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  • JR Bronson and Marcus Ruhl In The Workshop

    JR Bronson and Marcus Ruhl In The Workshop

    Their lips locked in an empassioned kiss, the scruff-covered chin of JR Bronson grazes Marcus Ruhl's face in Titan Men's newest release, Fast Paced. After opening his own fly, JR is quick to his knees - one hand on Marcus' beefy pec, the other on his fat, uncut meat. JR releases the dark and handsome stud's big, floppy cock - immediately sucking the uncut slab. Marcus puts his hands on the back of JR's head, face-fucking the hungry stud. The breathless sucker comes up for air, a strand of spit connecting his mouth to his buddy's wet cock. Marcus returns the favor, getting down on his knees to suck the bottom's meat. JR bends over the workbench to get his smooth hole munched, Marcus then fucking him from behind - his balls banging the bottom's ass. JR arches back and looks at the top in action, then gets on his back for more ("Aww yeah! That feels good!") as Marcus leans down for a kiss. They release their loads, coating JR's furry quad in cum.

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  • Sometimes A Comfortably Average Cock is Just Right

    Sometimes A Comfortably Average Cock is Just Right

    I like a huge cock just as much as the next guy. But sometimes I don't want to unhinge my jaw, sometimes I don't want to get poked by a dick so huge that it's turning my belly button into an outie. There's something to be said for a comfortably average cock.

    Ross Drake is a 24-year-old footballer from the UK and he's packing a dick that I could really get into. He's filmed his first jack-off video for Hard Brit Lads. He's lean and ripped and I love his plump lips -- kiss me long time, baby -- and I dig his furry legs too.

    He looks like a bit of a bad boy, like he might make you do dirty stuff, and that gets my mind racing. But most of all, I like his cock. It's bigger than average, but not so big that you're have to work to get it down your throat. And he's got foreskin, which gives a guy a little something extra to play with. I'm pretty sure we'll see him back playing with one of the regular guys at Hard Brit Lads, but in the meantime, enjoy watching him spunking his belly.

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  • Penis: The Movie

    Penis: The Movie

    Everyone knows that this site is all about cock. But what if you're not happy with your own? Or maybe it doesn't always work? Or it curves to the left or right? Well, VICE magazine has filmed a new documentary about our favorite subject (penis! penis! penis!), and it makes for some informative viewing. For example, did you know that more than 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction? And that's just in the United States! The most popular form of treatment for ED is the penile implant, and the 10-minute short, titled Reserection: The Penis Implant, gives all the details about how the procedure works.

    Paul Perito, a urologist in Miami who specializes in this surgery, explains how an inflatable prosthesis is attached to a small ball that's placed in the nut sack. The patient then pumps the ball to make his dick hard. Dr. Perito calls his clients a "fraternity of men from ages 21 to 92." Together, he and the merry band of doctors he trains to perform the operation (which is often covered by insurance) do their best to provide "happy endings" (pun intended) for these impoverished guys.

    The film also touches on Peyronie's disease (curvature of the penis) and how to fix it. And one patient even has his dick amputated (ouch!), and his lawyer is interviewed (lawsuit!). The best moment, though, comes when a skanky exotic dancer whose older husband gets the surgery displays the misspelled tattoo she got in honor of his revitalized endowment. Nothing says "satisfied customer" like a typo!

    To watch the Reserection documentary, click here.

  • Chris Harder and Levi Michaels Share an Outdoor Flip-Fuck

    Chris Harder and Levi Michaels Share an Outdoor Flip-Fuck

    Chris Harder and Levi Michaels are two of Cocky Boys hottest young stars, both are good-looking, uninhibited and, most importantly, sexually versatile and before they filmed this scene they told the film crew they wanted to explore a less well-travelled gay porn path ... quite literally ... in the form of an outdoor flip-fuck!

    They set off together on an outdoor hike, with a small camera crew in row, and as soon as they found the perfect secluded outdoor location they embraced, kissed each other and then got totally naked. After some cock sucking, Chris decided to play with Levi's hole, and he quickly found Levi's weak spot with his finger, but he wasn't going to let Levi off lightly, he fingered and rimmed that tight hole until he had Levi literally begging to be fucked! Levi was moaning in the ecstasy of the moment and was constantly softly murmuring ... "I can't ... Please ... I just can't take any more ... I need your dick in me ... Now!!" And that's when Chris finally put on some protection and shoved his massive hard cock up Levi's hole and began to drill it harder than anyone's ever fucked it before! Then, when he noticed Levi had almost reached the point of no return and was about to shoot his load, he turned the tables, pulled his cock out and bent over and offered up his own arsehole to Levi! Levi was quick to return the favour and entered Chris's hole and started fucking it ... this is an amazingly hot flip-flop fuck which only ends with both guys shooting massive cum loads!

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  • Brian Bonds Is New Falcon/RSS/Hot House Exclusive

    Brian Bonds

    Another day, another Falcon/Raging Stallion exclusive! Following the recent signings of Dario Beck and David Benjamin, the studios have announced the addition of Brian Bonds to their exclusive roster. And for the first time, Hot House is mentioned among the studios for which Bonds will be filming. The three San Francisco-based studios merged under the AEBN banner earlier this month.

    Bonds, who hails from Little Rock, Arkansas, is already known within the industry for his many kinky performances, in movies such as The Trustees, Long Arm of the Law and Pack Attack 6: Marc Dylan. Under the new deal, he recently shot Falcon's major fall release, Naughty Pines 1 and 2; Falcon Edge's Crave (which also features Benjamin); and an as-yet-untitled Hot House production.

