• Workplace Fantasy Becomes Reality

    Workplace Fantasy Becomes Reality

    In any workplace we all have crushes on certain co-workers. The worst is when the colleague is straight. Which is akin to forbidden fruit. You can only fantasize what your crush is like in bed. It is torture watching him everyday. That bulge in his trousers, which you would give anything to service.

    Denis Vega was able to make his fantasy a reality. For a long time he has lusted after his very straight co-worker Caleb Roca. One day Caleb waltzed into Denis office all hot and bothered. He had just come from a meeting with a very sexy female co-worker. He was sporting an erection that was on the verge of bursting through his pants. How will he ever get any relief?

    Denis offers to give Caleb a hand, wasting no time in unzipping Caleb's pants. Then devouring Caleb's huge uncut cock. At first Caleb was a bit leery accepting oral from a gay guy. He got over it quickly as the wonderful sensation of being sucked off begins to overpower him.

    Coming up for air, Denis asks for something in return. He wants to feel Caleb straight cock up his gay ass. It takes Caleb a second before he says what the hell? I've gone this far, why not all the way. Pretty soon Denis is getting pounded by Caleb straight man cock. Fucking him deep and hard. Eventually both men explode in a wet and heavy load of cum. Getting fucked by a straight co-worker, that is one thing off Denis bucket list.

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  • Party Night at the Frat House

    Party Night at the Frat House

    Looks like the guys of Fraternity X are getting wild and crazy, stripping to their underwear and doing some serious drinking and one of them passes out. That's a bad idea if you value your ass, 'cause the other boys decide to take advantage of their passed-out buddy and next thing he knows, he's waking up with a dick in his ass. He can handle it, though, and soon is spit roasted by two other frat guys.

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  • Male Pets

    Male Pets

    The blog is called Male Pets. But if you think this is a site featuring cute guys with their equally cute pets, then you're in for a surprise. While these guys have 'pets', it is not the pets you are thinking off. This is a site all about male pet play. Where humans let their inhibitions go and act the part of an animal.

    As such they obey their master. Which in this case is a fellow human being. This is role-playing taken out of the bedroom. The blog has tons of photos for those who appreciate puppy people, doggy play and other male pet play. All outfitted in great leather costumes. Hardly any text, but that doesn't really matter. As the images tell the tale between master and pet.

  • That's a BIG Black Cock!

    That's a BIG Black Cock!

    22 year old black athlete Heath does his debut video for Spunk Worthy, and at first his cock is nothing special, but turns out that Heath's rod is a grower. He's got a great body, nicely muscled, and once he's in the mood, the magic happens - it turns out Heath is the proud possessor of a very impressive 9 1/2 inch inch uncut dick!

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  • Defendi And Evans In Episode 8 Of SYTYCF

    Defendi And Evans In Episode 8 Of SYTYCF

    Any scene with Tommy Defendi is reason to celebrate (and jerk off!). But does that include the ones in which he bottoms!? The gay porn superstar has become famous for both topping and bottoming, but it's hard to know which position his die-hard fans prefer. In Episode 8 of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck, Tommy winds up on the bottom. But first, the contestants of both teams take part in a silly three-part relay challenge. First, the guys must run around a smoking torch, then they switch clothing (at least we get to see some skin) before bobbing for apples and other assorted fruits. The slow-motion photography and dramatic music add to the tension here, but the highlight is definitely the skin! There is a winning team (you have to watch to find out which), and then it's off to the woods for some sex.

    This week, Defendi is paired with Bryce Evans. The scene takes place in a soggy outdoor amphitheater. Sadly, there's no audience as Defendi begins with a solo jack. Evans wanders by and casually starts sucking Tommy's big dick. (Who wouldn't!?) This duo is a visual mismatch, starting with the juxtaposition of Tommy's lean hairy physique with Bryce's smooth bright-orange muscle. There's little connection between the models as they move through standard-issue oral and eventually to the fucking. It's cute the way Tommy moans and tweaks his nipples, but this relatively short scene (17 minutes) winds up feeling much longer. Eventually, Tommy jerks off directly into the camera (those times when 3-D really pays off) while straddling Bryce, but really, it looks like he could just as easily be doing his load solo.

