• Cameron's First Scene With A Dude

    Cameron's First Scene With A Dude

    Cameron - the white dude - has not has sex with another guy before. At Straight Fraternity Drew is there to guide him through his first experience. First Drew sucks and rims Cameron and lubes his hard cock with Spunk lube. Cameron shoves his raw dick up Drew's tight hole and rides him like a true straight boy. He pulls out to shoot his load over those smooth dark ass cheeks and stuffs his cock covered in cum back inside.

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  • Gay Hoopla: Edge of Desire 6

    Gay Hoopla: Edge of Desire 6

    Edge of Desire part 6 sees inside of the dark and twisted mind of Gay Hoopla's Cole Money. All of the guys are passed out on the floor with Cole being the last to fall asleep. Brody James is there when he wakes and the two guys have a hot and sweaty fuck. His mind drifts and the head-fuck begins as he finds himself in a dark hallway holding a candle and wearing a robe. He hears thumping and finds its the sound of his own fuck. He finds another room and in it he's fucking Ken Ott! Suddenly, he finds himself lit by 5 flashlights and a 6 man orgy emerges!

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  • Thor at Hard Brit Lads

    Thor at Hard Brit Lads

    Some men's names should be retired from further use. Let's face it, a name like Thor immediately conjures up images of a blond, Nordic hunk with massive muscles wearing a horned Viking hat and holding a big hammer in his hand. This week Hard Brit Lads introduced us to Thor. He's a dark-haired cage fighter with a chiseled body, and while he's handsome and sexy, he's no Thor. But his hammer is big enough to keep our attention.

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Total Dicks

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Total Dicks

    So many guys are total dicks and here's proof. Look at their dicks and understand that's all they are to you. No doing the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle in bed. No asking how your day was. No spotting you at the gym, even if your bench press is about to go horribly wrong. Nope, they're just dicks. Literally and figuratively.

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  • Zack Norris Fucked Raw by Zane Porter at Randy Blue

    Zack Norris Fucked Raw by Zane Porter at Randy Blue

    Zack Norris wakes up next to Zane Porter and rolls over to kiss the sleeping stud at Randy Blue. They begin kissing and as it's first thing in the morning the guys are both already rock solid. There's no better way to start the day than a morning fuck. Zane shoves his raw dick inside Zack's hole and fucks him doggie style. He flips over and takes the rest of his bareback pounding missionary.

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  • French Dudes: Lyam Fucks Kader

    French Dudes: Lyam Fucks Kader

    Lyam Dylan has a smooth little ass. He's joined in the shower by Kader Jawell for French Dudes. The guys do a little cock-cocking with their foreskins, although there's no pics to show this action - you have to watch the video! There's also some great shots of the lads' feet too. With hard knobs they engage in some wet blowjob action and then Lyam buries his cock in Kader's arsehole.

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  • Andrew Christian's Bubble Porn

    Underwear designer Andrew Christian releases a fun video featuring porn studs Murray Swanby, Ryan Rose, Jacob Ford called 'Bubble Porn'. Play the video to reveal what is hiding. There's also only 3 days left until the Spring Grab Bags deal ends!

  • "Horse Power" with JD Ryder & Billy Warren

    "Horse Power" with JD Ryder & Billy Warren

    JD Ryder arrives at work to find that he's alone in the garage. So, before getting to work on a pickup truck's motor, he hops in the front seat and pulls his dick out of his coveralls. JD is enjoying his stroke session until he notices Billy Warren standing off to the side with a big grin on his face. How long has Billy been watching? "Do you like what you see?" JD asks. Billy nods, then JD asks if Billy wants to suck his cock. Who wouldn't? JD has a long dick that would get any cocksucker revving hard. This is Extra Big Dicks after all and JD Ryder fits right in.

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  • Connor Maguire Fucks Allen King in #Pornstar Series

    Connor Maguire Fucks Allen King in #Pornstar Series

    In the third part of the #Pornstar series at MEN.com, Theo Ford sneaks into Connor Maguire's place to find big-dicked bottom Allen King is taking a pounding from the strawberry blond hunk. He decides to film the action to include in his documentary on porn stars. Connor fucks Allen's arse doggy-style before Allen rides his big cock. Finally, Connor mounts Allen King and fucks him over the living room table hard and fast.

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  • Trending Video: Dawson & Quinn Fuck in the Gym

    View full video at Corbin Fisher

    This week's trending video is a scorcher from Corbin Fisher! Ripped and muscled studs Dawson and Quinn have been working out and are all sweaty from pumping. Quinn goes down on Dawson's thick dick who returns the favor by burying his face in Quinn's hard muscular butt. Easing Quinn into things slowly, Dawson focuses on prolonging the intense feeling of his ass on his dick.