• Newbie Taylor Gets Hazed and More by Zander

    Newbie Taylor Gets Hazed and More by Zander

    Cutie-pie newbie Taylor is sitting on the Straight Fraternity couch next to the much more experienced Zander, and while both guys are straight, they are curious and willing to go "gay for pay" for the right amount. But it's Taylor's inexperience and nativity that makes this video so attractive, and everyone, except Taylor, knows exactly what's about to happen to the poor guy!

    The cameraman starts things rolling by getting both guys to strip naked, and naturally Zander is already rock-hard, so he's the one delegated to get Taylor hard. His does this by getting down on his knees and sucking Taylor's still soft cock into his mouth - cut to a few minutes later and Taylor is now rock-hard and Zander is enthusiastically sucking his cock and balls and a spare hand is back behind toying with his hole too! But the sucking soon ends so that the butt-paddle can come out, and the guys take turns paddling each other's butt cheeks till they are hot and red, and poor Taylor gets the worst of this deal, as Zander really smacks the newbies cheeks much harder than he ever got in return! Next it's Taylor's turn to suck cock, but it doesn't last long as Zander really wants to get at Taylor's tight little puckered hole. He pushes Taylor face down onto the couch and, burying his face between Taylor's butt cheeks, he eats the newbie's arsehole while Taylor moans and groans, and it's obvious the poor kid is not entirely sure whether he likes it or not! Soon Taylor's hole is moist and relaxed and Zander manoeuvrers his cock so that it slides right in - bareback - and he fucks Taylor nice and hard until he's ready to cum. Then he pulls out and sprays his pent up load all over Taylor's butt before plunging it back in. Then he continues to pound Taylor from the rear while the lad strokes his own cock at the front until he too spews forth his own cum load all over the couch! Now that was one seriously hot bareback fuck no-one, especially Taylor, was expecting!

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  • Vadim Black Is Back at Broke Straight Boys and Dishing Dirt


    After a three-month exclusive contract with porn site Dallas Reeves, Vadim Black is back home at Broke Straight Boys and dishing the dirt in a new 21-minute interview. Black talks about why he left Broke Straight Boys and why Dallas Reeves didn't pan out.

    After shooting his first Broke Straight Boys video in January 2014, Vadim Black's popularity soared. He was on track to become the site's next huge star. Four months later, he left. Lured away by Dallas Reeves in April, Vadim Black followed in the footsteps of Johnny Forza, another Broke Straight Boys performer who headed for supposed greener Dallas Reeves pastures in November 2013.

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  • Riley Tanner Is New Dominic Ford Exclusive

    Riley Tanner Is New Dominic Ford Exclusive

    The past two Dominic Ford exclusives have not disappointed (see Jake Snow and Chad Lewis). Now, here's Riley Tanner, who was discovered this summer on Fire Island and is already making his debut in a scorchy solo for the online studio. The smooth 22-year-old has a nice, thick cock (the best kind), and even though he's new to the jizz biz, the kid is a natural. Following a sensual shower, he beats his meat while flirting with the camera. Then the blue-eyed cutie plays with his hole and moans provocatively until he's covered in his own spunk. Dom promises that top twink Riley will "explore his fantasies on our site." Maybe his pubes will grow back by then!? For more information, visit Dominic Ford.

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  • Daniel Thompson and Malcome Tanner Get Naughty In Class

    Daniel Thompson and Malcome Tanner Get Naughty In Class

    Three horny lads are in class at Coco Dorm, studying a new assignment, when one of them, Arman, gets called to the Headmaster's office to get interrogated about one of his escapades during yesterday's detention! This leaves Daniel Thompson and Malcome Tanner alone and they decide to get some practical experience for this new interactive project they've been assigned - and yes, it's all about fucking!