    The judges enjoy the scene, and totally buy into Tommy as a bottom, but the word "underwhelmed" does come up. Judge Danny from Cam4 notes the lack of interaction between the porn stars, especially during the cum shots. And it's interesting that the panel doesn't seem satisfied in the end--they all wanted to see fisting! (To watch moderator Scotty B make the unlikely connection between series host Matthew Rush and Whoopi Goldberg, tune into the free judging portion of this episode.)

    Believe it or not, there's only one installment left before a winner is named. But who will take the crown? Remember, the teams gain points for winning group challenges, but viewers have a say in who gets the title by voting online. The winner will be named in a live finale at Revolver in West Hollywood on April 30. Vote at SYTFCF.

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  • Straight Guy Sucks Cock

    Straight Guy Sucks Cock

    Matthew is a cutie, and his glasses only make him sexier. He says he's straight, but during his jackoff session, he couldn't keep his eyes off the front of Dirty Tony's jeans, and you can see how that worked out - straight guy Matthew got to try giving his first blowjob, and judging by the wet, messy ending, I'd say he did pretty well for a first-timer.

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  • Brad Kalvo Breaks in Bareback Newcomer

    View full video at Breed Me Raw

    Bobby Hart is no newcomer to porn, but he hasn't barebacked on video before. Hairy hunk Brad Kalvo only did his first bareback video a few months back. They're together in this Breed Me Raw scene and Kalvo is stuffing his big-nobbed dick insides Hart's raw butt. And if you like assless shorts, Bobby's ass looks extra hot in this pair of rubber shorts.

  • Hail Caesar! Fuck His Ass Hard!

    Hail Caesar! Fuck His Ass Hard!

    Gay porn is hysterical sometimes. Put a bunch of men in Roman togas and instead of grunting "suck my dick" they're hollering "Hail Caesar!" This latest scene from Bound in Public has gladiators Trenton Ducati and Connor Maguire punishing a criminal (Kip Johnson) with Roman-style justice -- an orgy.

    The long-haired stud is hooded so they don't have to look at his ugly face, then they bend him over and the gladiators and their gang of horny men shove their big dicks down his throat. Stripped competely naked, the criminal is held down while the men pour hot dripping wax all over his body. You can barely seen any skin on his chest and belly.

    And finally, the two gladiators each take an end. Connor rams his thick dick down the thief's throat while onlookers watch in amazement. And Trenton squats behind the slave and rams his banana-curved dick inside Johnson's beautiful ass. But this criminal's punishment isn't over until the hoard unloads their nuts all over his face, which turns out not to be ugly after all.

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  • Mystery Bulge

    huge bulge

    What is this bulge made of? Do you know? I have no clue so I'll have to guess. Several times. Wish me luck! Maybe it's:

    • The fist and wig of wannabe heartthrob Jude Law
    • 400 tiddlywinks
    • Subtlety incarnate
    • Magic 8-Ball that always answers "Yes"
    • Gluten-free nachos
    • Complete Season 3 DVD set of How I Met Your Mother
    • Recalled cat toys
    • Knock-off "Rolex" watches
    • The world's largest sapphire wrapped in yarn for no reason
    • $150/hour
    • Not penis and balls

    Definitely it's that last one. Totally not penis and balls. I mean it totally is. I'm confused. Penis and balls do that to me.

  • Piss, Fuck and Fist in Sling

    Piss, Fuck and Fist in Sling

    On his knees, shaved-headed Christopher Wells worships big-dicked Mack Manus in Titan Rough's Daddy Fist. The tall and tan daddy face fucks the hungry sucker with his uncut tool, his balls banging Christopher's hairy chin. Christopher strokes his own bullet as he sucks, Mack gripping his own balls and making the sub feast on them. Mack let's loose a gush of piss on Christopher's hairy chest before face fucking him some more, the two sharing a kiss before Mack sucks him back. Mack takes the sub's balls in his mouth, spitting on Christopher's boner before deep-throating it. Mack buries his goateed chin deep in Christopher's hole, finger fucking him before shoving his rock hard cock in. Christopher gets on his back, his hole soon filled with Mack's lubed-up fist that twists slowly. Mack pisses on the bottom's hole, then fists the wide-eyed sub some more - going slowly in and out until Christopher can't take it anymore, the two shooting their loads.

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