• Danda Gets Stopped, Bound and Abused

    Danda Gets Stopped, Bound and Abused

    In the final part of the Gay War Games story "Do not pass!" our unlucky young straight guy Danda is now totally naked, bound and tied and moaning like a bitch on heat as he gets raw fucked by the hot blond gay Guard.

    For those who missed the earlier parts, Danda is a cute young blond guy on his way home to his local village to visit his girlfriend. But due to some War Games in progress, his path is blocked by a Guard posted along the road through the forest. Danda is stopped; strip searched and then bound and tied up. Naturally, since the Guard is gay, Danda's cute little arse and uncut cock and balls also get fondled and abused. His hands and feet are bound in such a way that he cannot refuse anything, yet all the necessary parts are freely available to the Guard, and we watch as he fucks Danda's tight little smoothly shaved arsehole - bareback! Then in the finale, we catch up to where the Guard is fucking Danda from behind, toying with his soft cock and balls, and even slapping his arse cheeks to increase the pain and humiliation. The Guard is now ready for his massive climax, and pulls out and stands over Danda and cums all over the young man's face. Then, surprisingly, Danda is released, and instead of running away, he grabs hold of his own hard cock and jerks it until he cum's all over his stomach - and now we are left to wonder, was Danda a victim here, or was he really enjoying himself the whole time?

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  • Tayte Hanson Launches New Personal Website

    Tayte Hanson Launches New Personal Website

    He first made it on our radar for winning this contest. But Tayte Hanson has stayed there with his impressive work in scenes like this one with Dillon Rossi. Now, the Cocky Boys exclusive is making things personal with his own website. TayteHanson.com offers a unique and intimate take on the shaggy-haired stud from New Mexico through pictures, videos and interviews. Each section of the site reveals another side of Tayte, including his sex scenes, upcoming cam shows, fan-created artwork, his PSA for safer sex, his Andrew Christian underwear ad and even merchandise (look for the Tayte 2015 calendar). He's also working on an erotic novel and plays the piano! This is truly a one-stop destination for everything about this creative and talented newcomer. And his first compilation movie from Cocky Boys, Tasty Tayte, is out now. For more information, visit TayteHanson.com.

  • Dan Osborne (And Other Fine Gents) Strip For Charity

    Dan Osborne (And Other Fine Gents) Strip For Charity

    The Dreamboys are a group of rather well-revered male strippers in the UK, and reality TV series TOWIE star, Dan Osborne has joined them as an honorary member for a great cause, Balls for Cancer in the form of a charity carwash.

    In addition, the 23 year old hunk will be partaking in several upcoming Dreamboys appearances throughout September beginning on 9th.

    I'm really looking forward to joining the Fit And Famous Tour with The Dreamboys and meeting all the fans. Keeping really fit while having fun with the lads - what's not to like?! I can't wait to start rehearsals!
  • The Bottom Line on Gay Men and Anal Sex

    The Bottom Line on Gay Men and Anal Sex

    Gay men and ass go together like Sarah Palin and moose meat. Or do they!? In a new article in the UK's FS Magazine, writer Liam Murphy gets to the bottom of a touchy subject. In "No Anal Sex Please, We're Gay," the author reports on what everyone assumes gay guys are doing in bed together. "It can seem like all gay men are obsessed with the ass and that fucking is our raison d'ĂȘtre," Murphy writes, "but not everyone is as focused on anal-gazing as you might think. Is anal sex the be all of a gay man's sex life?" In some cases, the answer is no. In numerous interviews, Murphy talks with sexually active homos. Some feel that anal sex is something to be approached casually, while others say it's an intimate act that requires deep trust. One subject states, "I just only have anal sex with someone who is important to me, once a commitment or relationship has been made."

    According to Ian Howley, editor of FS, which is a health and lifestyle magazine from the Gay Men's Health Charity, the advent of Grindr and other GPS-driven apps have made fucking more prominent. "Before the introduction of sex/dating apps most people had to either pop into their local woods or nearest public toilet for some quick one-on-one action," he says. "In a lot of cases this involved mainly oral and hand jobs. Very few people fucked. Now with the use of these apps people are fucking more on meet-ups. This has put pressure on guys, who may not feel comfortable having anal sex, to do it."

