• Hot Bulge of the Week

    hot bulge

    As soon as you get a new pair of underwear home and unwrapped, it's important to try it on. That means testing out how it handles FES (Full Erectile Stretch). That's a real term I just made up but it's still real.

    Look for the "FES-Certified" label when shopping for underwear so you don't end up with loose hanging fabric making unsightly lines and bringing discomfort under your pants. If you even ever wear pants.

    It's incredible to imagine, but this pair will bounce back to full seamless tightness even after the brutal treatment by this massive erection. He may have a feature as an underwear tester. If a pair can survive him, they can survive anybody. Of course, a bulge busting out a hole in a pair of underwear is not a tragedy as long as the right guy is nearby to deal with the situation.

  • It's A Lot of Pressure Fucking an Insatiable Bottom

    It's A Lot of Pressure Fucking an Insatiable Bottom

    Devin Totter has his hands full over at Deviant Otter with "the most aggressive power bottom I've ever met." (I'll call him John since Devin doesn't give his name.) Funny thing is that John isn't all that aggressive. He loves sucking dick and he's really, really good at it. If anything, when you see how hard and fast Devin fucks John's throat, you'll be saying, "Excuse me, who is the aggressive one?"

    After some very hot and wet, deep-throat head, Devin fucks John on the couch. He's been pounding like a maniac (again, who is the aggressive one?) and even has to take off his t-shirt and cap because he's working up a sweat. He stops drilling and he looks up at the camera and says, "It's a lot of pressure fucking an insatiable bottom."

    That made me laugh. If you're a top, you likely have no idea what a bottom goes through to get ready for your cock. If I've just spent half an hour or more in the shower cleaning my hole, I'd like to get my money's worth, as it were. So if you're a top who blows his wad after seven minutes of drilling, don't expect that I'll just let you roll over for a snooze. Pop a Viagra, grab a glass of water and a smoke ... round two starts in ten minutes.

    Besides Devin, after the way John sucked your cock so marvelously, you owe him whatever kind of ride he wants. So stop complaining. Be a good top and do your fucking job.

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  • Rizzo And Conrad In Episode 7 Of SYTYCF

    Rizzo And Conrad In Episode 7 Of SYTYCF

    Season 4 of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck continues to impress with a steamy scene from Armond Rizzo and Landon Conrad. Both models has made great showings, and the race just keeps getting tighter as we draw closer to the finale of the online series at the end of this month.

    This week's Photo Tournament challenge has the teams competing in three rounds, one for each sponsor. The models do a photo shoot for a specific product, then there are two eliminations after each round until a winner is crowned. For anyone who has ever been to a photo shoot, you know it's about as exciting as watching paint dry, even when the model is naked--or wearing Andrew Christian underwear, as is the case here. But we do get to see the pretty pictures that result from the boring sessions. Even though watching sexy guys posing with phones and tablets is kinda silly. But a winner is named, and Armond and Landon proceed to the sex scene.

    We don't know where the secret location for this season is, but it sure does rain a lot! The scene starts once again in the rain (like in Episode 3), but that only adds to the romance. Armond and Landon engage in passionate kissing and cocksucking. They move inside for what judge Ryan Russell calls "acrobatic sex." This means that big muscleman Conrad throws little Latino Rizzo around like a rag doll. There are some great positions and strenuous moves here as Landon sweats, grunts and pops the veins in his biceps. He's all about Armond's sweet ass, and it shows in his animalistic performance. Eventually, Landon shoots while Armond eats his butt, then Armond jacks his own uncut cock.

    Of course, the judges are thrilled, especially with a commanding Conrad in "full power top" mode. They note the multiple "workout positions" the guys maneuver. Moderator Scotty B says that Landon made the top look "amazing," and Danny from Cam4 comments that Armond "took it like a champ." We couldn't agree more. But who will win? Remember, the teams gain points for winning the group challenges, but viewers have a say in who takes the title by voting online. The winner will be named in a live finale at Revolver in West Hollywood on April 30. Vote at SYTFCF.

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  • Interview with Bryan Cole

    Bryan Cole for Lucas Entertainment

    Bryan Cole is an XTube sensation turned American pornstar sensation with studios such as Lucas Entertainment, Kink.com, Hot House and Raging Stallion under his belt. By no means an amateur porn model, he's equally happy to show himself fucking for free as he is working for the big boys. I have to say Bryan Cole is way towards the top of my pornstar crush list.

    I have to start this interview by confessing, I've just watched all 16 of your XTube videos, you are a dirty boy! Jumping right in at the deep end, it seems like you're quite a kinky guy. What are your fetishes and have you shot any kinky films for any porn studios?

