• Ask GayDemon: Two Minus One Plus One

    Ask GayDemon: Two Minus One Plus One

    I broke up with my ex about a year ago and we've remained friends until now. It was difficult at the start, but we were able to talk, catch up and help each other out until he met a new guy. At first, nothing changed, but then he changed his number and didn't even explain it. Then I got a jealous message on Facebook telling me to stay away from his fiancé, which came as a surprise. Do I just quietly leave things alone or demand an explanation?
    -So Single

    I absolutely think you need to demand an explanation. You deserve nothing less and should settle for nothing less, no matter the potential fallout and conflict. So you march yourself right to your bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror and say "What the fuck is going on with you?"

    Because you seem to have confused being on good terms with an ex with being on permanent good terms with an ex. Permanent just doesn't enter into it. And when someone does something that shows you who they are (at least shows you where they stand on your friendship), then you have only one responsibility.

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  • Trending Video: Gabriel Clark & Woody Fox

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    In MEN.com's Secret Diary of an Escort, Woody Fox is getting it on with male escort Gabriel Clark. He invites the sexy escort over to suck, rim, and fuck in his apartment. Gabriel rides Woody's cock until Gabriel blows his load over his abs as he's bouncing up and down on Woody's thick cock. Woody follows with his hot load.

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  • Sean Cody: Frankie & Manny Bareback

    Sean Cody: Frankie & Manny Bareback

    Two furry boys are getting together to make trouble at Sean Cody. Frankie enjoyed his solo and has returned for a 1 on 1 scene with someone who can handle his rough edge, Manny! Manny explains he has only one setting when it comes to how hard he fucks. The action is pretty full-on and keeps Manny begging for more, and he takes it like a champ. They literally cannot get enough of each other.

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  • Cocky Boys: Kris Karr Fucks Cory Kane

    Cocky Boys: Kris Karr Fucks Cory Kane

    Kris Karr and Cory Kane have been flirting on Twitter before their scene at Cocky Boys. Kris saw that Cory had done a scene with Ricky a while back and has been lusting after that big uncut cock ever since. Kris is nervous because he wants everything to go perfectly. Once they're back at the apartment after a bike ride, Kris unbuttons his jeans and gets his cock out in Cory's face. Cory takes it in his mouth before bending over and letting Kris be a dominant top and own that ass.

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  • "Mail Order Husband" with Hans Berlin and David Benjamin

    "Mail Order Husband" with Hans Berlin and David Benjamin

    Mail Order Husband is a fun look at what happens when guys who are about to be married lay eyes on each other for the first time. In this scene, Hans Berlin arrives from Germany and heads straight to David Benjamin's hotel room. From there the two plan to head off to city hall to get married. Come inside and see what happens next.

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  • CMNM: More From The Headmaster's Office

    CMNM: More From The Headmaster's Office

    Craig may have eluded the headmaster's insidious probing in the school halls, at CMNM, but locked here in the office, he has no control over what happens to his naked body. He's passed around between school staff so they can inhale the boy's aroma and suck on his foreskin. In comes a fellow student, and Craig is forced to kiss him. In no time at all, the other student finds himself stood stark bollock naked and about to have his body violated too!

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  • Trending Post: Don't Fuck With The Creepy Handyman

    Trending Post: Don't Fuck With The Creepy Handyman

    This week's trending post comes from Bound Gods with Trenton Ducati playing the creepy handyman with college guy Griffin Barrows getting some harsh treatment for his curiosity.

    "Griffin Barrows has heard rumours around the college campus about the creepy handyman. He's heard guys talking about the janitor checking them out and how they've caught him looking at their naked butts in the gym shower"... read more.

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  • Falcon Studios: Desert Getaway

    Falcon Studios: Desert Getaway

    While the others on the desert getaway are out enjoying a hike, Gabriel Cross returns home to find Derek Bolt all by himself. He's a bit shy and intimidated by so many hot guys so Gabriel wants to help him loosen up and feel included. He presses his body against him on the sofa. They kiss, lick and grope until Gabriel's lips end up around Derek's hard cock. After some oral fun, Derek fucks Gabriel's ass and then they flip.

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  • Price Watch: Men Over 30

    Price Watch: Men Over 30

    Men Over 30, which is part of the Pride Studios network is available with a 3 day trial for just $1. The site features men in their prime from their early thirties to early forties in their sexual peak. They're hot men who are horny with plenty of stamina. Pricing without a trial starts at $29.95 for 30 days, and $67.95 for 90 days (giving excellent value at just $22.65/month). Click below to join today!

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  • Spotlight

    "Parole" with Anthony London & Bennett Anthony

    "Parole" with Anthony London & Bennett Anthony

    Bennett Anthony is working his job cleaning pools when his parole officer Anthony London sneaks up behind him. "Geez ... don't fucking scare me like that," Bennett protests. London says, "You know the routine. Up against the wall." The parole officer frisks Bennett and finds weed in his pocket. "Can we work out a deal like we did last time?" Bennett pleads.

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