• Rocco's 10 Inches Slide Right In and Igor Doesn't Even Burp

    Rocco's 10 Inches Slide Right In and Igor Doesn't Even Burp

    Rocco Steele is lying back with his legs spread wide and he's holding his meat straight up in the air so we can appreciate it. Igor Lucas is lying beside Rocco, kissing him and eventually wrapping his fist around that monstrosity. Two fists around Steele's bone and there's still plenty more sticking in the air. That's how this new scene from Bareback That Hole opens.

    I'm impressed with Igor's cock-sucking skills. I mean, he never really does swallow much more that half of Steele's dick, but could any of us? Igor tongues every inch of Rocco's thick shaft, sliding up and down the underside, then he swirls his lips around Rocco's sensitive head. He sticks it in his mouth and bobs on it and spits in his palms and gives Rocco a two-handed jerk. Rocco's dick is rock hard through it all and daddy is moaning his pleasure.

    I'm even more impressed that Igor didn't struggle to take Rocco's hard-on. Steele spent a lot of time eating and fingering Igor's hole, so the bottom was dying to feel it. Igor is lying on his stomach, Rocco slaps his wet hole a couple of times with his dick, it looks so huge lined up on Igor's small butt, and I think, "No way." Rocco pushes his way in. Igor heaves his chest and head off the bed, grabs two fists full of mattress, and that's it, Rocco is balls deep. The rest of this fuck is an eye-rolling piece of cake. Not only impressive, but a lot of fun to watch.

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  • Zack Randall Makes "Naughty" Return

    Zack Randall Makes "Naughty" Return

    The big fall blockbuster from Falcon Studios boasts an impressive cast, but one name especially caught our eye. Naughty Pines is the movie (no, not Shady Pines as we keep calling it!), and the all-star cast of the two-part epic includes Johnny V, Brian Bonds, Sean Zevran, Connor Maguire, Chris Bines, Topher DiMaggio and Luke Adams. But it was Zack Randall in his comeback scene with Ryan Rose in Part 1 that really got our attention. Yes, it's another run at gay porn for the onetime twink superstar who went on to make some extreme pissing videos in 2009 after dumping his fellow gay porn star boyfriend Derek Rivero (who dat!?). Zack's last comeback was for COLT Studio Group two years ago. More recently, he's done some cam shows, but his new glamour photo shoot (above) finds him looking glossier than ever (or maybe that's just the expert Falcon retouching!?).

    Anyway, Naughty Pines takes place at a private men's retreat in Northern California. There, hung studs hook up among the gorgeous mountain scenery. "There's something liberating about sex outdoors," says award-winning director Tony Dimarco. "Setting this pack of horny guys loose on each other in the woods resulted in primal, uninhibited man-on-man sex, just as nature intended." In his duo, Zack accepts an invitation from proprietor Ryan Rose into his cabin. Once inside, there's mutual oral and then anal (with Zack on bottom, natch). Randall also displays some of his renowned self-sucking skills. Kid's still got it! Part 1 is out now, and Part 2 will be available on October 20. For more information, visit Falcon Studios.

    And to check out Zack's personal site, go to ZackRandall.net.

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  • Spicing Up A Relationship Can Be Fun

    Spicing Up A Relationship Can Be Fun

    The latest addition to the "Coming Out" series over at Peter Fever is called "Coming Out - Inexperienced" and stars the hung and uncut black bottom Trelino and hot white top Matt Hart.

    The guys are out by the pool sun-baking, as Trelino just LOVES to do, and he is thinking about something he'd heard recently about some friends of his who decided to add a bit of spice to their relationship with a little role-playing. Trelino decides to do something similar with his sexy partner today and "pretends" that he's an innocent little gay virgin just "Coming Out"!

    Matt catches onto the game fast and after some passionate kissing, his bathing suit is off, he's stark naked, his cock is rock hard and it's being sucked off by our "Innocent Inexperienced Virgin" - Trelino! The guys sure took to their roles well - once the sucking finished, the more "Experienced" Matt takes control and turns his young lover around, pulls apart his arse cheeks and gets between them and rims the young lad like he'd never been rimmed before - the look on Trelino's face captures it all - he genuinely looks like it is his first time!

    Then, to complete the whole theme and experience, Matt fucks the young "Virginal" Trelino from behind until the guy is moaning and groaning with the pleasure of it all. Then Trelino decides enough is enough and gives up on the whole "Inexperienced Virgin" fantasy theme and sits his tight little hole down on Matt's long, hard pole and rides it hard and fast, like the pro he really is!

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  • Folsom Street Fair to Feature Falcon's A-Team


    It was just a couple of months ago that the Up Your Alley Fair, the "dirty little brother" of the Folsom Street Fair, rolled out its kinky bag of tricks. Now, it's time for the main event! This Sunday, September 21, the annual BDSM street fair will be held in San Francisco. The Folsom Street Fair caps off the picturesque city's Leather Pride Week, and this year, the party shifts over a block (to Folsom from Eighth to 13th streets) as more than 400,000 fetish enthusiasts are expected to spread out over 13 blocks. Look for the usual assortment of leather fans and big-name alternative acts who have gathered annually since the fair started in 1984. There will also be 200 exhibitor booths showcasing kink gear and sex toys.