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  • Hot Jock Daydream With Santiago Figueroa

    Hot Jock Daydream With Santiago Figueroa

    Santiago Figueroa is a hot, well-built Latino jock who has a crush on his college football team captain. Circle Jerk Boys captured him in this fantasy shoot as he imagines what it might be like to fuck with his sexy fantasy man!

    Santiago has stolen a photograph of the sexy football team captain from the locker room notice board and taken it back to his dorm room. As he lies on his bed, he puts an image of himself next to the one of his fantasy man and stares at the two images side-by-side and imagines how great it would be to have sex with this hot guy. He lies back, closes his eyes, grabs his raging hard-on and strokes it as his fantasy takes shape. Soon he removes all his clothes, and starts to imagine his sexy man playing with his butt, and fingering his hole, and as his mind makes up these images, his own fingers do exactly what his fantasy man is doing to him. This is getting Santiago all hot and horny and desperate for something larger in his arsehole, so he grabs his favourite dildo and shoves it in and again imagines it is the team captain's cock that is plugging his hole. As his daydream continues, he drills his arse with the dildo as he strokes his cock until he squirts out his hot cum load all over his tight washboard abs. He lies back exhausted, and then he lazily scoops up some of his own cum and licks it off his fingers while imagining that it came from his fantasy man!

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  • Hear Ye, Hear Ye ... No More Big-Dicked Bottoms Please

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye ... No More Big-Dicked Bottoms Please

    Have you ever dreamed of being the king of the world? You could call on your wizard to wave his magic wand and conjure up your fantasy I would simply have it proclaimed throughout the land: "Hear ye, hear ye, lords and lads ..." (there aren't any women in my fantasy) "Let it be known throughout that from this day forward no man with a big dick shall be a bottom. And by 'big,' the king means nine inches or greater. And he means real inches, not Internet inches."

    But I suppose that would make me a dictator, and perhaps not a very good king. I've taken flack before for complaining about big-dicked bottoms, but as a bottom myself, it is a crying shame to see a guy like JP Dubois with his huge cock simply lying across his belly while a guy like Alex Stevens drills his ass. But what's a guy to do? Dubois likes topping and bottoming.

    In this scene from Eurocreme, JP Dubois and Alex Stevens are celebrating before one of them (I never did figure out which one) gets married. But as the champagne takes effect, the two stay in their hotel suite and fuck. They strip out of their tuxedos and Dubois swallows his buddy's dick -- he's a great deep throater btw -- then he lies back on the couch and throws his legs in the air and gets boned. But I enjoyed it most when he sat on Alex's dick and his own huge hard-on flopped around in rhythm. Hmmm ... perhaps I have to rethink my earlier proclamation.

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  • Retired Gay Porn Stars Are Immortal

    retired gay porn stars

    Immortal as far as their porn exploits as captured on camera, that is. Nobody can stop me from jacking off to who I want to jack off to, retired or not. But kinda not immortal if it was a forced retirement due to drugs/death, drugs/jail, or, gasp, renouncing porn for religion. Yeah, that last one's for you Jake Genesis.

    Oh wait, after his retirement he came back to porn. He's back and forth like Lindsay Lohan (and they earn about the same paycheck). Someone quick make a Lifetime TV movie starring those two called After the Cum Dries.

    Sadly, there's no Dancing with Porn Stars, where A-List gay porn stars can try to lay claim to mainstream D-list celebrity status. Unless you count the ex-boy banders who've graced the DWTS stage. Joey Fatone did bear porn in 2007, right? Allegedly.

    So what other career options are out there, besides staying in the industry but behind the camera? Francois Sagat has a clothing line and tattoos bald heads in a kiosk a the mall. Or maybe just the clothing line.

    Colton Ford has had some minor dance hits (the big one being Signed, Sealed, Delivered featuring Pepper Mashay who really carried the number). And he has a husband, so there's that. Tag Erikkson, as Fredrik Elkund, was on Million Dollar Listing NY for a few episodes, because he's a million dollar realtor. Good looks carry the day.