    But fetish fans, fear not! The 25-year-old Bonds will remain the fisting dynamo we all know and love, appearing in projects for Fetish Force, Club Inferno and Fisting Central. First up, he'll lend his name (and pliant ass) to the upcoming fisting epic Breaking the Bond, which will be directed by studio president Chris Ward. In the film, Bonds will co-star with fellow studio exclusives Boomer Banks, Shawn Wolfe and Andrew Stark.

    "I'm so excited to be an exclusive!" Bonds says in a statement. "I get to have sex with the hottest guys in the industry and work with the most professional staff in the business. Growing my range as a performer is very important to me, and Falcon, Raging Stallion and Hot House produce high-quality gay porn in a wide selection of genres. It's a perfect home for me."

    And if all that is not enough, look for the versatile stud on Twitter (@BrianBondssXXX) and his personal blog here. For more information, visit Raging Stallion.

    Brian Bonds

  • Foreskin Slide - The Hottest Thing I've Seen All Week

    Foreskin Slide - The Hottest Thing I've Seen All Week

    Have you ever watched a porno so hot that you start dirty talking to your screen? Or maybe you intended to stroke and edge for a long time, but you were so turned on that your nuts lets you down after 49 seconds? Top man Sebastian Rios hasn't been filming a lot, but this week he returns to Raw Fuck Club and watching him screwing Christian Matthews got me so revved up. I'm not going to be able to get on with my day until I make a mess all over my glass-top desk. If I can last 49 seconds, it'll be a miracle.

    So what got me so worked up? It isn't that Sebastian has a big cock, that he's handsome or Latin. And it's not that Christian has been panting so hard while getting boned that his face is flushed. It's one simple thing -- seeing Sebastian's foreskin sliding up and down his shaft as he slowly pumps Christian's hole.

    Rios pulls his bone out and Christian's hole hangs onto his hood for a second before letting go, then Rios pushes back in and his skin slowly smooths down the length of his hard-on. Without a word of a lie, seeing this got me rocking in my chair saying "Oh yeah baby, fuck me." It was as if I were there down on all fours. Hottest thing I've seen all week.

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  • Gennaro and Griffin: Fleshjack Virgins

    Gennaro and Griffin: Fleshjack Virgins

    Niether Gennaro nor Griffin, the newest hottie to join Chaos Men, have ever used a Fleshjack before ... they are in fact, Fleshjack virgins ... but not for long, as they have fun together trying them out on each other!

    Griffin is a very sexual guy, always horny, always ready for sex ... Gennaro is a bit more sedate, but has been saving himself up for this shoot, so he too is ready to nut! So, not surprisingly, both guys are hard and ready to go even before the cameras start to roll! Despite this being Griffins first duo shoot, he's very much the aggressor and quickly takes the lead. The guys put their hard dicks into the Fleshjacks and try them out while sitting side-by-side on the couch ... and they REALLY loved the feeling the toy gave along their cock shafts! Before long Griffin reaches over to grab hold of Gennaro's Fleshjack and takes control and gives his new buddy some long, slow pleasure strokes with the sex toy. Not to be left out, Gennaro reaches over and does the same to Griffin's cock. But, as Griffin said in his solo video, his biggest turn-on is sucking on a guy's cock ... and he leans down, removes the sex toy and attacks Gennaro's cock with his mouth and tongue with enthusiasm and obvious expertise! Then both guys lie back on the couch, interlock their legs and start jerking off their hard cock while looking into each other's eyes ... Griffin even rubs his foot against Gennaro's shoulder and, for a straight man, he sure seems to like the foot attention! Eventually tho, it's time to nut, and Gennaro gets up and straddles Griffin's waist, so that their cocks are side-by-side, they do some playful cock-jousting before Gennaro takes both cocks into his hands and jerks them off together ... the extra stimulation takes him over the edge and his cum load follows quickly, which Griffin then scoops up and uses as lube for his own load of jizz!

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  • With This Cock Ring I Thee Wed

    cock rings

    There's still a wider variety of cocks than cock rings, but crafty cock ring manufacturers are catching up! And they're experimenting with various shapes and functions (like the combo cock sheath cock ring).

    Cock rings (and whatever you call all those other shapes) are also available in a wide array of materials, including silicone, leather, pleather, rubber, metal, and, of course, kryptonite. Okay maybe not kryptonite. I mean who would want that? Superman is already hard as steel whenever he wants plus the kryptonite would kill him. Oh wait, Lex Luthor would wear a kryptonite cock ring! So he could keep Superman at bay and masturbate in peace while hatching evil plans to take over Earth (you know, exactly like we all do when we masturbate).

    The basic function is to keep the blood flow in the dick (or in the head in the case of a head ring). And ball straps can keep a nice wrapping pressure there too, intensifying ejaculation. You don't have to go chokingly tight for it to feel good. In fact numbness is not really a good thing for any part of your body. Think how you wrap your own hand around the base of your cock or stretch your own balls out. You like to vary the pressure. So as with any accessory, fit is key.

    All of these are about function and some are also about form. If you're playing solo, the overall look may be less important than how it feels. While if you're showing off at a naked pool party or in the Costco men's room, you'll want something that really screams style, as in "Suck my big stylish dick now!"

    You know what also can make a good cock ring? Rope!

  • Lean Guy Bentley At Straight Fraternity Gloryhole

    Lean Guy Bentley At Straight Fraternity Gloryhole

    I love porn where there's no total nudity, just flop it out and get serviced! There's movement in my pants as I write about this guy, Bentley, at Straight Fraternity's gloryhole. I love a lad like Bentley, he's lean, has floppy hair, a nice big dick and a sense of adventure.

    Bentley hasn't cum in days and he stands before the gloryhole and whips out his semi boner, pushing it through the hole and waits to be pleasured. Straight Fraternity's resident cocksucker gets on his knees and dutifully works on Bentley's manhood with his lips and tongue. Bentley blows his load in his face!

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