• Breaking In New Bottom

    Breaking In New Bottom

    It is amazing how cyclical gay porn is. It was only a few years ago that Adam Archuleta was a newcomer to the industry. Wide-eyed and inexperienced, he learns on the job. The first time he ever bottomed was for Bel Ami Online. Now it is Adam who is the gay porn veteran. As such it is he that is breaking in newcomers. Just like he was broken in a few years ago.

    Meet Rhys Jagger, the latest addition to Bel Ami Online. With his sparkling blue eyes, this hunk has broad shoulders and big muscle. Rhys must spend all his time at the gym, correct? Nada. He only goes to the gym once a year! Attributing his physique to a diet of no salt or sodium. Sporting a huge uncut cock, Rhys has mastered the art of topping well. But not bottoming, which is where Adam comes in. Time to learn the fine art of being a bottom. Who better to teach that than Adam? Rhys is a willing and eager pupil, judging by these pictures. But this is just the beginning. Rhys will have many more lessons by the fine male performers of BelAmiOnline. Nobody does it like them.

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  • Fucked So Hard Cody Cums on his Own Face

    Fucked So Hard Cody Cums on his Own Face

    Cody is a horny little fucker. He's been swimming naked in the backyard pool and having his cock floating freely in the water has gotten him hot as hell. Lex is a repair man who has stopped by to fix one thing or another. If you've ever been to Miami in the summer you know how unbearable it gets in the middle of the afternoon. And since this is Mix It Up Boy, Cody invites Lex to cool down in the pool.

    Lex isn't going to refuse. He pulls off his overalls and jumps in the pool wearing his boxers. It doesn't take Cody long to make his move. He grabs Lex's crotch saying, "You got somethin' for me, I got somethin' for you." So Lex hops up on the deck of the pool and Cody buries his face in his lap. He's a good cocksucker and gobbles Lex's meat balls deep.

    And you know what a guy's like with a hard-on -- he's never satisfied with what he's getting, he always wants more. So while he's enjoying Cody's mouth, Lex is thinking that he'd enjoy Cody's tight little ass a whole lot more. And he was right. Turns out Lex is quite a good fuck too. He drills Cody so hard that the lad shoots all over his own face.

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  • Room With A View

    Room With A View

    NYC-based broadway performer Mark MacKillop toured across Europe staying in hotel rooms and documented his stays with pictures of himself in underwear. With such a unique collection of erotic art, MacKillop created a book called Room XIV. 25% of the proceeds will be donated to Broadway Cares: Equity Fights AIDS, a charity which, once a year indulges us with broadway hunks stripped down!

  • Cum All Over His Back, Then Shove It Back In

    Cum All Over His Back, Then Shove It Back In

    Super horny straight hunk Zander is back at Straight Fraternity and they have found him a cute new guy, a sexy blonde named Adin, to play with. Adin loves to please his top, is into all kinds of sexy play and loves to get fucked - all-together the perfect gift for Zander!

    Things start off hot, as even before the cameras are setup and rolling, Adin is passionately French kissing Zander and groping his sizable cock bulge thru his shorts. The guys take a break from their kissing and laugh when the cameraman interrupts and says "I see you two have already introduced yourselves to each other!" Then the guys get undressed, and Zander lays Adin down over his lap and spanks his cute little butt with a paddle until both cheeks are nice and red. Then Zander stands up and Adin deep-throats his sizable erection, which he does very well, at least until Zander roughly shoves his cock all the way in - balls-deep, that's when Adin starts to choke on it a bit! Zander normally loves oral, but today he really wants to fuck, and before long the guys are back on the couch with Adin on his side with Zander teasing his arsehole with his cock from behind. He sticks it in, and starts fucking Adin bareback. Then they swap positions, with Aden on his back, legs up in the air, and Zander banging fast and furious. But the cameraman wants to see Adin getting his pretty arse fucked from behind, and that's the position that got Zander all ready to pop. The cameraman says to Zander "when you're ready, pull out and cum all over his back, then shove it back in" ... and that's exactly what he did! A super-hot bareback fuck!

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  • Hung Cocksucker Swallows All of this Huge Cock

    Hung Cocksucker Swallows All of this Huge Cock

    I'm really sorry that TIM Suck didn't give me any pictures showing Jax Pratt swallowing all of Esteban's monster meat. Geezuz. This boy can suck dick. And balls deep. If you ever run into this lad out somewhere, drag him home -- your cock will be singing a hallelujah chorus for weeks.

    Jax Pratt has a huge cock and he's gotten it serviced on TIM Suck, but for his next scene he wanted to get on his knees. His only stipulation: the guy had to be just as well hung. Treasure Island loves these kinds of challenges, so they brought Esteban into the studio swinging his large, fat, uncut meat, and in true TIM nastiest fashion, Esteban is even bigger than Jax -- take that, bitch!

    Watching Pratt deep throat this slab is impressive. I think Esteban was even surprised because he wouldn't let go of Pratt's head, he wanted his horse cock pushing down the Pratt's throat over and over. Pratt took the eye-watering punishment and didn't complain much, but his eyes almost popped out of his head once.

    Esteban rewards this nob swallower for a job well done by dousing his face with cum. Pratt has his mouth open, but Esteban sprays like a squeezed hose and his watery jizz squirts all over the floor, across Pratt's face, and yes, he does manage to get some juice into Pratt's gaping bulls eye. Wow!

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  • Alex Minsky In Swim Trunks

    Alex Minsky In Swim Trunks

    Underwear designer Matthew Zink has one super hot ambassador rocking his shiny new swim trunks. Check out Alex Minsky's damn fine ass in those hot little speedos.

