• Bearded Hooker Pisses Off Horny Bookstore Cruisers

    Bearded Hooker Pisses Off Horny Bookstore Cruisers

    Seth Fisher is a smart ass and thinks he's found a good way to make some quick cash. He posts an ad online telling people that he'll be on his knees giving blowjobs at a local sex shop. But when men arrive one by one, they find out that Seth is renting out his mouth and he's looking for mandatory "donations."

    But this is Bound in Public, so you know where this is going. The cruisers get together and decide they're getting their dicks sucked one way or another, so they jump Seth and rip off his clothes. Then they circle around and push their cocks in his face and force feeding him one after another. And before this horny hoard sends Seth whimpering on his way, they bend him over and take turns fucking his ass.

    I have mixed feelings about this one. I love seeing Seth Fisher's monster meat sliding into a bottom's ass. But with Seth's mouth and hole seeing all the action, I feel like I'm missing out. I really wish that somehow Seth was able to gain the upper hand and force this gang to bend over and take his big dick one at a time. If you're reading this Bound in Public, how about making my fantasy come true? Although seriously, this is a hot session and seeing Fisher's bushy beard covered in spunk certainly made the whole scene worth watching.

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  • Exclusive Offer: $1 Membership To Next Door Buddies!

    Exclusive Offer: $1 Membership To Next Door Buddies!

    Check out this exclusive promotion for GayDemon readers only! Get full access to Next Door Buddies right now for just $1. Claim your discounted membership with promo code BUDDIESONE by clicking the button below. Offer is only valid for 1 week only so don't miss out!

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  • Boomer Banks Renews RSS Exclusive Contract

    Boomer Banks Renews RSS Exclusive Contract

    Raging Stallion knows a good thing when its got one. Who wouldn't want to hang on to Boomer Banks and his many, many inches!? The San Francisco-based studio has just announced the renewal of its exclusive contract with superstar Banks, who made his debut only one year ago. The deal is for another year of big-dicked fun for the busy Boomer, who has appeared in 15 films, including Timberwolves, Open Road and the current Under My Skin, which celebrates tattooed men. The New York City-based stud, who won the title of Mr. International Escort of the Year and Best Cock (duhhhh!) at the Hookie Awards last March, is also making a name for himself as a fashion designer and a live performer.

    "I'm looking forward to another year with my beautiful porn family at Raging Stallion," Banks says in a statement. "I'm blessed to have launched my adult erotica career with this amazing studio. When you choose right the first time, there is no reason to look anywhere else. It's been an amazing year. I'm home, and I'm staying here, so watch out for another magic year of Boomer with Raging Stallion."

    Oh, we'll be watching! For more information, visit Raging Stallion.

  • When the Bottom You're Fucking Doesn't Get a Hard-on

    When the Bottom You're Fucking Doesn't Get a Hard-on

    I've heard a lot of guys complain about bottoms who don't get hard-ons when they're getting fucked. A lot of guys think that the lack of an erection means a bottom isn't enjoying himself. When Landon first sits on Eli Hunter's cock in this Sketchy Sex video, it's pretty clear that he's enjoying himself, but he's sporting a very soft dick. And Landon continues to ride Eli's bone and makes all the grunting and groaning noises that go along with enjoying a dick up your ass, but his own cock remains flaccid.

    I guess if guys really thought about it, they'd figure out that we're not all wired the same. Just think about what turns you on. If I went in the other room and planted a big, wet kiss on my partner, his cock would start getting hard about 10 seconds in. Me, nothing. But if he started playing with my nipples, stuff would start happening in my shorts. I have a friend who can simply see a hot man walking towards him on the street and he's popping in his pants.

    And like Landon here, I never get a hard-on when getting fucked -- and believe me, I adore a good dicking. But my boner maker isn't wired to my butt hole. Even when Landon is first blowing Eli in this scene, Eli says, "Soft ... soft" when Landon is sucking too fast. Besides, I don't know about you, but I'm more interested in watching Landon's ass sliding on Eli's big hard cock.

    A couple of weeks ago, Eli Hunter did an interview with GayDemon where he talked about his filming sessions with Sketchy Sex and he gave us a bit of insight as to how those scenes developed.

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  • Jimmy Clay Gets Tatted Up for Comeback Solo

    Jimmy Clay Gets Tatted Up for Comeback Solo

    You may remember him from his fine work with Dylan Lucas, Cocky Boys and Next Door Buddies. You may also recall when he looked like this as a contestant on Season 2 of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck reality show. Well, after more than a year away, Jimmy Clay is back and he's undergone a change. No, not a sex change! He just got a bunch of nasty tattoos all over his otherwise perfect body. In a new solo for Randy Blue, the beefy muscle stud strips out of his orange trunks and shoves a vibrator up his also perfect ass. Now, Jimmy was previously kinda renowned in the industry for his amazing pop shots. Well, the splattery one in this scene joins the pantheon of classic cum from Clay. Enjoy! For more information, visit Randy Blue.

