• The Doctor Will Suck You Now

    The Doctor Will Suck You Now

    Doctors having sex with their patients is one of those taboo lines we're not supposed to cross. But if your doctor were as sexy as Dani Robles, could you resist? Would you even try? Maikel Cash doesn't stop the doctor when his fingers wander into his underwear, in fact he encourages him.

    In this new video from Men at Play, Maikel Cash comes to his doctor complaining about an ankle injury. Okay, the hottest thing about this scene is that both Robles and Cash speak Italian. So, so sexy. (There are subtitles so we can follow along with the initial set-up.) And the funny thing is that Cash is supposed to have hurt his ankle, but sitting on the examination table, he keeps telling the doctor that the pain is higher up his leg. Eventually Robles fingers are perilously close to the leg hole in Cash's underwear briefs and the stud again says, "A bit higher."

    Robles finally pulls out Maikel's cock. OMG! This hunk is packing one giant cock head. It's massive. And it's not just the camera angle, Robles worships it -- licking it with his tongue and rubbing his lips around it -- that's one seriously bulging head. But the doctor does swallow it staring up at his patient with his sexy brown eyes. It's even more fun watching Maikel giving the doctor his prostate exam. Man, I can only imagine how good that fatty must have felt pushing deep inside Robles' hole.

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  • Hugh Shoots Huge Load of Cum

    Hugh Shoots Huge Load of Cum

    Hugh is a sexually curious straight guy in need of some dough. Why not get massaged on film for cash? After all it is not like he is doing anything that risque. He is just getting his body oiled up and massaged for the world to see. What harm would it be?

    Though Hugh has gotten his share of 'happy endings' from women, he has never gotten one from a guy. But what difference does it make? Hugh is comfortable with his own sexuality. Hand is a hand.

    Lying face down, one is has immediately struck by Hugh's round bubble butt. It is a beauty! The masseuse has noticed Hugh's rear end as well. During the massage he keeps coming back to Hugh's ass. Sensing that this massage is turning Hugh on, the masseuse decides to go for it. He begins to finger and rim Hugh's hole. It becomes noticeable that Hugh is enjoying this as his cock stiffens.

    Switching sides, Hugh displays a dick that is hard as a rock. Taking this as a sign, the masseuse began to suck that cock for all its worth. Between slurping and jacking off Hugh's piece of meat, it doesn't take long for him to shoot his load. And wait until you see that cumshot. It travels clear across to the other side of the table! Don't believe it? Go to the video and see for yourself!

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  • My What a Big Bush You Have

    big bush

    Pubes. Bush. Cock hair. Secondary sexual characteristic. Forest. Tumbleweeds. Penis wig. Um, XXX thesaurus please! I've run out of terms already but that's okay because when you're into it, you want to do lots of things in which talking isn't required.

    Preferences vary (even OK Cupid has it as a compatibility question) with some folks exclusively liking it natural. Could be how it looks. How it feels. Tickles. Smells. What it seems to say about someone. But no need to analyze why. It's a hardwired preference I'm sure.

    Still, there's nothing unnatural about manscaping as it's a man choosing to do it out of a natural desire. And then there's one guy having a full bush and the other guy not. Fuck, it's already two guys. Why not create and enjoy differences between each other?

    Oh wait, I just thought of one more: carpet. As in the carpet matches the drapes. Extremely masculine drapes of course. Burlap even.

    So what's your preference down there? Is it the same for you and who you're with? And what if you're into big bush and at an orgy where everyone has the desired big bush except for one big-dicked guy with zero bush? Do you run screaming from the airport Marriott or deal with it and orgy on?

    P.S. Check out Brad Kalvo's bush in action!

  • Picking Up a Stranger At The BeKool Lounge

    Picking Up a Stranger At The BeKool Lounge

    Kevin Sportswear and Tony Rekins from French Dudes are at the local gay lounge 'Be Kool' enjoying a drink together and, as everyone who knows Tony, whenever he is involved, things are going to get a bit rough!

    The guys are definitely in a playful mood ... in the mood for some anonymous sex with a stranger! Enter Alex Kiffeur, some stranger Tony picks up from off the street ... the resulting action is certainly hard, fast and furious as hottie Alex sucks on Kevin's cock while Tony feels him up ... all over! Then Alex moves his oral attentions to Tony's cock and Kevin moves around behind and starts fucking Alex up the butt. From the sounds of things, Tony is certainly enjoying the blowjob he is getting! Then Tony and Kevin swap ends and the two guys continue to take turns with Alex's mouth and arse ... but they aren't finished with their new-found bottom-boy yet ... they introduce their Nike's into their sexual games and make Alex sniff them while he's getting fucked .... and stay tuned for more, as things get even hotter in next week's update!