    Alex Minksy is a hot tattooed veteran we first laid eyes on at GayDemon when he modelled for Jack Adams. We hope to see a lot more of him too!

    Photo credit: Eric Pietrangolare

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  • Trended Most In July: Colby Keller & Jimmy Fanz

    View full video at Men

    We took a look back over July to see what the most watched video was in GayDemon's free porn gallery. Colby Keller and Jimmy Fanz came out on top. Keller fucks Fanz's hairy ass over the massage table.

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  • The Daddy Mystique


    No, I don't mean Mystique's daddy, as in Mystique from the X-Men universe. That would be some blue mutant guy who can shape shift, assuming he has the same powers as his lovely blue daughter. I mean daddies, as in gay daddies, as in older guys with that certain something, totally in the eye of whomever is looking.

    There are muscle daddies, sugar daddies, bottom daddies, grand daddies, daddy bears, ftm daddies, and daddy long legs. Okay, that last one is a spider, not a gay archetype. Although next time you see a tall daddy with thin legs who walks sideways and/or on walls and hangs out in your garage and/or bathroom sink, call that man a daddy long legs for fuck's sake!

    For me, daddy has power because it calls up intimacy and difference, and on some level, a sexual admiration for men of a certain age, generally a positive thing (as long as, in my opinion, people see beyond the archetype to the individual at least sometimes). Of course, that age which defines a daddy is totally up in the air. Is a 35 year old a potential daddy? He is if he's got the look, demeanor and barely legal arm candy. Or a briefcase, some gray hair (minimum of three), and a pair of golf shoes.

    But what if I say sissy daddy? Is that an archetype for the gays? Not that I've heard of but maybe it can be. Or does that make some of us uncomfortable? I think with daddy, there's a big connection to masculinity. Not a surprise. But so too there are effete daddies. Daddies who will take you to the opera. Daddies who play super butch sports like badminton, bocce ball and knitting. Yes, knitting is a sport (and one some uptight daddies who clench their jaws too hard should take up to relax). There are also white collar daddies who never get scruffy and daddies who don't give a damn about how they come off. They just are.

    And that's what I'm drawn to, daddies that just are. They don't even need the word daddy to surround them. They don't need to take over your life. They want you to be your own person. They're confident in themselves right back. So when I think of the fascination with daddies, to me it's not the opposite of twink love as it's about more than age. At first it's a way to draw up a mystique around someone, a way for that man to draw you in, whether purely sexually or also emotionally, spiritually, or as a friend.

    But if/when you get to know him, he can become more than that daddy in your mind, more than a symbol or fantasy. He may wear that label with pride, play with it, and with you, get kinky with it, but you both know, he's him. He has a name besides daddy. And that name is, drum roll, "Daddy Mike" with a capital D and capital M dammit and don't you forget it! Now do the dishes, take out the trash, vacuum the living room, and suck his cock like a vacuum. He's your daddy after all. And you're a daddy's boy or whatever you want to call yourself. Daddy's boy is fucking cute though. Or maybe you're a daddy reading this. In your spectacles and boxers, lounging in bed, on the hunt. Call me!

    Now can someone explain to me the "Daddies Need Daddies Too" button I saw many years ago? Because all I can think it means is that's a good name for a sitcom. A naked sitcom.

  • Joe Gage Men Site Goes Live

    Joe Gage Men Site Goes Live

    We've been writing about legendary director Joe Gage for years. The masterful auteur behind gay porn classics such as Kansas City Trucking Co., El Paso Wrecking Corp. and L.A. Tool & Die has worked long and hard in the adult-entertainment industry. His amazing work started in the 1970s, when he wrote, produced and directed the aforementioned seminal trilogy, and continues to the present day.

    Gage, who was inducted into the GAYVN Hall of Fame in 2001, signed with Titan Men in 2009 and produced more than 20 titles for the studio, including Gunnery Sgt. McCool, Chainsaw and Slow Heat in a Texas Town. Now, Titan has honored the 70-year-old Gage with his own site dedicated to some of his finest films. Fans who visit Joe Gage Men will find all his best Titan titles, including the first four installments of Joe Gage Sex Files, 110 in Tucson and Men's Room Bakersfield Station.

    In a 2007 interview with BUTT magazine, Gage said, "I think it's so confining, so diminishing to say, 'I am a gay man.' My approach has always been: you're a human being first, you're a man second, you're a gay man way third. You can't define yourself." So it's no surprise that the Gage guy depicted in these films is typically a rugged, blue-collar dude who is likely to have a Marlboro dangling from his lips. Joe's trademark style of directing and storytelling is also prominent. This usually includes a slow, sensual buildup to blazing-hot sex between two or more manly men, sometimes from different generations.

    Btw, if you enjoy Joe's Titan work, he also produces and directs for his own D/G Mutual Media, his company with fellow porn veteran Ray Dragon. And he writes a fun and dick-centric blog here. For more information on his Titan material, visit Joe Gage Men.

  • Fostter Riviera Leaves Porn But Stays In The Spotlight

    [Trailer] 21x7 - The Public Privacy of Fostter Rivieraā€¸ from Sydney Fernandes on Vimeo.

    It doesn't seem like Fostter Riviera has been around all that long, but the slender Portuguese gay pornstar has made a decision to quit shooting new porn movies and instead star in a film documentary which follows him for a year as Sydney Fernandes (his real name).

    Four years of unrestrained excess have not passed by without damages. While Fostter took all the applauses, Sydney suffered from a lack of real care and closeness to his beloved ones. To change that he decides to get away from porn and from his shadow Fostter, he decided to build a private little life with a boyfriend and a house.

    We wish Sydney the best of luck in his project, which you can support here. I'll personally miss seeing his talented ass and his big uncut dick in movies.

    Fostter Riviera 21x7