• Jasper & Tanner Bareback at Sean Cody

    Jasper & Tanner Bareback at Sean Cody

    More Sean Cody bareback action with hot jocks Jasper and Tanner! Tanner is one of Sean Cody's favourites, and happens to be a favourite of Jasper, too. When he gets to do a scene with him he says, "I feel like I've won the lottery". After a quick workout they head back to the studio for some bareback fun. Jasper is so happy to be bred and seeded by Tanner.

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  • Trending Post: Fucking In The Men's Room

    Trending Post: Fucking In The Men's Room

    This week is Men at Play's Xavi Duran and Sergyo's turn to top the most viewed posts chart with their scene entitled Gents2. The suited hunks suck and fuck their way to the top spot in the public bathroom:

    "Xavi Duran heads into the men's room for a piss. When Sergyo enters he stands at the mirror checking his hair, but really, he's checking the sexy man taking a leak. So Xavi gives him something to see and turns slightly and strokes his big uncut cock at the piss through"...

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  • Weekly Price Check: Next Door Raw

    Weekly Price Check: Next Door Raw

    Brand new site! Next Door Studios is offering $10 for a limited time, to celebrate the launch of their latest site, Next Door Raw. The site features some if its most famous porn actors engaging in entirely bareback sex, with hot jocks seeding and breeding in full-length high-definition videos. Don't miss your chance to save $10 by signing up today!

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  • Spotlight

    Viktor Rom Makes Love to Zander Craze

    Viktor Rom Makes Love to Zander Craze

    "Zander Craze loves submitting himself to a total power top’s throbbing erect penis." At first I thought this was just the hype Lucas Entertainment wrote to get us watching this scene. But after seeing Viktor Rom fucking Zander Craze in this outdoor sex scene, I believe it. This pair is on fire. And at times they're not just having sex, but they're making love.

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  • Something for the Weekend: Who Are These Guys?!

    If you think there are polarizing figures in politics, try these guys. You are allowed to have two reactions: hateful and not as hateful. Okay, you can like them if you want, but don't say I didn't warn you.

    It is kinda cute I guess that they are poking fun at gay stereotypes, though the satan wallpaper worshipping one is beyond me. I mean who puts candles around a MacBook? How are you supposed to use the trackpad if you're forearms are on fire in holy damnation? I mean unholy.

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  • Next Door Raw: Becumming Brothers

    Next Door Raw: Becumming Brothers

    Bridger Watts, Rod Peterson, who are freshman pals,  receive invitations to pledge for the best fraternity on campus and are stoked. Markie More invites them in and instructs them to strip to their underwear in the lounge and await further orders. Derrick Dime turns up to find the blindfolded men and sexual instructions ensue. Before long, the foursome are engaged in a group bareback sex session with their massive cocks.

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  • A Drunken Frat Gangbang

    A Drunken Frat Gangbang

    Frat bro Tyler makes a decision during a wrestling match to make a guy suck his cock. And the whining bitch doesn't go about it peacefully at all. He loves it all the same and they get on with abusing his mouth, but the whining gets so bad they decide to tape his mouth and use his arse instead, passing it around and slamming his hole then blowing big thick loads up inside him.

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  • Spotlight

    Gaelan Binoche Gives Jason Clark a Facial

    Gaelan Binoche Gives Jason Clark a Facial

    Dark-haired Jason Clark loves getting his ass slammed by a big dick. I wonder if he likes getting his glasses smeared with a load of flying jizz. Yes? No? Either way, Gaelan Binoche blasts right across Jason's face, and his glasses get a little messy.

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  • Guy Watching: Hunks Are Everywhere

    Guy Watching: Hunks Are Everywhere

    Except when they're not everywhere. Sometimes you're in a hunk desert. Isn't that awful? But reminds you of the importance of really looking hard when you do spot someone. Really appreciating it. And (here's the totally crazy, fucked up part), smiling and/or saying hello if at all possible.

    Then something may end up happening beyond looking. I get that so much of our socializing is online, but nothing can replace 3D, in-person, for-real encounters. You can read someone's energy. Like maybe the guy looks amazing but strikes you as terrifying. So steer clear. But maybe he looks amazing and has amazing energy. Steer right to him.

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  • Gym Twinks Have Oiled Up Fun

    Gym Twinks Have Oiled Up Fun

    Slippy slidy fun. It's not uncommon to find a video at Staxus with some oiled up twinks sliding their bare dicks into one another, but these two gym twinks really are a delight. Tony Conrad tries to please his fellow gym-goer with some weight lifting, but really what he's interested in is his ass. Nick Vargas oils up his buddy and slides his dick in bareback, pounding his cute, smooth ass right there in the gym.

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