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  • Interview with Leo Sweetwood

    Leo Sweetwood

    Currently serving the New York City area is a stud that I recently came across at Falcon Studios. Once I started stalking him some more, I found out that he has made quite the rounds already on different sites.

    You can even pay for his services at Rentboy. If he comes across anywhere near how hot he is on film, then Leo Sweetwood is totally worth it in spades. Welcome to the GayDemon lounge.

    So, did you get involved with Rentboy or the porn world first? Which do you prefer?

    I love both but porn was first. My first scene was with Falcon back in 2012 before I left for the United States Marine Corps and I made my first RentBoy.com account in March 2014 during the Hookies. I love porn because it is a lot of fun and you meet some amazing people. The porn world has opened many doors, but escorting pays my bills.

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  • Mickey Taylor Jackhammers Riley Tess

    Mickey Taylor Jackhammers Riley Tess

    I've have only seen Mickey Taylor in action once. I blogged about a threeway he did for Staxus, which also happened to be their 1500th scene. So when this Blake Mason scene with Riley Tess fell in my assignment queue, I was looking forward to seeing more of the inked stud. Holy shit! He's a hard fucker, I'd be surprised if Riley didn't leave this bedroom with a dislocated hip.

    The guys are making out on a bed. They're still wearing their clothes, but that doesn't last for long. It also doesn't take Riley long to get his mouth on Mickey's cock. And if this video is any indication, Mickey likes it fast and rough. He grabs Riley's head and jackhammers his hard-on into Riley's mouth.

    And Mickey is no gentler when it comes to fucking. Cowboy or missionary, Tess gets a brutally hard and fast fuck. But this bottom isn't complaining. Mickey drills Tess until he shoots right up his torso, then Mickey unloads all over Tess' still-hard dick.

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  • Austin Chandler Barebacks Flip Fuck With Armond Rizzo

    Austin Chandler Barebacks Flip Fuck With Armond Rizzo

    Every studio wants a slice of the Armond Rizzo pie recently and now Lucas Entertainment have got him. In his first scene on the site he's paired up with Austin Chandler, a stunning guy with a huge cock. Armond has an equally nice dick and it gets put to good use as this is a flip-fuck scene where Chandler takes it as well as gives it.

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  • Amateur Aussies Have 4-way Group Sex

    Amateur Aussies Have 4-way Group Sex

    Being an Aussie myself, I always love to see some local blokes getting into porn ... preferably gay porn of course! Amateurs Do It film local Aussie lads doing what they do best ... wanking, sucking and fucking ... and it's all amateur ... just local guys, perhaps the guy from next door or from down the street ... many doing their first ever sex scene on camera!

    In today's group scene, we get to see the finale of a three-part video series ... previous to this these four hotties got to know each other more intimately with some cock sucking and rimming scenes, but now these four lads all end up on the same bed to fuck each other in a real-life group sex scene, with some hot amateur action, including a flip-flop fuck!

    First up, we get to see Arthur fucking Carter while at the same time Clay fucks Nic. Then they switch it up a bit and Arthur bottoms for Carter while Clay sucks Nic, who is also enjoying the sight of the other lads fucking. Seems young Arthur has built up a massive load in him and he can't hold back anymore, and he spews his sticky cum all over his belly and chest. Then Clay gets on top of Carter and ejects his own huge load. This is quickly followed by Carter, who hops on top of Arthur, and jacks himself to orgasm while he lets his balls rub up against Arthur's cock. And then, last but not least, Nic unloads with a bit of help, in the form of some anal finger stimulation, from Clay. There's a massive amount of cum everywhere and four spent but happy guys ... nothing left now but for the lads to hit the showers and the cameraman to do the washing!

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  • Yes, I'm Straight. See My Big Gun.

    Yes, I'm Straight. See My Big Gun.

    Six years ago, Lane did some videos for Straight Fraternity; it's been a long time and he's back. But judging by the size of that gun, I think he's over compensating for something. He's kind of funny because when he strips off his clothes his dick isn't hard at all and he says, "Sorry, it's been a while, I'm a little nervous." Relax. We don't expect you to be raging hard the minute your underwear hits the floor.

    I love heavily inked guys, so Lane's body gets me revved up. Plus, the fact that he's a redneck and hyper straight is also a little ball tingling. I was never too turned on by the whole straight guy or gay-for-pay thing -- didn't really get it to be honest -- but I'd get on my knees and blow Lane. His cock isn't huge, but it's meaty. I'd even let him hold his gun while I gulped on his dick.