    Both lads are gay and versatile, hung and cut, with delicious brown skin; Daniel being slightly darker than his buddy. And it's Daniel who decides to be the top today too - he flops his 9 inch cock out of his yellow underwear and Malcome takes it in his hand and strokes, licks and deep-throats it enthusiastically. Then Daniel gets Malcome naked and bends him over and toys with his tight little arsehole, fingering it at first, and then getting his tongue deep inside, licking it all round until it is nice and slippery and wet; ready for some cock! He slips his big dick in - in one long thrust - and Malcome moans audibly with the feeling of being so completely filled. Malcome really seems to enjoy being fucked and is soon actively bouncing up and down on his buddy's hard-on. Then Daniel bends him all the way over and really goes to town, plowing that hole with ever increasing speed, until he feels he's close to cumming - he quickly pulls out and busts his nuts all over Daniel's stomach while Daniel finishes himself off by jerking his own load all over his buddy's face!

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  • Cum Junkie Servicing Two Huge Cocks

    Cum Junkie Servicing Two Huge Cocks

    I had to plaster a four-day load all over my glass top desk before I could settle down and write this post. That's what happens when a site like TIM Fuck throws three of your favourite studs in bed together. A couple of weeks ago bald daddy Drew Sebastian shoved his niner up Logan Stevens' hole and that was a match made in porn heaven -- I still haven't stopped pounding my bone to that one.

    This week Seth Fisher gets his fantasy rocked when he bottoms for both Stevens and Sebastian. OMG! This one's going to be sitting in my spank bank for a while. Honestly, my editor is lucky this post even happened. I could have watched these two videos back to back all day long until my hand went numb. Fisher spends a great deal of this scene lying across the bed on his belly while one man pumps his hole and the other fucks his throat.

    Finally, Seth gets off his belly and with Drew and Logan sitting back against the headboard, this hungry bottom sits on one huge dick, then the other. Fisher himself is no slouch in the dick department. He's every bit as big as his two scene partners. And whether Seth is using his mouth or ass, he sure knows how to take care of huge cock. Anyway, I've got to get some more "work" done or my editor is going to chew me a new one. But with this scene sitting on my hard drive today, I think that's inevitable.

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  • Holes Are Awesome

    pierced naked men

    Like OMG, you should totally go to the mall and get something pierced. There's that dick piercing parlor named The Shiny Cock right next to Pies Pies Pies (which sells pies). Then there's a nip piercing parlor called Big Sam's Nipple Goodies Emporium. Big Sam, what a great gal! And there's a kinda sleazy place that will pierce absolutely anything. Every fifth piercing, the piercer guy ejaculates on you. That place is called Macy's.

    If it can be pierced, someone's done it. Lots of metal in the pics above, but of course there are so many options for shapes and materials, depending on what you're getting pierced. Glass plugs for earrings. Wood, amber, different colored metals, silicone, discarded giraffe tonsils, whatever.

    So here's the thing. Piercings are jewelry, but they can be functional jewelry. Gagging, tugging, calling attention to where and what you want, asserting preferences. Piercing is communication.

    Are you pierced anywhere? Do you dig it on a guy? I actually think less guys are getting pierced ears even. In my non-scientific study, it seems it's been a majorly long time since a single earring (or pair) were a way to flag sexual identity. Less guys with pink/blue/green/orange hair too. Or I'm not going where they are.

    Damien Wolfe has a sweet eyebrow piercing. Those are an emo twink porn thing now. He paid for it himself out of his velcro wallet.

    My favorite? A businessman in a perfectly fitting suit, tight dress shirt, and punky earrings like black plugs or stainless steel eyelets. Makes you wonder about his proclivities. Besides his obvious proclivity toward capitalism.

  • Trending: Boyfriends Have First Threesome

    View full video at Helix Studios

    This week's trending gallery is the threesome Jack Rayder and Lukas Grande have for Helix Studios. The cute boyfriend couple have their first threesome with Andy Taylor, who is quite clearly one of Helix Studio's most popular models right now, for obvious reasons! Watch the trailer above or see more trending galleries.

