• Hung Twinks In A Sexy Threesome

    Hung Twinks In A Sexy Threesome

    Young alternative-looking twink Remy Lebeau is a horny 19yo and has just finished jacking off in the living room of the Boys Nation house, using a fleshjack sex toy and a bit of lube along the way.

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  • There's a New Crackerjack Cocksucker in Pornland

    There's a New Crackerjack Cocksucker in Pornland

    Adam Champ is looking pretty damned good for a man who spent four months immobilized in bed. If you missed it earlier this week, a car accident left Champ bed ridden (see Adam Champ Is Back), but after almost a year of recuperation and intensive rehab, Champ is back in Men at Play's "Teacher's Pet."

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  • Leo Forte Makes Directorial Debut With "Hotel Hook-up" Series

    Leo Forte Makes Directorial Debut With "Hotel Hook-up" Series

    Sometimes before gay porn stars pack it in, they decide to move behind the camera. After almost four years in the industry, Leo Forte isn't ready to take his dildo and go home, but he is ready to direct. The beefy award-winning stud is helming the first episode of Naked Sword's new Hotel Hook-up series, and he's tapped Aleks Buldocek and Seamus O'Reilly to do the sucking and fucking. Filmed on location in Chicago during Grabby Awards weekend last May, the scene, titled "Daddy's Boy," centers on two horny hotel guests who cruise in the lobby and end up sharing passion in the sheets. Buldocek plays a scruffy daddy who entices boyish (but also hairy) O'Reilly and breaks him in with a good pounding. (Btw, Reilly is certainly keeping the recent red-hot ginger trend going.)

    "I love the idea of shooting guys who are really into each other," Forte says in a statement, "and that's exactly what we have with Aleks and Seamus. I paired them because they are totally [each other's] type, and it shows on camera as the sex in this scene is really fantastic." A native of the Windy City, Forte adds that he tried to include lots of exterior shots of Chicago because "it really isn't utilized in gay porn production, so I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase the beauty and the beautiful men of my hometown."

    The studio promises that the rest of the series will give viewers a look into "what happens in a variety of different hotel hook-up situations that play out every day in hotel rooms around the world." We just hope they remembered to call for maid service afterward!

    For more information, visit Naked Sword.

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  • World Homoerotic Gymnastics Championships

    They're this week in Nanning China, with the "homoerotic" not part of the official title, but definitely part of the official action. I mean, hello! Bulging muscles. Bulging bulges. And males teaming up with other males to defeat other males. In tank tops. Tank tops!

    You can watch the actual competition on the tube that is you. It's the qualifying rounds right now. But the timeless thing is those bodies, regardless of who wins and loses. Apparently I'm not the only one who finds these studs quite studlike.

    Apparently, male gymnasts tend to practice shirtless. Either that or they're so muscular that even when they wear shirts, they burst through them so hard (metaphorically) that the shirts turn invisible. Or they wear shirts all the time and it's my desirous wishful thinking that gives me X-ray vision powers.

    By the way, I keep scanning Craigslist job postings for "Male Gymnast Clothing Handwasher" but I guess they use a fucking washing machine or something. Fuck you Maytag! My hands and mouth would clean their jockstraps way better than your automatic agitator. Plus I'd deliver the clean laundry in person. Naked. Bent over. Mouth open. Seriously, these guys are so strong and flexible, one of them could probably fuck me while eating his own ass. Now enjoy some eye candy (loud soundtrack warning).

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  • Consummating their Bromance

    Consummating their Bromance

    Running a gay porn site isn't all fun and games, sometimes it's a giant pain in the butt, and not in the good way. But this scene between Cooper and Chaos Men owner Bryan Ockert was a little bit of both. You see, Bryan and Cooper were waiting at the airport for Cooper's scene partner to arrive. And he didn't. Lots of guys are turned on by the idea of doing porn but chicken out when it comes to time to pull it out for the camera. When Bryan said he was going to call one of the other regular performers to jump in, Cooper suggested that Bryan do the scene instead.

    As Bryan tells it, he and Cooper have a bit of a thing going off camera. Cooper has a longtime girlfriend, but he's got a fondness for Bryan. Maybe it's a daddy thing, maybe it's a marine's crush on his drill sergeant, maybe it's a bromance. And while it's not full-on fucking on the office floor type of thing, Bryan and Cooper flirt and tease, and they've talked about doing a scene together one day. So that day has come.

    And it turned out to be a good thing, not only for the guys, but for us. Cooper has gotten fucked before, he's even jacked himself off with dick in his butt. But Bryan wanted to see if he could really make Cooper cum. So after the massage Bryan climbs on top of Cooper and gave him a slow passionate fuck, driving his dick in deep and rubbing Cooper's prostate with his hard-on.