    Two major parties will be bookending Folsom: On Saturday, Magnitude takes place from 9 pm to 4 am on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. Billed as "the most epic leather/fetish dance event of the year," Magnitude promises "3,000 of the hottest men from around the globe," plus clothes check, men-only demo/dungeon and international DJs Tom Stephan and Tony Moran. You also get free round-trip transportation when you purchase a ticket. On Sunday, Deviants is the official closing party of the Folsom Street Fair. Celebrating its fifth year, the event will be held from 6 pm to 2 am at Mezzanine (444 Jessie Street) with Hard French and Honey Soundsystem serving as co-hosts. DJs Pareja and The Black Madonna spin the tunes.

    Just a reminder: Falcon Studios Group will be hosting its Annual VIP Party to celebrate Raging Stallion's 15th anniversary on Saturday night at Mezzanine as well. In a surprise move, the trio of studios (Falcon, RSS and Hot House) announced that president Chris Ward has handpicked a group of its top exclusive models to form the Falcon Studios Group A-Team (pictured above). Among the superstar team members are Boomer Banks, Shawn Wolfe, David Benjamin, Brian Bonds, Sean Zevran and latest exclusive Derek Atlas. This replaces the Falcon and RSS Men of the Year honors from previous years. The A-Team studs are expected to appear at the Folsom Street Fair to meet and greet fans.

    For more information on the weekend's activities, visit Folsom Street Fair.


  • "It's Going to be a Challenge!"

    "It's Going to be a Challenge!"

    Before Randy fucks Eddy, the guys get together and talk to Sean Cody. "Have you seen what's in Randy's pants?" the producer asks. "I have not. But I've heard what's in Randy's pants, and I hear it's going to be a challenge," Eddy says. Randy unzips and bashfully reveals his soft uncut cock, which he doesn't think is very big, but Eddy says, "It's pretty big, dude, for being soft." And he's right, Randy's a shower.

    Conversations about dick size are funny though. I remember seeing a couple of girls in a YouTube videos talking about the biggest one they ever had and the one girl said her boyfriend's was "HUGE!" And it turns out that she said it was about seven inches. Huge? That's an hors d'oeuvre. See what I mean about dick talk? One woman's huge cock is another man's starter penis. Don't get me wrong, Randy has a nice dick. It's deliciously thick and covered in foreskin. Yum! And it's a respectable length, I'm guessing around eight inches. But a challenge? I guess if you're not used to getting fucked.

    But when you see Eddy bouncing wildly on Randy's penis, you'll probably giggle like I did and ask, "Dude, when does the challenging part start?" Is it when you're bent over the bed and Randy's bone is buried balls deep? Or is when Randy is pounding you into the back of the sofa? Or is when you have you legs in the air panting "I'm gonna cum" while Randy is drilling your hole? Just let us know, we're always up for a challenge.

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  • Pleased To Meet You, May I Give You A hand?

    Pleased To Meet You, May I Give You A hand?

    Pascal is the creative genius behind the Maskurbate website and today he's heard of a super-hot local guy who apparently has the biggest cock in town!

    Naturally Pascal's ears pricked up at that information and he was quick to find out who the guy was and how to contact him. His name is Mam Steel and he was a most friendly chap who was happy to invite Pascal over to his place for a visit and video session.

    At first sight, Pascal was instantly awestruck by Mam's masculinity; his handsome face, sexy smile and gorgeous blue eyes; plus of course, his muscular and amazingly tattooed body - but what he really wanted to see was the subject of all the local gossip - that supposedly huge cock! He almost nervously asked Mam if he could see it, and Mam just smiled, stood up and unzipped his jeans and unleashed the monster. Yep, the rumours were true - Pascal was most definitely impressed - this probably was the biggest cock in town?

    Pascal asked if he could touch it and Mam had no objections - Pascal reached out and took hold of it, weighed it in his hand, felt its thickness, squeezed it and stroked it, slid the foreskin back and forth over the head - this cock really was a thing of beauty - the stuff wet dreams are made of!

    As Pascal continued to play with Mam's cock, it slowly got harder and harder until it finally reached its full size. Mam sat back, obviously enjoying the experience, a huge smile on his face, legs spread wide apart making his cock and balls fully accessible and he just let things happen naturally, allowing Pascal to fully take control. It wasn't long before Pascal's experienced hands got Mam to the point of no return and his cock released its cum load all over Mam's smooth belly and abs - wow, what a hot hand job - I am sure you will enjoy it as much as Pascal and Mam did!

    PS Oh yes, for those of you who were wondering, the tiny scene stealer at the end is named "Dior"!

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  • He Fucks Like a Bunny Hopped Up on Speed

    He Fucks Like a Bunny Hopped Up on Speed

    Watching Tommy Deluca fucking Brent Alex was exhausting, and not because Tommy has a big dick. This video debuted yesterday and I jumped right on it because Lucas Entertainment has been producing some really hot stuff lately. The guys have been passionate with a palpable connection.