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  • "Please Let Me Cum ... Please!"

    "Please Let Me Cum ... Please!"

    I think Men on Edge is a good place for a newcomer to have his first BDSM experience. Abel Archer is a bearded bi guy who had never done a bondage before. And while these Men on Edge sessions can get pretty intense with flogging and forced hole play, I think getting edged to point of busting your nuts isn't a bad experience. Except Van Darkholme and Sebastian Keys always have a trick or two up their sleeves.

    Archer is a sexy guy. I like his slender body, which is moderately furry, but I can't take my eyes off his dark, hairy armpits. Archer starts off bound and watches as Sebastian sucks his dick and teases his sensitive tip with his fingers. Then they blindfold him and get him to the edge of cumming.

    They bend him over and fuck his ass with a dildo until long, sticky threads of jizz ooze out of his cock and slide to the floor. They know he's getting close again and stop. By the end of the session, Archer is pleading, "Please, let me cum ... please." The first arc of spunk flies out of Archer's dick, then another and another, until his belly is covered in spunk. Now he's begging Sebastian to stop jacking his sensitive cock. So Van Darkholme tickles Archer's bare feet instead and ruins that post cumshot euphoria he was hoping to settle into.

    So how about you? Does this look like something you'd like to try out? Or is it a no way?

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  • Girls Bully Cute Boy In School Lockerroom

    Girls Bully Cute Boy In School Lockerroom

    Sam is trapped naked in the locker room by bitchy CFNM school bullies Chloe and Lisa. He knows they have an agenda, being the snide conniving bitches they are in class. Sam is petrified of what will happen, being naked and exposed.

    The girls take full control of the situation, holding their hand over his mouth and stroking his big cock, which brings about a hugely embarrassing erection. He leaks his cum out into the hand of one of the girls.

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  • 100% Pure Smooth Cock Love

    shaved cocks

    I love house/dance music superstar Crystal Waters and her megahit 100% Pure Smooth Cock Love. "Back to the middle and around again. I'm gonna be there 'til the end. 100& pure smoooth cock love..." Disclaimer: I may have added the "smooth cock" part. But are you ever going to be offended by someone adding smooth cock? Uh, yes, some of you are. And you have the Scruff profiles to prove it in all their "ungroomed pubes only" or "natural pubes only" or "no shaved cocks" glory.

    So I get it. Smooth cocks aren't everyone's cup of balls. Or cup of tea. Or cup of tea balls. Though tea balls are awesome for making loose tea. And loose balls are awesome in your mouth.

    The way I see it, smooth cock and balls mean more cock and balls to love (more visual and skin-to-skin access). And the bonus of no nose tickling. Of course, pubes have an evolutionary purpose. But so do trimmers and razors and yes, manzilians. I think razors evolved from dinosaurs or something. Being freshly shaved makes the skin come alive. And lets a guy go all the way to the base without having to floss after.

    This really shouldn't be a controversial topic, but I think it is for some people because of the association of gender and body hair. And if you haven't noticed, masculine (or at least acting masculine) appears to be very in right now. Just remember lots of masculine body builders and swimmers and probably even constructions workers are smooth there. And so are lots of feminine body builders and swimmers and construction workers. Ha! Really it's all about aesthetic and tactile preferences, and one hopes the preferences of the two (or more) folks match up.

    And by matching up, that could mean a couple where one is smooth and the other hairy if each is into the other. And some folks are pube neutral. So if someone expresses a preference they'll do it, but maybe stop shy of shaving and instead go with a really close trim. Just be careful down there, fellas!

    Where do you stand in the smooth vs. hairy cock battles? Maybe right in the middle with smooth and hairy cocks all around you? Now that sounds like an epically fun battle.

    P.S. Get some deets on manscaping if you want 'em. Maybe there's some guys out there who are totally into smooth guys and you can lure them in. With your smooth personality. And junk.