    When Cooper rolls over, he's bone hard and Bryan continues fucking him, even playing with Cooper's dick. And a couple of times Cooper knocks Bryan's hand away. Mission accomplished. He's close, but doesn't want to cum. This straight stud is really getting off having a cock in his ass.

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  • 5 Questions For Dato Foland

    Dato Foland for Lucas Entertainment

    We bagged an opportunity to speak to Dato Foland before his bareback debut scene with Lucas Entertainment is released.

    So what was your first porn appearance and who was it with? Tell us about the experience?

    It was with Tom Brand, but it was with a condom. I liked working with him so much that I asked Lucas Entertainment to pair me with him again. We've talked and are both so excited to shoot a bareback scene together in Berlin this fall.

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  • Special Offer: Maskurbate 2 months for 1


    For a limited time only, GayDemon readers exclusively can get 2 months membership to anonymous muscled men site, Maskurbate, for the price of just one! Use promo code 2for1promo and click below to claim.

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  • More Red Hot Gingers via Eurocreme

    More Red Hot Gingers via Eurocreme

    It looks like Thomas Knights' crusade to make gingers hot in the industry is working! Last week, we told you about the Red Hot 100 book and exhibition from the talented British photographer. Now, Eurocreme is weighing in with its own Red Hot Ginger Men. The new release includes five scenes (three duos and two solos) starring sexy fair-skinned models, complete with freckles and a perfect blaze of red hair. Don't forget those fiery pubes, too! The studio says that the collection offers "the best of the reds." And they ain't talking about wine! "Not even gallons of their own spunk can dampen the fire!" Young jackers Charlie Ford (top photo) and Mark Snow (second photo) are featured, along with Adam Herst, Andro Moss and Saxon West (pictured after the jump). For more info, visit Eurocreme.

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  • Pride Studios Launches 3,000 Video Network with 50% Discount

    Pride Studios Launches 3,000 Video Network with 50% Discount

    Who doesn't like a great deal on lots of gay porn? Pride Studios has just unveiled their new network of seven sites and they're offering a two-week sale of 50% off from now until October 16. So who is Pride Studios? The mega site brings together three well-known sites -- Men Over 30, Extra Big Dicks, Circle Jerk Boys -- and three others, High Performance Men, Dylan Lucas, and Boyz Party; and a new site called Cock Virgins featuring the first sexual experiences of curious jocks in their twenties.

    The network includes 3,000 videos and gives you unlimited access to them all. As well the Pride Studio site updates four times weekly with new scenes. You can see three of their latest videos here in this post. In the first update, sexy bearded bottom Jake Jennings is getting his mouth and ass serviced by a delicious big cock. In the second, Trenton Ducati is showering when peeper and thief James Hamilton lets himself in. While James is busy looking for goodies to stuff in his pockets, he doesn't notice Ducati sneaking up behind him. And James gets an ass fucking he's never going to forget including Trenton's giant foot holding his head down on the bed. And in the third, Billy Santoro is at the strip club hoping he can score some backroom action. Tony Orion gives him a very hard and horny lap dance, the kind dancers don't hand out every day.

    There's a lot more to see at Pride Studios, so head over and check out their free previews, weekly updates, and don't forgot about that 50% discount offer -- it's only available for the next two weeks.

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  • Hot New Jock Andy Sheckler Debuts At Gay Hoopla

    Hot New Jock Andy Sheckler Debuts At Gay Hoopla

    Wow! What a sexy guy this new jock over at Gay Hoopla is - he's definitely one sporty, fit, defined, and handsome young man! His name is Andy Sheckler and I doubt there's a gay man on this planet who wouldn't feel aroused, and perhaps even slightly faint, after looking into those dreamy blue eyes of his!

    Andy's one cool dude too - great personality, chatty, friendly - an overall great guy to hang around with. The main problem being around him tho, is that when you're talking with him, you just can't help yourself, you look at that gorgeous face, the long brown hair, the perfectly chiselled body, and all you can do is think to yourself - I want to see this guy naked!

    And then, when he does strip down naked for you - boy, you're NOT disappointed! That perfectly defined torso, those washboard abs, the sexy hair on his belly leading down to that fat cock and two perfectly round balls hidden in that tight ball sack - all perfectly framed by those sexy thighs - it sure makes my dick get hard! Then, as if he could read my mind, he takes his dick in hard and gets it hard - stoking it with a well-practiced, tight grip, lying back and then exploding his thick sticky cum load all over that sexy hairy belly of his - all the while looking straight into the camera with that handsome face and drop-dead sexy smile!

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