Fucking Outdoors On A Summers Day In New York Fucking Outdoors On A Summers Day In New York

My fellow blogger Joe Spunk wrote an insightful post recently that proposes outdoor sex might look hotter than it is in reality ... but I have to say that Cocky Boys seem to have worked out any and all the production kinks involved in shooting outdoor scenes, because this update with Levi Karter and Connor Maguire fucking outdoors on a beautiful summer's day in New York is just as hot as another outdoor shoot from them that I wrote about recently.

So here we are, being treated with two super-hot guys making some pleasant memories together in the great outdoors. Connor likes his men to be a bit on the smaller/slighter side ... he's a big guy, so that makes it easier for him to manoeuver them into the right positions I guess! And Levi fits the bill on that count ... and he's a bottom-boy too ... a power-bottom! Things start out gentle at first, some kissing to set the mood and cock-sucking to get dicks hard and ready for action. Then Connor turns Levi round and rims Levi's butthole, warming it up for the main event ... he knows what is about to happen, and wants to be sure his partner is ready for it! Then, before you can count to three, Levi is sitting astride Connor's hips and bouncing up and down on Connor's massive hard-on! All this anal stimulation gets too much for Levi and he's soon shooting his wet load all over Connor's washboard abs. This of course turns Connor on even more and he man-handles his young lover into a more aggressive position and fucks the living day-lights out of his hole until he's ready to cum, pulls out, and pumps his own load all over Levi's belly!

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