• Totally Naked Male Celebs for Really Real Sorta

    naked male celebrity fakes

    Wow, it was really hard to get all these male celebs in the same jpg together. A lot of complex scheduling, not to mention meeting all their diva-like demands. Specifically:

    • Jon Hamm demanded Pantene Pro-V Conditioner for his chest hair and that his white jock perfectly match his white socks. No off white for Mr. Hamm!
    • Zachary Quinto demanded a toilet to puke in. Anything for that lean and logical figure.
    • Chris Hemsworth demanded to be brutally spanked. It's his thing.
    • Chris Pine demanded we watch a marathon of motorcycle cop show CHiPS. His father played Sergeant Getraer. What a weird request and what a formulaic show. It's no King Lear.
    • Darren Criss demanded we make sure he has a career after Glee. We couldn't guarantee that but he stuck a toy up his butt anyhow. It's a living.
    • Joe Manganiello demanded tanning salon coupons and near constant head. Plus Peanut M&Ms. What a freak! Why not Charleston Chews, Joe? Why not Charleston Chews!?
    • John Stamos demanded the adoration of millions of 47 year old women. And he got it.
    • Ryan Reynolds demanded to be the director of Fleshjack: The Motion Picture. It will be an edgy romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock as Pam, a lowly CEO, Ryan Reynolds as Fleshjack, a man with silicone hands, and Al Pacino as Al Pacino. Plus a special guest appearance by Shelley Long as Fleshjack's mom. You actually get to see her give birth to Fleshjack.

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  • Alejandro Alvarez Gets Tag Teamed In Boutique Hotel

    Alejandro Alvarez Gets Tag Teamed In Boutique Hotel

    Alejandro Alvarez is Tomas Brand and Toby Dutch's favorite bareback bottom. The guys rendezvous for Lucas Entertainment in a boutique European hotel and start with all three on the bed, touching, groping and making out. Alejandro is great at sucking cock, so puts his talent to good use by blowing Tomas and Toby's big uncut dicks.

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  • Extreme BDSM Site Bound in Public on Permanent Lock Down

    Extreme BDSM Site Bound in Public on Permanent Lock Down

    Kink.com announced on Friday that it will no longer be producing new scenes for BDSM sites Bound in Public and Public Disgrace. Both sites feature men (Bound in Public) and women (Public Disgrace) restrained, stripped, and punished in public settings. "While they were very popular," says company found Peter Acworth, "We have decided to move away from some of our more extreme products. This entails ceasing to shoot Public Disgrace and Bound in Public and rebranding Hardcore Gang Bangs as Fantasy Gang Bangs."

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  • Chris Harder and Kevin Carson In A Scorching Flip Fuck

    Chris Harder and Kevin Carson In A Scorching Flip Fuck

    Chris Harder and Kevin Carson were extremely happy to be paired up together today in this new, scorchingly hot scene from Cocky Boys. The guys are both versatile and quite honestly, seem to get up to just about everything possible that one guy can do to another in bed!

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  • Let's Make Halloween Even Gayer

    Halloween costume inspiration is everywhere. And there are so many options. Since I'm a kinky fucker I'm just focusing on the ones that show a lot of skin and/or involve tight clothing and/or getting laid during the party. If you have any ideas (such as to stay home and masturbate to porn on Halloween), share in the comments below. I guess that would be called a "Chronic Masturbator" costume. I don't think they sell that at Target. maybe on eBay.

    First up, here's the twinkiest, kuh-utiest gay bfs ever making their Halloween costumes. Kind of Dr. Seuss meets Helix Studios meets Project Runway. Much respect to all the queens who sound like queens (and who show their tight bellies). Making your own costume is often the way to go. You don't even need to know how to sew, just duct tape and a dream!

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  • A Hard Fuck Goodbye

    A Hard Fuck Goodbye

    I thought my favourite bear was done with porn filming. I haven't seen Marc Angelo for a long while. But then this new scene from Bear Films popped into my mailbox this week. And Marc Angelo is very much back and fucking the ass off beefy cub Rex Blue. Well, sort of back, let me explain.

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  • Soft Dick Bottoms for the Win

    soft dick bottoms

    Does a bottom need to stay hard to please a man's cock? And for getting fucked to feel damn good? Nope and hell nope.

    A bottom doesn't even need to be hard to squirt some cum out and have an orgasm. Or five. As someone who has anal sex 14 times a day minimum (15 times receiving, and -1 giving for a total of 14) I can tell you some guys want to see their bottom with a boner as it's a sign of pleasure.

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  • Just How Far Can He Shoot?

    Just How Far Can He Shoot?

    Lucas Knight is a good looking, masculine guy with a big fat cock, and in this scene from Tim Jack he gets to show us all just how far he can shoot his cum load...

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  • Special Offer: Next Door Buddies is only $1!

    Next Door Buddies promo

    Each week we've been bringing you special offers from some of the biggest, most prestigious studios in the world of gay porn, and it has proved very popular indeed. This week, for a limited time only, we can offer GayDemon readers only, a membership to Next Door Buddies for just $1! With around 500 videos and 2 updates per week we wasted no time bagging ourselves a dollar membership. To claim this offer click below and enter our exclusive promo code: buddyone

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  • Eddy Ceetee Joins Titan Men as Latest Exclusive

    Eddie Ceetee Titan Men

    For the second time in a week, Titan Men has snagged a stud! A few days ago, it was hottie Kevin Lee. Now, the San Francisco-based studio has announced the signing of newcomer Eddy Ceetee to an exclusive contract. Ceetee, who is 25 years old and of Lebanese descent, was discovered while working at a local club by Titan Men exclusive Jesse Jackman and hubby Dirk Caber (who is currently waging a war against Facebook).

    "This decision was so easy to make," Eddy says in a statement of his new gig, "especially since meeting Jesse and Dirk, who I gotta say are two of the greatest, sweetest guys. Titan Men is a perfect place for me to start my porn career. After speaking with [director] Jasun [Mark], it felt like a good fit, and I felt very comfortable, which I think is essential. I'm looking forward to making my viewers' fantasies come true on-screen and to creating some hard-hitting scenes, because that's what porn is all about."

    Hairy hunk Ceetee will be shooting his debut scenes later this month, and his potential co-stars include Jesse Jackman, Nick Prescott, Jay Bentley, Hunter Marx and George Ce. For more information, visit Titan Men.