    A few guys have had the unfortunate experience of attempting a career in education after porn. I'm sure some have succeeded with no issue, but at least a couple have lost their jobs due to their porn career backgrounds. Hell, women who've done porn get shamed out of jobs like that all the time. It's only fair that the bias be applied equally to men. In all cases, people should only be judged by their current work performance of course. But confidential to these guys: don't list Gang Bang Bottom in Twink Destruction Party Bus on your resume.

    Kurt Wild (aka Calvin Wild and don't you love how the Wild part was part of his real name) has gone on to be a terrible nature photographer. I use the word terrible in jest. A more applicable word may be "unknown" (sorry).

    For all, retiring was always part of the plan. Get some porn credits under your belt and up your escorting fee. Or get doing porn out of your system and just move on to a quiet life behind a desk somewhere. For those guys where porn was always a dalliance, a career after is often just a continuation of the career before. Landscaper. Construction worker. Fireman. Penis model. Oh wait, that last one kind of veers into porn again. See it sucks you right back in.

    The pinnacle of porn retirement would be renaissance man Aiden Shaw. No, not the character on Sex and the City, the porn actor. And he's done it all in his retirement, a real cultural superhero. Except daddy porn. Yeah, I want to see that white beard in action. What's it going to take, Aiden?

  • Lucas Kazan Introduces New Teen Model and Fan Contest

    Lucas Kazan Introduces New Teen Model and Fan Contest

    Lucas Kazan has two new things to crow about. First, there's the latest teenage model to work for the studio. Andrea (above) is an uncut 18-year-old who "epitomizes the splendor of youth," according to director Ettore Tosi. He shot the all-Sicilian athlete, who can do a somersault and "keep it hard for hours." Ah, youth!

    The award-winning company is also launching a new Assistant for a Day contest, which gives new site members the chance to win a visit to a gay porn set in Sicily. Join Ettore and porn stars Leo Domenico, Logan Moore and Raul Korso as they film an upcoming release. Two lucky winners will be flown to Italy and work with the cast and crew for two days.

    Director Lucas Kazan tells GayDemon exclusively that he got the idea for the contest while watching renowned TV quack Dr. Oz. "His show picks an assistant of the day among its live audience," Luca says. "Fans often e-mail us about a chance to visit the set, which remains closed to visitors for obvious reasons. So I thought, What about picking a couple of production assistants amongst our subscribers and rewarding them with a trip to Sicily? We'll see how things go. If the idea resonates with our audience, we're likely to make this an ongoing opportunity, whenever we film on location."

    Sounds like a great chance for a couple of crazed gay porn fans to get up close and personal. For full details, click here. And for more information on Andrea, visit Lucas Kazan.

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  • Aiden Miller Fucks His First Guy

    Aiden Miller Fucks His First Guy

    Aiden Miller was introduced to us a week or so ago over at Gay Hoopla. He's a well-hung straight guy with a great personality and is the first Gay Hoopla model to ever turn up to do a solo jerk off shoot and end up fucking another guy - all on the same weekend! Until now tho, we didn't know who it was that he fucked - but now we do - it was the sexy, charming and handsome blue-eyed hottie Jason Keys!

    After Aiden had finished his jack off scene, the word around the studio spread rapidly - Dmitry Dickov had competition. Aiden has a monster dick and when Jason heard the news he was quick to react. He introduced himself to Aiden, and after some playful banter and verbal bull-shitting, soon had Aiden convinced that he was the guy to "help" break him into the industry. Jason followed up by leaning in for a kiss, which Aiden was NOT expecting, but seemed to enjoy nevertheless. After a bit of fooling around, the guys were soon naked and slurping down on each other's hard cocks. Then Jason suggested Aiden might like to try sticking his monster into his "man-gina" and, even tho Jason had never had a dick that big inside his tiny hole, he knew he wanted it, even if it meant walking home bow-legged, and as Aiden was very enthusiastic about the idea, the guys were soon fucking like rabbits!

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  • Dylan Rosser Model, Agra, Photographed in London

    Dylan Rosser Model, Agra, Photographed in London

    Dylan Rosser's homoerotic photography has appeared before on GayDemon, but it's been a while since we took a look at one of his stunning male models, so here's Agra.

    Agra was photographed in London. To see more of him including full frontal nudes, head over to The Male Form.

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