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    Fucked Upside Down and Backwards

    Fucked Upside Down and Backwards

    Brandon Evans is that guy next door you always fantasized about as you saw him working on his car in the driveway. The gym jock who got you revved up when you saw his hairy legs in a pair of shorts in the high school gym. He's a show off and loves fucking. And he's paired up with Danny Cannon who has done nothing but bottom. Perfect match.

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  • Ask GayDemon: Breaking Out of the Bi Closet

    Ask GayDemon: Breaking Out of the Bi Closet

    Have you got any advice on how to tell my grandparents about my sexuality? I’m bisexual and see both guys and girls. They are always asking me if I have a girlfriend and I need them to understand that sometimes she might be a he.
    -Invisible Bi Grandkid

    To this point, you've given the perception that you're straight, but only because that's the default assumption of society (and likely your grandparents). In fact, you're identity is bisexual and that would hold true even if you only were with women for the rest of your life. Or only with men. Unless you've reframed, adjusted your own personal identity as you see yourself.

    So when you do tell your grandparents that you're bisexual, make sure you're clear that is your identity. Otherwise, say you're currently dating a guy and later a woman. They might think that you're suddenly straight. Which would put you back into some definition closet, again based on their ignorance.

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  • Trending Video: Osiris & Alexander Greene

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    9-10 inch dicks get a lot of attention and that's why Osiris fucking bait-boy Alexander Greene at Bait Buddies is a hot video right now. Alexander's dick isn't small either and has been in more ass AND pussy than Bait Buddies can count. Watch him seduce the horse-hung black stud into some interracial gay action. 

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  • Zane Porter Fucks Ian Levine

    Zane Porter Fucks Ian Levine

    Zane Porter is sleeping when his dick slips out of his shorts. Ian Levine spots it and moves in to taste. He starts sucking and Zane soon grows hard. Now with a raging boner, Zane wakes and is initially horrified by what Ian is doing. Zane can't deny his hard cock needs taking care of, and the most obvious answer is to pound the shit out of the cute think's smooth asshole. 

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  • Jon Kael, Joel Birkin & Raf Koons in 'Offensively Large 4'

    Jon Kael, Joel Birkin & Raf Koons in 'Offensively Large 4'

    Offensively Large is a popular series, now on it's 4th episode with Jon Kael, Joel Birkin, and Raf Koons. Joel is flying solo without Jack on this occasion, but to make up for the the monster cock that's missing is the newcomer Raf. Jon is also a bit of a newbie, and he takes on the challenge of 2 of Bel Ami's biggest cocks in his debut scene!

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  • Furry Gamers

    Furry Gamers

    "If I win this, you have to suck my dick, boy," says George Glass, clicking away on his game controller. His furry buddy, Anthony Naxos, is sitting on the couch across from him and says, "Why don't I just suck your dick now?" If you like beards and very furry, you'll want to get in here.

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  • Trending Post: Claudio And His Nine Inches Are Back

    Trending Post: Claudio And His Nine Inches Are Back

    Big-dicked Cubans are understandably trending material, and Claudio's 9 inch dong is no exception in his Chaos Men scene with Lorenzo that hits the top of our trending chart this week.

    "Cuban stud Claudio is back giving us another look at his nearly-nine inches in action. He did his first solo for Chaos Men back in January, then followed it up with a servicing video where he also sucked dick as well as getting head"...

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  • Cutie Elijah Gets Tickled

    Cutie Elijah Gets Tickled

    All Elijah needs to do to earn some cash, is lie there and let Franco tickle his cute, pale, boyish body. It's not as easy as it sounded from his expression in some of these shots. Franco's teasing fingers hit all the right (or wrong!) spots as his delicate body gets tickle tortured from his pits to his toes. Franco finishes the session with a hand job.

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  • "Bi Boys Do It Better"

    "Bi Boys Do It Better"

    Tommy Boy returns to Maverick Men to do another scene with Cole and Hunter. The hot, bi boy spends some of the day splashing around in the pool, when it begins to rain. That doesn't stop the guys filming, though. They head to a pub and have some hot fun in the bathroom there, before taking Tommy Boy back to their place for some hot bare ass fucking!

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  • Interview with Rogan Richards

    Interview with Rogan Richards

    Our last interview with Jesse Jackman brought our attention to you, and the launch of your new website. How is that going so far?

    There’s a horrible backstory to this, which makes me super excited that I finally have my site up and running. It’s an extension of me, and a platform to showcase everything I’m passionate about. It’s been getting heaps of positive feedback, have you checked it out? Jesse Jackman ROCKS!

    How did you get into porn originally, and what was the driving factor?

    I actually made a couple of films way back when for the dumbest reason. I just wanted to prove to myself I was a sex beast. This also has a backstory of a socially awkward teenager who suffered from depression who combated this by forcing himself to do what ever he was scared off. Needless to say, I failed miserably. Cut to a few years a later, I had become much more sexually confident through my experiences as a rent boy, and had started posting muscle worship and bodybuilding videos online that were proving to be very popular, one thing lead to another and I decided to return to porn knowing it would give my career a massive boost. This time I succeeded!

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