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  • Repairman John Scott Sure Knows How To Use His Tool

    Repairman John Scott Sure Knows How To Use His Tool

    Looks like Matt Kennedy has been having some problems with his clothes dryer and needs to get someone in fast to get it repaired. He makes a call to a local repairman and within minutes French Dudes new 'cummer' John Scott appears at the door. He takes a quick look at the dryer, says it has some components needing to be lubricated, but just can't keep his eyes off Matt's gorgeous butt!

    Its obvious fixing the dryer isn't really what's on John's mind as he starts to undress Matt and offers his hard cock for the lad to orally service. And what a cock John has ... Matt gets on his knees and takes every inch. Then it's John's turn to service Matt's cock and the two go back and forth working each other's cocks before heading over to the sofa. Here they take a break from the oral action and Matt rolls onto his back and offers his arsehole to John who doesn't hesitate ... he slides his hard cock in and starts pounding Matt's arse deep and hard. When they are ready to blow, they head back to the kitchen, and standing beside each other, they jerk their loads all over the dryer ... wonder if that's really the type of lubricant it needs to get fixed?

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  • Red, White, Blue and Naked

    4th july

    On July 4th, some folks in the U.S. celebrate naked men and the colors red, white and blue. There may be some other historical significance to that day but I'm too distracted by these fellas right now to think about it. Oh yeah, also fireworks go boom.

    How could I even think to not include a tacky star from American Gladiators (bottom left)? If you've never experienced that show, it's the one where that guy (character name Malibu) appeared on nationally-syndicated television looking exactly like that, which is an automatic win.

    Hey, if you smear red, white and blue together, the red and blue would make purple and then the purple and white would make lavender. So the U.S. is gay and so is any other country or outfit with those colors. So Spiderman is gay and the U.S. flag itself is gay. It likes to cuddle up with the Union Jack. It's an FWB thing, Flag with Benefits, one of which is when you're a flag fucking another flag and you blow your flag wad, you don't have to reach for a cum rag. Because you are one.

    It says that cum rag thing in the Declaration of Independence somewhere, right next to the part about "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Gay Porn." I swear.

    P.S. Did you catch Timbo's All American Heroes post?

  • Why Do We Always Forget A Guy's Balls?

    Why Do We Always Forget A Guy's Balls?

    Balls aren't the most attractive things: they're a couple of eggs hanging in a piece of skin that often resembles the twaddle around a turkey's neck. And maybe that's why we always seem to forget about them. It's all about the cock -- how big it is or how hard it gets -- but we generally overlook a man's nuts. Kind of funny considering that they hold the money shot.

    Ryder just finished up his audition video for Dirty Boy Video and the boy has a gigantic pair of balls. They're so big that that barely have any shape to them, almost as if his sac is stuffed with an orange. And even Ryder does pay them much attention, he prefers to massage his fingers around his furry hole while he's jacking off.

    And even his sexual fantasies have more to do with cocks than balls. "I want a big uncut Spanish guy to pee on me. Now!" he says in his interview. But when he finally says, "I'm going to cum," it's those big low-hanging nuts that steal the show, spewing out a huge cum blast all over his torso. And as you can see, there's a reason Ryder's nuts are so big.

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  • David Beckham's New Underwear Campaign

    David Beckham's New Underwear Campaign

    We've gone off about David Beckham before. But with each photo shoot, the retired soccer stud just seems to get better and better. In his latest campaign for H&M, the 39-year-old Brit (and daddy of four with wife Victoria) poses as provocatively as ever. The pics here showcase Becks and his autumn/winter 2014 Bodywear collection, which includes undies, loungewear and his signature beanies. "These new pieces for my Bodywear range at H&M have a real energy about them," Beckham says in a press release. "I genuinely enjoy the creative process with H&M, and we have had fun this time playing with color and texture. I hope people like them as much as I do." Personally, we love the kneecap patches (above). They could come in handy for the gays! Look for the new items in H&M stores on August 21.

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  • There's a Glory Hole in Your Pants


    A glory hole is what happens when there's a hole that a dick wants to go through or an ass or mouth wants to nestle up against hoping for a dick. But why limit yourself to a toilet stall or what you can carve out of wood and install in your backyard shed? You've got a portable glory hole and it's called your pants, more specifically your zipper. Or what's created if you purposely split the seat of your jeans, dress pants or mascot costume.

    As for the not being able to see the other guy part, just turn your back to him or close your eyes. Or only stare at the parts of him you'd see through a traditional glory hole, like his dick, balls, ass or, I dunno, the Wall Street Journal he was pretending to read while waiting for Mr. Right to find him through the 4" diameter hole.

    Pro tip: to determine the area of the glory hole, multiply the diameter times pi.

    So here's a couple vids involving pants gloryholes (click each pic to open the clips on Le Tube de X). Heads up that the first video has an obnoxious dance song with the lyric: "Tonight I'm fucking you." I'm hoping it's Ricky Martin's next single.

    xtube pants 1

    xtube pants 2