    Big dicks are exciting and Deluca is blessed with an over-sized one. When the movie started, I was expecting to see Alex going down on Deluca pretty quickly after their kissing sequence, but instead Deluca dives between Alex's legs. And Deluca is quick like a bunny hopped up on speed. He kisses frantically, then sucks with quick bobs, and even later when Brent is blowing him, Tommy is flicking his nipples like he's trying to start a fire.

    When Brent kneels on the sofa and offers his ass, I'm pretty sure that Tommy is going to put it in and start going like a buckaroo. And he does. No warm up. Just a push and bang, bang, bang. Then the barrage of questions: Like it? Want more? Want it harder? Do you like that cock? Want some tongue in there? SHUT UP AND FUCK! You know, it's hard for bottoms to enjoy your big dick when we have to answer all those fucking questions.

    I didn't hate this scene, there was just too much bloody talking and lots of "oh yeah, fuck, yeah, fuck oh yeah." Still, Deluca screws like a machine and even sucks his own load out of Brent's pucker. (I don't normally like that, but this was pretty hot.) And if you like a slow and passionate fuck session like me, check out one of my other reviews with Cam Christou fucking Brent Alex, it's been a couple of weeks and I'm still jacking my bone to this one: I Sure Wish Producers Made More Gay Porn Like This.

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  • Ride 'Em Cowboy


    If the Dallas Cowboys were all big, tough women and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were all guys, I'd sure as hell be sharing as many pictures of those cheerleaders with you. In their denim cutoffs, suede vests and kerchiefs around their necks. Blue kerchiefs means ball sucking. Or maybe kerchief sucking. I don't remember.

    But being a cowboy isn't just about an outfit. It's an attitude. And a genuine way of life for some. And it's real. If you're super wanting to dabble, check out the gay rodeo circuit, but please go light on the animal cruelty. Just focus on admiring tight denim clad bulges. And flashing your own.

    I'm going to guess that the Halloween costume level of cowboyness is not how real cowboys dress. But it sure as hell seems how country singers do. Do not let hipsters tell you they popularized the skinny jean. At most they popularized skinny jeans on stick legs. Cowboys popularized boot cut jeans that looks like skinny jeans because cowboys have muscle. It's from all the line dancing. And line fucking.

    Sometimes cowboys keep their hats on when they fuck, and sometimes they take them off. A cowboy doesn't need his hat in order to be cowpoke. Just a cock to poke with. Yeehaw!

  • Cute Twink Cole In His Porn Debut

    Cute Twink Cole In His Porn Debut

    Cole is a 19yo gay guy just starting his porn career over with Chaos Men. He's a real cutie, slim and defined, with a smooth upper torso, but with hairy legs and hairy butt. He's obviously very nervous at the start of his solo jerk off session, but tells us that he likes to suck cock, have his cock sucked and also likes bottoming.

    His jerk off video then starts and we get to see him naked from behind, a very nice slim framed guy with a cute little butt. Then he turns around and we get to see his cut cock dangling between his legs - it his semi-hard and already quite long, but gets bigger - seven and a half inches when fully erect. He lies down on the bed and starts stroking, playing with his nipples and seemingly thoroughly enjoying showing off for the cameras - the exhibitionist inside is finally free! Things then heat up a bit, he gets up on his knees and as he jerks his cock to orgasm with one hand, the other is around behind rapidly fingering his tight, slightly hairy arsehole - a bottom boy for sure! Oh, and you just have to watch the cum shot - this guy gets amazing distance! Nice debut Cole - looking forward to seeing more of you in the near future!

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  • Is Vadim Black Ever Going to Top Again?

    Is Vadim Black Ever Going to Top Again?

    Since Vadim Black returned to Broke Straight Boys a few weeks back, he's done nothing but bottom. One has to wonder if he being punished for leaving the studio in the first place? Or is his ass just so damned cute that all the new guys are dying to plow it? I have a hunch it's the latter.

    Blake Savage and Zeno Kostas are the tops in this fourway, and neither of them got to fuck Vadim Black before he left Broke Straight Boys in April. In fact, Savage and Kostas where just joining the site at the time, so they hadn't had much time to fuck anyone. But they both get a crack at Black's ass in this one. Vadim starts off sitting on Zeno's dick while Blake bends Brandon Beal over the edge of the bed.

    Then the bottoms flip and doggy style it over each side of the bed, Brandon takes Zeno's dick and Blake drills Vadim's ass, and the two bottoms meet in the middle of the bed for some hot kissing. And for the finale, the three guys decide to welcome Vadim back the best way they know how. Vadim's on his back and Blake is pumping his ass -- Blake really likes Vadim's butt, he can't keep his dick out it -- and Vadim blows his wad while watching Brandon blowing Zeno.

    Brandon kneels over Vadim's open mouth and Zeno is looking like he'd like unloading down Vadim's throat, but he splatters across his belly instead, then Brandon cums all over Vadim's tongue and Blake sprays his cock and balls. And it looks like Zeno Kostas requested a private session with Vadim because Broke Straight Boys just released that scene yesterday.

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