• Straight Hottie Nathan Shows Off

    Straight Hottie Nathan Shows Off

    Nathan is a straight young hottie doing his first nude shoot with Chaos Men. He's a good-looking young man, slim, tanned, nice full set of pubes, great looking cut cock and an enticing set of low-hangers to boot! Apparently he's quite the artist, having designed his own tattoos, plus he loves the surf, works as a chef and claims to be a romantic in bed! Quite the catch!

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  • "Are You Going to Destroy My Ass?"

    "Are You Going to Destroy My Ass?"

    I remember the first time I saw Aaron Steel on video, he was crazier than a bag of cats. Frank Valencia was fucking him in a UK Naked Men scene and Aaron was so animated, verging on hysterical, you know the type: you have to slap them before they'll calm down. Maybe it was his first video, maybe that's how he thought porn performers behaved, I don't know. But his new Butch Dixon scene with Letterio is week is quite different -- passionate, sexy, wish-you-were-there stuff.

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    The Good Morning Blow Job

    The Good Morning Blow Job

    Tyler Hanson is a horny fucker - he woke up early in the Gay Hoopla house and had a boner that wouldn't go down, so he tip-toed into Sebastian Hook's room and lifted the covers to see that Sebastian too had a massive morning-glory. He bent down and started sucking it while Sebastian was still sound asleep. Sebastian slowly woke to the sounds of sucking, and a warm, wet mouth on his boner - what a pleasant surprise!

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  • Seth Fornea Wins Gods of Olympus Competition

    Seth Fornea Wins Gods of Olympus Competition

    Ginger stud Seth Fornea is adding the title of "God" to his already impressive résumé. In recent months, the COLT Studios' superstar has been busy with his Nasty Pig ad campaign and his inclusion in the Red Hot 100 and COLT Hairy Chested Men photo books. Now, Fornea has been named a winner in the Gods of Olympus contest. Sponsored by the organizers of the third-annual WE Party and New Year Festival in Madrid, the international "Think You Look Like a Greek God?" competition chose 10 finalists and then gave fans the chance to vote online. Seth took top honors, along with Italy's Fabio Di Domizio and Spain's Fran Suárez. This tasty trio will be flown to Madrid and shake their moneymakers at seven parties that comprise the festival from December 26 to January 1, 2015. "I am so thankful to everyone for the votes and the opportunity," Fornea tells GayDemon. From the looks of these pics, they're the ones who should be thankful! For more information, click here.

    Seth Fornea

  • More Than a Mouthful Is a Waste, Right?

    More Than a Mouthful Is a Waste, Right?

    If we believed everything we see in gay porn, we'd have to admit that most men are hung, and a good percentage are extraordinarily large. Meanwhile, the rest of us, whether we're hung or not, are pushing and shoving our way to the front of a throng of cocksuckers dying to fall to our knees, or bend over, or both. But that's not reality. Still, while sharing our weekend conquests around the gay water cooler, we often try to out do one another in the game called "How Big Was Your Trick's Cock?"

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  • Mirror On The Ceiling

    Mirror On The Ceiling

    French Dudes have released a scene anybody with a voyeuristic tendency will be hooked on. Dimitri is on all fours with his ass in the air for Oz to walk in on. He spits on Dimitri's hole and shoves his meat in, then pounds him doggy style. There's a mirror on the ceiling so both guys can watch the action as they fuck. After fucking the hell out of Dimitri's amazing butt, Oz pulls out and pulls apart his gaping hole, exposing it to the cameraman.

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  • COLT Icon: Tony Lombardy

    COLT Icon: Tony Lombardy

    Well. I gotta admit, the second I saw this guy my dick got such a large and instant rush of blood into it that I felt slightly light-headed for a few seconds. COLT Studio Group Icon Tony Lombardy might well be a "blast from the past", but he's one hell of a good-looking stud, anyway you look at him, and still more than capable of setting off fireworks in the present day too!

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Daddy Showoffs

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Daddy Showoffs

    At what point in his life does a guy look in the mirror and realize that he's a hot fucking daddy and the gay world will be at his feet? Yeah, I know some guys are all about the Benjamins (by which I mean twinks named Benjamin) and don't pay daddies any attention, but I just can't even believe that. I mean, look at these fucking guys!

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  • Test Driving His New Houseboy's Ass

    Test Driving His New Houseboy's Ass

    I always thought it'd be fun to be rich and have a houseboy. But in seeing Men at Play's "Shine" with Adam Champ and Allen King, I've been thinking it'd be fun being a houseboy, you know, if I wasn't 100 years old and still had all my teeth and someone wanted to hire me. I'm really still a nice-looking man and can suck dick like a Hoover, but I'm no 20-something Spanish cutie.

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  • Randy Blue: Diego Sans & Scotty Marx

    Randy Blue: Diego Sans & Scotty Marx

    Diego Sans fucks the hell out of Scotty Marx in Randy Blue's most recent scene. The guys tried all sorts of setups for their romp; straight bait, forgeign film, lockerroom, pizza delivery boy, massage; but in the end they thought "fuck it" and just went for a good old-fashioned romp, ending in a cum explosion.

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