• Chaturbate with GayDemon: Hot Jackers

    Chaturbate with GayDemon: Hot Jackers

    Hot jackers going up and down all night long on Chaturbate. Fueled by everyone who's watching. Knowing guys out there in the internet ether are matching them stroke for stroke.

    You know how dance music has 128+ beats per minute? The rhythms and vocals repeat, enveloping you in the continuous present. One moment the same as the next. Until crescendo hits and the next song starts mixing in. Well jacking off on cam for strangers, 128+ strokes per minute, is the continuous present too. A sexual bubble punctuated by a chat window full of either gushing admiration or silence. But the most important stat is the number of viewers in the room.

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  • "Yeah, Suck that Big Toe."

    "Yeah, Suck that Big Toe."

    I like men's feet, but I have to admit that I don't understand the attraction. What happened way back in my formative years that turned me into a kinky foot guy. I have no idea. I'm not even aware of when I first noticed that a man's bare foot got me charged up, unlike foreskin, which I can trace back to my 16-year-old self sucking my first uncut cock, which was attached to a man named Cory.

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  • Dirty Sexy Comics Campaign

    Dirty Sexy Comics Campaign

    Gay men love comics, and have been reading and drawing them since before the Stonewall era. That's why they're celebrated at events like the Bent-Con convention, and why gay porn stars sometimes dress up like superheroes. Now, director and longtime comics fan Robert Chandler wants to produce a documentary that explores the evolution of the genre, the talented men who made it what it is today and how its characters have become role models for the gay community.

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  • Guy Watching: Jock Gear

    Guy Watching: Jock Gear

    Jock gear counts as jock gear whether it's on or freshly off. So if a naked guy is standing there with a swimsuit in his hands, that's a hot jock gear moment. However is a guy goes into a sporting goods store and strips down by the rack of swimsuits, that's not a hot jock gear moment. It's guy's about to get charged with indecent exposure moment. Which, okay, is also hot! Indecent exposure is kinda charming, right?

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  • Master Wayne Degrades His Pathetic Naked Sub

    Master Wayne Degrades His Pathetic Naked Sub

    Master Wayne returns to Brutal Tops this week, suitably Suited and Booted, to find a pathetic sub named elliott naked, snivelling and quivering on his knees on the floor, waiting for his new Master to dominate and abuse him - to treat him like shit - just like he deserves!

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  • "I Want Your Cock Inside Me."

    "I Want Your Cock Inside Me."

    Marcus Isaacs is so horny to get Red's big dick in his hole that he doesn't even finish taking off his sweatpants and sneaker. A couple of minutes into this TIM Fuck scene, he rolls over on his back and throws his leg on the back of the sofa, his track pants still dangling around his ankle. Can you blame him? Red has a beautiful 10-inch uncut cock.

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  • Exclusive: Fostter Riviera's 3 Years

    Portuguese gay pornstar Fostter Riviera is celebrating 3 years and almost 3 million views of his video channel on the popular tube site XVideos. To mark the occasion he uploaded this video getting fisted at Hustlaball Berlin by dutch pornstar Brock Hatcher. Fostter is excited about his achievement and talks to GayDemon exclusively.

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  • Sexy New Recruit Rod Beats One Out

    Sexy New Recruit Rod Beats One Out

    Check out Rod, the newest recruit over at Active Duty. He's a hottie for sure, with a big beefy frame, tattooed arms and upper chest, smooth torso and a nice fat uncut cock which he beats off for the camera here in his first ever porn shoot.

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  • Kinky Ben Plays with his Bare Feet and 8 Inches

    Kinky Ben Plays with his Bare Feet and 8 Inches

    I sure hope that Ben Taylor takes his porn money and buys himself a new pair of socks. But maybe you like guys wearing dirty, smelly socks, and holey ones at that. Ben Taylor doesn't really mind giving you what you want. In his Foot Woody video, he takes his time rubbing his sweaty socked feet together, teasing us before he finally pulls them off.

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  • It's Time for Another Cody Cummings Comeback!

    It's Time for Another Cody Cummings Comeback!

    Just when you thought he couldn't make another comeback, controversial porn star Cody Cummings returns in a new duo. It was just last year that the notorious gay-for-pay stud retired (again) from on-screen homo sex. Then it was just last spring that he did his last solo. But now, as the year draws to a close, Cody is getting sucked by cute newcomer Tyler Morgan in a new scene for Next Door World titled "Private Lusts." The action takes place in a bedroom, where Cody feeds Tyler his mostly hard cock and eventually his load. Of course, there's no reciprocation (or anal) because this is a Cody Cummings scene, after all. "Private Lusts" goes live later this week. You never know. Cody might be retired again by then! For more information, visit Next Door World.

    Update: To celebrate his comeback Next Door World are offering a special discount. Save 50% here.

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