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  • "You Must Have Won the Biggest Nuts Contest!"

    "You Must Have Won the Biggest Nuts Contest!"

    Bradan is a cute blond guy who is sitting in the Like Em Straight chair this week. He's been in the studio before, so he's no stranger to getting his dick serviced by a man. And probably one of the first things you'll notice about him is that he's got a pretty good-sized dick, but he's packing a very impressive pair of nuts.

    Braden plays with a Fleshjack and fucks his cock hard with it, but site owner Brendon takes the toy away from him because he doesn't want the lad emptying his nuts before having a chance to lick them. Braden talks about having a jack-off contest with a couple of buddies, then Brendan asks him to lean over the back of the chair so we can see those big balls hanging between his legs. "You must have won the biggest nuts contest," Brendon says.

    They don't really hang, they're not low hangers, but they're more like a big orange just sitting between his legs. And Brendan does eventually get to lick Braden's nuts, then ends the scene stroking the lad's cock and watching those huge balls spewing their contents.

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  • Landon and Logan Trend

    View full video at Men

    This week Landon Conrad and Logan Vaughn trend in the 7 day most watched gallery. MEN.com's scene shows the couple fucking in great detail. Not divorced yet!

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  • Gang Banging Paddy O'Brian

    Gang Banging Paddy O'Brian

    Paddy O'Brian started taking dick up his ass about a year ago when Topher Di Maggio screwed him in a MEN.com scene. Since then, Paddy has gotten fucked a few more times, but not excessively so -- he still needs to maintain that power-top persona -- and I actually preferred his second time with Gabriel Calrk. But in the last episode of P.O.W. Paddy takes things to the next level and gets gang banged.

    In the first episode of MEN.com's P.O.W. Paddy O'Brian and Spanish cutie and newcomer Allen King were running from someone and they stopped for the night at a bombed out bus, a perfect place to hide and fuck. In the second episode, we learn that they were being chased by Damien Crosse and his gang of renegade soldiers -- Alex Brando and Gabriel Vanderloo -- and after some interrogation, Brando fucks Paddy in the second scene, then Paddy fucks Gabriel in the third.

    When the final episode opens Brando and Vanderloo have captive soldier King on his knees and they're stuffing his mouth with their big dicks -- Vanderloo's is 8.5 inches, but it looks so much longer -- and their commander (Damien Cross) watches. Paddy breaks in and demands they stop and Damien tells him he can offer up his ass for gang banging and they'll leave his precious young soldier alone.

    So Paddy bends over and takes Vanderloo's big dick first, then he gets Brando's cock. And before giving Paddy his own thick cock, Damien makes King fuck his superior's ass. So four dicks up his ass in one scene. So I wonder what's next for Paddy O'Brian. I wonder if they're ever get the straight hunk to put a cock in his mouth ... finally.

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  • Instagram Hottie: Alexander Masson

    Here's 3 reasons why you ought to be following French/Columbian model Alexander Masson on Instagram. The 21 year old from Miami starred in J. Lo's 'I Luh You Papi'. Examine in great detail.

    1. You can check him out while he's working out.

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  • Exclusive Promotion: Maskurbate for $1!

    Exclusive Promotion: Maskurbate for $1!

    For one week only, GayDemon readers have exclusively been given the chance to get a full Maskurbate membership for just $1 by entering promo code MASKONE at signup. Don't miss your chance and claim this offer below!

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  • He's So Unusual


    In an alternate universe, He's So Unusual would've been the name of Sidney Lauper's smash hit 1983 album all about unusually shaped cock. As it stands, Cyndi Lauper's She's So Unusual included masturbation anthem She Bop, so our universe fared pretty well.

    The shortest distance between two points (say the base of a guy's dick and the back of your throat) is a straight line. But why not take the scenic route? Much more memorable than a straight line is a wonky one that's swollen, bent, twisted and nasty. A unique cock-shaped detour going in and out before squirting everywhere. After all, when a guy blows, the cum doesn't go in a straight line either.

    So what about bendy dick fucking? All about the angles, folks. Twist those bodies however you need to get that sweet spot going. And if you're stroking an unusual dick (yours or his) let your hands mold just right. Listen to the dick. It will guide you.

    Did I just accidentally form a spiritual order of curved cock? How strange!