows in slow motion. Well, at least that's better than watching the other contestants attempt not to drown! Once a winning team is named, then it's down to the dock for some serious sexy time with Landon Conrad and Bryce Evans.

    This excellent scene starts with hot kissing then moves on to even hotter oral. The judges can't get over the sucking, and we have to agree. Bryce drools and gags on Landon's thick piece. And who wouldn't!? As moderator Scotty B notes, Landon "brings the sex." Who cares if he's a Mormon? He "knows how to sell it." And this certainly helps when the studs move on to the flip-flop fucking. The majority of the anal focuses on Conrad on top, with him skewering Evans in numerous positions. (Same blanket as last week's episode. Hope they washed it!) Bryce tops briefly, just long enough to pound a load out of Landon. He adds his own jizz, and you can tell that a great time was had by all!

    The judges are split at first, but they do reach a decision. With four weeks to go in this 10-week series, we've seen each porn star compete twice. There are a couple of front-runners in our book, but that will be decided in the next month--and partly by the fans. Remember, the teams gain points for winning the group challenges, but viewers have a say in who takes the title by voting online. The winner will be named in a live finale at Revolver in West Hollywood on April 30. Vote at SYTFCF.

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  • Outdoor Fucking, French Style

    Outdoor Fucking, French Style

    Clem and Picwick are two French Dudes who wake up from a night of wild partying and realize they're horny as hell... and both available. They decide to go for it, and the guys quickly lose their clothes. After some of that uncut French cock and and fingering some ass, the guys get down to some seriou fucking by the pool as Clem slams Picwick's ass hard!

  • Blackmailed and Boned

    Blackmailed and Boned

    There are some indiscreet photos of Aiden Jason, and now they've come back to bite him in the ass - metaphorically speaking, of course. Reece and Adam of Boys on the Prowl tell him to put out or those pics will become public knowledge, so Aiden has no choice but to give up his ass. His tight hole gets stretched out by both guys, who spit roast him and make him their bitch before they're done with him.

  • Marc MacNamara Releases "Captive"


    Gay porn fans have been waiting with bated breath for the return of award-winning director Marc MacNamara. Well, we have been anyway! Now comes the first scene from MacNamara since he left Lucas Entertainment, where as creative director he was responsible for Kings of New York, Awake and The Last Day, among other hit films. This time, MacNamara has his own company, Nasty Boy Productions, and is shooting a new series titled Captive for Men.com.

    "I'm a big fan of the Men site, and I'm happy to be writing and directing a series for them," MacNamara tells GayDemon. "Captive is a fun and twisted start for my Nasty Boy production company."

    Filmed on location in New York City, Captive Part 1 stars sexy Dale Cooper as Jason, a bearded stud who finds out that his boyfriend (played by Justin Beal) is involved with some shady characters. When Justin is taken hostage by the thugs, Jason has to come up with a bunch of cash--or else! He also has to get rid of the built trick (Joey Carter) who's been fucking him in his lover's absence.

    Captive takes us for a walk on the gritty side of NYC, and we wouldn't expect anything less than a first-rate homoerotic suspense thriller from a major talent like MacNamara. And the next two episodes of the online series, featuring Aaron Bruiser, Jake Henrikson and Braden Charron, look equally hot and dirty! For more information, visit Men.com.


  • I Want My Own Porn Site Too

    I Want My Own Porn Site Too

    So I'm thinking of putting up a Kickstarter campaign. Apparently if you're a hot daddy (or a couple of them), all you need is a video camera and sexy young guys will flock to your apartment so you can fuck them. I'm told that I'm sexy, and I'm certainly a daddy (albeit a bottom one), but I'm sure if I buy a camera I can still get lots of sexy, horse-hung guys like PJ to come over to play and film. What do you think?

    Maverick Men are two of the luckiest bastards in porn, and I'm jealous. Last year they posted a couple of pictures of their threeway with blond stud PJ and those pictures have been retweeted and retumbled over and over. Finally this week, Maverick Men have gotten around to posting the video. What a hot fucking session!

    I'll keep it brief because you really want to head over to Maverick Men to watch the preview video. PJ is an awesome deep throater. They jam him into a big comfy chair with his legs slung over the arms and take turns ramming his furry hole. He rides one of their dicks and blows cum all over daddy's chest. Then he gets his face spunked by the other. Whew! I really want my own camera now.

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  • Bel Ami Models Make Splash In Swimwear Ads

    Bel Ami Models Make Splash In Swimwear Ads

    In celebration of Dirty Blonds month, Bel Ami is wheeling out some of its hottest models. All month long, the sexiest blonds of Bel Ami will take over the site with a new update every week. Featured models include Harris Hilton, Mick Lovell, Dolph Lambert and others. And the studio is also announcing a new viral video that shows its guys modeling the Addicted line of swimwear from the ES Collection. The campaign is called Wet Me Up!, and superstar Adam Archuleta (above left) and newcomer Hoyt Kogan (above right) are prettying up the advertisements, which were shot in South Africa. Watch the video below. For more information, visit Bel Ami Online.

    Bel Ami Dirty Blonds

  • Brad Kalvo Barebacks a Tight Hole

    Brad Kalvo Barebacks a Tight Hole

    Big, hairy daddy bear Brad Kalvo does his first bareback scene for Breed Me Raw as he's serviced by smooth, slender Bobby Hart. Brad's a COLT man, which means he's got lots of masculine presence and knows how to fuck, and after Bobby sucks his dick all the way down, Brad rims Bobby's hole till it's wet and tingling, then slams his manmeat into that hungry hole and gives it a good hard drilling!

  • COLT Icon Anthony Page

    COLT Icon Anthony Page

    We continue to love and admire the manly men of COLT's fabulous Icon series, evidenced in these posts about classic studs Steve Kelso, Pete Kuzak, Jake Tanner and John Pruitt! This time, the beautiful Anthony Page is joining the exclusive club. The studio tells us that "any fan of the infamous COLT Hairy Chested Men brand" will be familiar with Page. And who wouldn't want to be familiar with the gorgeous fur covering Page's perfectly muscled torso? He's also got a nice curve on his dick and a sweet furry butt. Just ignore his hairdo! To see more of iconic Anthony, visit COLT Studio Group.

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