    Lane wasn't joking about being nervous because he was having some trouble getting the boner maker in gear, so Franco offered to give Lane a hand. The inked stud just closed his eyes and before you know it, Lane's cock is hard and Franco's hand is covered in jizz.

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  • Bruno Bernal Delivers Hot First Fuck Scene

    Bruno Bernal Delivers Hot First Fuck Scene

    You may have heard rumblings about up-and-comer Bruno Bernal. The tattooed Brazilian hunk is currently making noise for two new scenes and is filming several others. In a solo for UK Naked Men, Bruno jacks while watching a video of Jordan Fox and Jimy Fix as they fuck. But now, in a new scene for Bulldog Pit, we get to see Bernal do the fucking himself. In an edgy domination scenario, the 27-year-old Lebanese-Israeli stud has full-on sex with hairy Pedro Lucas. This scene has a leathery feel to it, as a harness-clad Bruno pounds Pedro's head before sliding his cock into the sub bottom. In the end, a mixture of sweat and jizz coats a satiated Lucas. And newcomer Bernal is onto other big things, including upcoming scenes with both Paul Walker and Mickey Taylor and for studios such as Lads Next Door. For more info, visit Bulldog Pit.

    And for those who are wondering, London-based Bruno told our friends at Queer Me Now blog in a comment that "even if I go around more with men than women, I still have physical attraction for girls too." He also writes that "the only reason why I started porn is my passion for sex, doesn't matter which gender." So does that mean in the future we should look for him on the straight side of the industry? We sure hope not!

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  • Fucking Outdoors On A Summers Day In New York

    Fucking Outdoors On A Summers Day In New York

    My fellow blogger Joe Spunk wrote an insightful post recently that proposes outdoor sex might look hotter than it is in reality ... but I have to say that Cocky Boys seem to have worked out any and all the production kinks involved in shooting outdoor scenes, because this update with Levi Karter and Connor Maguire fucking outdoors on a beautiful summer's day in New York is just as hot as another outdoor shoot from them that I wrote about recently.

    So here we are, being treated with two super-hot guys making some pleasant memories together in the great outdoors. Connor likes his men to be a bit on the smaller/slighter side ... he's a big guy, so that makes it easier for him to manoeuver them into the right positions I guess! And Levi fits the bill on that count ... and he's a bottom-boy too ... a power-bottom! Things start out gentle at first, some kissing to set the mood and cock-sucking to get dicks hard and ready for action. Then Connor turns Levi round and rims Levi's butthole, warming it up for the main event ... he knows what is about to happen, and wants to be sure his partner is ready for it! Then, before you can count to three, Levi is sitting astride Connor's hips and bouncing up and down on Connor's massive hard-on! All this anal stimulation gets too much for Levi and he's soon shooting his wet load all over Connor's washboard abs. This of course turns Connor on even more and he man-handles his young lover into a more aggressive position and fucks the living day-lights out of his hole until he's ready to cum, pulls out, and pumps his own load all over Levi's belly!

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  • Vadim Black Has A Forza Brother Fucking Each End - Or Does He?

    Vadim Black Has A Forza Brother Fucking Each End - Or Does He?

    Forget about sharing a guy with your brother, would you even want your brother in the same room while you were having sex? No thanks. I once saw my brother jacking off and that's a memory that I still can't get out of my head all these years later. But porn does have a fascination with family members having naughty sex. Remember the Visconti Triplets? They're still around and just did a bareback gang bang over at Lucas Entertainment. And this week supposed brothers Johnny Forza and Donny Forza are tag-team fucking Vadim Black's ass over at Dallas Reeves.

    I doubt that Donny and Johnny are bothers. (A while back I publicly asked here to see birth certificates, but never heard anything.) But porn is supposed to be about fantasy, right? So, we'll go with it.

    While Johnny is take a nap, Vadim and Donny are in the shower and Donny is giving the cute stud a mouthful. When Vadim says that he wants a Forza cock in each end, the guys dry off and head to the bedroom to wake-up Johnny. With Vadim in the middle, the guys get into some threeway sucking. Then down on all fours, Vadim continues blowing Donny while Johnny fucks Vadim from behind and Donny gets his turn too. The brother fantasy doesn't do anything for me, but Johnny and Donny have a couple of nice dicks and watching Vadim take them both is enough for me.

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