    I have done a variety them with Kink.com so far. As far as mine I think you can make some safe assumptions from my XTube (*wink*) WS, gyms, public are all up there. (*smiles*)

    Have you ever actually measured your cock? I mean, Lucas Entertainment have you down as 7" but I've seen enough cocks in my time and I reckon it's bigger than that!

    That's a number I gave them. I haven't "measured" it in quite some time but when I did that's what I got really!

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  • Latino Fuck

    Latino Fuck

    Savior and Flex from Latin Boyz are two hot and horny Latin amateurs with smooth bodies and hard cocks. They actually met on a hookup site, and since they had both appeared on the site before, they decided they'd love to get paid for Savior to give Flex's hairy hole a good hard boning on camera.

  • Cocky Boys Hit The Road For Book Tour

    Cocky Boys Book Tour

    Yes, porn stars read books. And sometimes they appear in them too! The cute Cocky Boys crew is the subject of a new book from German publisher Bruno Gmünder titled A Thing of Beauty. (That was also the name of this film from last year.) Now superstars Max Ryder, Levi Karter and Jake Bass (above from left), along with Cocky Boys creative team and happy "throuple" Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian and Benny Morecock, are launching an international tour to promote the arty photography tome. Over the next six weeks, there will be book signings and "fan appreciation" events in New York City, Chicago, London, Paris and Berlin. The exclusive stars will also be plugging the DVD release of their film RoadStrip, and fans will get a free copy of the movie poster when they buy the book. That's what we call smart cross-promotion! For more information, visit Cocky Boys.

  • Rough, Piggy Fetish Session

    Rough, Piggy Fetish Session

    Titan Rough presents Ethan Ayers, who knows just what pig bottom Blake Oscar wants. Ethan makes Blake get down on all fours to worship his boots and then that jumbo-sized cock. Then he pisses in bottom boy Blake's ass before stretching it wide with huge dildos and finally giving him a serious fisting session.

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  • Monster Cock Interracial Double Penetration

    Monster Cock Interracial Double Penetration

    No monster cock porn campaign would be complete without a black guy. In this case there are two, Dominican boys Devon LeBron and Alejandro Mareba! I'm not at all jealous of Staxus boy Dick Casey (cough), who not only gets to ride both of LeBron and Mareba's cocks at the same time, but gorgeous European twink, Benjamin Dunn gets his cock up there too - and it's all bareback!

    To ride two cocks at the same time is quite an achievement for such a young man, but 2 massive black dongs has to be a hats off performance in anyone's book. This is one earth-shattering scene that Staxus pulled out the bag.

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  • Care To Fund An Electric Sex Toy!?

    Care To Fund An Electric Sex Toy!?

    Nowadays it seems like there's a lame crowdsourcing campaign for everything from a Brent Corrigan sugar daddy app to...sorry, we can't think of another example more lame than that. That's why it was interesting to hear about a new project that's attempting to raise $45K through indiegogo for the production of an electric sex toy for men. The "pleasure device," which is known as Autoblow 2, is billed as the first hands-free masturbator. According to creator Brian Sloan, it's built with "the quality of a kitchen appliance rather than a toy." In other words, it's like a Fleshjack with a motor! It comes with removable sleeves of different sizes, runs at three speeds (extra fast for when you have to get up early for work the next day) and plugs into any electrical outlet (and offers 1,000 hours of jacking fun. Ouch!).

    Sloan is the designer of popular sex toys such as Mangasm and Ladygasm, and he's spent the past three years perfecting what he believes is the ideal jack-off tool for guys. He claims this new incarnation of Autoblow gives "exceptionally realistic pleasure. You can truly feel the difference." Now he just needs that pesky cash to complete the project. He hopes to have the toy on store shelves (and on your dick) by this summer. To hear his pitch, watch the video below. Then you can decide if you want to fund a "realistic robotic oral sex simulator for men." For more information, click here.

  • Would You Ask First Or Just Drop To Your Knees?

    Would You Ask First Or Just Drop To Your Knees?

    What would you do if you arrived home and found your roommate pulling on his cock? Would you head quietly to your room and let him finish off? Or would you drop to your knees and help him out? Or would you ask first?

    Rekin Boy and Billy Baval have been roommates for a while and Rekin Boy has sucked off his buddy more than once. So in this French Dudes video, when Rekin Boy finds Billy playing with his cock, he walks over and drops to his knees. Billy has a beautiful dick with a curved shaft and bright pink cock head covered in foreskin.

    After licking Billy's balls and sucking his shaft, Rekin Boy pulls down his track pants and kneels on the sofa. Billy has never stuffed his roommate's ass before, so he's happy to. He doesn't even wait for Rekin Boy to shed his sneakers, he just lines up his bone and pushes it in his buddy's tight hole.

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