• Daniel Dominates Jack

    Daniel Dominates Jack

    Daniel sure is a dirty top. He knows just what he wants and he's not afraid to ask for it -- or take it. Squatting over Jack, he's holding the blond's head in his hand, he pulls Jack's tongue out of his mouth with his fingers and says, "Yeah, hold it right there." Then he beats his cock against it. Later, he's got Jack in a pile driver position and he's rubbing his cock around the blond's pucker. "Spread that open," he pants. Jack holds his ass cheeks wide and Daniel plunges in. Wow!

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  • "Undisclosed" with Alex Mecum & Gabriel Lunna

    "Undisclosed" with Alex Mecum & Gabriel Lunna

    In Full Disclosure, politician Alex Mecum tries covering up some sensitive CCTV footage his head of security, Massimo Piano, possesses. Mecum even gives up his ass to prevent the video from seeing the light of day. Now, in Undisclosed we see exactly what Mecum is trying to hide. 

    Waiter Gabriel Lunna is clearly up glasses in the politician's suite after a party. Mecum is attracted to the hunk, but when he realizes Lunna doesn't speak English he decides to have a little fun. He slips his card into Lunna's back pocket saying, "Call my any time and come sit on my face." Turns out the waiter understands more than he lets on.

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  • Peter Fever Returns to Filming

    Peter Fever Returns to Filming

    After a several-month-long break, award-winning gay porn site Peter Fever is back in full production. The Reunion is also Tex Holcum's return to Pornland, the long-haired stud appeared on Peter Fever several times and then took a break. He's back to introduce us to Vietnamese-American college guy David. After some dick sucking, Tex buries his face in David's horny little ass and can't seem to get enough. But eventually, Tex sits back in a chair and David rides his dick.

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  • Steve Hard Gives It To Blond Twink Jonathan Strake

    Steve Hard Gives It To Blond Twink Jonathan Strake

    For a minute in this scene, it looks as though Steve Hard is going to ride this twink's cock. After getting Jonathan Strake slick with oil, Steve mounts him and slides the blond's hard-on up and down his ass crack, but this is just a tease, a part of the massage. After the boys swap blowjobs, it's Jonathan who impales himself on Steve's thick raw cock. Later, Steve fucks the cum out of this twink before covering his face with jizz.

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  • Spotlight

    Porn Star Giorgio Black in Controversy Over Klansman Tattoo

    Porn Star Giorgio Black in Controversy Over Klansman Tattoo

    Porn performer Giorgio Black probably didn't think his new tattoo would land him in the middle of a shitstorm, but that's exactly what's happened. And his tattoo could very well end his porn career, it has already with one production company. Black inked a tropical scene on his upper right thigh and it features a Klansman presenting a naked black woman with a bouquet of flowers.

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  • Ask GayDemon: Woof

    Ask GayDemon: Woof

    My  partner and I are open and have regular play nights. On our last one, I  went to a guy's place and my partner's play date came to our house. My night ended early and I arrived home to find my partner leading his date around on a dog leash. The guy was wearing a puppy mask and barking like a dog. My partner didn't notice me, so I left and went to the  baths. We've never done anything like this before. WTF!?

    -Puzzled at Partner's Perversion

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  • Hot Sweaty Fuck: Tomas Brand & Ace Era

    Hot Sweaty Fuck: Tomas Brand & Ace Era

    Doesn't Ace Era have the sexiest big butt? If I had an ass like that I might also get FUCK ME inked across it, but I'd probably be too busy getting fucked to book an appointment at the tattoo parlour. Tomas Brand loves Ace's butt, and more specifically, he loves fucking it. These two go at it like a couple of wild dogs, hell, Ace even rubs his beard across Brand's balls and asshole while he's rimming it. Two alpha males getting off in a wild fuck scene, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

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  • Hungarian Stud Christiano Szucs

    Hungarian Stud Christiano Szucs

    Ben from Bentley Race recently visited Budapest and was looking forward to meeting 21-year-old Christiano Szucs. I'm not sure how they managed this shoot because Szucs only speaks Hungarian and Ben doesn't. After trekking to Ben's hotel on a snowy January day, the lad was cold, so Ben offered him a hot shower. After Christiano warmed up, he stoked his big uncut cock and made it much bigger.

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  • "Raw Teens" with Hunter Graham and Jared Scott

    "Raw Teens" with Hunter Graham and Jared Scott

    Ginger Hunter Graham is the twink of the moment. He burst onto the scene a few weeks and he's already been featured in four videos at 8TeenBoy. The site hit the reboot button and started producing fresh scenes again and it looks like they mean business -- they've been adding three scenes a week! The latest is called Raw Teens and sees Hunter Graham taking Jared Scott's big dick up his sweet little butt.

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  • Brick Morewood Has Dick Casey All Tied Up

    Brick Morewood Has Dick Casey All Tied Up

    I'm not sure why the Eastern European performers have a penchant for switching names -- different studio, different name -- but it happens all the time. In Bromo's Cock Hungry we have Dick Cayne, who is better known as Dick Casey, and Brick Norwood aka Brick Morewood. 

    Blond muscle hunk Brick has Dick bound to his bed with a pair of leather wrist restraints. He uses the lad's mouth and ass for his pleasure, although Dick doesn't seem to mind the whole ordeal. Who would?

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